Monster Hunter - Exclusive Official Movie Trailer (2020) Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa

Behind our world, there is another: a world of dangerous and powerful monsters that rule their domain with deadly ferocity. When an unexpected sandstorm transports Captain Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her unit (TI Harris, Meagan Good, Diego Boneta) to a new world, the soldiers are shocked to discover that this hostile and unknown environment is home to enormous and terrifying monsters immune to their firepower.

In their desperate battle for survival, the unit encounters the mysterious Hunter (Tony Jaa), whose unique skills allow him to stay one step ahead of the powerful creatures. As Artemis and Hunter slowly build trust, she discovers that he is part of a team led by the Admiral (Ron Perlman). Facing a danger so great it could threaten to destroy their world, the brave warriors combine their unique abilities to band together for the ultimate showdown.

Based on the global video game series phenomenon Monster Hunter, the film is written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat).

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Movie source: Has everything you need. Setting, designs, lore
Hollywood: US military
Movie source: ..W-wha-..
Hollywood: US MILITARY
Ah, yes. The memorable moment in the Monster Hunter game where the US Military invades to obtain oil
As said in my previous comment on the teaser. What the hell is this?
Wtf is this generic Hollywood trailer sound?

That one guy
That one guy:
What a horrible day to have eyes.
Is nothing sacred?
Ay' Lore
Ay' Lore:
A Sonic Movie miracle isn't happening for this one.
"Based on the worldwide phenomenon"...comes a movie that looks nothing like said phenomenon.
Fixing Monster Hunter
Step 1: Remove all the army people.

If we get that far ill let you know what step 2 is
Phil fy
Phil fy:
So disappointing. What makes it worse is that the monsters actually look perfect in my eyes. But the setting/story and cast... Wtf. So much wasted potential.
What are we, some kind of Suicide Squad?
Didn't know they had Rathalos in Afganistan.
Can’t they just start the movie inside the already established monster hunter world? Why ruin it by giving it the cookie cutter Hollywood plot of some cheesy team entering another world and doing things their way and crap like that? So annoying.
Najee Porche
Najee Porche:
This feels like a Call of Duty and Monster Hunter crossover fanfiction.

Edit: Wow didn't think my comment with blow up. This also feels like that GATE anime, but with no cute anime girls.
frog LV. 20
frog LV. 20:
Next up is Zelda: the movie featuring president Zelda and general Link and their battle against Ganon, the nondescript thing of evil from random dimension that doesn't even matter
Okay, but hear me out: What if they made a movie about Monster Hunter instead.
Stilts Man
Stilts Man:
This genuinely looks like the most terrible thing ever created
Guardians Of The Galaxy: Space fights, lazer guns, talking racoons, chris pratt
Monster Hunter: Stone age swords, giant monsters, cats
Movie: "We're like the Guardains Of The Galaxy?"
I'm sorry but what?
Monster Hunter: The Movie: The Isekai Feat. Alice from the Resident Evil Series
“Destroy them, and close the gateway”
Look I know the series is called monster hunter but you don’t destroy the big monster, you hunt it. You appreciate it as a creature and weave the intricate dance of death with it and your weapon. You don’t just shoot a rocket at diablos, you dodge its charges and hit at it when it’s vulnerable. You don’t just fill a Rathalos with holes, you dodge it’s aerials and whack at it when it’s landed. They had so much they could do, and they could’ve even had some environmental message if they really wanted. But not this. Just.... not this.
Victor Alcoba
Victor Alcoba:
As we all know, if there is one thing that makes the Monster Hunter franchise beloved by millions is the American military.
Eko Pradja
Eko Pradja:
I always imagine Monster Hunter movie would be like animal documentaries where its focus on the life of the monsters in their habitat and the Lore about them it would be more interesting rather than this "isekai" cliche
Throw a Chair
Throw a Chair:
US Military Out of Nowhere - Check
Terrible Mixing - Check
Reference to a completely different movie out of nowhere- Check

Yeeeaah, so there is definitely already hunters living in this world who by the looks of it already use the different weapon classes. Why can't the movie be about them hunting monsters? Maybe a certain monster killed someone important and protag main goal is to hunt it down idk. Don't see why it has to be "wOw gOt tElEpOrTeD tO dIfFeReNt wOrLd"
John Nash
John Nash:
The only thing that can save this movie is if they hire J.J. Abrams too so lens flares blind us from having to look at the plot
kusum Singh
kusum Singh:
Movie: The bigger they are,the harder to kill.

Oroshi Kirin,Rajang and Kirin: _wheeze_
Was I Entertained ?
Was I Entertained ?:
Who honestly thought, that the guy who handled the Resident Evil Movies, should handle Monster Hunter?
Null the Hollow
Null the Hollow:
Please don't release this movie.

This is awful.
Akatsuki Chan
Akatsuki Chan:
This looks terrible like resident evil movie.
I think Michael Bay got Coronavirus and this was his fever dream.
Pouring Salt
Pouring Salt:
Another movie based on a game that will be terrible. Throw it on the pile.
Cryptic Mind
Cryptic Mind:
If they're not wearing Diablos armor, using the insect glaive, doing flips and swinging onto the back of Anjanath, imma be pissed lol
Paul W.S Anderson: Want to see me make a bad movie adaptation of a Capcom game? Want to see me do it again?
Deepak M
Deepak M:
"Officially this is above my paygrade"
"This is not what I signed up for"
Lines you find in every soldier movie !!!!
Syazwan Mustapah
Syazwan Mustapah:
Paul WS Anderson's Wife: Monster Hunter.
If there isn't a single person that gets tripped by a Longsword user in this movie, it's being disrespectful to the source material
Quit while you're ahead, guys. This isn't at all what MH is and will ever be
"The bigger they are the harder to kill"

You don't know how it feel to face 1 yian garuga and 3 bullflango at the same area ,
The suffering its real
Not digging the US military being forced into every movie about giant monsters.
I don’t play the game but even I know this is wrong. They could’ve left out the military part and how they went to another dimension and it would of been less terrible
I think the whole connecting modern world to the monster hunter world is just a bad reach to help the audience acknowledge that this is based on a "fantasy". Honestly a background introduction to the monster hunter world and how the hunters themselves are super human would suffice, then they wouldn't need to hold back. Movie would be epic
rocky liu
rocky liu:
Spolier Alert:
Hunters were hunting monsters.
The Monster hunted hunters.
Hunter hunts Monster 1.
Hunter hunts Monster 2.
Hunter hunts Monster 3.
Hunter hunted The Monster.
The End.
(A little monster shows its finger nail)
To Be Continue...
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee:
"The bigger they are, the harder to kill."
>Me with my 900+ damage, 360 blast, unlimited purple sharpness meme insect glaive build.

Mohamed Dawood
Mohamed Dawood:
I hope the trailer is a huge misdirect and the movie is just 2hrs of grinding for better gear
Monster Hunter: exists
Hollywood: Yo, we want to make it into a movie.
Monster Hunter: Yeah sure, I have all you need. I have fantasy setting, nice lore and great design.
Hollywood: US military.
Monster Hunter: Wha-... WHAT?!
Hollywood: *US MILITARY.*
"Giving Monster Hunter fans what they deserve: Milla Jovovich. 10/10" - IGN
Juan Donoso
Juan Donoso:
All Paul W.S Anderson wants to do is show off his wife on screen, in movies adapted from video games.
Marshal Monsanto
Marshal Monsanto:
“So what,we’re like guardians of the galaxy now?”

Thor: “who the hell are you guys?”
This is not monster hunter, it is
Biohazard Hunter: Resident Monsters
Dillon Galer
Dillon Galer:
The Producers saw the first 30 minutes of Transformers and said "I want that."
Syfi Freak!!!!!!
Syfi Freak!!!!!!:
To be honest the monsters themselves look incredible but that won’t save what will undoubtedly be a terrible movie.
I feel like this movie would be better if they just changed the title.
Entire world: *middle of a global pandemic and shouldnt be laving their homes*

Monster hunter movie team: so we should make this only in theaters yeah?
Jake Brodowski
Jake Brodowski:
No please people do not let this have a higher amount of likes than dislikes.
They need to know this movie is unacceptable.
Norris Li
Norris Li:
Imagine when deviljho shows up and they call it an dinosaur, imagine what will the fans gonna be like XD
Alice killed all the zombies and now she hunts monters,duh.
Kea Cluster
Kea Cluster:
"The bigger they are, the harder to kill"

Have you ever heard the tragedy of Lao-Shan Lung the wise?
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister:
I’m actually impressed. They somehow managed to make the exact polar opposite of what the Monster Hunter games are
It literally costed $0 to not make this.
Tortilla Jackson
Tortilla Jackson:
I cant be the only one who wrote this off as soon as i saw Milla Jovovich in this
opo c
opo c:
given that these army doods had LBG and HBGs, they should have cleared out every single monster under 5 mins. jokes aside, why couldnt they just make the movie by introducing the real monster hunter world instead of doing a COD cross over right out the bat. they could have just followed MHW's lore and did a video showing the first wave of settlers and i would have watched that.
Zachattack 4625
Zachattack 4625:
Sonic Movie: No, I thought I killed you!
Video Game Movie Curse: My death was... greatly exaggerated.
“Only in theaters”
Everyone in 2020: *Thats a joke right?*
Gameboy Evan
Gameboy Evan:
What a waste of CGI. Has Hollywood learned nothing?
ALL the things they could’ve done with this franchise and they went with: Generic soldiers strayed off the transformers set only to find disappointment in the form of CGI.
This looks like a roody poo movie The Rock would star in.
Samborg Productions
Samborg Productions:
When you have 10 minutes to write a book report but the only thing you know about the book is the cover you saw 2 months ago
The whole army thing just turned the movie into another garbage.
Raymond Yang
Raymond Yang:
Can we have a monster hunter mini series about young hunters trying out for their very first hunt (probs brutally failing). Would be nice to see a plesioth and it’s broken hip attack hitbox again . :,>
bluestar sixtyfour
bluestar sixtyfour:
“oh look, Hollywood is still out of ideas”
Aedrius 0
Aedrius 0:
It is kinda sad that this movie is getting more attention than Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 games for Nintendo Switch, they put massive effort in those games, 4 years of development when Nintendo Switch was still called NX with great effort and Rise got only like 700k views and Stories 2 only 250k views. At least they got recognized from Monster Hunter World 16 million game copies sold, but Rise looks like won't sell more than 5 million and Stories 2 I expect less than 3 million. If someone is reading this please take a look at the games and not this shitty movie.
J Swizzle
J Swizzle:
There goes any hope I had for this movie.
Sieg oder Valhalla
Sieg oder Valhalla:
I've never played Monster Hunter, but, as someone who has had other things I've loved butchered by Hollywood, I'd like to extend my condolences to the Monster Hunter fan base.
Nobody asked for a Hollywood "re-imagination" of a fantasy RPG.
A movie “based” on a capcom game staring Milla Jovovich? Sure , what could go wrong?
Milo Estobar
Milo Estobar:
Every monster hunter player would be:
Look how they massacre my boi....
*_"Dread it, run from it, the Monster Hunter movie still arrives..."_*

- Paul Anderson, probably
Guys calm down. This is probably the next Monster Hunter game. Monster Hunter: Modern Warfare
Umm this Doesn’t feel like monster hunter is Capcom really okay with this movie?
KingKaiju The Gamer
KingKaiju The Gamer:
My day is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable
Bitter End
Bitter End:
I don’t even play Monster Hunter and the first thing I saod was.. “wait... modern day military? Wtf?”

I see I’m not the only one who said this lol
Take out all the military and time-space-dimension-portal travel thing and boom,the movie would be great
For everyone who's asking why do they have the military stuff in this movie, remember that the current CEO on Sony pictures is Tom Rothman. The same man who denied a Deadpool movie for years because he "didn't understand it", made Galactus a cloud in Fantastic Four and said that Alien vs Predator had to take place on Earth and not some original planet.
Freddy Ortega
Freddy Ortega:
Detective pikachu: Many call backs and references to the games

Sonic the hedgehog:cute Easter eggs and fan service

Monster hunter: Nothing at all
Toniiiee P
Toniiiee P:
This movie is gonna be a huge flop for sure
Flying Stormboyz
Flying Stormboyz:
How does this have more likes than dislikes, this movie is going to bomb
"The bigger they are, the harder to kill"

Every 60 seconds a minute passes in Africa
The MindKiller
The MindKiller:
Frederica Bernkastel
Frederica Bernkastel:
I hope one day we get a Dark Souls film where US army gets teleported in to Lordran and destroyed by the Chad mushroom bois.
This man really trying to quick scope with a sniper IRL.
Pitcher: Hey we have a great fantasy story coming out of japan, it’s been an established IP for years and has a vast fleshed out world and would make a great movie.
Studio suits: hmmmmmm that’s great and all but how about it centers around our world and also a team of special ops
Pitcher: well that isn’t really the premise of th.....
Studio suits: glad you agree, also the resident evil chick is your lead. cool bye
LL Adventures
LL Adventures:
Can't wait for Screenrant Pitch Meeting " So you have a movie for me? Yes sir I do." Why are there US Military? "Because I decided" Wha Why? "Because"
the mugen
the mugen:
Hopefully we someday get a Monster Hunter movie. Without Hollywood involvement.
It's like Gate: Thus the Japanese Self-Defense Force Fought There. and Monter Hunter had a baby.
Resident Evil: Monster Hunter Edition. . . Alice journey continue. . .. Multipass!!!!
Robo Gemp
Robo Gemp:
The monsters designs look SPOT ON but damn whoever wrote this didn’t play any of the games I think
If the ending credit theme is “whatever you like” by T.I , and not the MH theme , I’ll riot
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman:
Upon seeing this in my notifs I heard a collective sigh from the entire gaming community.
Skye reave
Skye reave:
They're already making this premise too serious in all the wrong ways. Seriously, hot garbage
Jeffrey Justice
Jeffrey Justice:
Why?! You had a massive fantasy world with endless original story telling potential and this is what you came up with?! How?!