Moon Ga Young Kisses Kim Min Jae.. "This means nothing to me" [Tempted Ep 13]

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100+ komento:

Hate her character but you gotto appreciate her acting skills ..she needs another drama where she can play the lead
Daniëlle Jansen
Daniëlle Jansen:
I can't be the only one that is reminded of chuck and Blair by them. This even makes me ship them more
Akansha Rao
Akansha Rao:
I literally watch this drama only because of Sooji and Sejoo. I skip all TH and SH scenes cause they don't have the same chemistry these two have. It's the same like "Bride of the water god" all over again. XD
Jiu 6753
Jiu 6753:
You Know the actress is good when she made you hate her....
Such a good actress
Yzh Luna
Yzh Luna:
She has more chemistry with the two lead guys. The lead girl is so cringy.
Maggie Mendez
Maggie Mendez:
Soo Ji is something alright, I still sympathize with her and I don't know why. She is broken and has been broken for a long time, but if you look closely, all the actions she is doing, all the manipulating, all have a purpose and starting with the bet. She didn't want her mother marrying and TAKING what is supposed to be Si Hyuns things, especially since now she found out his father is practically in love with another woman who is not her mother. She is protecting her mother and herself at this point but in a world like theirs,grown ups won't just listen to their children. She is blinded by her feelings for Si Hyun that she is oblivious towards Se Joo. But then again, if she changes her personality right away, it will make the whole series boring, she is the one who makes things interesting and keeps people on edge with her doings. I hope just like any second lead (who is bad and in love with the first lead) in any other K-Drama that she develops into a nicer person.
In every K-Drama there is this one girl or guy who will always cause trouble but in the end turn sweet, in Weightlifting Fiary there was the ex-girlfriend, in the Heirs there was Young Do and Rachel.
Jan Aira
Jan Aira:
I really ship both of them. They can fix each others broken hearts.
Trương Khánh
Trương Khánh:
At first I watched this bc of Soo Ji, but then my favorite one is Se Joo. He maybe look like a playboy ( actually he is) but he loves Soo Ji with all his heart. I really like this character, and I hope that Soo Ji won't hurt him anymore
moon ga young and kim min jae carried this drama tbh
Halimah Rizkia
Halimah Rizkia:
Sometimes i feel bad for sooji, bu everytime she did something like this to sejoo, its breaking my heart. Like he doesn't deserves to be treated like that, sooji's annoyed me.
😂 I thought he was going to grab-wrist her and kiss her back. I really wish they could be a couple like... I’m so tired of woo do Hwan’s games😒
Yoongi's Swaeg
Yoongi's Swaeg:
I remember her!! She acted in exo next door right?😶
Pink Jiwon
Pink Jiwon:
SooJi don't know Se Joo likes her ? She really believe he see her as a best friend.. *SHOOKT* He needs to step up his game for her to notice his sincerity!

Edit : Also I'm sorry to break it to you guys but : Sejoo likes Sooji ? Good for him, but she doesn't owe him anything for that. He can like her, but you can't blame her for not reciprocating it. And she isn't manipulating him, she doesn't even knows he likes her!! She thinks he likes to play around and she like him as a close friend but she doesn't even know how he feels about her ! She said it "it doesn't mean anything to me, like it doesn't mean anything to you"..
.. So stay pressed bixches 💋
i skip every seen with TH and SH because that is literally how boring their scenes are. moon ga-young is truely such a good actress. Deserves to be in more dramas
Everyone be hating on my princess like I expected. I honestly don't know what it is about her but i'm willing to protect her (not saying I agree with what shes doing because I don't) cause shes my spoiled princess. I don't know but Sooji and Se Joo are my favorite characters from this drama. Hope she grows and learns what she is doing is wrong and realizes to value what she has (Se Joo) so she can live a happy life cause thats what my princess deserves.
Jocel S
Jocel S:
she is really a good actress
Chelsea Lim
Chelsea Lim:
man im just gonna start rooting for soo ji and se joo cos there's no hope for SJ and SH
Norma Indah Pratiwi
Norma Indah Pratiwi:
The first watching this drama, i didn't read any article first. So i thought the main lead is Moon Kayoung and Kim Minjae. Thought i know was wrong, still shipper them. Love their character.
yoh dude
yoh dude:
Happy that they kissed nonetheless 😍
Ramen TV
Ramen TV:
Soo Ji's character is so cool, whats wrong with it. Well yeah, she manipulates, do everything she wants regardless she can hurt others but Guysss ! She's not completely a bad girl ! She has a good heart ! You can see it in the drama ! She only does the things she did cos she has a reason. And it ends there, no other reason ! You dont know what shes been going through ! You guys keep saying, "we understand her situation but.. " you guys cant run out of "but's" ! NO, YOU GUYS DONT REALLY UNDERSTAND HER CONDITION
madammestrilita 22
madammestrilita 22:
I just want the drama to end so fast tho i really like the story. Id like to see more of ga young's acting in another series. She seems like the next kim ji won (she started with roles from being the bad girl to supporting actress to lead) can't wait for gayoung to have another lead role in a big series (aside from exo next door) 💛🌻 fighting!!! And and i really ship her with dohwan but it cant be i know yet im starting to ship her with sejoo now hahahaha
ellie belly
ellie belly:
In the end, i would like tae hee and se joo to hook up and ditch those 2 lying pals 😂😂😂
I really didn't know she is the lead girl in EXO Next Door. Her character is so different here wow
Sage PlayzZ
Sage PlayzZ:
I wanted this main girl to end up with Si Hyun I didn't watched it till end I just watched 5 episodes
Michaela Delgado
Michaela Delgado:
Nikhi Chan
Nikhi Chan:
Kim minjae😍
black monsta
black monsta:
i really like the role of kim min jae in this .....he's always there for sooji but sooji keeps on pushing him away ,, can't wait for the ep17
Glossy Bee
Glossy Bee:
I need to transport to a parallel world where she's the main lead in THIS drama because it would be sooo much better
Ramen TV
Ramen TV:
This scene made me crazy ! My sis got shocked coz I suddenly screamed and jumped. She tought something happened, well yeah, something happened ! 😋😂 Soo Ji kissed Se Joo !!! I ship SeJoo x SooJi #TeamChoiSooJi #TeamSeJooxSooJi
geneva delos reyes
geneva delos reyes:
I only watch this series because of these two. I loved them.
viji viji
viji viji:
I love Kim mind jae character in this drama....he becomes a second lead 👏👏👏soon we can see as a main lead I think ...fighting 😍👍👍
Yiu Ka
Yiu Ka:
I feel her. SooJi actually likes SeJoo, but she once said that this kind of relationship(love) is fragile. Therefore she wants to remain friend with SeJoo, so their relationship will be eternal.
SooJi is just too vulnerable and hates to be alone
Emily Su
Emily Su:
Hateful Comments show how she works hard 😚 Since my Idol is Sohyunnie, I know how many difficult to act that kind and also not easy to see people's negative ments.
I Love U unnie because You're Moon Ga Young 😊
Second lead like Sooji makes the drama interesting
Faith Montalban
Faith Montalban:
Am I the only one that loves Soo Ji? Literally skipped all the male and female lead's scene because I love Soo Ji and Se Joo.
mirae prikiberry
mirae prikiberry:
I watched this drama because of joy (hello a reveluv here!) but i end up focusing on sejoo and sooji, I ship them so much!😍 and I also ship taehee and sihyun too!
Maila May
Maila May:
So proud of DK it's definitely his voice, i can easily recognize it because im a proud carat
Sindi Serani
Sindi Serani:
******SPOILER****** .................. she will see him in he r dream😍
Santa's Ballsack
Santa's Ballsack:
Honestly, I get why you all sympathise her. All she’s doing now is because she’s broken. But honestly, their are so many people out in the world who are broken and are some of the nicest and most kind people you can ever meet. Just because she’s broken, it doesn’t mean that can excuse her for her actions.
Soul ASMR:
The first time I've EVER seen a girl kiss a guy in a drama first wowwwww
Ipon Novie
Ipon Novie:
I'm love Kim min jae character and soooooooooo love acting of Kim min jae and moon kayoung
blessie grace escalona
blessie grace escalona:
I always skip the main couple and just go to these two all the time. Lmao
Blake Carlos
Blake Carlos:
I really like the emotion in her eyes!...

Hope to see them three again in a new drama!
b kham
b kham:
SEVENTEEN’s DK’s voice in the background❤️😍
lmfao I dont get why people like sooji, that girl finds pleasure by manipulating others.
Abigail Christine Panjaitan
Abigail Christine Panjaitan:
Those Kim min jae's jacket in the beginning i've seen it everywhere, lucas nct and minho shinee wear it too
This drama gets so confusing some times
natalie j
natalie j:
although i have to admit these two have the best chemistry, people shouldn’t be saying that “joy is a bad actress, the leads have no chemistry,i skip their scenes all the time bc they’re so boring”. joy wasn’t an actress to start out with, and for her to be able to act to this extent, is something to be extremely proud of. true, maybe SH and TH don’t have as much chemistry, but stop the hate. ✋ also what’s the point of a drama if you’re just going to skip scenes
Bruna Vieira
Bruna Vieira:
Eu vejo esse casal e me lembro de Chuck e Blair,a química deles é igual!!
le ah
le ah:
I can't keep up with Sooji's moodswings it's honestly driving me insane.
mika k
mika k:
se joo is honestly a great actor and he’s so cute I hope he’s in another drama
Supriya K
Supriya K:
All I wanted to say

Chanyeol and D.O are shaking 😀
Miel E.
Miel E.:
I want a Tempted 2,cuz I wasn’t satisfied by the end,That Suji and Seju will be together and a Tae Hee and Si Hyun will break XD HAHAHA
Diana M.
Diana M.:
I'm really into second leads. Haha..
Sushmi Rai
Sushmi Rai:
Both of them have deep and sexy voice😍❤️❤️❤️
Adjeng Putri
Adjeng Putri:
No. It's means too much for him:(
someone put moon gayoung and lee sungkyung in one drama!! that would be crazyyyy
Min jae is so childish in tempted 😂so cute tho
Laceyyzz xx
Laceyyzz xx:
Wasn’t she the one who was on Exo Next Door? Where DO and Chanyeol got awkward bc of her? Omg I missed watching that show
Kirrr Kween
Kirrr Kween:
I'm....studying for a test tomorrow ... what am I doing here ? hmm..ok bye -.-
What did I just watch, like for real I don't know any of these people but gosh this scene? I need to find the name of this movie.
Wait 7
Wait 7:
OMG... Kim min Jae😍
I really ship them, but Sooji is so rude sometimes.
Erin Ngo
Erin Ngo:
Whats the song that plays during their scenes!
hardcarryhaehot7 got7
hardcarryhaehot7 got7:
This is so sad...loving soneone who doesnt love you back is the worst
Celdrick Castañeda Lerit
Celdrick Castañeda Lerit:
And now she's gonna play as jugyeong :)
Novita zahra
Novita zahra:
Kim min jae look a like yeo jin go..but i'm like them😍😍
613 bst
613 bst:
Damn that hurt
Noura Zghnoun
Noura Zghnoun:
Where i can watch this drama?
lorien Rivera
lorien Rivera:
How I wish that they end up kissing and end up together
edlyn baez
edlyn baez:
I love it thanks I really like the boy and girl
Kpop plus Yaoi
Kpop plus Yaoi:
That OST 😍😍 name?
Dks voice makes it more uwu
Minjae was in the heirs?
Fbc Cvc
Fbc Cvc:
Qorry 'Aina
Qorry 'Aina:
I rooted Se Joo character more than the leads... He is crazy, but delicate at a same time...
Young grim reaper.
dokyeom's ost :')
Jit So Rayz
Jit So Rayz:
Hotness everywhere
Blackpink 786
Blackpink 786:
When will sumone kiss me like that ? When?..
Arikah Hamdah
Arikah Hamdah:
ulgosipjianha~ 😭
wendy _
wendy _:
Unbreakable sword!
Zen Zen
Zen Zen:
She is beautiful 💓
Princess Roan Roxas
Princess Roan Roxas:
let's all ship this one👐❣
Cinthia Franco Ojeda
Cinthia Franco Ojeda:
Eso lele xD
kim seungmin owns my heart
kim seungmin owns my heart:
see joo didn't deserve to be treated like that TT_TT
BTS Forever
BTS Forever:
Luma Lovegood;;땡
Luma Lovegood;;땡:
I really want sejoo with someone who can fix his heart, but not sooji. She's someone who deserves to be alone!

É isto, não gostou? Me processa!
Eka Indriyani
Eka Indriyani:
Mun ka young main bareng dong sama lee min hoo😁😁
Shin chan's Crayon
Shin chan's Crayon:
This whole time i thought it's jin goo lmao! I keep on getting confused with them. I saw clips of hotel del luna i thought it was minjae 😂😂
ahhhh Dokyeom did great job with this ost;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
WHATS THE SONG AT THE END ??????? Pls 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Jane J
Jane J:
What's the name of drama?
Martha Avila
Martha Avila:
Katemay Gonzaga
Katemay Gonzaga:
What is the title of song?
google berry
google berry:
better than not having a kiss scene through out the drama
my boyfriend is a postman or was it a teddy bear
my boyfriend is a postman or was it a teddy bear:
whats the name of this
Qorry 'Aina
Qorry 'Aina:
For me, Se Joo and Soo Ji characters are more complicated, they are not designed to be loveable but somehow I see it more dearly,
They has their own issue, but they show up as tough person, with the arrogance and cheeky smile. It is enough to make me want to hug them