Moon Ga Young "Was that a mistake?" [Tempted Ep 13]

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40 komento:

Such a shame that they didn't end up together.... I usually don't root for the second lead but damn... Their characters are more suited with each other...
Claudia Torres
Claudia Torres:
I love when this two interact, they had the best angsty scenes together....
Pink Jiwon
Pink Jiwon:
Shihyun is an annoying guy! He play with Sooji feelings like that when he can't even stand for himself and what he say.
"I'm on your side, Choi Soo Ji side"
"I can't like anyone else but you"
"Can't you trust believe in how I feel.."
Etc, and after he falls for a girl he didn't knew two weeks ago, and lie to his friends who's been here for him all his life, and blame everything on Sooji like he didn't agree to Seduce Tae Hee... Ok ShiHyun, ok.
priv acc
priv acc:
soo ji wanted him to prove his feelings, he couldnt even kiss her when she gave him the chance!
aeloony Crazy
aeloony Crazy:
I love the second leading lady rather than the lead, it's the first drama that made me want the second lead(girl), didn't watch it cause I really don't like the leading lady's acting
evo's sleepland
evo's sleepland:
The way he says her name at 1:48 is so sensual that I almost thought he really loves her. Damn
Fatyn’s Film
Fatyn’s Film:
I stop watching this drama because i really want shihyun & soo ji to be together. 💔
I don't watch this drama but I cried when I saw the girl's expression. She nailed it big time. Such a great actress
Mia Amira
Mia Amira:
Do Hwan and Ga Young such a great couple and great skill of acting. I really ship them so much. I'm crying in every episode because I just can't accept Si Hyun fell in love with Tae Hee. I felt pity for Soo Ji. The man that loves her before was gone. The man that made that stupid promise then leave. Seriously, it is hurt. I hate Tae Hee ! I hate whoever that hurt Soo Ji. And this drama would be the best drama ever if it is just these trio involved without Tae Hee appearance.
Sisy Yunayzah
Sisy Yunayzah:
I really love their acting, the chemistry look so real. Its make me heart beating 💓💓. Love this couple soo ji & si hyun
paris 22
paris 22:
Honestly I can't with Shi hyun he strung Soo ji along so much, I just can't. I even feel sorry for the girl, I mean sure she can be evil, but in the end she thought Shi hyun loved her because he never said otherwise which has lead me to have this feeling toward Shi hyun where I can't see him happy with anyone. I can't help it because I thought they would end up together. Soo ji deserves to be happy, in the end they all do, I mean just think of Se joo who puts Soo ji on an effing pedestal but she doesn't seem to care about him like that because of Shi hyun while he's off being happy with Tae Hee. Ugh I'm sorry I'm just so mad and triggered
2:22 That girl is so gorgeous 😍
She just has that elegant bad girl aura around her that makes me attracted to her
Hajar Hgouch
Hajar Hgouch:
I felt so bad seeinf him playing her along and going to that stupid little inncoent girl who have just knows yesterday! It hurt me to see him tormenting the second lead so I stopped watching it
C Lee
C Lee:
This could also have been named the "Great manipulator" because Soo ji did a great job of manipulating both guys. Never play with someone's heart. The trap you set up for someone else may snare you.
tumblrish freak
tumblrish freak:
my ship 😭
Audrey Cirpu
Audrey Cirpu:
Moon Ga Young X Wo Do Hwan
Mia Moua
Mia Moua:
This whole drama's toxic lol. I haven't even seen all of it and I know that much
Thea Vy
Thea Vy:
So pity our soo ji😞
Tomirah Reese
Tomirah Reese:
They had a good relationship but they weren’t gonna last😂
Tae Oppa
Tae Oppa:
I want them in drama together as main lead 💜💜💜
Zhen Santiago
Zhen Santiago:
I have prefered them than joy and woo do wan
Asha Gord
Asha Gord:
Anyone else think the first 2 people remind you of Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl?
rukenzo ehwarieme
rukenzo ehwarieme:
How many girls is this guy inlove with🤔 am actually watching the movie now and am confused.
Raven Vamp
Raven Vamp:
Does anyone know the name of the song that appears 0:32 sec.?
Calyn Leora
Calyn Leora:
It’s like seeing Blair and Chuck, with different ending
nn s
nn s:
Tnk joo.bcz of her this drama was more competitive.
abhishek singh
abhishek singh:
Not enough adults. Or less feelings
Eder Alves
Eder Alves:
Moon ga young was that a mistake e muito lindo
Pavithra Pavi
Pavithra Pavi:
I cried at end of the episode... Please start this as season 2
mahida jignesha
mahida jignesha:
I shipped them💔
Fausta Gedgaudaitė
Fausta Gedgaudaitė:
i love this
Music at 1:38?
Anyone know the name of the music that starts at 2:22?
Jennifer Hang
Jennifer Hang:
Man, why can they end up together. I stop watching bc of it. Tbh they are wayyy cuter together than he is with Joy😑😐
Melanie Sargsian
Melanie Sargsian:
I looked for the OST that starts at 1:38 everywhere and I can't find it anywhere! pls help
Meghana Abburi
Meghana Abburi:
Where can u watch the drama?
Pena Vajra
Pena Vajra:
next time please full ep
Yen Victoria
Yen Victoria:
Epal kasi si tae hee eh hahahaha
Si soo ji ang nauna e
Tas ito naman si shihyun nakakabwisit
iniwan nalang bigla ung mga kaybigan nya para kay tae hee
Para sakin ang kontrabida si tae hee
Sinira nya ung pagkakaibigan nila shihyun at ung feelings nila soo ji at shihyun para sa isat isa
Princess Roan Roxas
Princess Roan Roxas:
soo ji X se joo