Money Heist: Season 5 | Official Trailer (2021) Netflix | Part 5 "Concept"

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100+ komento:

arun sivan
arun sivan:
I don't want another season
I'm sure someone will die
and i'm not ready until it's arturo
Silent Killer
Silent Killer:
professor had already planed that you will be here😂😂
Titus Lioyd
Titus Lioyd:
I have never healed from the death of Nairobi😭😭
If Arturo is not dieing is s5 IAM going to spain

Edit: thanks I never got this much like before
Hamza Rasheed
Hamza Rasheed:
this isnt the trailer these are shots from previous shows and berlin's other movies
chigbo okeke
chigbo okeke:
Please when is Arturo dying...or should I poison him myself
Manan Dagia
Manan Dagia:
It isn’t the official trailer stop making fool to people....
Jon Ozil
Jon Ozil:
Is it only me that saw Berlin in the trailer and thinks he'll come back in season 5? 🤔
Dane Maikle
Dane Maikle:
Its really real Berlin is the best actor I'm so happy that he's back
Albert Ansah-Mensah
Albert Ansah-Mensah:
Berlin is really my best actor
He is a genius like the professor
SighMy JointsHurt
SighMy JointsHurt:
I feel heartbroken that Nairobi died
Rupak Khadka
Rupak Khadka:
If arturito doesn’t die in this season,m going to spain to kill him.
Clip Crew
Clip Crew:
Why call it an “official” trailer then say it’s a concept
TheAppleGuy TAG
TheAppleGuy TAG:
Season 5 is going to be the final season, and that's the saddest thing
Anas Ahammed
Anas Ahammed:
Everyone want arturo dead. But no one thinking he is the only one hostage making joke🤣
only thing that i like here is berlin coming back.

-its a fan made tho
Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown:
How dare them leave us shook at Nairobi's death that one hit home for me 😞🥺
Nickson Muovya
Nickson Muovya:
Arturo should die this season,, why Nairobi 😭😭
Manoj RoCkStAr
Manoj RoCkStAr:
Eagerly waiting for the next season #MoneyHeist
"Soo excited" to see Professor the Master Mind 💯💯
Tural Adayev
Tural Adayev:
İf you are in here now, Professor had already planned this
Lilcarlos theking
Lilcarlos theking:
Same I’m so scared I don’t want nobody to die omg I got a feeling it’s gon be professor nooooooo this is my favorite show I will never forget about it I wish I could meet them in real life and have a film wit the because I actually wanna be an actor I hope one they I meet them so my dream can come true but this would be the best of my like ever 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️❤️💚❤️❤️💚❤️💚❤️❤️💚
Season 5 is gonna be the last of this show 🥺😥
emelda chioma
emelda chioma:
Arturo has to die.
When is the season 5 coming out?
Naima Niini
Naima Niini:
I wish that the professor planed This and if arturo died in S5 I will go Spain ✈
"money heist 5 malayalam,
money heist season 5 malayalam,
money heist in 5 minutes,
money heist season 5 malayalam review,"

ഡിസ്ക്രിപ്ഷനില്‍ ഇത് ശ്രദ്ധിച്ച മലയാളികള്‍ ...😍
Saiyidi Rozzaq B.D
Saiyidi Rozzaq B.D:
dogs are just looking for an audience. I hate admins like this or this channel
Dian Putri
Dian Putri:
im still waiting for season 5
Роман Борисов
Роман Борисов:
Haran algo con Berlin seguro, pero como? si rsta muerto de tantos balazos... le posicinarán de la parte de plicía, según se ve, pero también un desastre, amigos.
Rhomer Bulos
Rhomer Bulos:
This is season 4
Prayagsingh Varsha
Prayagsingh Varsha:
Every teacher should be like professor.....Zats how pupils will pass their exams😂😂😂....Can't wait to see Tokyo in action
Fantastic Player
Fantastic Player:

Berlin is BACK ?
Yennie Jichu
Yennie Jichu:
Professor let me in the Bank of Spain. I have to kill Arturito.
Tiago Vieira
Tiago Vieira:
É mintiras tem imagens do filme que o Berlim fez silêncio do pântano
Abang Nancy
Abang Nancy:
Where did Berlin come from
I miss Nairobi already
siti nor ain
siti nor ain:
totally the only i hope berlin is back please please🥺🤪
Jasper Gideon Kitaka
Jasper Gideon Kitaka:
These are just previous scenes 🤢🤢
Munashe Zaranyika
Munashe Zaranyika:
The Movie was excellent!!!!?????💝💝
Nico Karstädt
Nico Karstädt:
The price of gold is goin Up!
Also me: I think i will fly to Spain
Lion Team
Lion Team:
This trailer is part of sez 4 wtf 🤣🤣
Христо Христов
Христо Христов:
Is Berlin alive? Maybe he will come back this season from hell maybe:)
Julio Gado
Julio Gado:
Lol it's just a clips from season 1 - 4
Ryan Rehema92
Ryan Rehema92:
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nazee sansawi
nazee sansawi:
can’t wait to see berlin again! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 see you soon señor foñollosa!! 🥰🥰🥰
Mata bwoy official
Mata bwoy official:
In season 5 if Alicia does not die I swear I'll go to Spain to kill her 😂🤣💀
Kevin Almeida
Kevin Almeida:
Never watched when I saw the comment saying FAKE.. lol
Sakshi Agarwal
Sakshi Agarwal:
Picking parts from all the seasons and calling it a 'Season 5 Concept' 😂 wtf waaao🤭
CrossFire The K1nQ
CrossFire The K1nQ:
Over powered editing skills
Rk Chandra
Rk Chandra:
I missed the Berlin. He is s very good actor
hipTv official
hipTv official:
I have a feeling they will all die
Demonslayer2247 Twitch
Demonslayer2247 Twitch:
I finished season 4 the day it came out now that’s dedication to series
zyl v3r
zyl v3r:
ohh yeah i love to get berlin back! its gonna be exciting again!
Witcher Gaming
Witcher Gaming:
Give the link of the last "bella ciao" music
Rica Yacapin
Rica Yacapin:
was this true did money heist will come back if this true i can wait to see serquel raquel and sergio omygod pliss money heist will come back again
Nikesh Rzk
Nikesh Rzk:
I don't have felt Anything if Tokya have died💯 But naroibi 😭 Damn that really felt bad 💔
Am so happy the Professor had me in plan...I had to be here
Lincoln Burrows
Lincoln Burrows:
Imagine if i come and help them.
Meena Julie
Meena Julie:
can't wait!
Munashe Zaranyika
Munashe Zaranyika:
I hope Nairobi will be in the next season😢😢😢😷😷
zubair ansari
zubair ansari:
The next professor is *ARTURO* 😎 SEASON 5
dead body
dead body:
There whole series died for me.. after Berlins death
Naga メ Xerexknt
Naga メ Xerexknt:
If they don't kill Arturo in season 5 I will go to Spain and do it myself
Simran Aggarwal
Simran Aggarwal:
The shooting has jus begun. It would take at least 4 months for S5 to come out. But the good news is that the shooting has begun.
shahana thesni
shahana thesni:
Waiting for season 5...💪❤️❤️❤️
Mr. dhiman
Mr. dhiman:
Marvel make their bcoz i can't get any story guess of this season 🤣🤣
lxlynnxl gaming
lxlynnxl gaming:
Ughhhh I thought it was real, I’m so disappointed 🙁
Srilatha Pri
Srilatha Pri:
Death of Nairobi made me screwed 😏
I can Make supernudles
I can Make supernudles:
Someone explain to me what happened at the end of part four like don’t leave us on a cliff hanger like that
Eh Thaw
Eh Thaw:
I watch it over and over like 6-7 time already
jhhh yee
jhhh yee:
언제나와아아아 못기다리겠어 ㅠㅠㅠ
Adrianna Swint
Adrianna Swint:
I’m so happy Berlin back but I feel like this is bout to be a sad or happy season
Eh Thaw
Eh Thaw:
I can’t wait until season 5
Dani Gomezz
Dani Gomezz:
Este no es el trailer
Cuando ursula abrazo el arbol es parte de otra serie.Que mentira.
G Money
G Money:
U think u have the professor cornered but he’s already 10 moves ahead of u u fell right into his trap this is checkmate
Kayode Shennaike
Kayode Shennaike:
Wow I was very certain he didn’t die in previous season and not just like that
kuldeep Jadon
kuldeep Jadon:
When the hell is Arturo is dying if he doesn't die in this season I will go to Spain
Leon Bunda
Leon Bunda:
There's nothing like trailer is just some scene from previous seasons
Luka Mbuvi
Luka Mbuvi:
Nairobi is my town.. Nairobi motivated me to watch and enjoy the show but that guy killed him..that was the most painful moment. Am planing to visit Spain
Karl Yanong
Karl Yanong:
1:23 Berlin is Alive? 😮
Naol Dirriba
Naol Dirriba:
Only Netflix can upload the trailer.
Leave this is clickbait ‼️
Daniel Alvarez Aguilar
Daniel Alvarez Aguilar:
Just couldent stop with Arturito
Noudary Lenny
Noudary Lenny:
Lol they going to do even like prison break like micheal wasn't died 😂😂😂
Diyar Avci
Diyar Avci:
Welcome BERLİN 😂
Mawi Steve
Mawi Steve:
arjay bacudio
arjay bacudio:
Is that legit Berlin is back ?
Im guess I was lucky 1 year ago I didng watch this show and had 3 seasons to watch i finished 1 week later it was season 4 now season 5 gonna be here in about 7 months im ready
that berlin is in previous season right?
yeah i see it guys this is not the season 5 actual trailer so we gonna wait but am hopping arturo is gonna die but we will wait and see if the director have any to amaze us mor e
Aamani Ahmed
Aamani Ahmed:
i swear this is old
Leonardo Martinez
Leonardo Martinez:
Mentiraaaaaaaa esto no es el trailer oficial si empiezan a grabar la 5 temporada el 3 de agosto
Anas Ahammed
Anas Ahammed:
1:36 royal mint 🤣
Reni Marku
Reni Marku:
i cant wait till season 5 comes
Iskandar Atiey
Iskandar Atiey:
Berlin is back.. Heeyyyhhhaaaaa
Alessia Iliazi
Alessia Iliazi:
Berlin is alive ???
The Smart Juan
The Smart Juan:
Another click bait!
Milo Hajek
Milo Hajek:
it's not for real😂