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The professor recuits a young female robber and seven other criminals for a grand heist, targeting the Royal Mint of Spain.

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Whoa. The English voices are 100% different than the Spanish ones, it's so weird. They seem thinner, weaker, and more generic. Def better in Spanish!
Gaurav Vats
Gaurav Vats:
This is 100 times better than any American overrated web series.
Ritu Saxena
Ritu Saxena:
I have finished 3 seasons in 3 days. Yeah its that good.
Chelsea Mak Lee
Chelsea Mak Lee:
I think we all know who the real bad guy is.

King Bernard
King Bernard:
Berlin is the freaking boss. My favorite character by far.
Kam Kelly
Kam Kelly:
Tokyo: how will people watch the series, when they are so busy with their life.
Professor: Exactly, thats where the plans come in, [email protected] will lead it
Blessing Washington
Blessing Washington:
I need to start watching this and see what the hype is about
Vivian Hudson
Vivian Hudson:
So weird hearing their voices in English, the Spanish ones are way better lol
The 60 dislikes were hostages
A Blue Whale
A Blue Whale:
Watch in original Spanish or its not not the same show. Greetings from Ireland
Is there really someone who’s watching money heist with english sound?😂
Tokyo was the most annoying character I have ever seen in my whole LIFE! She expanded my patience capacity A LOT. so thank you for that Tokyo!
Anup Kar
Anup Kar:
this web series makes my quarantine utilizable..
Bona Josua
Bona Josua:
Tokyo is the most annoying character, but i have to admit that she did great job for her character as Tokyo, it seems so natural, not only her but all of them, especially Berlin
I hope I’m not the only one but there’s something about Berlin that attracts the eye 😅 he’s quite interesting
I’m going to forever miss Berlin, favorite character in the show.
Malik Bagwala
Malik Bagwala:
Hahaa...worst trailer EVER!..the show is 100x better... disappointed
Thelma Tafon
Thelma Tafon:
Who else noticed the way Denver laughs 😂😂😂
Tokyo is worst character ever. ANNOYING AS HELL.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo:
I'm Spanish and it's so strange for me watching it in English. 😐
Watching this while lockdown anyone else?
Ronald Stevens
Ronald Stevens:
I've been ignoring this show for the past few weeks, but watched it today cos i grew tired of searching. It's the best effing show ever. Highly recommended.
Neida Alvarez
Neida Alvarez:
Once I’m done watching the show! I’m going back and watching it in Spanish!For an extra kick! Currently on season 3 & Cnt get enough!! This quarantine +the show = perfection!
Aishwarya B
Aishwarya B:
I am more worried about them being caught than the entire heist.. 😂
Badboy Gaming
Badboy Gaming:
Who’s here after the R6 siege event announcement?
p h o
p h o:
this show gave me crippling anxiety
Teddy Oshirak
Teddy Oshirak:
For dubbing, I think they got the voice of berlin and denver perfect. The professor is kinda good, but everybody else is kinda awkward.
I gave up on the 3rd episode. Unnecessarily emotional with issues from the characters it feels like watching those cheap Mexican dramas.
Chhun Heranh
Chhun Heranh:
Hands down best series! Just use sub titles! you need to hear their real voices
It's funny asf because i was watching this thinking it was in english because the voices fit everybody so well, I just thought my Netflix was screwed up and thats why it looked out of sync
Daniela Routh
Daniela Routh:
It is an awesome series.. A must watch 😍😍😍
Just loved it finished the two seasons in three days ❤
Berlin reminds me of trevor from gta
For all of the comments that have stated that the show is 100 times better than this trailer.... I don't know why
I listened to you. BUT I AM SO HAPPY I DID!!!! WOW!!!!! Probably one of my most favorite shows now!!!! The story line in incredible. These are some talented writers, love the main characters, and if you watch this in English.. you are going to lose the depth of the characters. Watch in Spanish but with subtitles, these English dubs take away from the characters personalities. First spanish show I've ever watched and WOW! Definitely did not realize what I was missing!!!!!
Evan Antonola
Evan Antonola:
Watch it in Spanish and English Subtitles. I learned some Spanish words by watching this. This is good but Im still in Season 1.
D&L Chain
D&L Chain:
Poor Arturito..hehe . Tokyo always mess everything up. Berlin is the only one thinking smart and straight aside from the professor of course.
Just started watching last night and I am hooked
philipp felix
philipp felix:
man the german voices sound so much better than the english ones
Hemchandra Arva
Hemchandra Arva:
I planned to watch one episode a day.. now it has become 2 episode a day.. I'm afraid that i might end up it by 1 season a day.. 😬
Tom Jones
Tom Jones:
I'm still trying to find out the song for when they were walking in the trailer... if anybody knows plz tell me
kathryn paruru
kathryn paruru:
Think like Professor
Love like Tokyo
Fight like Berlin

just dont laugh like denver !!!!
stephen Juma
stephen Juma:
Guys stay safe, stay at home. Students lets remain afloat with our studies explore @t
When Tokio left the island, she seems undefeated, she took the world on.
Jane M
Jane M:
Who actually watched this in English??? Im scottish and wanted to watch in spanish with subs omg it is being authentic!!!! its crazy if you are lazy enough to watch in English, you will never understand full feeling of it!!
Z G:
Can anyone tell me what's so good about Tokyo? I recently started watching the show...she's useless to me.
OfficialJ _Player
OfficialJ _Player:
I just finished watching this show and OMG it’s so amazing and I couldn’t stop watching it. I want Part 4 already😭
suraj chandra
suraj chandra:
It's good series but not enough captivating many loopholes
Prince Verma
Prince Verma:
My favourite character denver haahahaha 😂 the way he laughs psycho and professor OBVIOUSLY
13.Kanchan Negi
13.Kanchan Negi:
my friends suggested me to watch this🔥 and i really loved it....
Strawberry Cheesecake
Strawberry Cheesecake:
This feels like a different version of the leverage series
viki and viki
viki and viki:
I like professor, Tokyo, denver
Thabang Steve Seloane
Thabang Steve Seloane:
I vibe with Professor
Sergio and Salva 💯
ColD tECH:
Berlin the perfect man🥰
Anmol D
Anmol D:
Love this voice of professor which have been changed..... Please please bring the old voice back.
Vanessa W
Vanessa W:
Haven't watched this yet but Saray and Zulema from Vis a Vis got me convinced 😍
Jobi El Fenomenal
Jobi El Fenomenal:
Who ever thinks this is an American series must be living in a bubble🤣🤣🤣 this is a Spanish Series . It even says the title at the end "Casa De Papel"
Everyone thinks all the hype is for it being about a robbery but it's mostly for the awesome characters!
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Subscribe me and I'll Subscribe you back:
I thought Money Heist was my best Tv series I've ever watched until I hear Denver laughed... It's annoying af
Caffeinated Nation
Caffeinated Nation:
I'm learning Spanish and I'm also a binger so I'm going to watch this in Spanish with English subs. Multitasking 🔥 😂
Eugenia Manuela Peinado del Árbol
Eugenia Manuela Peinado del Árbol:
Really, I am from Spain and it's been such a surprise to see that a Spanish show is so famous.😅😅😅.

Not saying our shows are bad, it's just that normally they are not THAT famous.

Actually we do have some good movies, but those are just directed by Guillermo del Toro.
Those aren't played very often by Spanish actors.
James OG364
James OG364:
I hear Velvet's voice from Tales of Berseria so that make this worth watching lol
Digital Gaming
Digital Gaming:
Man I love this scene @1:05
E Hernandez
E Hernandez:
Just finished the season 4 😢 can’t wait for the next season!One of the best ❤️
Rohini Korduty
Rohini Korduty:
The professor is a boss❤️
Hands down, Berlin had the best actor 🥱
———* GunMasteR
———* GunMasteR:
Oh man that’s amazing i have watched 3 seasons in just 3 days❤️
Berlin is my fav chrcter👍
Whidia Shintia
Whidia Shintia:
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Alisha Holder
Alisha Holder:
On episode 11 of season one. I am loving every minute of it.
Sourabh Patil
Sourabh Patil:
heads off Netflix....💥🔥💥💥🙌 best series.. worth watching..🙏🙏🙏😘😘😘😘
Thanks for over 3M Views!
Money Heist for ever! :D
Gabe Rodriguez
Gabe Rodriguez:
Ugh, I couldn't make it 30 seconds into this trailer. The dubbing is jarring and obvious. I don't understand how any intelligent person like dubbed movies/shows.
Sarah C
Sarah C:
I'm 3 episode in and I'm struggling here cuz I REALLY don't want the police to catch them
For fks sake, why are the police only smart and useful when they're on the enemy side 😑
Alex Clarke
Alex Clarke:
They changed the English voice over actors since this trailer because they were so dull and didn’t suit the characters
I finished 4 season in 3 days and had a maximum of 4 hours sleep and I thought I was part of the heist for a minute.
03 AI
03 AI:
I thought the plot was similar to Inside Man and Prison Break. I didn't think it was so interesting because I didn't really feel the originality.
Dreampratik Dp
Dreampratik Dp:
I really love first 2 sessions tomorrow finishes thing off
Lee Croft
Lee Croft:
Awesome show. Very Breaking Bad In aspects (The Professor and how he plans the heists), they could share the same universe.
Bruh the dub is so weird 😂 the spanish version has way more flavor
ifrah banu
ifrah banu:
Best series I've ever watched it...killing performance
Ms.Ronnie P
Ms.Ronnie P:
“I hope it’s gd..guess I’ll watch!!”
Raysaan Hamilton
Raysaan Hamilton:
They remade it from the original version this one better tho fs
Sanya Afrin
Sanya Afrin:
Well that's a good law between human and Time 💀 💀 💀
guldamae romero
guldamae romero:
Accckkk cant wait for season 5🥰🥰🥰 a breathtaking to watch specially season 3 & 4🤩
When they were printing money.... I thought why don't the govt just do demonetisation...... Just saying 🤔
Rajdeep Anand
Rajdeep Anand:
Moral : Always carry a charger ;)
PUBG mobile
PUBG mobile:
Since it's lockdown I am gonna watch it and see what the hype about
Atta Senior
Atta Senior:
Tokyo pissed me off in the first episode so now I don’t wanna continue watching
guldamae romero
guldamae romero:
Finished it in 3 days frm. Season 1 to 4 🤣🤣🤣 superbly
Flupie Fad
Flupie Fad:
It's not that good. Mostly just hype. Never won for a prime time emmy award.
Patricia Barbara
Patricia Barbara:
I love Tokyo so much I wish I can meet her 😭😭😭😭😭
vikas vohra
vikas vohra:
Class apart !!! + plus I am fascinated by those masks. A must watch i would say.
Ursula’s real voice is so much sexier than the dub ver
I just finished watching the first episode of season 1. I don't know if it's because I'm watching it with English sound that's taking away the feel of the show, or if it's just that I'm not feeling this flick. And I am one that believes that in a Series... The first episode should be captivating. I'll play the second episode now and if I it doesn't reel me in, I'm stopping.

Edit: One week after posting the above, and watching episodes... It going good. 👍🏾 And Im guessing it's even more enjoyable if I had the real voices).
Verum Crepitus
Verum Crepitus:
Season two is a perfect example of a television show suffering from the problem of having too much money. In the first season they still had to prove themselves and excellently relied entirely upon thorough character development and writing a good story. The second season has very little of any of these things in comparison and relies extremely heavily on flashy set pieces, special effects, and costumes, like they’re just spending money to spend it... and it seems to me like in the first season they couldn’t really afford to loudly proclaim their political allegiances like they could in the second season, not that I disagree with the way they seem to lean, I just don’t like the way they shoehorned a lot into the second one while in the first it was just part of a good story, some of the characters were badass women and there was definitely nothing wrong with that, it was good.
The Professor's dub voice lacks the power of the original.
Virgin knight
Virgin knight:
Why does this sound like an anime dub?
"If you shut your brain/think exactly how the show wants you to think, you'll find it very entertaining and you might even become one of those hardcore fans. But if you like to use your brain and do a little rational thinking, you will soon be bored with the lazy writing and unbelievable stupidity on both sides i.e robbers and police. You’ll end up rooting for neither."
alexander atkins
alexander atkins:
Fun fact cuz of quarantine this is the most watched show on Netflix
Birendra Bir Bikram Shah
Birendra Bir Bikram Shah:
guys pls help me wheather to watch it on spanish or english
some say spanish has more episodes than english is it trueeeeeeeeee