Money Heist Professor: Moments We Fell In Love With Him | La Casa De Papel | Netflix India

The professor's name will definitely go down in 'heistory'.
Catch what happens in Part 4 of the heist in La Casa De Papel (Money Heist), only on Netflix.

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1000 subscribers With silly videos
1000 subscribers With silly videos:
During this lockdown, this is the only professor whom I have listened carefully😂
I’m not a criminal but if this man came to me and proposed a heist I’m sorry but I’m in 😂😂😂
The actor who played Berlin will do so good at playing joker
YO buddy!!
YO buddy!!:
Professor makes a plan
Tokyo:- let's screw it
Rio:- I'm with u Tokyo 🤦
Game Tonic
Game Tonic:
Name the best actor
Me : arturo Roman
Reason: he acted so well that everyone wants to kill him 😂😂
Mohd Arsh
Mohd Arsh:
I swear if arturito isn't killed by S5 i am going to spain to kill him
søren D
søren D:
anyone else here cried when Professor was begging Berlin not to sacrifice himself
Bikram Singh
Bikram Singh:
When you hear their original voices, you realize how brilliant the artists are who dubbed for them in English.. Netflix has chosen a perfect voice according to personality of every character..that's why it's a Global hit
Rohan Tiwari
Rohan Tiwari:
Fun Fact : You are watching this without full screen
Bilal Khan Niazi
Bilal Khan Niazi:
Let's imagine His partnership with Sherlock Holmes.
Rohan Tripathi
Rohan Tripathi:
*The only professor to whom I have watched and listen carefully in last 3 years...* 😌😌
Tokyo : “Professor, when we release season 4 nobody will be there to watch it as everybody will be at work or school”

Professor : “That is where plan Wuhan comes into play. Our man in China will eat a bat and..........”
Vishal Gurav
Vishal Gurav:
After manila shot arturito ......
ME: .... You should have gone for the head
“Palermo, This is no longer a heist. We are taking down the system. This is a war. Act accordingly”
Daniela Marie
Daniela Marie:
I remembered when Tokyo said: You know what's sexy? Intelligence.
Izna Shaikh
Izna Shaikh:
The part when he became the Clown...he acted like his entire character was changed...and that was literally amazing!!!
EToV Here
EToV Here:
Not gonna lie
But i loved professor most when he ordered:"Palermo ! This is not just a heist, this is war.Act Accordingly."
And then DEFCON2 Happens🔥👌
Rufus Goldstein
Rufus Goldstein:
Tony Stark: You're giving Thanos the time stone?
Dr. Strange: Don't worry, the Professor says it's all part of the plan.
Swastik Dwivedi
Swastik Dwivedi:
Nobody ...🙄
Literally nobody ...🤨
Netflix.... Showing Spanish series with English subtitles to Hindi audience
Well played 😊
Han Lee
Han Lee:
I fell in love with the professor when him and Raquel fell in love.. they are the best!
Sandeep Adhikari
Sandeep Adhikari:
While watching the series, I m also a part of heist with them when I started dreaming 😂😂
Techno Play
Techno Play:
Tokyo and Rio are the most annoying liek breh stop ruining the F-ING plan
Sachin Salian
Sachin Salian:
For me Sergio’s crying scene during Lisbon’s execution was the best scene. What a series this has been so far 😍
Hadi Assi
Hadi Assi:
The dislikes are fake accounts for Arturito
I've watched all 4 seasons in just 3 days!!
and Berlin was the most loyal character of the series <3
& My Favorite character is ofcourse Sergio a.k.a Professor
& i hate Arturito he's most irritating character!
& Denver's smile is damn cool!
Leo Learning
Leo Learning:
Specially for this Show I am paying for NetFlix.
Sajna P
Sajna P:
Like IRON MAN died, what happens when PROFESSOR dies
Kalp Shah
Kalp Shah:
Make a video : Moments we fell in love with Berlin.
I bet every scene of Berlin will be in that video.
Kalei Kanehe
Kalei Kanehe:
That man who directed Money Heist must be 10 times smarter than Professor 😂🤓
Clem Aloy
Clem Aloy:
Actors: Spanish
Comments: Indians
Majority of the people of the world have watched this series in English
Emmalinda Tagarao
Emmalinda Tagarao:
You have a charger? Prof: “You can use mine” need an 15 brain cells to understand that logic
Im Cypher 2.0
Im Cypher 2.0:
tokyo: but professor, when seaseon 4 is relased everyone will be at work, school, no one will watch.

professor: Very good question tokyo. That is where the plan wuhan comes in, four months before the relase date, our man in china will eat a bat....
subham satpathy
subham satpathy:
When you hear their original voices, you realize how brilliant the artists are who dubbed for them in English.. Netflix has chosen a perfect voice according to personality of every character..that's why it's a Global hit
Abrar Ansari
Abrar Ansari:
2 important scenes are missing
1. Berlin and sergio singing song on dinning table
2. Sergio's crying scene when lisbon was executed
M Fiaz
M Fiaz:
It's professor plan to make us watch his wonders, so he can buy more time
Lil Peanut
Lil Peanut:
This show is really good but I kept getting anxiety for professor getting caught
Anoop Anu
Anoop Anu:
The word I like after watching this series "PROFESSOR".
Zubair Hussain
Zubair Hussain:
His acting man!! The professor is my guardian angel ❤
Damien Alverio
Damien Alverio:
When professor fixes his glasses you already know whats gonna happen
During this lockdown i watched all seasons 😂😂
This is perfect time pass 👍
And waiting for season 5🔥
SriShTyy SrivaSTavA
SriShTyy SrivaSTavA:
Fun fact: you are watching this without full screen and reading the comments simultaneously 😀
Gursimranpreet singh
Gursimranpreet singh:
My favourite character is professor he is commendable he has every solution and the emotional part is when they release Nairobi's body from bank for funeral and then helsi was crying OMG!!!.
1:53 Even when I repeatedly watch this scene, I always fear if professor will get caught.

sorry for bad english
Abhay Rathore
Abhay Rathore:
90k dislikes are from the people who attended Arturito’s motivational speech
Samyuktha Sivakumar
Samyuktha Sivakumar:
4:40 This Scene ❤️❤️ Tears filled my eyes
Smriti S
Smriti S:
I wasn't expecting to see Nairobi in this.. Now I can't stop crying :(
Aquarius TV
Aquarius TV:
Believe me the professor also planned that you will watch this video while reading comments
Shamaal Shareef
Shamaal Shareef:
there’s no one else perfect for the role as professor then him
Ajay Patil
Ajay Patil:
Everyone there was for heist but Berlin was there for art 😁
Im Cypher 2.0
Im Cypher 2.0:
. . I love Professor word
Professor : Palermo, This is not a Heist This is a war act accordingly. .
Keerthi Surya
Keerthi Surya:
After watching Money heist I started feeling like professor is my guardian angel too... Don't know why 🤷
Chistiya Rang
Chistiya Rang:
The only character I love after
Heath Ledger's legendary JOKER
If agreed 👍 push like button
But how is he going to get out of his latest jam?? The writers have already played the "she joins their team" card with Raquel.
Anagha Bhat
Anagha Bhat:
Professor even planned that you’d be here watching this and scrolling through the comments.
zaaah zaaah
zaaah zaaah:
the man who i were mostly addicted..... brilliant no one can substitute the professor.. your acting ....i have no words such a great man you
20k With No Videos CHALLENGE
20k With No Videos CHALLENGE:
The person reading this comment, I wish the all your dreams come true pe
"What are u wearing inspector"
Hasibul Hasan
Hasibul Hasan:
When will be release next season? I am still waiting for this.This is my first web series which l have seen previous season.
My heart stopped when Raquel noticed the orange hair on his suit in the coffee shop
Levin Trueno
Levin Trueno:
RIP Nairobi. It’s even sadder when you think that all she wanted was a family and child.
If he was the professor of my college I would have never failed again.
Dharani G
Dharani G:
I wish i had a professor like him in my college ❣
Why didn't they tie up Arturito and send him back to the police tent? Like they did with Tokyo. Arturito has always been a trouble-maker and so annoying.
What this video made me realise is that not only do I love the Professor, but also the English dubbing actor who voiced over him in English. His voice is so soothing
E-OK Eyes Of Kerala
E-OK Eyes Of Kerala:
You miss the sequence from 4 episode when Lisbon sentenced to jail, the professor making his love in touch with emotional background and said This is a war in order to change the system and act accordingly to it.💥🔥🔥🔥
Nirmala Choudhary
Nirmala Choudhary:
The professor already knew that you will watch this video
Jay Patel
Jay Patel:
'Bella Ciao' is missing in this list
shahrastani shahrastani
shahrastani shahrastani:
When the shy professor is trying to that is a unique it
**When you think the plan is failing**

Professor: that was the part of the plan
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar:
It's the best web series ever I watched
I cried at the car scene where he was like a homeless Guy
Ugonma Kalu
Ugonma Kalu:
I literally loved the clown scene with the professor...forget that I loved every scene with him. Like how does he even think of this stuff, he built a wall, set out so many traps like i could nvr
One of the best series I have ever seen till the date
Lion king
Lion king:
The last bgm gives amazing goosebumps but no whistles
hemant morarjee
hemant morarjee:
masterpiece acting professor and the supporting cast cant wait s5
Tamil than da gethu tss
Tamil than da gethu tss:
#Netflix we need this series in tamil dubbed
Jabbar Tunio
Jabbar Tunio:
Money Heist made me crazy :P :P :P
Professor The Genius 🤓
Berlin The Legend ..! :)
Sushant Mishra
Sushant Mishra:
Kids:Professor and Lisbon first kiss.
Men: Professor as a clown
Legends:professor and berlin singing bella ciao
Anushka Param
Anushka Param:
the last part always give me goosebumps!!!!
Svetlana Alexsandrovna
Svetlana Alexsandrovna:
I love him sooo much, the next is (😭) Nairobi, Helsinki and Oslo and Moscow
sangu edway
sangu edway:
Tokyo: but professor, when season 4 is released everyone will be at work, school, no one will watch.

Professor: very good question tokyo. That is when the plan wuhan comes in, four months before release date, our man in China will eat a bat...
Ñìyãmøt Ùllãh
Ñìyãmøt Ùllãh:
Professor character is really amazing....... I'm fall in love with him🥰
Mohima Rahman
Mohima Rahman:
Lets appreciate those who casted the characters.... Every actors were blown away by their character
wonderful series!
For me it was the singing scene with Berlin...thats what made me love the show. So powerful.
Yana Gabrielle
Yana Gabrielle:
*money heist exists*

real life robbers: hmmmm
Vijay Thyagan
Vijay Thyagan:
1:25 goosebumps...🔥🔥🔥
George Saptrishi
George Saptrishi:
Even the robbers have great love story , but not me 😭
Denver - Stockholm
Professor - Raquel
Rio - Tokyo
Berlin - Ariadna
Raquel - Angel
Palermo - Helsinki
Even Arturo - Monica
My condolences to all single guys and chicks out there 🥺
John Kone
John Kone:
I really don't understand but if the professor had a "Perfect Plan" then why didn't he think that if someone gets shot then what happens...
Like professor could had send a sugeron with the gang in the disguise.....
Mirza Faiz
Mirza Faiz:
damn i just realize after watching 4 season. the proffesor dubber and the real profesor voice is so different
Arshad Ayub
Arshad Ayub:
Professor has broken his own rule and that is: No relationship. I love how he cares about every crew member, from Nairobi's child to Tokyo. He cares about all of them as if he is the head of the family. If only people like professor existed in real world
Miss Chandira
Miss Chandira:
This man completely make me mad... Omg my crush.. 😘😘😘😘proffesser
The Max
The Max:
If only his intelligence didn't get Rian Johnsoned in season 4...
Michael Scofield and The Professor together in a prison in the heart of Spain in season 6 of prison break.
My goodness ! I feel in love with this movie. 😍😍😍👍🏻
When professor says - "This is war " - was missing!
Garuda 360 Vlogs The Explorer
Garuda 360 Vlogs The Explorer:
Imagine if FAST AND FURIOUS team trying to stop MONEY HEIST and the professor plans to stop them 😝
Muhammad Rashid
Muhammad Rashid:
4:02 that music gives me goosebumps
Alfisha Farheen
Alfisha Farheen:
That moment when Professor heard Raquel shotted nd realise Nairobi's dead...
Praveen Hudson
Praveen Hudson:
Is it just me or does anyone think that the Professor has a very uncanny resemblance to Theon Greyjoy?