We're talking about 'Gangnam Gossip Girl' Han Seo Hee - should Kpop idols be afraid of her? Is she cancellable? She has been involved in the takedown of multiple Kpop idols' careers, derailing 3 groups in less than 12 months (BIGBANG, iKON & now Monsta X), plus she seems to know A LOT of industry secrets! In case you were living under a rock, this robot frog has got you covered ? ☕️ with both timeline and commentary on the latest Han Seo Hee scandal: THIS TIME involving Monsta X members, Shownu & Wonho - a scandal that resulted in Wonho's departure from Monsta X and Starship Entertainment.

Most of all I want to hear your opinions. Let's discuss!

FYI: I'm no fan of HSH and I DO NOT condone her actions, She's wearing a crown in the thumbnail, but she's no queen. The crown represents her *EGO*, this girl clearly has a God complex. She thinks she's untouchable because of her powerful family, and that she can play with people's lives like pawns on a chessboard. It's all a game to her. Her flashy apartment and Gucci bags aren't enough for her, she's bored, playing with people's lives is her entertainment. And her elite position in Korean society makes her un-cancellable.

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Reputations take *YEARS* to build and *SECONDS* to shatter. This was a savage, calculated media takedown planned in advance. 'Poor little rich girl with nothing to lose' Han Seohee and her sidekick Jung Daeun are out here boldly destroying lives and careers left and right like an episode of Gossip Girl...She gets a personal thrill out of spreading rumours - even if they aren't true - and has the blogs wrapped around her finger... Are Seohee her poison tongue and her zeros fks attitude, a LEGITIMATE threat to K-pop Idols at this point? Should idols be afraid of her? Can she be stopped? And if so, how? 🤔

(Han Seo Hee in my mind): "who cares about the truth when the lie is more entertaining, xoxo"💅
David Dinh
David Dinh:
Ugh Han So Hee needs to stop with the unnecessary drama. We already have the beauty community for that
I have no name Sorry
I have no name Sorry:
Idol: *minding his own business*

Han Seohee: I’m about to ruin this man’s whole career
KpopHooked Channel
KpopHooked Channel:
this is Korea for you. They let people like Han Seo Hee thrive. Forgiveness is not a word Korea, if you're not perfect you're dead.
Boy With luv
Boy With luv:
*_Han Soo hee planned this_*
gay toenail
gay toenail:
She's got nothing to lose cuz she's never debuted smh
There's a big difference between her and Dispatch. Everybody knows Dispatch is looking for dirt. However, she is a bored little rich girl playing with people's lives. I don't think anyone should receive death threats, but if you choose to expose someone who has numerous fans, you are putting yourself in harm's way. Sad to say, but a saesaeng may get her one day because of this don't care attitude. Starship totally screwed up the entire situation. You never allow anything to taint or threaten your top money maker. You find a way to fix that mess. I hope people are beginning to see idols as humans. They have imperfections and screw up like everyone else, but that is no reason for them to lose their livelihood. Then again maybe I'm being too optimistic. Anyways have a peaceful day. 😊
I feel like she deserves all of the hate that she's getting because at this point she is ruining so many lives and she needs to get a reality check real quick

Edit: Grammar mistakes
I believe that there may be some truth to their allegations against them but not the full truth. Most Monbebes were already aware that wonho had a bad past. I almost wish death on her but I had to catch myself. I just don't like that she does these things on purpose. Like it's someones life. Even if he did owe money they didn't have to go public with it. They could have solved it behind closed doors but they purposefully brought it to social media. Starshit is ass for the way things are being handled. Wonho is the member that is closest to the fans. This whole situation pisses me off. I'm upset about B.I still too. She needs to be stopped before she pushes someone too far or before someone pushes her too far. Nothing good will come to her. Only hate is being spread
WONHO IS FKN BACK But still go to jail Han seo hee
WONHO IS FKN BACK But still go to jail Han seo hee:
I hate how her insta bio says “mind your f ing biz” but she’s the one not minding her business
One day she’ll offend someone she can’t afford. Her time is ticking.
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin:
She’s just upset that she didn’t become an idol.
If only she used that power for exposing people that are actually problematic instead of unnecesary drama.
Starship was so incompetent with defending Monsta X. Even if Wonho is gulity, that was a long time ago and he admited many times that he doesn't like what he used to be, that he changed.
It's sad to see someone who really feels gulit and tries to be better go like this, now it feels like it can happen to any idol... And that it's kinda scary.
She seems like she enjoys ruining peoples careers just to get some attention.
Shauna Watlington
Shauna Watlington:
Also Wonho's mistakes of his past he literally admitted 2, didn't lie nor try 2 hide it, shit happened when he was a teenager, damn near a Decade Ago!! He did his time! He served his sentence 4 his wrongdoings! He changed his life & has not relived none of those wrong doings! So fact this chic is trying 2 bring it up now is pure attention seeking behavior!🥱 Smh!🙄😒
Chi Chi
Chi Chi:
I can’t stand her but the tea is too good 🤧🤧🤧 I wish she’d stick to exposing actually problematic people like she did w/ YG. She needs to stop exposing idols for irrelevant things
So basically..

Idol: *breathes*
Seohee: *has a problem with that*
Wonkyun _
Wonkyun _:
Y'all think you're edgy when you say "damn the tea is hot 🤪" "omg she's like Gossip Girl"

The tea is not hot. It's dry, it's fvcking mint flavoured and your brother probably pissed on it. This isn't some kind of Netflix series, she is actually destroying people lives. REAL PEOPLE. Everyone who has only occassionally heard of Wonho or who only knew him after this rumor, y'all need to know that the things she and her girl/boyfriend accuse him are things he did when he was 14-16. When he was still going through puberty, when he was in a bad place, hanging out with the wrong people because his family was so poor, their house almost got convicted. He used to go clubbing and drinking. Theft would come to no surprise because he was lit rally poor and didn't know no other way to fight for him. I'm in no way saying that his circumstances excuse everything he did but you need to understand that he was young and didn't know the consequences back then.

Now be aware that her accusations are from 10 YEARS AGO. People change during that time. Especially after puberty. Wonho NOW, doesn't drink AT ALL. He said he gets afraid because when you in that state of drunkenness you have no control over yourself. He obviously has bad memories from back then and regrets his past actions.

He bought his mom a house at gangnam and now got kicked out from his group so how is he going to take care of her? She doesn't work anymore as far as we fans know and he is the oldest son from his family.

MONSTA X are obviously not n the same level as EXO, TWICE, BLACKPINK etc. but they are well known among the idol community and decently known by the general public. He can't go back and start a new life as a normal citizen. He has no career option left but to stay at the entertainment industry when he is facing serious allegations against him and his company dropped him like a hot potato. Y'all need to realize that these people won't stop existing when your close YouTube, Vlive or Twitter. Their problems won't stop just because they aren't in an idol group anymore.
Thirstae For Tae
Thirstae For Tae:
Wonho’s trouble past isn’t surprising if you’re a Monbebe. However he cleaned up his act and has been nothing but a sweetheart by most accounts.
I do wish he stuck it out instead of leaving straight away but I think he did it to protect his members.
I hope he feels like he hasn’t let us down and can keep strong. These will be difficult times for him. Let’s keep rallying support for Wonho and Monsta X 💕

Don’t send those trash women hate or comment on their posts. They love it
Joshua Alto
Joshua Alto:
I don't wish her death threats, but she needs a reality check. I hope this whole will end in a good way... It should leave in the make-up community! I'm worried about Monsta X so much!
Sleepy Head
Sleepy Head:
She’s probably jealous of those idols because she never got to debut...
Hyuck's Hoe
Hyuck's Hoe:
she's so tacky omg. drop your location, i just wanna talk...
Faire Verona
Faire Verona:
All this drama has been very head spinning. It is extremely likely this was all planned.
It's pretty clear Wonho feels shame about his past, and has changed as a person. This whole situation reeks of bitterness.
As for Han Seo Hee... well... I'll just say she'll get her due soon. I never thought it possible for someone to stoop lower than rock bottom, but in life there are many exceptions.
Crazy Chicken Nugget
Crazy Chicken Nugget:
Bruh that chick crazy🙄
Dorothy Stevenson
Dorothy Stevenson:
The tea is so scalding like I keep burning myself. Smh shes out here exposing everyone but lets be honest we didnt know who gossip girl was till the last episode. Thats what makes Han Seo Hee so scary cuz she just out here, we know her face and she still exposing everyone, giving zero Fs.
Caythie O
Caythie O:
It feels like you are the only one aware of the fact that Sulli's death is still so fresh... It felt like it was forgotten 2 days after... A young, beautiful and talented woman killed herself due to cyber bullying and public pressur... I just don't get it how this is handled like something that "just happens from time to time"
Sharon You
Sharon You:
Should Han seohee be receiving death threats?
Is she a good person?
Also no.
However much tea she had, true or false, it simply was not her place to reveal what she did. I don’t know what she gains for exposing things like that except attention and maybe money. But I just really want to know how she lives with herself knowing that she’s ruined so many people’s careers and lives. And it may sound stupid but also not to mention all the fans that are simply heartbroken whether they believe the allegations or not. All they want to see is their ult group ALTOGETHER. And now that’s something that will never be the norm again for monbebe and many other fandoms. I hope someday she realises that her actions have caused immense pain and suffering for literally millions of people and that she will come to know that her actions were in no way right.
Nema Mto
Nema Mto:
Also I think the hate she's receiving isn't completely wrong because how are people supposed to embrace her ...with love when she never shows that in the first place, I mean you get what you give. I do think some are too much , overboard but she must digest the criticsm because that's what you get when you're problematic. It doesn't do anything but give her the attention she needs, she exudes a very healthy self-esteem and that makes her powerful in her own right.
Dorothy Stevenson
Dorothy Stevenson:
"XOXO Gossip Han Seo Hee" Why did you do my favorite show like that lol
Melody Cao
Melody Cao:
Korean society's cancel culture is ultimately what gives HSH her power. She can thrive because SK is a place where unfounded allegations can ruin lives.

Unless SK change their dodgy ethics, stuff like this won't stop. SK like to pick and choose who they call criminals e.g. PSY was arrested for drugs and served 25 days jail time and he was made to serve in military twice for 'neglecting his duties' 1st time round, but he's set up a successful company and is very popular. On the other hand, Wonho gets a bunch of so far proofless accusations and his career is ended. Starship has the worst response I've ever seen and on top of that forcing Monsta X to keep promoting as OT6 less than one DAY after Wonho left is horrible, Minhyuk was CRYING at Music Bank, the members need a REST.

Edit: As much as I enjoyed the video and you're more than entitled to say what you want, it slightly bothered me how you compared HSH's actions to TV shows because it seems to dramatise her actions and make them seem less 'real' idk.
amna abdullah
amna abdullah:
She should mind her own business and wonho is 26 and he did these things when he was like 16 that’s 10 years and people change in all that time he became a trainee and then debuted
dispatch is a faceless entity while HSH is a person. it's easier to hate someone when you got a face attach to it
Pooornashree N Kishore
Pooornashree N Kishore:
And i thought i had just finished watching gossip girl yesterday
iMonobebe 0613
iMonobebe 0613:
Idols: *Minding their own business, doing good to the fans and the world. Showing nothing but empathy and generosity*

Han Seo Hee: *Wait- that's illegal*
Ashton Nicole
Ashton Nicole:
She better watch her back the sasaengs will snatch her wig if she's caught in public ☕
Feather Roi
Feather Roi:
She’s a drug dealer she gets away bc her family are rich rich
Vivi Ki
Vivi Ki:
"Ruining Idols careers since 2017" ✌️
— Han Seohee
Lalisa Oppa's wife
Lalisa Oppa's wife:
One day she’ll run out of tea and then she’ll just be a hated girl who wasn’t good enough to be an idol. Kinda sad really... or not.
I do agree that starships pr moves were not reasonable, but then I thought that Wonho decided for himself to leave. So if he wanted to there was nothing that starship could of done.
Also the Husband should be giving all his energy to his wife and not shownu, I get he is angry about him but your wife is the one who is supposed to be loyal to you. Really trying to show his masculinity here.
Honestly all the idols she’s messing with can easily sue her for defamation of their name since she’s destroying their careers with no proof whatsoever and she gets away with it because she has money, the entertainment and legal system of Korea sucks
Okami Meigetsu
Okami Meigetsu:
Ok so English isn’t my first language so I hope it’s gonna be understandable.

All those things happening to Monsta X are really strange to me.

First, if someone owns you money, why would you make an Instagram post? Take legal action. Accusing someone on social media is just idiot, there is no point of doing that.
(And there is still no real proof, just text messages.)

For the drugs, she said that Wonho was under investigation and take a drug test. But his agency denied it, it never happened. [But even if he really was under investigation, the « drug test » would apparently be made during the end of September by testing a hair. But those kind of results came back after 72 hours max, we are in November... And we all know that Dispatch would be the first one to expose Wonho for smoking marijuana but nothing...]

(And Shownu, is in my point of view, a victim in this case because he didn’t know that the woman was married.)

Lastly, this girl is known for ruining idol’s lives such as B.I, TOP, she tried with V etc etc. I wouldn’t take her allegations to seriously.

As we -fans- know, Wonho is really sensible, so most of us think that he rushed his decision because he didn’t want to bring shame on the group. He truly care about his members and is really selfless. So yes we hope he’s gonna come back.

I hope it was understandable for everyone.
Ysabelle Laxamana
Ysabelle Laxamana:
Kpop stan twt is a mess and this scandal made it even messier and we're all just hypocrites. Honestly, it's so sad and the tea is so hot and I just wish for 2019 to be over now.
Kayla Hernandez
Kayla Hernandez:
“Keep your friends close, but your enemy’s closer”
HSH really radiates this quote🙄
Black Swan
Black Swan:
Kpop is messy, the tea was hot. I cried when wonho left, but wow. I wonder who's she's coming for next👀💀 people are taking this comment out of proportion when, i said i meant it who's life is she going to ruin next. I literally sat there and cried and said you can't expose people like that. This is not a game this is real life. He's a person and has feelings and a reputation. He Proabably never wanted this information to ever come out this way or at all so. So, I'm sorry if you miss-interrupted my comment.
When someone can be sued for defamation and slander and have been conspiring for weeks about how to ruin someone's career that's beyond "just being a little shady". She and her lying friend should be in jail, they will get sued. And people keep saying that there's no point, let the Koreans take care of their business but if they're trying to expand into the world and already have such a huge international following then we have the right to fight them on this. Should have stayed in Korea if they wanted nothing to do with us but, as much as I love Korean monbebe for being loyal, the reason monsta x grew to be so big is largely bc of international fans. If starship is going to pander to someone they should do it to intmbb. If fans are seriously trying to buy ads, starship stock and even seriously looking into if it's possible to buy the damn company somehow then yall are messing with the wrong fandom.
Dorothy Stevenson
Dorothy Stevenson:
But you are right they wouldn't be giving dispatch death threats because its not a direct person, like its a journalist we don't know their name or face. While Han Seo Hee doesn't hide behind a screen we know its her and we know shes the one spilling the tea. Even though gossip girl was messy asf exposing everyone on the upper east side no one knew who gossip girl was till the last episode. Han Seo Hee is bringing everyone down so boldly. Idk if I respect her for being messy but owning up to her messiness. Or if I just hate hate her..... no I just hate her, I dont think she should be doing this cuz she aint getting paid. Or is she? What does she gain by doing this? I mean the tea is good but come on at the expense of innocent people?
D. .B
D. .B:
There's a difference between wanting to live life your own way, regardless of other people's opinion on it, and repeatedly going out of your way to ruin other people's lives. Sulli never hurt anyone, Han Seo Hee has, many times. The hate she gets is justified
Jyotsna Padmanabhan
Jyotsna Padmanabhan:
She is like this literal manifestation of a k-drama villain.
I sometimes have the feeling she's getting paid to do so tbh
kim14 •
kim14 •:
I'm sure this girl is depressed like crazy.
I feel like this is orchestrated shes not alone and looks like some powerful corrupt people are behind her
Elena Mara
Elena Mara:
Bruh this girl legit be saying that wonho is a convict (juvenile) when she was in prison like sweetie did u forget?
Imagine living by exposing others personal stuff. Damn her parents must be really happy for raising such a useful child 🤦
Wine-y Fangirl
Wine-y Fangirl:
The best medicine for an attention seeker is to starve her of attention. Just pay her ass no nevermind and dont feed the hate comments. When she can no longer stay relevant....her opinion will start to mean less, in society and, most likely, the law's eyes.
Karen Pipe
Karen Pipe:
She is like a freaking stalker. Like how did she know all of this things . Just because she is rich , she can hire someone to look into his past records ?
I boop ur nose
I boop ur nose:
I think the cyber bullying directed to han seo hee is justified. Usually i hate it when people witch hunt others for their mistakes. But this is not a mistake, shes is actually evil. Shes stated before she lies about things and loves the attention she gets, negative or not. She’s probably one of the people that sent sulli hate messages, she’s just full of judgment and hate, so i wouldnt be surprised. This is karma, you go out of your way to ruin peoples lives and you’re going to get hated for it. To the fans of Han Seo Hee who are focusing on Wonho and calling him a criminal, Han Seo Hee also smoked the drug, admitted to it, along with her boyfriend, yet all you care about is Wonho? We don’t know if he didnt pay Daeun, but if he didnt im disappointed in him, but thats a past mistake, something i hope he’l right if its true. As for the detention centre thing, i dont see how thats relevant tbh? People make mistakes, they move on and get better, thats what Wonho did (if its true we dont even know if it is >.>) so why does it matter? Ive done stuff in the past i regret, as im sure literally everyone on the planet has done. What makes a difference is if you have remorse for your mistakes and change your ways. This wonho has done, that Seo hee hasn’t. So, i think its easy to see who we should hate here. Seo hee brought this upon herself, she doesnt want to change and she never will. Its called karma, i wont be surprised if something happens to her, and i think you know what i mean by something.
As for dispatch, it doesnt matter if dispatch did it. What makes you so sure people wouldn’t give dispatch death threats lol? Pretty sure people already do. Dispatch stalks idols to get whatever info they can from them for money and attention, they are no different than Han Seo hee, they’re just as bad, its just theyre a group, an organisation, han seo hee isn’t. If they don’t want death threats they shouldn’t be playing with fire. Humans should give one another mutual respect, when they stop doing that, what happens to them isn’t anyone’s fault but their own.
Edit; im not trying to justify death threats or cyber bullying (even tho at the start i said its justified) i just mean its karma and i feel if they act this way then its their own fault.
mei bb
mei bb:
Wonho doesnt deserve this. She already tried to expose V and get him in trouble. She almost ruined TOPs career and eventhough she wasnt the problem, the drug allegation and the shame he felt made TOP try to OD on pills.
Kayleigh Clarke
Kayleigh Clarke:
She needs help. She needs to be stopped. End of story.
It's not about if she deserves the hate or not. It's that people are giving her the attention she wants. She wants all people's attention, and she got it. Her constantly spilling tea makes her more famous; and if she continues to spill, people at some point will believe her....
In general, she's just here for clout, and just waits to see what are the ppl's reactions. In her situation, if u or anyone else was in her place with the same intention, you'd spill tea not knowing if ppl will hate you or love you for it, but u'll still do it cuz it doesn't matter to u what kind of attention u'd get.

and btw bad attention makes u more famous than good attention....
Hongjoong wears socks in the shower
Hongjoong wears socks in the shower:
Han So Hee needs to stop with the unnecessary drama. A shameless attention seeker. Stoop lower than rock bottom.
Evelyn Lopez
Evelyn Lopez:
I honestly decided to not waste my energy in her. That’s it.
Asian Santa
Asian Santa:
This year has already been rough... They need to chill like she could've handled this differently
2019 really is one of the worst years for kpop.
Honestly I'm almost impressed at how many people's lives and/or careers she's ruined
lissy merrett
lissy merrett:
she doesn't deserve death. no one does. but whats shes done to many idols is not ok at all.
Sheila Kimutai
Sheila Kimutai:
If she's not punished then South Korea is in a mess
Jo'nanas Bananas
Jo'nanas Bananas:
Bro all this drama I can't XD. Feels like I'm surrounding myself in make-up youtubers. I wanna find out the truth but dang I didn't ask for all of this. You have alot of recipes too to make this video Kermy, mad respect
Wonho is proven innocent
Crazy Chicken Nugget
Crazy Chicken Nugget:
This is the earliest ive ever been

Midnight Noona
Midnight Noona:
This is why I love you Kermyyy. Everything I've said, you've said. Glad we're on the same page.
K C:
Although dealing with drugs, gambling or other crimes is bad. If someone can change for the better they should be praised. Of course not ignoring their past completely but their past should not define them and justify their future to be broken
Olīvija Survillo
Olīvija Survillo:
"Should idols be afraid?" No, she just needs to be put away
star wave
star wave:
I'm just saying if she just up and died, I didn't see anything 👀
Trish Lopez
Trish Lopez:
Where are the parents of this girl? They need serious training on how to bring up a child properly
CrAZy fOr mYsElF
CrAZy fOr mYsElF:
I just saw you on KJ XD
You Deserve The World
You Deserve The World:
She had once talked about Taehyung as well but she quickly apologized for it.. If she hadn't, ARMY would have dragged her down to hell ..
Army Once Direction
Army Once Direction:
That intro was so extra it had me weak!
Shayne Blake
Shayne Blake:
Me to HSH : here's the attention you ordered 🍔
Jayne Angelina Skye
Jayne Angelina Skye:
i wonder if korea can photoshop texts messages. cuz wht we believing texts??? for all we know the texts are fake sheesh.
I know I am like 5 months late and things have blown over since but I still wanted to share my thoughts as a Monbebe ult (and because I just recently came across this channel and have been binging it almost daily).
On the topic of people being hypocrites for fighting against cyberbullying after Sulli's passing and then going completely off on HSH, I believe it's justifiable. Sulli has no bad history (to my knowledge) and was simply trying to live her life and getting hate for no good reason other than people just wanting to hate her. HSH is like the opposite. She tried to take down 3 idols and succeeded with 2 (B.I and Wonho, the third being Shownu), she thrived off of this so much she is probably a psychopathic sadist. She and everyone else should know to expect consequences to your actions. Cyberbullying shouldn't happen to good people who do no wrong, but it's a completely different story with people who do bad. Am I going to send hate towards her? At the time I did, but I've learned that taking out my anger on a person could only do more damage and it's best to just let karma take care of her. Will I feel sympathy towards her if smt bad did happen to her? Honestly, I'd feel more sorry for her parents cause they raised the freaking devil.
Dispatch is notorious for always looking for tea to spill, so I don't think they would've been taken as seriously but would still get blasted by the media who want to protect their idols. I don't know if they would go as far as HSH. Plus, HSH is one person who is easily trackable on social media while the people at dispatch are anonymous so she is an easier target.
Starship could've done more with Wonho's case, however, I don't know if it would've changed anything. I often questioned why they couldn't be like BigHit when handling scandals, but as you said this would be the media equivalent of Blitzkrieg. I am also unsure of Wonho leaving was his decision altogether, but all Monsta X fans know he is selfless as hell and would take a bullet for anyone. I'd assume he didn't want to cause trouble for his company and his group so he decided to leave altogether, but I still believe a different course of action could've been taken.
With Shownu's case...I honestly don't know, it's also pretty messy. If it's true that Shownu didn't know the woman was married, then I hope the husband filed a divorce.

I'm typing this at 3 AM so I apologize if this didn't make much sense, but I figured now that things are calmer and I am in a better state then my response is more valid. Wonho's drug tests came 100% clean, Monsta X will move on as OT6, and Wonho is now under Highline Ent. (subsidiary of Starship) as a solo artist and producer, but monbebe will always them both, and MX will always be 7 for us. It's still taking time for me to accept that this whole mess happened, but I remain a loyal fan.
thank you for speaking up honestly these are exactly the thoughts i had but couldnt put into words. maybe if i wasnt a monbebe or all this was a kdrama i would have thought how epic and savage of them, exposing problematic people blah blah but the allegations for which wonho supposodly left for as an international fan dont seem like a big deal. i like to think that he left solely to protect his group because from now on in korea they will be known as the group of the weed guy and the guy who had an affair...
Halo Queen
Halo Queen:
Why didn't the husband be mad at the wife, like she's the one who cheated.

But like I wouldn't blame her tho, do you see shownu 😏
Tongtong Huang
Tongtong Huang:
Hanbins life was ruined and something he cherished so much was taken away from him, honestly if han seo hee doesnt get karama for running the kpop industry one by one life really ain't fair.
My pleasure is food
My pleasure is food:
Hopefully next year would be a good year
And to think the locals believe kpop is all hair dye and glitter.🤦‍♀️
Badbiddie _demonie
Badbiddie _demonie:
Shanney Arnold
Shanney Arnold:
People: Let's send Han Seo Hee to jail!!!

My sis: Let's just send her to hell....
I'm asking myself if this girl has even friends anymore. I mean who want to have contact with her when she could do this to yourself.
Starship might have caved, but mbb's never will. We WILL get Wonho back.
Sleepy Head
Sleepy Head:
I’m not saying that she deserve all the hates but that’s exactly what I’m saying
Gen G.
Gen G.:
im just praying that someone would wake her up to her senses real soon...
Sandu Fernando
Sandu Fernando:
people with no talent born with a big messy mouth. You know what I mean right 😆
Let’s all collectively buy a ticket to South Korea and catch Han Seo Hee slipping 😗✌🏻
Omicron Theta
Omicron Theta:
I’m about to ruin this woman’s whole caree-
WAIT A MINUTE. Hahahahaha
J-hope Ego
J-hope Ego:
Does Han seo hee have a chance of meeting my fist probably, yes but we’ll see right
Zul Risna
Zul Risna:
*_Girl..just enjoyed all the attention you got now..because there will come day that you gonna down deep to black hole & wouldn't survive again.._*
*_I'm sympathy for both you parents.. Have daughter like you.._*
Homrah Timungpi
Homrah Timungpi:
She already ruin YG Entertainment and now she's planning to ruined Starship Entertainment. She's just sick girl.
w j
w j:
How can people even trust her, She have tried to sabotage so many idols at this point! It’s impossible that she knows so many idols past
Omg, this girl should watch her back for saesaengs 🤣🤣🤣