Mike Tyson Is Returning to the Boxing Ring After 15 Years

Mike Tyson talks about returning to the ring to fight Roy Jones Jr., his nickname “Iron Mike” and recruiting older athletic stars to join his Legends Only League.

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Mike Tyson Is Returning to the Boxing Ring After 15 Years


100+ komento:

probably not very popular opinion, but this is SO much better without hysterical audience...
Mr Beauregard
Mr Beauregard:
I'am a simple man, Mike says "Listen" and I listen. Everything he has been through... this is a real legend...
“I feel unstoppable now. “The gods of war have reawakened me. They've ignited my ego and want me to go to war again.” This quote gives me chills.
frankie reyes
frankie reyes:
"You're not born to be humble..you're born to be humbled." -Mike Tyson
Mr. White
Mr. White:
I wouldn’t piss off Mike if he was 80.
Delight Loves Movies
Delight Loves Movies:
My dad was such a huge boxing fan I wish he was alive to see this.
Cody Hutchens
Cody Hutchens:
Win or lose. Tyson is the coolest dude alive. "None of my kids can beat me in a fight so..."
I’ve never been so scared of a middle aged man in underwear
*I'm glad they did not get Bob Sapp for this fight. 1 jab in the arm and Bob would've fell like a sack of potatoes. And everyone would've complained about the fight* ✅😲
Li Osmani
Li Osmani:
still at his age so intimidating. reminds me of a old lion
Emma Deeba
Emma Deeba:
I’ve realised mike Tyson is the most exciting fighter ever lived because he’s been out for 15years and I can’t wait for his return!! Absolutely buzzing for this fight 💪😃
Caspar M
Caspar M:
When Mike sad "hey listen" we listened...
Coexist & Let Live
Coexist & Let Live:
"There's no one that can match me. My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious."

– Mike Tyson
Issa M
Issa M:
Respect to Jimmy he is one of the few that knows how interview Mike without making him feel uncomfortable with questions we all know the answers to already.
Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson will always be my two favorites in the sport of boxing.
Daniel Morrison
Daniel Morrison:
He doesn’t know why someone would call him, “Iron Mike “? LOL!
Steven Abood
Steven Abood:
Jimmy Fallon acting like he's been following Mike from the beginning, yet doesn't know if he fought Roy Jones Jr. before or how long a boxing round is. GTFOH
Aaron H
Aaron H:
Mike Tyson’s life is one of the biggest and best turn around stories ever... from one of the most troubled and misunderstood people in the world to one of the most grounded and most loved people in the world! Mike has always been such a fascinating character for one reason or another, some not always good but I’m just glad it’s all positive for him now and it seems like he’s found himself finally!
Jimmy’s laugh is just so fake
Joe Cook
Joe Cook:
"Neither one of my kids can beat me in a fight, so they don't know what they're talking about." Haha
Bill J
Bill J:
Let's just hope Cus D'Amato's ghost doesn't show up as Tyson's cornerman during the fight...
Diogo Rocha
Diogo Rocha:
Funny, Jimmy was laughing asf
Mike "hey lesson"
Jimmy: 😶
Edit: thanks for the 70 likes guys, never had that much
Anthony Neelands
Anthony Neelands:
The man is still feared. Power still there, just more wise. Still will be entertaining. Go Mike!
Ale Balriv
Ale Balriv:
When Mike says "Listen" I pay attention
The best fighter ever. I love Mohammed Ali but Mike is something else. Fastest knockout ever.
Milo Smith
Milo Smith:
Mike is a scary man even at his age, he’ll even an 80 year old mike Tyson is scary, I don’t think jr can handle him.
When Mike said :"I'm so happy, it's very awesome that I'm back" I got a big smile in my face😊
Steve Yo
Steve Yo:
You can't learn talent. This man is better than 98% of the boxers from today.
Jimmy gets paid well to keep that fake "I'm so happy" smile.
J. C.
J. C.:
If these guys feel like they got something left to give, why not? They paid their dues and earned it. I will be watching!
"My kids have never beaten me in a fight so what do they know?"
“Did you fight Roy Jones jr?” “How long is a round, 3 minutes?” This guy should not be interviewing mike Tyson lmao
"I don't believe in the fountain of youth but something came over me" Mike found weed😂
Kenika D
Kenika D:
I want prince Hamed to be back on the ring with his flamboyant, mouth talking, arrogant mother....er. Also, Sugar Ray vs. Roberto Duran.
Mohit Chindaliya
Mohit Chindaliya:
"It's painful .."😅😅
That was hilarious and super honest.
Takeyra Ike
Takeyra Ike:
Ip Man, Donnie Yen said, he accidentally hit me at only 20 percent of his power and l hurt for 10 days and didn't get out of bed for 3.... And I'm a fighter, but l weigh 140 and he weighs 230.
haggard fan
haggard fan:
Does roy know he is fighting. Someone please talk to him
Paul O'Neil
Paul O'Neil:
"tell me who you want me to kill" - I want to see him walk into the ring with shaved head and black trunks
Scotty Arbour
Scotty Arbour:
I hope his walkout song is “In the Air Tonight”
no hassle
no hassle:
He is in incredible shape, not just for his age but any age.
Blood Legion
Blood Legion:
My prediction: Tyson wins.
God and Life is Unfair Ur world is Bad, GOD.
God and Life is Unfair Ur world is Bad, GOD.:
George Forman said ..” Little Bro..show the world”........U never left .
crazy to see how this shit is going down when Mike himself told Joe Rogan he didn’t even like to workout anymore because it fired up his ego too much
Before when Tyson interview he's like a lion no manners
Now Tyson is calm and got some manners.
Like Lee Said
Like Lee Said:
That's how you know that Maradona is the greatest player ever when Iron Mike knows who he was/is 5:36
berhan djurovic
berhan djurovic:
ask me to fight Mike Tyson, I'd tell you I'm still waiting another 10 years
Socrates Ruel D. Luayon
Socrates Ruel D. Luayon:
It is so good to see Mike Tyson who is still so ripped even at the age of 53 (or is it 54?). It shows much discipline and the lifestyle he has been living to date. Congratulations Mike!
E Z:
Tyson's Ranch is out here where I live in the California High desert. It is impressive. Burn fyah!! One Love
Imagine after this fight we hear the glass break and outcome Stonecold Steve Austin and challenge Mike Tyson #legendsonly
Cliff Wlliams
Cliff Wlliams:
Someone - Mike, now that you have retired, you should consider training others.

Mike - emm yeah I could, or how about this - I put on my gloves back and knock the hell of out entire hw, once again.
We want: *Iron Mike vs. Floyd WhatsHisName*
Simon Louie
Simon Louie:
"human beings are not meant to be humble.
we are not born to be humble.
we are born to be humbled."
you heard him professional ping pong players. get on it
Anthony Bell
Anthony Bell:
"Tell me who you want me to kill" different mindset
João Pedro
João Pedro:
Jimmy: How's it to be coming back?
Mike: It's really painful-
Michael Myers
Michael Myers:
Imagine mike tyson with a deep voice..that would be furious. .lol..im just sayin. ...u gotta love mike..older and wiser..as cus damato looks down
Patrick Fuhrman
Patrick Fuhrman:
Mikes going for that payday after having his fortune stolen from him and spending all his money. I hope he wins because I feel like he has changed a lot. Get it Mike!!
Mike has come so far with his personality in The Last 5 Years, it's incredible.
Much more personable, confident in himself and comfortable with speaking to people and doing interviews.
He's still raw an untamed, but with some finesse mixed in.
Rob Jay
Rob Jay:
It's a wrap after Tyson said he is at 228 may my favorite fighter of all time Roy Jones rest in peace come Sept 12th
Sunshine lollipops
Sunshine lollipops:
Jimmy, we all prefer you when you’re genuine, as you are here.

Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey:
Tyson and Jones are gunna be laughing all the way to bank theyre good friends
"Neither of my kids could beat me in a fight what are they talking about" - yoooooooo look @ his eyes when he says that 😂😂😂 Iron Mike just a regular ol' dad mannnn 😂
Lion Blood
Lion Blood:
Michael Tyson Michael Jackson Michael Jordan The meaning of Mi•cha•el in Hebrew is “who is like God?”
“Hey what’s up jim” 🤣
Tim Jones
Tim Jones:
Watching Tyson train again reminded me of Iroh went he was in jail
Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards:
" My kids think I should sit my old ass down....... " . Hilarious. Most of us who are over 50, our adult kids think the same thing about us. Tyson's pretty cool.
Chris Pinto
Chris Pinto:
This fight will just be flurries back&forth Tyson aint gonna uppercut Jones...
Tyson gonna win either way lol
Jervie Vitriolo
Jervie Vitriolo:
The title of Mike's movie should be "I'm Iron Mike"
Kevin Agoncillo
Kevin Agoncillo:
I was so scared for Mike because he always feared the monsters in him. The monster that got him into trouble and into prison, but when I listened to him talk, I felt that he hasn't devolved into what he feared the most. He has ascended, and possibly is the best he can ever be and will become even better than he has ever been!

I'm so happy for him! I believe in him. His mind is so clean, and I believe we will have the greatest fight of the Decade! DAMN, I'm so EXCITED!

Human beings are not meant to be humble. We're not born to be humble. We're born to be Humbled!
~Mike Tyson 2020
Mad Mike
Mad Mike:
let's remember ip man...even donnie yen said when mike olmost hitt him...donnie said..i'm lucky i have quick reflexes...we all know mike's power...
Billy Rigo
Billy Rigo "Your Bearded Realtor":
Anyone else see a "coincidence" that once Mike Tyson started smoking weed, now he's back in ring!?!? 🌲🌿 It brought out the beast!
Eli Gordon
Eli Gordon:
Mike Tyson may be old... but never forget he can always beat your ass
John Cruz
John Cruz:
Hey you know what mike should be on the next Expendables movie
Esteban García
Esteban García:
"It's really painfull" i DIED yo ;'D
Blufyah Music
Blufyah Music:
Mike Tyson said "how many do you want me too kill" Jeeeeezus 🤯😱
"Sometimes I wish i could stop having these desires to go for it, to think that I'm somebody, cause its a lot of work!"
Eden Jorginho
Eden Jorginho:
I’m gonna have goosebumps watching Mike walk to the ring
Rocky P
Rocky P:
Mikes got a great sense of humor when he’s in a good mood.
Ken Stentiford
Ken Stentiford:
Tyson looking big.
Roids kicking in again.
Game Ram
Game Ram:
This a proof of the human is ageless...
If you want to do something..." Just do it" matter what others said
Boogie Without a Hoodie
Boogie Without a Hoodie:
00:00 hey wassup jim HAHAHA this man 😂😂 legend
Mohammed Hadi
Mohammed Hadi:
Mike Tyson winning by knockout press a like
Jamie foxx's neck is too long to play Mike. Apart from that though, he's perfect :p
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt:
Jamie dont look like Tyson, I remember him playing Tyson on in living color but noway should jamie Foxx play him.
TP Hmar
TP Hmar:
"Neither one of my kids could beat me in a fight"
His Body is so amazing for that Age :O Iron Mike Tyson THE LEGEND
Zestful Sankalp
Zestful Sankalp:
It feels like those biceps are looking right at me
Barry Swords
Barry Swords:
I came here from his Joe Rogan interview, there he said he would never box again and he hated that side of himself.
scribble 36
scribble 36:
My two favourite fighters when I was a young lad.
Still two of my favourites so it's hard to pick a winner.
I just hope the two of them are safe with no major injuries when the flight's done.
Local Asbestos Removal
Local Asbestos Removal:
Love seeing Mike Tyson doing so well, it's the Tode Man it resets you, he seems so happy to be alive and grounded, pls get back to Joe Rogan
Norma Harper
Norma Harper:
Jimmy looks like he's been on a desert island lol So scruffy 😂😂
Mohammed Hadi
Mohammed Hadi:
They just have woken up the sleeping dragon
Steve Fettuccine
Steve Fettuccine:
"He's got some stuff in the basement"
Thomas Thurston
Thomas Thurston:
1:06 Mike channeling his inner Ali "And still beautiful like myself."
Maybe, his fists are like Iron?
Knocking everyone Out??.
Could be..Lol
Jimmy Vincent Musacchio
Jimmy Vincent Musacchio:
I LOVE your spirit Mike. After everything you have gone through in your life, good and bad, you have won the most important fight of your life, and that is the realisation that NOBODY is perfect and we ALL fuck up sometimes. You are brave and intelligent enough to see and acknowledge this and you continue with your courage and determination to carry on chasing your dreams. We all look forward to seeing you at your best, weather it is In or out of the boxing ring. Peace!
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman:
Would be cool if there was a 48 - 56 year old division
tim k
tim k:
God bless Mike! He's truly a living legend.
My speculation "IronMike" came from Ironman; in his prime, simply unbeatable. Mike is in great shape!