Miss Colombia Responds, 'Cried a Ton' After Mistaken Crowning

Ariadna Gutierrez, 22, said the crowning error by Miss Universe host Steve Harvey affected her deeply.

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Autumn Firefly Flame
Autumn Firefly Flame:
I think the true victim is Miss Philippines. Imagine this being your big moment and instead of everyone talking about your big win, it’s all about this drama.
I'm sorry. I understand that she feels bad, and I would too. But she's REALLY bitter. She handled the situation all wrong. She posted a photo saying "the true miss universe" and I think she didn't truly deserve to win. Her true colors are revealed.
Boineng Lhouvum
Boineng Lhouvum:
i feel bad for the two but i realllllllllly really feel bad for phillipines for not enjoying her crowning moment,like other winners may happines follow you in all of your life .with love from india.
I feel bad for Miss Colombia but it's crystal clear that she don't deserve the crown. Look at how she handle the situation.
Lucy Nguyen03
Lucy Nguyen03:
Colombia didn't want to lose so she suggested to share the crown....like....TAKE A LOSS.
Cherri X
Cherri X:
You're not the only girl who has a dream that night so as Miss Philippines. So do you honestly think that anybody's dream can be easily taken off just to satisfy what you want? That is so selfish Ariadna.
Pinkie Spy
Pinkie Spy:
"Oh no! She's the second prettiest girl in the universe! Her life is over!"
deardiariesph vlogs
deardiariesph vlogs:
We all know the reason why she didn't win.
skinny legend
skinny legend:
Miss Philippines is so beautifUL
lexy ramdhan
lexy ramdhan:
I think this happened to her for a reason-to show her true colors. She's really beautiful but her attitude stinks.
Karlz and Kale
Karlz and Kale:
Steve Harvey handled his mistake and the aftermath flawlessly. Sorry Colombia, mistakes happen and that shouldn't constitute sharing a crown, but you are entitled to be upset. That was a very embarrassing moment on live worldwide TV. I guarantee you though, Colombia will be the most remembered 1st runner up of any pageant, and Philippines will be the most remembered winner because of this "mistake." The biggest blessings enter our lives disguised in negativity.
Queen Q
Queen Q:
Miss colombia clearly doesn’t have inner beauty does she?
1:19 “Why the hell would I do that I’m already famous” oh my 😂😂
Raphael Ferrero
Raphael Ferrero:
She looks 30, not 22 lmao
Sarah Ramirez
Sarah Ramirez:
Im colombian and honestly ... she did not deserve it , Pía had everything a miss universe needed ..LOVE HER ... if Adriana acted like Paulina then yea but still ...Pia was everything...my fav miss universe sorry not sorry but still love to my country colombia
Mark Donners
Mark Donners:
Philippines got d best answer after 3 questions were asked. Philippines beauty is 100 percent elegant. She deserves d crown. my opinion
Colombia is beautiful outside, but she’s freaking ugly inside. The reason why she lost to Pia who’s beautiful inside and out.
Blanche Williamson
Blanche Williamson:
she is ridiculous. She should be a role model to young girls. YOU CANT GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT. Yes I understand it was difficult giving up her crown. But she needs to forgive him. She should be grateful for second place instead of making everyone feel sorry for her.
Lord Stinson
Lord Stinson:
"Hurt the feelings of a girl who has worked *HER WHOLE LIFE* " says a 22 year old girl.
Miss Columbia is beautiful and so gorgeous but her attitude is not...
dreamsdo cometrue
dreamsdo cometrue:
the fact that her ego was tied to the crown was really ugly, miss universe should also be beautiful on the inside not only on the outside
coochie man
coochie man:
I honestly think that Miss Colombia was supposed to be 2nd runner up and not first runner up
Sakura Kiyomi
Sakura Kiyomi:
Ariadna has no sportsmanship. If I were in her shoes, I will be the one to give the crown to Pia and congratulate her.
It is kinda embrassing but If I was her , I would accept the fact that I'm the 1st runner up. But her reaction is kinda.. rude.
A True Miss Universe is beautiful inside and outside. She didn't win because she didn't deserve to be one.
TJay Art
TJay Art:
Miss Colombia 'also' suggested on sharing the crown? Do you know any Queen who shared their crown? There is Queen Dowager, a Queen Mother and a Queen -- each played different roles and different level of authority. Steve Harvey's mistake doesn't make that 'suggestion' any reasonable.
Astro Lab
Astro Lab:
My mother won Miss Universe title since i born.She still is.
Ilona P
Ilona P:
She did not handle her loss with grace lmao u can understand how she couldn’t win
jerome aranda
jerome aranda:
The philippines rules Mrs Philippines deserves to win whos with me
Everyone: Why must you persist in this insanity??


Me: That was *never* yours.
Lord Byron
Lord Byron:
If you lose a pageant, and the announcer accidentally crowns you the winner, correcting his mistake within seconds, you should still remain a co-Miss Universe?!!!! Really? The fact that Miss Colombia would want to share the crown simply because of a misread speaks volumes about her lack of integrity. I get that she's embarrassed and upset by the loss, but to want to win at all costs, even when she hasn't actually won, is a sad reflection of her character. There would have been no fairness for Miss Philippines, who won fair and square. This non-issue has become a great character study about self-entitlement and the inability to lose gracefully.
Alhera Khan
Alhera Khan:
Sharing the crown 😂😂 she's really out of her mind...
Jey Cy's Vlog
Jey Cy's Vlog:
No offense miss Philippines deserved it more she is so humble and modest where as i found miss Colombia quite cocky and full of herself she need to just build a bridge and get over it✨👑
James H
James H:
She's 22 here and looks like she has had plastic surgery, am I the only one that things she isn't THAT beautiful? I mean she's pretty, but there are so many more sexier women IMHO
Ariadna Gutierrez should've learned from Catriona Gray: take the pain of a heartbreaking loss for a while and try your luck in another major pageant like Miss World.
I’m sorry! But ms.Philippine’s answer were on point! It’s NOT ALL about beauty, it’s also BRAINS!
Amy Douglas
Amy Douglas:
she's the second prettiest girl in the universe, yep I ken what you mean, I would be heartbroken too, spoiled brat!
Bhaii VV
Bhaii VV:
Share the crown, don't know if that is a good idea.. yeah you worked hard but so did everyone else sweetheart 😒
Slug Lord
Slug Lord:
At least she was miss universe for like two minutes
Loud Ninja2.o
Loud Ninja2.o:
Honestly, my favorite part of the 2015 Miss Universe was when Miss USA was being a friend to Miss Philippines when Harvey said that the first runner up was Columbia.
NPC #48583 748
NPC #48583 748:
But she was very rude to her interpreter and she has pushed people out of the way to be in the competition
Neil Louie Oculam
Neil Louie Oculam:
She's milking it so so much. She just wants the attention. Whole life for this event. Honey get a job. As if Steve did it in purpose
It was rude of Ms Columbia to suggest of sharing with the crown like it was just like a toy just to save herself from ebarrassment which Ms Philippines didn't even do sjsjjsjssjsjs bye
pringles 1976
pringles 1976:
Nicole Barral
Nicole Barral:
That's why I love USA so much. They are so friendly with the Philippines,
Lil Yummy
Lil Yummy:
"why the HELL would i do that? im already famous"😂😂😂😂
Andrew Mat
Andrew Mat:
sharing the crown?? you didnt won!! it say youre 1st runner up. dont be desperate Ary!
The Shyest Ant
The Shyest Ant:
You can’t share a crown if you didn’t win. If it’s a mistake you still didn’t win.
Reaction Time Pinoy
Reaction Time Pinoy:
She's not even deserves to top 20 coz of her bad attitude.
Bendania, Leanne S.
Bendania, Leanne S.:
I can say her attitude destroy her about how she speaks and what she acted after that pageant, to pity for her tsk
Kpop Funny
Kpop Funny:
Philippines The Most Difficult Opponent In The Miss Universe 😉
Sith Lord
Sith Lord:
The final question is and test would be? How should I responds to someone’s mistake that would make me miss universe.
Trainer Jace
Trainer Jace:
Self-centered, Ariadna.

Would've been better if she passed the crown to Pia herself. She would've been applauded by doing that.
Aditya Vaidya
Aditya Vaidya:
I don't need to give any explanation... after listening all this everyone knows why she is not the winner.
George Basister
George Basister:
Judge Perez Hilton said it all: There's a whole lot of reasons why this sore loser of a Miss Colombia didn't win, the biggest one of them being her arrogance. It was an announcement mistake and our very own Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach won unanymously, fair and square, so there.
If Ms. Colombia took the mistake with a grain of salt, laughed it off, and moved on, the whole universe would have loved her.
Instead she continues to play the victim card which is already getting old.
Kyoto K.
Kyoto K.:

It's not all about the looks,you should also had the brain and the attitude duh
Ceftoma Pothelyamburcs Vlafrintegdomp
Ceftoma Pothelyamburcs Vlafrintegdomp:
Since Ms Universe 2017 is coming I'm rewatching this. Steve Harvey's mistake is okay it revealed Ms Columbia and the other pageant's inner "DARKNESS" no beauty, it revealed who are the true beauty, but I hope no mistakes like this happens this time. I'm going to take a flight to the Philippines since it's going to be held in there and I'm really gonna go on stage and save the winner from bitchy contestants Incase this ever happens again.
I feel like the girls with inturpreters are cheating because when their interpetur speaks they still have time to think what to answer next unlike the girls who speak english they cant stop talking they have to keep going-
john Youtube
john Youtube:
now this is the reason why she didn't end up a Ms Universe
Bolok Ampota
Bolok Ampota:
"WHY THE HELL WOULD I DO THAT?!" so freaking hilarious
Mary joy Teves
Mary joy Teves:
I understand miss Columbia imagine that happen to you💔
Zandrix Funesto
Zandrix Funesto:
Share the crown ✨👑✨? 😂😂😂 Magpagawa ka na lang miss colombia ng sayo 😂😂 ng ikaw lang ang magmamay-ari 😂😂
im baby.
im baby.:
But when she asked if they could SHARE the crown
Steve took the responsibility instead of shifting the blame to back production, stepped ahead, and spewed the truth to audience, and he wasn't like "I read it right, the team messed it up" like most celebs do, when it comes to these situations, the man is honest can't deny that tbh.
John Doe
John Doe:
I feel sorry for miss Columbia but I don't think she should get to share the crown. On stage she handled it very well. To feel euphoria like that then have it taken away in front of millions sounds terrible. I would have felt so embarrassed if something like that happened to me. Everyone would be watching to see how I reacted, it would be very nerve wracking. she kept very composed tho.
R. B.
R. B.:
if anything - i'm pleasantly surprised by miss universe and steve harvey's decision to admit and correct the mistake publicly. bravo to honesty.
Russell De Montague
Russell De Montague:
As Perez Hilton said... "Miss Colombia came to loose. " that's all
full sender
full sender:
Fast Forward Oct. 2020 She is still a Bitter Lemon. 😂
random robloxian
random robloxian:
All of y'all are complaining to
-Miss Colombia
-Miss Philippines

They're about pretty and smart, why are you blaming them?
Especially Philippines, you're blaming her that she's ugly and doesn't deserve the crown. You should blame Steven Harvey for not crowning the girls right, don't blame the both of them.
And, i see columbians are very pissed at Pia, don't blame her for stealing Miss Colombias "crown" could y'all stop and try to move on?
Nyah Love
Nyah Love:
This was on recommended and I cannot believe this was four years ago 😳
Bolok Ampota
Bolok Ampota:
"WHY THE HELL WOULD I DO THAT?!" so freaking hilarious
Bea - Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic
Bea - Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic:
I'm a Filipino and I understand what Miss Colombia felt. If I'm going to put myself in her situation, I will be embarrassed as well but I would have react differently and not crying so hard over it. I will show sportsmanship by passing the crown to the real winner, hug and say congratulations to her. If she did that, I think she will gain more respect.

Sending positive thoughts to everyone!
God knows who has a good heart and He let the deserving one, win :>
Georgina Paez
Georgina Paez:
Ariadna is a self absorbed brat! She didn’t handle this situation well and her country acted out horribly as well! Pia was an incredible Miss Universe and she deserved it! Like I know in that moment it must be really frustrating but she could’ve handled herself way better!
Y tf is this in my recommendation like its been 2 years since this happened
Pixel Pudding 39
Pixel Pudding 39:
*Valentina voice* I CAN NEVER WIN ANYTHING
Youni Verse
Youni Verse:
Seriously?! There are starving children out there who have dreams of a nice hot meal and a home they can stay in. And they dont even get a glimps of it. Get over yourself Colombia. I promise you will not die. You still have a bright future with plenty of options ahead of you.
No Name
No Name:
“I am already famous” 😂😂
Miss Universe 2019 is STEVEN UNIVERSE (The Cartoon show)
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson:
Coming from a Colombian Miss Universe fan, Miss Philippines deserved the crown.
It’s a meme
It’s a meme:
I’m so glad Philippines won!❤️
There are bigger dreams in life than being a beauty queen.
foodies asian
foodies asian:
Mr.harvey can retired and pass on to younger generation now.
how does someone “work their whole life “ for miss universe?
Maddie Smith
Maddie Smith:
First world problems
Steve seems like a good dude, bummer he messed up in front of 30mill people
Haha, yay, congrats! Oh, wait...
hey there
hey there:
Wth ill be so happy if I were on top 20 😂
John Cruz
John Cruz:
Miss Columbia doesn't get it or simply refuse to understand that she did not win. Steve Harvey made a mistake. She can't share the crown because of a mistake. She lost, L-O-S-T,  lost. Comprende...
Sheikh Javeed
Sheikh Javeed:
0:15 she looks like a female version of Tfue
Bilal Raza
Bilal Raza:
"This will never be a story again"
Faye Dunaway: Hold my beer
Lia Morais
Lia Morais:
The crown was never her's
Jeong Woon Lee
Jeong Woon Lee:
I see that small side step of colombia when "miss universe2014" was about to approach them, i think she was about to give the crown to Pia if she didnt see "miss universe2014" coming towards them and i just see it how kind Colombia is and it shows her sportsmanship as well..

Love from Philippines.
"I'm already famous!" Lmao
nyra marquez
nyra marquez:
she looks like a guy lol
John Steve
John Steve:
Hello COLOMBIA! You lost. Move on for UNIVERSE's sake will ya! Dayyum. Enuff girll.
Mysterious Mystery
Mysterious Mystery:
Miss universe is not looks, it’s personality and she handle the situation horrible and posting “the true miss universe” is messed up and if she was nicer and congratulated miss philippine, maybe she could win, after that, she clearly doesn’t deserve to even be famous
Neo ClydeTechnology
Neo ClydeTechnology:
Then miss usa just standing there watching all the drama
Baily Fawcett
Baily Fawcett:
guys!!! This woman was just humiliated, you can't do her like this! 😪🤧
Musically Disney AMV's
Musically Disney AMV's:
Wow! She really didn’t deserve that.
Ya, it is very harsh. Maybe not share the crown but do something to amend the embarrassment, rather say oops sorry.