Mike Tyson - The Hardest Puncher in Boxing Ever!

In the spring of 1985, one special young man had his debut fight. Back then no one knew that he was aught to become the most recognizable boxer in history - Mike Tyson. He broke into the ring demolishing one opponent after another on his path, youth, speed, and onslaught made the fights with his participation bright and spectacular. In this episode, we will show you the destructive power, the lightning speed and malicious aggression of the legendary Mike Tyson.

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Tyson or wilder?
stephen Hill
stephen Hill:
I’d fight Tyson for 5 mil. After two years when I come out of my coma I’ll be rich. A little brain damaged but rich.
CE-750 Pilot
CE-750 Pilot:
I always respected Mike’s sportsmanship after a KO. He was always concerned about his opponent.
iFuckin HateKids
iFuckin HateKids:
Imagine getting tickets for a Mike Tyson fight, having to rub your eyes as the bell rings and boom match is over
Oh yeah chungus
Oh yeah chungus:
Imagine how genuinely menacing and absolutely terrifying Mike would be if he had a deep voice
Retro Toy Pile
Retro Toy Pile:
I find it amusing that Tyson never knows which corner he should relax in while his opponent takes a nap on the mat.
Ryan w
Ryan w:
Some poor guy had to fight mike tyson while mike was going through a divorce.
Shahrul Isa
Shahrul Isa:
this narrator sounds like he narrates for a murder case documentary
Nelson Vargas
Nelson Vargas:
I felt so sorry for Marvis Frasier . This sport is just to brutal for me . Tyson almost killed him .
respect for anyone who had the previlege of facing him in the ring. i dont even want to fight him even if he's 80..
Tyson was so deadly that they took the narrator from the GANGLAND TV show to talk over his highlights.
Wilfred Pujanes
Wilfred Pujanes:
I love how this was narrated like a serial killer documentary
Anthony Helme
Anthony Helme:
Never would’ve I imagined I’d have the honour to watch mike Tyson in 2020
I only wish Mike could have stayed out of trouble so we could have seen how long he could have kept the belt. He really needed someone in his life to help him instead of rip him off.
Alan Ruan
Alan Ruan:
Damn imagine fighting Mike Tyson in the street with no ref stopping him. I would rather get shot then meet him outside lmao.
Yo look at how many punches to the jaw Thomas took and he was still standing. Plus he endured 5 rounds. Respect
Primzify Modding
Primzify Modding:
Did I search for this thing? No.

Did I watch all of it? Yes.
Kareem The gamer god
Kareem The gamer god:
The only way I would fight this man is if he couldn’t use his hands and I get paid 20 billion
You cant respect anyone who has anything bad to say about Tyson. They DEFINITELY not saying it to his face 💀💀💀
Duane Gordon
Duane Gordon:
8:42 what a devastating 1 - 2 combo, a right body blow then a right uppercut almost took the guys head off jeez 😬
billy 626
billy 626:
Mike went from "are you ok" to "I'm going to eat your children" real quick lol
Dale Mercier
Dale Mercier:
As a former boxer..the power he generated by punching through his hips is insane..watch him square up..then the delivery..text book every time👊
MrPete Moller
MrPete Moller:
I love how Mike always helps his opponent. Respect.
Long Dragon
Long Dragon:
Man it's been so long I forgot the sheer power of his punches along with the speed. I remember people at the fights wanted refunds because the seats were expensive and Mike's fights usually never went more than a couple of rounds and in some cases less that a minute!
2:34 holy shit imagine taking a shot to the liver from mike Tyson
Bruce Rivers
Bruce Rivers:
I respect Mike for making sure his opponents were ok after the fight.
For all the shit miked talked he backed it up in the ring not only that he was very kind to his opponents i think he has respect for anybody crazy enough to enter the ring with him
Tali Singh
Tali Singh:
Only way they could stop him was to push him into prison (for a crime he didn't commit!)
Jack Lumber
Jack Lumber:
These days it's all talk about heavyweights with a monster punch and when it might be unleashed. Mike Tyson had one and didn't keep anyone waiting
MoMo Greene
MoMo Greene:
Roy jones jr what the shiiii was you thinking 🤣😂, Oh lawd...
The power and strength from his punches is what getting me, Roy why🤦...
November hurry up lol I'm curious
AquamenHD R
AquamenHD R:
People wanna think of mike Tyson as an evil guy but he was humble and after every knockout he made sure his challenger was ok...
I'm the best it's true I don't even wanna believe it myself but its true 😂 So humble
Kill all Zionists
Kill all Zionists:
I respect all the men who ever faught Tyson, they got heart......
wrecking ball Jones
wrecking ball Jones:
Mike's actually a kool guy.hes a lefty.he said in a podcast.in his early days he was unstoppable.after cus died shit went south I would have loved to have seen Mikes Fights in the early days.mike did shark week.put a shark to sleep by rubbing it's belly
teufel hunden
teufel hunden:
Everybody is a gangster until Mike gets in the ring 👊
wutang clan91
wutang clan91:
Notice how many times a year they used to fight back then
BBY Bincang-Bincang Yuk
BBY Bincang-Bincang Yuk:
Who's Here after knowing him Back to Boxing after 15 Years Lol
Miles Hamblen
Miles Hamblen:
Timestamp 0:51 When he says he wishes he wasn't the best and everyone laughs; that was disturbing they thought he was joking and he was actually being vulnerable and honest.
Robert Salyers
Robert Salyers:
I respect Mike for being a Beast in the Ring and a Gentleman on the streets. I would Love to train with Mr. Tyson just once
Rezen Bomb
Rezen Bomb:
I like how he never knows what corner to go to and sort of wanders around while his opponent takes a siesta...
Miko Catan
Miko Catan:
Tyson punches so hard everytime he knocks someone down he checks for them to see if they're still alive
The #1 scariest thing about fighting Mike Tyson wasn’t how hard he can hit (and trust me, that’s very scary), but it’s how impervious he is to hits from his opponents.

Imagine fighting someone who feels almost nothing you do to him, but can destroy you with just one carefully well-placed hit!
Ali Alhasson
Ali Alhasson:
Man really said 😁
angelic being
angelic being:
I saw very early on that Mike had a good soul . Even when demons were in his ear that were so called management and he started to behave badly I knew his good soul was in there. God love him and I am glad he is living his best life letting his good soul shine .
Devi prasad mishra
Devi prasad mishra:
Moral: Never try to distract tyson or make him tired he will finish it early with more power and force giving you more pain and humiliation.
Roope Niskanen
Roope Niskanen:
fun fact they didnt add the boom sound effect to whenever Tyson hits

instead they made the boom sound effect from whenever Tyson hits
Robert Antonelli
Robert Antonelli:
Mike Tyson's punch was even harder than Rocky Marciano's, and he was a legend.
He had two belts before he was legally able to drink. Most vicious boxer in the history of the game.
It is a pleasure to see Mike in his prime! Far from a brutal thug, he moves like a cat - and hits like an elephant
By the way - he ALWAYS looks at his opponent after the fight.

Brilliant fighter, imo no doubt, the best of the world.
Until Don "The Cockroach" King crossed his path, upset his balance and he mets the only opponent, who could defeat him:
he himself
I hope and pray Mike has recovered from this by now!
I look forward to the coming fights!
But Mike doesn't need to prove ANYTHING to ANYONE.
Who is Haro
Who is Haro:
No one ever talks about his ducking. The way he avoids his opponents swings is incredible.
Spoon Fed
Spoon Fed:
George Foreman in his prime would have Tyson sitting on his grill lmao. (Both great fighters but i believe foreman would SPANK that ass)
Matthew McCutcheon
Matthew McCutcheon:
I feel lucky to have lived in the late 80’s early 90’s to get to see the greatest fighter to ever climb in the boxing ring.. he has undisputed speed and power unlike no other fighter before or after..
King king
King king:
Ok but 3:06 actually got me worried for the guy, i would rather get shot than getting hit like that
Sisi Karlo
Sisi Karlo:
Tyson was fighting like the honey budget. No back. Lol 😂
Sho Nuff
Sho Nuff:
From what i see, Tyson has good technique.
Didn´t knew that, thought he was just a brute with immense power.
He seems like a heavy weight martial artist that decided to go boxing.
Imagine Mike in a podcast like:
When I was young I knocked Spain out of the map.
Roe Jogan: Pull that shit up Jamie
Phillip Kindinis
Phillip Kindinis:
2:58 HE WOOPED Lionel Richies ASSS!!!
Alexander Lumford
Alexander Lumford:
Young Mike was knocking cats out and immediately consoling them. He CLEARLY knew how much of a beast he was that he was concerned for dudes’ safety lol
I always like to get back to watch his fights. That speed in this weight class is just outstanding!
gordon peden
gordon peden:
Frikkin' Awesome! First time I saw him I was amazed watching him again ....Amazed! The man is coordinated as all f--k.
Steven Nevermind
Steven Nevermind:
Enjoyed the video, I remember Iron Mike was a scary guy during his prime
Alyissa Rakay
Alyissa Rakay:
Even with all that confidence he still came through!!! My dude did the damn thing!
This guy was a genetic freak, one of a kind. He was as quick as a welterweight but hit like a super heavyweight
Rob Axl
Rob Axl:
10:12 Alfonso tried the old "run technique" but mike used his "peek a boo I chase you" technique..
Lch Damian
Lch Damian:
actually you can see the sportsmanship of tyson when he tried to help his opponents up
zeroFucks Given
zeroFucks Given:
14:10 "sometime showing good boxing". He is illegally holding opponent's head and punching.
Matt Sinegar [SIN-NA-GAR]
Matt Sinegar [SIN-NA-GAR]:
Cool. Mike Tyson’s one of the most recognizable savage boxers that I ever personally recognized in sports history. 👍🏾
Arcadis Torias
Arcadis Torias:
There is never a bad time to watch a highlight reel of Mike Tyson. Even during a pandemic.
all of tysons opponent should have done insurance before hand
Andy Chia
Andy Chia:
In all his matches, his discipline, his actions show his respect for his opponent. He made sure they were okay, and he went to shake their hands acknowledging their efforts. Its a rare sight to see that kind of behavior these days. He was humble in victory.
If mike had had a few more years with Cus and Kevin Rooney , and without Don King , it would have been better . But he’s still the goat imo
Mharvelouz Ponsicus
Mharvelouz Ponsicus:
kudos to those Refs who hadles Tyson fights,,coz they know when to stop the fight coz tyson can kill an opponent
I’ll never understand why someone would willing fight this man
Samuel Mariano
Samuel Mariano:
Tison é minha fonte de inspiração
"no one knew" Cus D'Amato
Deztec Freloin
Deztec Freloin:
This guy is a living legend, we need to appreciate that, I need to go to USA to see him ...damn..
ooof, I feel those hits watching this video. Unreal. Equal power with the left and right punch. Tyson has been my favorite since childhood. I Love this guy
O S:
Will never forget... living in Europe his fights were very late in the night. So as a young guy I had to use the alarm clock to see him live. If you missed the alarm by 5 mins the fight was over and you only saw the interviews... lol
10:38 I’d definitely start playing possum if I saw that waiting for me
Castle J Richardson
Castle J Richardson:
Amongest all the heavyweights Mike Tyson had the quickest uppercuts 🥊🥊
Ralph's Pets and Hobbies
Ralph's Pets and Hobbies:
Mike's Sportsmanship❤️ Big respect!
Kenisha H.
Kenisha H.:
I grew up in the era of Mike Tyson fighting he was the heavy weight champ!! 💯
Björn Ladholm
Björn Ladholm:
He acts so cocky and arrogant yet he shows great respect after the fight. that is impressive.
The Death
The Death:
This is what's called a fighting spirit
Phillip Mcrevice
Phillip Mcrevice:
Btw... I still own "Mike Tyson Punch Out" on original Nintendo. 😂
Richard Lombardo
Richard Lombardo:
🧿👑🦁✝️ Everyone says: "I wish I was
in your shoes."
If they were in my shoes,
They would cry like a baby.

Mike Tyson 🦁🥊👊💪
Jorge S
Jorge S:
He’s 54 years old and still a tank can’t wait for that fight in November
He fought 10 + fights in one year.
Edit :
He was just 20 years old and he became the youngest heavyweight champion of the world. ALI (R. I. P) is legend and right next to him is TYSON
Nick Tevyaw
Nick Tevyaw:
Immediately you can tell when Rooney was not in his corner just by the way he moves. So sad 😞
Carlos Carlos
Carlos Carlos:
Mike Tyson is by far the greatest boxer I have ever seen. True dedication to the sport and a monster in the ring. Serious respect for this man.
David Grady
David Grady:
This just shows how amazing Tyson was as a fighter and a person. As soon as he was allowed he would always rush over to help the other boxer up and it looked like he was making sure they were okay. Tyson is amazing
Jumbo Palumbo
Jumbo Palumbo:
When you’re the best, you’re the best.
Chidi Star
Chidi Star:
Probably the most difficult thing for Mike Tyson in the ring is going to the right corner after KO.
Damon Ash
Damon Ash:
Tyson would eat him it a heart beat I seen both in prime trust me and he doesn’t care about his opponents he try’s to kill them
K H A N:
Saitima call him sensai 🤤
ZeNa M. BsNo
ZeNa M. BsNo:
I LOVE Mike!!! On & Off the ring!!! He is a great survivor in my eyes!! People criticize him, slander him, BUT NONE OF US has been in his shoes!!!The HORROR this great man lived as a child, adolescent were devastating enough to have ended his life. As a fighter, is one of the 3 BEST!! As a person , he is a WARRIOR to me!!!💓💖💓👍🏼👍🏼
The CHAMP!!!!!
snaggyhoes is a hoe
snaggyhoes is a hoe:
I like the fact that when he knocks someone out he helps them up
Matthew Robert Payne
Matthew Robert Payne:
i love how Tyson went to pay his respects after each bout
Antonio Benitua
Antonio Benitua:
From phillippines mike tyson is a living legend
Arelus Mackey
Arelus Mackey:
Now you’re playing with power!