Mike Tyson Boasts He Could Beat Conor McGregor

Mike Tyson talks about Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef and declares he could beat Rocky Balboa, Ivan Drago and Conor McGregor.

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Mike Tyson Boasts He Could Beat Conor McGregor


100+ komento:

Magic X Ninja
Magic X Ninja:
Mike tyson: hey listen..

Everybody: 👂
Soly z
Soly z:
First time i see jimmy so comfortable with tyson , knowing that he can’t get punched through the webcam
Abdalmlk almshrgi
Abdalmlk almshrgi:
I wouldn't fight mike even if he was 95 dude scary
Sunny Rathod
Sunny Rathod:
The sharks be saying to each other "dude, stop swimming funny. Mike Tyson will kick your ass"
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan:
Mike Tyson "I'm not adventurous"
Also Mike Tyson- had a pet tiger
Adam Badali
Adam Badali:
I wanna see Tyson ko McGregor for all the old guys at bars 🤣
Chinois Achebe
Chinois Achebe:
In another dimension, Tyson is coming back as an orchestra Maestro...
Kyle Ranard
Kyle Ranard:
The baddest man on the planet talking to the softest man on the planet.
Michael Biscay
Michael Biscay:
Jimmy: Hi, Mike.
Mike: Hi.
Jimmy: (laughs)
ꂠꐟɭꁲꋊ ꃃꍟꋊꁲꂠꂑꍟ
ꂠꐟɭꁲꋊ ꃃꍟꋊꁲꂠꂑꍟ:
If Mike Tyson had a deep voice it be way too overpowered it would just be too terrifying for the world to handle. He put all his xp into strength and charisma
micheal fowlkes
micheal fowlkes:
tyson was a beast in his prime, human pit bull..
Tim Croft
Tim Croft:
" That Guy is nuts" "Man I will kick his ass anyway" Lol.
0:47 That shark is clearly afraid of Mike Tyson
I believe him , he would kick anybody's ass.
Ayrton Cordeiro
Ayrton Cordeiro:
No matter at what age , your still mike Tyson , the name itself is scary lol .
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
Old Tyson is really back, his well deserved ego is back, if it was the matured Tyson he would’ve talked differently, saying like ‘they’re great bla bla’ but he doesn’t, straight to the point no filters, he’s back and he’s gonna whoop some ass
Well, yeah ofc he can beat him dudes massive... mcgregor looks like Tyson’s skeleton
Rocky would need 5 Micks in his corner to stand a chance against Mike lol
Retro radio
Retro radio:
Fallon: How about Drago?
Tyson: “Too many muscles”
Me: ... have you looked at a mirror? All I see is a tank.
Cynthia Ahern
Cynthia Ahern:
Wax off was on I'm going to have to surrender. Lol great Mike Tyson
Jason Shepherd
Jason Shepherd:
I would pay stupid money to watch a Tyson/McGregor match.
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson:
He would beat Rocky.
Then Rocky would come back and destroy him.
he's like 100 lbs heavier, so yeah.
Textual Predator
Textual Predator:
*He could fart and snap Connor McGregor's back in half.*
Alexander Cruz
Alexander Cruz:
I love how the only one he humbled himself enough to say that could beat him was the Karate Kid! Legend.
I’d be scared to even talk to him
I would pay to see Mike and Conor in a boxing match.
P K:
The most awkward "yeah, me neither" in history 0:27
AnSaR ZaFaR:
I love that how much he is confident on beating Rocky and lil feni hahaha... Love you Tyson are always a Beast... love From Pakistan🇵🇰
He definitely would destroy McGregor
Mike Tyson: **growls**

Me: **my soul running out of my dead body**
JoyBox Trickster
JoyBox Trickster:
Conor might take that fight because he really loves beating on old men.
Mark Miller
Mark Miller:
He’s High As A Mo’FO 😂
Tyrone Frye
Tyrone Frye:
Bruh this fight bout to be cold blooded and he swimming wit sharks Tyson wildn no cap lol stay safe checkout The Main Squeeze
mario carpentieri
mario carpentieri:
“Wax off vs Wax on that sounds complicated”. Mike is really a comedian
Steven Flores-Santiago
Steven Flores-Santiago:
Funniest part is how they can't get a clearer sound
It’s amazing how he’s a boxing beast and absolute killer but has the sweetest voice 😂
Wild one
Wild one:
McGregor would die against iron Mike Tyson 😂
Land 360
Land 360:
Mike is about to k.o. Everylne
STIG Lauren
STIG Lauren:
Mike still not beating the letter “S”.
Carl Kinsella
Carl Kinsella:
It's as if God gave Tyson his voice ironically just for the laugh.
Kwyat Man
Kwyat Man:
Mike: "I think I could beat anybody that ever lived". Probably true! lol
I'm ready man, I think I can beat anybody that ever lived! - Mike F-ing Tyson
Boondock Patrol
Boondock Patrol:
Wow, Mike needed some notes. He butchered the last minute of that interview. Couldnt get venues, promoters, anything right.
ian gibson
ian gibson:
Had the pleasure of Meeting this guy few years back he came to Scotland got my pic with him 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 really humble guy grounded energy good sole 🤘
The one and only Iron Mike Tyson. One of the greatest to ever do it.
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson:
One of the best ever ,can any one ever forget the young Mike Tyson in his prime...devastating...ledgend 👍
textmessage josh
textmessage josh:
I love how often mike uses the word beautiful in these interviews. His demons are gone and he sees beauty now.
michael glenn
michael glenn:
Mike Tyson: I'm not adventurous
*Owned and slept with his 550 lb pet Tiger
Max Campbell
Max Campbell:
“And I was hanging out with some Sharks”😂
Richard Page
Richard Page:
Mike would literally beat the feces out of McGregor.
Shane Dobson
Shane Dobson:
I wonder how much money a Tyson/McGregor fight would pull in.
lost soul
lost soul:
His voice makes him more scarier
Balog Lajos
Balog Lajos:
Anybody can say anything to me and i still think His the Greatest Heavyweight Champion of the world.
Obviously his era end now but i would bet a huge amount of money his still able to kick 80% of the heavyweights of the world right now .
Mike Tyson has a lot of respect for martial arts so he was serious when he said "I would surrender" to the Karate Kid. He was also serious when he said he could beat all the other dudes on the list. Him being serious is what made this video so ammusing lol
The Burn
The Burn:
I like how he has such a massive ego, but he has the skill to back it up.
nuno gomes
nuno gomes:
The Iron Mike Tyson
Legend 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Don King is 88. He gonna be there brutha?
King Shark: I'm the baddest in the ocean.
Tyson: Hold my floaties.
L Tesla
L Tesla:
Mike would actually whoop anyone’s ass in a fight prime or not that’s the scary part 😂
King Rock
King Rock:
Me: baby I feel so afraid
Wife : you can get over it
Me :how?
Wife: spend some time swimming with a dangerous shark
Me: ummm I think I have that covered already 💀☠
Darryl Danceton
Darryl Danceton:
In Mike's prime - Sylvester + Drago + McGregor altogether would've fell short in the boxing ring against him. One punch KOs except Drago who may have weathered more than a few punches before kissing the canvas.
Laquintin Alston
Laquintin Alston:
I was telling my girlfriend how I use to love playing mike Tyson punch out. She said oh he has his own video game???? I guess my girl was sucking on a bottle at that time but now she old enough to well nevermind lol
Juan Franco
Juan Franco:
Mike Tyson is speaking his W into existence 🤩💪🏽
Will Smith still thinks he can beat mike tyson
A Heart
A Heart:
“Imma kick his ass anyway” Mike Tyson
Wilson Duan
Wilson Duan:
The shark survived being with Mike Tyson
Khabib Time
Khabib Time:
Mike: *HEY LITHEN...*
Iam Honor
Iam Honor:
He talks like Hollywood movie character I love his voice
Mike Tyson vs Conor McGregor. I actually, really want to see that.
Michelle Hardgrove
Michelle Hardgrove:
He was and will always be amazing!!
aassim blf
aassim blf:
"Could happen" tf you're talking about a 155 mma fighter with a heavy weight boxer
claudia xander
claudia xander:
Mike Tyson Makes perfect meringue, Coz the eggs know when they're beat.
Mark Scufalos
Mark Scufalos:
2:41 - I think Joaquin Phoenix sorta affected Jimmy’s laugh....
Honestly this mans a legend you can also clearly see the inspiration he got from Mohammed Ali when he keeps saying I look beautiful 🐐
Tony Anthony
Tony Anthony:
Tyson basically Is Clubber Lang, Rocky is a legend, but Tyson is a Real legend
Ethan Aleman
Ethan Aleman:
Love Mike Tyson <3
Mitchell Brock
Mitchell Brock:
I absolutely love the space that Mike is in these days. Those of us who are old enough to remember the person he was when he was younger never ever thought we'd see this side of him. So happy about the way he has turned his life around.
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss:
So didn’t Conor McGregor quit or retire from MMA or UFC? That’s what I understood.
Joenel Saracho
Joenel Saracho:
I watch his workout godamn is iron mike really is back??
Mark Lang
Mark Lang:
"It's over Rock"...."Nothing is over, just gimme somethin to drink"
That shark looked scared as hell 😂😂 "ohh slap, Mike Tyson".
Tyson “I’m gonna Look beautiful”. You know he’s channeling Ali
Yelena Smol
Yelena Smol:
That shark was scared as f%$k!!!
I know MT can beat McG easily. Remember, you’ll lose your ears for reals. But you’re old bro. You’ve got nothing to prove to yourself. We don’t want to see our senior fighters get hurt.
Well I hope so, Conor is tiny compared to Tyson. lmao
Laxus Grey
Laxus Grey:
I'm still picturing Jamie Foxx and make me laugh 😂😂
charley bics
charley bics:
Sharks over came there fears when tyson stepped into the ocean !!!
Mike Tyson: **growls**

Me: **my soul running out of my dead body**
Ant Jonez 218
Ant Jonez 218:
I cant ever get that image of mike flexing wit his arms up at Chris Jericho out of my head. Every time he flexs now imma see how he looked in that video 🤣
J D:
Man the interview is great but the one guy hosting gets on my damn nerves
chris vd S ,vuurwerkjunky71
chris vd S ,vuurwerkjunky71:
And he can play thats for sure!!!he is a legend in the heavyweight class!!has holifield hear this!??oeps sorry men !!!😂👍
Nah man too slow dude, too many muscles..

Proceeds to show side by side comparison with Tyson with bigger muscles lmao.
Mike Tyson about Conor Mcg: I am gonna kick his ass anyway...
Me: Nobody will argue.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin:
No question about it, Mike Tyson can kick 95% of all fighters
I remember seeing Tyson when I went to NY in 2008, and he looks better and stronger now.
Shubham Manna
Shubham Manna:
I am having a bad feeling about him 🥺
Co G
Co G:
Mike's wife sounds more like my mom.
*-But Charlotte son has started with X career and earns Y money, why won't you?*
*-See, Karla's husband takes the whole family to a trip, why won't you?*
878 Gaming
878 Gaming:
Haha , yEaH try beating Rocky or Drago.
A wonderful opportunity to all the young fans to watch this legend back on the ring. MIKE TYSON 🙌🏾🙌🏾