MONSTER HUNTER Movie Trailer (2020)

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Plot unknown. Feature film based on the video game series by Capcom, in which the player takes the role of a hunter in a fantasy environment and completes quests by hunting out specific kinds of monsters to kill or capture.

Monster Hunter (2020) is the new fantasy movie starring Milla Jovovich, T.I. and Ron Perlman.

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Viet Ng
Viet Ng:
Report or kick her out of the mission. SHE BROUGHT FIRE ELEMENT TO FIGHT RATHALOS
Daniel,Genus, and Ferguson F*** you that's why
Daniel,Genus, and Ferguson F*** you that's why:
"Sir did you play any of the games at all before directing this??"
"It's called Monster Hunter! How hard could it be!?"
Jacques Lin
Jacques Lin:
"I'm getting us all home"

She's the sole survivor.
Raiken Xion
Raiken Xion:
Whats spoiling this for me is the whole bringing them to our modern world, why could'nt they have just set the story completely in the fantasy world of Monster Hunter!?
Ryan Spruce
Ryan Spruce:
This is gonna suck

*sees Diablos and Rathalos*

.....ok, so there’s an upside
David Hill
David Hill:
"So what? We're like Guardians of the Galaxy now?"
No.....Guardians were much better.
There’s absolutely no reason at all to bring American soldiers into the monster hunter universe, or anyone from earth, for that matter, we would’ve been fine with just an aspiring young group of monster hunters with, like, a vendetta against an elder dragon that wrecked their village or something. Just focus on the cool monster hunter universe, and not give us some Gate scenario.
I didn't realized GATE is getting a real live adaptation.
This is just another generic "shoot the monster in slo-mo" movie, but for some reason the Monster Hunter franchise is involved. Its either going to be so boring people will forget about it in a week, or it'll cause an internet flamewar over how offensive it is.
So, Monster Hunter is an isekai now...
Mack in Black
Mack in Black:

no. no you're not...
Zera Caitiff
Zera Caitiff:
why the "modern" weapons though ? just make a monster hunter movie ! the monsterworld stuff looks awesome but the "dimensiontravel" stuff ruins it .
Toe Tza
Toe Tza:
The "Monster Hunter" film should be based on battles between hunters and monsters, not from hordes of soldiers falling from the sky. I like the world of Monster Hunter coming to screen like the way James Cameroon's Avatar was.
Vishan B
Vishan B:
I can't believe these people turned MH into a stupid isekai with Mila whatever her name is. This upsetting!
So... everybody's talking 'bout the Rathalos and the Diablos... But can we just hold on for one second and talk about this one second of Gore Magala at 1:30 ?
Chasmai Debbarma
Chasmai Debbarma:
Finally, saw"only in theaters" after a long time
Matt Martinesi
Matt Martinesi:
i hate when its about generic military ppl. i prob wont even learn anyones name
Sir JJ
Sir JJ:
Oh boy, they turned one of my favorite games into a generic action movie....fantastic.

At least the monsters look cool though.
Mike Hancho
Mike Hancho:
General public: How much cringe could possibly be packed into a movie?
Hollywood: YES
destiny destiny
destiny destiny:
Voir: >>
••••••••ஜ۩SANT MOVIES۩ஜ•••••••••
Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??
"We have monster hunter at home" line very fit to this movie
This is stupid, how can someone got isekaid without involving truck-kun or train-chan
jubei pendragon
jubei pendragon:
There will always be that one guy in everyone's comments trying to defend this movie. And I am not that guy. Just another horrible live action adaptation film from Paul Anderson.
Wow, they went all-out for that parody trailer.
Jeremiah Deguzman
Jeremiah Deguzman:
I like how they're just putting Mila Jovovitch in the the title now. It's just self-insert fanfiction at this point
Z1N53R PL4Y5
Z1N53R PL4Y5:
Looks awful. Paul Anderson is set to taint another Capcom property. Yay
KOS Listed
KOS Listed:
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson starring his wife Milla Jovovich ... Imagine My shock.
Producer: "So Paul... did you happen to play the video game, before making this movie?"

Paul W S Anderson: "Wait? There was a video game?"
Sandesh Sharan
Sandesh Sharan:
Another stupid movie.
"I dont care what those creatures are. Destroy them, bust the box office"
-Paul WS Anderson
Zulfiqar Ali
Zulfiqar Ali:
Ffs, fire is weak against rathlos.
They should have stuck with original story line rather than US marines vs the rest of the world scenario.
Killing another one of my favourite game.
And just like that, all my enthusiasm for this movie is gone.
Needs more Murder Pickle and a B-52
Tyler McNamara
Tyler McNamara:
"So that's it? What? We some kind of Guardians of the Galaxy or somethin?"

The only hunting going on here is the internet harvesting it for some memes.
Ejs Ace
Ejs Ace:
Wait, for real? This looks SO BAD you can't even be serious!
Ankit Senpai
Ankit Senpai:
I Honestly Don't Care how the movie will be, I'm just waiting To See Tony Jaa In Action.
OverTrvst Lord
OverTrvst Lord:
0:17 "It look pretty ancient"

*Literally just a single rock in the desert with a nonsense language*
Why guns and why not a story about the hunter?

Florida man
Florida man:
Everyone else: OMG DIABLOS AND RATHALOS LOOK SO COOL!!!!!11!1!1!1!1
Me: so about Dodogama...
Tiago Correia
Tiago Correia:
I sometimes imagine a universe where the "monster hunter" movie was instead just the retelling of the story of the hunter from the first game, from his first fight against a Velocidrome to The secret Fatalis you end up fighting in online mode. Where the trailer is just a remake of the original trailer for the game with proof of a hero as the song and everything.
(The post credits scene would just be the village chief talking about another village having trouble with a wind elder dragon, teasing the second movie which would just be the story of the second game and how you hunter has to take down kushala).

But a man can dream.
Dave Walker
Dave Walker:
When oil is found in Astera.......
Desiderio Luna
Desiderio Luna:
Milla got tired of zombies so she be hunting monsters now.
L K D:
I think even after 20 years Tonyja will still look this young!!!
Shin Godzilla 1987
Shin Godzilla 1987:
I like how Toho, Godzilla's company is distributing this xD Also, wouldn't have been better and easier for the story writers to keep dimension travel out?
Wei hao Mak
Wei hao Mak:
Woah, it really is an isekai scenario.
What's next? Riders appear in end credits?
Death Knight
Death Knight:
Why lmao this is gonna be a bad movie but the monsters are amazing and did they not learn from the resident evil movies like holy crap
ekelyn Samcert
ekelyn Samcert:
⮚ Monster Hunter (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ⮘
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chestire wolf
chestire wolf:
I love how all this comments are talking about how bad the dimension transfer is going to be or it military involved, and no one is see the true horror: THE HANDLER is confirmed 1:20
And I’m getting a lot clues this is in the new world as well
rukodiora rizal
rukodiora rizal:
Now the question....
How u can escape from "StarFall" safi'jiva if Rathalos Change with Safi'Jiva....?
Devismita Bhattacharya
Devismita Bhattacharya:
"Something strange in the neighborhood,
when all hell breaks down,
may it be zombies or a prehistoric monster?
I know whom to call

911: Hello 911! How can I help you?
Me: Hi ! could you put me through to Milla Jovovich?
there's are monster chasing & I need assistance ASAP.
Rain scene, looks like a lot of one shot from resident evil, they just forget about tony jaa role
AI Night
AI Night:
Dude I got to go see this in theater when it comes out, I already play the game but I didn’t know they were making a movie
Isaac Artist
Isaac Artist:
I love how the director made the dragon on all fours since in mythology and game of thrones some specific types of wyverns use all four limbs like rathalos
So we got
Black diablos
Nerscylla(or generic giant spider)
Gore magala
But not our boi great jaggi!
I'll be honest, I thought they'd pull some bs and have the bazooka kill it in one shot. Happy it wasn't the case and all they did was piss it off like it would in the games.
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger:
After seeing Tony jaa.... excitement overloaded
The stupidest part of all this is that Monster Hunter already has it's own set of guns and even rapid fire guns but that would take effort wouldn't it?
Ian Enad
Ian Enad:
Will this be one of those movies where they show tall the best clips in the trailer but the movie's just saving budget and it's all talking
Happiest Tapioca
Happiest Tapioca:
I hope I see a hunting horn and some guy sliding down the dune cartwheeling with a hammer. OR IMAGINE BAZEL JUST INVADING MID HUNT😂😂
at this point mila is slaying franchises not monsters....
just stop! the second i saw mila i associated the movie with Actor Evil.... Resident evil!... never gonna pay for that! you should have stopped after the first Resi movie!!
Selva M
Selva M:
Sees 'only in theatres in December 2020'
Well definitely releasing in a monster world timeline
Paul W S Anderson is like a dime store Michael Bay... and that's a low price to start off.
Bloody Loon
Bloody Loon:
I'm dying. I can't stop laughing. Why is this a thing? It's amazing! What the hell
*0:58** he closed the wrong eye* 🤣🤣
Looks highly fun and entertaining! Never played the games but I'd go see this!
Time to boycott Paul W S Anderson from the film industry.

Who's with me?
Bruno der Kameramann
Bruno der Kameramann:
the best thing about every Monsterhunter game was the military
Austin Stewart
Austin Stewart:
The CGI is... surprisingly decent, I was expecting shit quality.

However I'm not happy with the direction it's going in. Seriously, soldiers? Like in every generic action movie ever.
Would it really be too hard to make story around an upcoming hunter?
Roger Velu
Roger Velu:
Was that chaos blades she was holding from the game god of war?
Tony jaa from this trailer to "Jiu Jitsu" trailer. 😃
Moon Wolf
Moon Wolf:
Would have been better if they went on to make it full fantasy.
Combining real world and make the characters go into a fantasy world, it never works.
Would have worked a lot better if they were part of the world. Would have been easier to explain all the weird shit that characters in this series can do.
Arbind Soren
Arbind Soren:
Super Dangerous movie
Tony jaa the monster
Milla jovovich the Hotstar
And Again I am the Monster ....
We are Warriors
Shirotora Godsbane
Shirotora Godsbane:
I mean, I've seen plenty of great movies that has bad trailers, and Resident Evil didn't follow the game lore but was good. Who knows, maybe it'll be a pleasant surprise.

I remain optimistic, but I'm not holding my breath.
Akai Seigo
Akai Seigo:
The trailer looks like Michael Bay's first Transformers movie trailer. The elite team stranded in the desert then Scorponok attacks below the ground and team make a run for it.Yep, looks like Transformers to me.
Sebastiab Brothers
Sebastiab Brothers:
I love these game thank God there is a movie of this.
I'm watching this as soon as it comes out
Soon to be on streaming this December.
Military stuff doesn't impress me much, though it seems at some point in the movie they ditch it for Monster Hunter gear so there is a chance it could end up working, if only for spectacle in the same way Resident Evil made a lot of money despite fans universally hating it.
Sammy Wojo
Sammy Wojo:
I have to give credit where it's due, the cgi is Great. But the plot is the most basic overdone horrible plot you can think of, and it looks cheesy in the voice lines, and it seems to not focus on the hunters much
sabiq rusydi
sabiq rusydi:
It has Mila Jovovich and you still want a close to source material adaptation?? 😭😭 me too, they butchered this :(
This movie is coming out Expeditiously
0:52 the timing LOL
Beastly Throttle
Beastly Throttle:
0:52 'So we're like GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY now?' Marvel reference?
High AŚMR:
Oh ya like flaming swords will do something vs .50 cal rounds and rpgs 😂
Anthony Sura
Anthony Sura:
Just because duel blades look cool doesnt mean they're the best weapon.
Pegasus Sugar
Pegasus Sugar:
Marina Darin
Marina Darin:
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Clawgre Hellsing
Clawgre Hellsing:
*"I S E K A I"*
Vessalius Valseil
Vessalius Valseil:
i can’t wait for this movie 🍿
Great Arthur
Great Arthur:
I guess the T-Virus went this far...
Dragonball Evolution: part II
tri wahyu budi utomo
tri wahyu budi utomo:
2:05 Where is the egg? She should've carried the egg to complete mission
Bill MacKay
Bill MacKay:
Okay, I have never played Monster Hunter (only seen clips) and know nothing about the lore of the franchise.

And yet, I am confident when I say that this looks nothing like Monster Hunter.
Ahh, I see Asian characters getting pushed as side characters again. Awesome.
novin kelvianto nurakbar
novin kelvianto nurakbar:
I'm surprised nobody noticed gore magala in 1:30
Jon Ramos
Jon Ramos:
No one:

Rathalos: *superhero landing*
Facts Feelings
Facts Feelings:
I know its more relatable, but why does it always have to start with the "military."
Nawaaz The First
Nawaaz The First:
The Bermuda triangle desert version..
Coffee Hime
Coffee Hime:
\^^/ Cant wait ♥