Money Heist Season 5 Release Date and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT | La Casa de Papel SAD NEWS !!

Money Heist Ends After Season 5 | La Casa De Papel Ends After Season 5

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT | La Casa de Papel SAD NEWS !!
Why is Tokyo Narrating Money Heist?

La Casa de Papel - Why Nairobi had to leave Money Heist?

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100+ komento:

Weird Universe
Weird Universe:
when the movie play in 2 or 10 minutes and after the song end there's words La Casa De Papel.

you can see the credits casts while the song play,

ursula a.k.a tokyo have the first name to show up,

then alvaro morte a.k.a profesor

and itziar a.k.a raquel.

the point is Tokyo is the MAIN character in this movie. her name it's first show up.

it mean ? tokyo the only person who lived in this movie.
the others? either died or arrested. but possibly died.

and tokyo as a narrator it's like story telling to someone maybe on the court or she trying to write a book about the heist and become the history of the heist

99% every name on the first credit cast it's lived on every movie.

the key is in Tokyo. her name it's on top list of the others casts.
its when Berlin died that I realised how much of a great character he was
Smriti Bhusal
Smriti Bhusal:
Who else donot want arturo in season5?🤬
Manlammushrak Ali
Manlammushrak Ali:
Guys can we all have a minute of silence for Nairobi
Dhruv J Thomas
Dhruv J Thomas:
If Berlin was there during the heist of the Bank of Spain, Gandia wouldn't have stood a chance.
Soly Creepy
Soly Creepy:
I. Swear if the professor dies then the whole show dies
Italian Pasta
Italian Pasta:
The professor can’t die, he is the professor..and if he dies..well..than..I’ out the window or something. He just CANT it’s impossible 😂
Rohit Bandri
Rohit Bandri:
During first season I hated Berlin but in third season I fell in love with him
Silence X
Silence X:
Dude I can can hear Denver laughing even if I put it on mute
chilameelika sree
chilameelika sree:
മലയാളികൾ ഇല്ലേ ഇവിടെ 😍
Ranju Dey
Ranju Dey:
Ofcourse Professor is the best, specially the way he explained things
shekhar Sawant
shekhar Sawant:
Berlin is just fabulous.....he should have to be there as incharge in second heist.
Arundhathi Gunti
Arundhathi Gunti:
Best Series on Netflix, eagerly waiting for season 5.
Will miss Nairobi in next season. Professor's character is mind blowing
Rishi Soni
Rishi Soni:
Arturito is the worst character in whole series
Why writer decides to kill nairobi Why .....I cried wit the whole gang ..And I couldn't watch helsi he was so treating himself
Ka tie
Ka tie:
i loved Berlin from the start and maybe that just shows how twisted i am...
1K Subs Without Videos
1K Subs Without Videos:
😁I'm so relieved that Alex Pina confirmed 5th season through his picture caption cause I binge watched the show and been feeling empty ever since😭
I think Alicia would give birth or her waters would break while she has her gun at the professor and so on Alicia joins the group, I hope not Denver dies but sadly the Professor might die.
Sourini Dhali
Sourini Dhali:
Want to watch Season 5 badly... Can't wait for the next season
Jayasree Balakrishnan
Jayasree Balakrishnan:
Berlin is my favourite character. Waiting for nxt seasons
Ramesh Arya
Ramesh Arya:
I am love with this series.
I have to read subtitle because i am not good in english and I addicted to this series, Specially Bela Ciao Song.

Love u Professer. Master Mind. Lovely Smile.
vinny robinson
vinny robinson:
pedro alonso (berlin), what an actor!
Rahul Ravikumar
Rahul Ravikumar:
Professor is tha man of the show
Saad Ullah
Saad Ullah:
One question to all
Those who have watched this series
All r crying coz of nairobi
When Helsinki's brother Was died
Why dnt u feel regret,like u felt about Nairobi ???
Dnt u think Brother is a much strong bond then a wife or ok ok in some way equal to that...???

Somehow, i think that's coz of writer who made us to think about her
Maybe a male female relation that's y we feel that type of Zeal for her.

Love from Pakistan... ❤
Dino_XD-_ -
Dino_XD-_ -:
Professor is number one! After that its Helsinki! Because I live in Finland!
Sahil Space
Sahil Space:
*I couldn't controlled my tears when Nairobi killed..* ❤️
Let’s start a riot to kill arturito
What if at the start of s5 Nairobi and Berlin come out and tackle Alicia to the ground.Its a highly unlikely thing to happen but what if professer knew who is gonna die and who isn’t after the royal mint and Gandia is in on it and professer made gandia shoot Nairobi but it wasn’t her it was a different person after the royal mint and with Berlin wtf would he just waste his life when he could’ve lived longer maybe professer faked their death and Berlin lied about having only little left to live and professer knew I mean this is just my theory and also is it me or why the actual hell did everyone forget about Oslo maybe he could’ve faked his death to
Dayu Trisna
Dayu Trisna:
All of them but I cried too much for Nairobi 😢
Gabriel cicioloju
Gabriel cicioloju:
I love Tokyo and professor
Nairobi death made me cried 😢 😢uncontrollable in reality
Zuhayr Lowtun
Zuhayr Lowtun:
Arturo is my favourite lmao😂😂😂😂
Professor is my favorite 💯
I'm waiting for that gandìa to die
Mainak Ghosh
Mainak Ghosh:
I like to say that season 4 episode 7
Is anyone notice oslo and nairobi Berlin and Denver father are in peacefully sitting in the Haven that scene is so heart 💔 breaking 😢
Love the money heist..

Miss you Nairobi....
Upananda Thiyam
Upananda Thiyam:
From the beginning i knew Berlin had a strong character.
Jason Arce
Jason Arce:
Berlin was my favorite from the start and now that he’s gone it ain’t the same
Etcetera Stories- Haya
Etcetera Stories- Haya:
Can't even imagine season 5 without my most fav n the bubbliest Nairobi. It was a pleasure watching her. 😢
Will terribly miss you Nairobi 💔
Ade Ijoba
Ade Ijoba:
am in love with nairobi(agata)
I just have to say Berlin was so hot ❤❤❤
Berlin ( idk what’s his real name I forgot), if u go on his instagram. It’s confirmed that money heist season 5, is coming. They have done their first shot today, hope that helps you guys!
Caroline Saruwaka
Caroline Saruwaka:
OMG the Professor i've never seen any1 so intelligent n cunning lyk him,u would swear he can never steal .It's so funny we all fell in love w the heist ,i at times feel guilty of feeling scared everytym they were abt to get caught......this is the best series ❤
Babu Prakash
Babu Prakash:
Professor is fab anyhow. But Berlin your acting was awesome yar.
Loads of love from India 🇮🇳
But why.. why.. why... why the traitor, the hooligan, the chaotic and naughty Arturo didn't die till the last season? He even squeezed his way into the bank of Spain...

This guy makes me sick.. everyone else is fabulous... this series kept me off from the Corona virus issues... bravi the the writers✌🏿✌🏿 with ❤ from 🇺🇬
SFS Guidance
SFS Guidance:
Nairobi died wel lthat sucks i didnt want that
zubair ansari
zubair ansari:
The NEXT Professor is *ARTURO* 😎
Marvel Okechi
Marvel Okechi:
My favourite character is Professor 😁😁
Jayden Johnson
Jayden Johnson:
I cant wait this long I need to know what's gonna happen 😭
Berlin ... The Masterpiece
Caleb Gaming
Caleb Gaming:
I want Berlin back in season 5
Alexvinz Sitoy
Alexvinz Sitoy:
Tokyo ang rio is my favorite and professor too.. 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️
Rose Mutheu
Rose Mutheu:
I love professor,,Nairobi, denpha,Tokyo,Rio,Berlin, sink, inspector morio,,,, Monica,,wooooow_but i love Nairobiiii,so mch i cried so much ,i hate that guy killed her ,,gosh!!!!
Negan YT
Negan YT:
Two best Character are Nairobi and Berline
Monique Thompson
Monique Thompson:
This yaa show Aa the bestttttttt🔥🔥❗️
rocky avn
rocky avn:
I just love the series. Lover the character Berlin. Arturito is very irritating, he sounds like Jesse Pinkman from the series Breaking Bad. lol
Gent Gjinofci
Gent Gjinofci:
Bruh the movie got even worse when berlin died and they got a new shi*ty leader
Joe Addy
Joe Addy:
Nairobi was my best character, because she loves to encourage people when they are weak and helpless 🙂,I loved it when Mr Torres called her ma'am and said she was one of her best boss
jaga desh
jaga desh:
berlin and professor are just amazing
Mr_ 2X
Mr_ 2X:
This and Aninal Kingdom are my favorite shows they're just so 🔥 they did a amazing job on both shows
So Nairobi won’t be in season 5/6? Sad. Wanna see them together
MarketMatters PH66
MarketMatters PH66:
I've been waiting patiently for the next season to come on Netflix until I saw this in YouTube.,I mean it's sad new..avid fan here..
Micheal Garcia
Micheal Garcia:
Berlin is the man I missed that character so much
brad panda
brad panda:
berlin said incoming part 5 i think hes alives guys he twitted
Asst. Prof. Suvarna Aladakatti
Asst. Prof. Suvarna Aladakatti:
I loved All the characters specially Berlin and Professor. Of course Ruckel n Nirobi as well too good ..just loved watching all of them.
Jayaram Sangalad
Jayaram Sangalad:
Berlin he handled everything smoothly i loved it ❣️
Elizabeth Luna
Elizabeth Luna:
My favorite one, is the Professor 😍
Vishal Jaidiya
Vishal Jaidiya:
I am eagerly looking forward to season 5.
Scarlet Black
Scarlet Black:
Am i the only one that noticed that Professors car was Siat Ibiza and then Tokyo offered Nairobi calls her daughter Ibiza, because in the first episode she said that you don’t know when your guardian angel will appear and hers came in old Siat Ibiza. Her guardian angel came in Ibiza so Nairobi should call her child Ibiza after their guardian angel.
Alif ujjainwala
Alif ujjainwala:
I loved to watch berlin Nairobi proffesor and lisbon
Sione Tualau
Sione Tualau:
Professor.. but Tokyo she's the one telling the story in the very beginning of "Money Heist" She's the main character to keep the story running
I like professsor character
pragati patel
pragati patel:
It is Berlin . I want to see him again . pls bring him back .
Deeksha agarwal
Deeksha agarwal:
Desperately waiting for season 5 ❤️🌸
Favourite character=El Professor♥️
Sanju Kumar
Sanju Kumar:
Denever and his smile 😃 I
Aditi Bhamare
Aditi Bhamare:
The professor is best, Nairobi we will miss you
Veera Kishore
Veera Kishore:
Domnic Jackson
Domnic Jackson:
Professor and Berlin
Caviar Heritage
Caviar Heritage:
TOKYO (Ursula Corbero)stays first in my fav list and then Berlin (Pedro Alonso) of course ! Cant get away from the truth that Professor (Alvaro Morte) is mind blowing ! The way he do his glasses, huh !! In love with Bella Ciao song too... ! Ciao Money Heist Fans !!
Sanyu Joan
Sanyu Joan:
These Spanish guys are soooo good. I would love to meet the proffesor in real life.
Can't wait for the next 100+ seasons!!brilliant work of art...
Live mega arts Lwp
Live mega arts Lwp:
Sergio is my guy
Thanks for the video its very helpful......
kranthi aryan
kranthi aryan:
I love Berlin character as bad as Jaime lannister from GOT
Berlin my favourate...
The Savage Channel
The Savage Channel:
I wish Nairobi to be back from the dead, i want a twist of her being back in the group. She's my favorite character. 😭
Ezek Tadena
Ezek Tadena:
Ahh here we goes again
Tiyasa Guha
Tiyasa Guha:
I really want professor and Raquel in Dali costume in season 5 , unless you bring Nairobi's character back in season 5❤️💔
The professor is amazing
Binai kumar
Binai kumar:
5th season missing nairobi (Alba)
Namoonga Mwiinga
Namoonga Mwiinga:
i love it..Berlin is the man.
The Glitchh
The Glitchh:
you know this video is bogus when you hear the robo audio of this video
Check Alvaro morte’s Instagram!
Atul Patil
Atul Patil:
Amazing web series
The Savage Channel
The Savage Channel:
The sad part: Nairobi died
Cho iie
Cho iie:
Really great show. Hands down
M.M.A Gaming
M.M.A Gaming:
Professor has already planned that you will be here😂😂😂😂
Top Team
Top Team:
berlin n professor😍 Awzome acting
Babu Ram Bhushyal
Babu Ram Bhushyal:
Andreas (berlin) is my fav character..
Nilam Radadiya
Nilam Radadiya:
Berlin.. you are the best..🤟
cecenatty mk
cecenatty mk:
Professor, Nairobi , Raquel, Tokyo and Berlin , salute you guys
Vyankatesh Nilange
Vyankatesh Nilange:
Berlin great man.....
lakshay r.
lakshay r.:
Who do you think tokyo is telling this story to
A. Nairobi son
B. To the police
Or other please let me know