Mike Pence and Kamala Harris face off in the only vice presidential debate — 10/7/2020

Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris will lock horns in Salt Lake City on Wednesday night in their first and only debate of the 2020 campaign. With less than four weeks until Election Day and the White House now a coronavirus hot spot, the pandemic’s presence looms larger than ever over the nation, and the political fortunes of incumbent President Donald Trump and his rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Mike Pence and Kamala Harris face off in the first and only vice presidential debate — 10/7/2020

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Blackpilled Saint
Blackpilled Saint:
These debates need to be longer, 2 mins to explain serious issues is a joke.
Shinobi Trades
Shinobi Trades:
The Debates are a Scam. Joe Rogan needs to interview everyone together for 3 hours.
First Debate : "Will you shut up man"
Vice presidential Debate : "Mister Vice President, I'm speaking"
Jim W
Jim W:
Kamala has that annoying smile, "I just learned something, and I'm going to teach you a lesson about President Lincoln and the supreme court vacancies" , lecturing Pence, but she actually got it wrong from her tutor. Snopes it. Lincoln was a shrewd politician
Kamalas ironic face expression is driving me CRAZY...
Z A:
when vice presidents speak better than presidents
Jackson Hess
Jackson Hess:
Someone count how many times the moderate says “Thank you”
Come Agyn
Come Agyn:
Tbh Susan was a bit quick to cut off Pence. And I'm not red. She just did.
Keston Langley
Keston Langley:
I have an idea for a drinking game: Take a shot every time the moderator says "thank you".
"You're entitled to your own opinion but NOT your own facts" 💯🔥💯🔥💯
let's be real this debate was much more presidential than the one with the real presidential candidates, from both sides.
Holey Moley
Holey Moley:
They should post the question on screen to remind viewers how much politicians beat around the bush. Yeesh!!
Brian Petty
Brian Petty:
pence stole this one. Harris is the most rude politician I have ever seen.
Quy Co
Quy Co:
I didn’t hear any plan for for Democratics. She didn’t answer the question
This women is arrogant and I can't help but laugh how in February she said we can't trust Joe Biden
Red Pill X X
Red Pill X X:
Pence looks like the default American president for every game and movie.
Brody Harris
Brody Harris:
They are extremely civil compared to the presidents. It’s insane.
“In 15 seconds, what is your response to this person slandering you?”
J D:
Will you pack the Supreme Court?

“Thank you for the history lesson”...yet she goes further into the history 🤦🏻‍♀️
Vice President Pence... where have you been?!

Such a class act
Bored Stranger
Bored Stranger:
Tbh, even after 4 years, I still dont know who Hillary's running mate was
Joel Hinson
Joel Hinson:
What Pence said at the end there was powerful! Regardless of where in on the political spectrum we are on, it is only together that we can stand!
Adrian Alvarez Mora
Adrian Alvarez Mora:
I'm not on either side but where's the non-stop "thank yous" for kamala?? roughly equal time my ass hahaha whole thing is rigged haha
Shivani Kaushik
Shivani Kaushik:
"Thank you Vice president"
You are NOT WELCOME Susan!
yoel salamon
yoel salamon:
You're entitled to your own opinion not to your own facts🔥🔥🔥
Roman Peselev
Roman Peselev:
Susan: "Mr vice president you have 5 seconds to answer this question" . Mike: "Thank you Susan". Susan : "Your time is up. "
Corrupt Kamala: Joe is racist!! A year later: I love Joe!!!
Lekole Perez
Lekole Perez:
2 mins to answer important question regarding American lives and important issues 🤨😤 politics
Jeremy Piper
Jeremy Piper:
30:34 she seriously keeps talking about truth and lying all while LYING herself
Jocelyn Cao
Jocelyn Cao:
Shame on Harris! keep telling lies!
It's actually insane how calm Pence is under pressure
Did she forget Abraham Lincoln was a republican?
The moderator is so annoying!
Johan Fredriksson
Johan Fredriksson:
Now THAT'S a debate... Whu aren't these running for president instead of the other clown(s) 🤨
Oscar Jimenes
Oscar Jimenes:
33:25 Someone needs to print that quote on a shirt for $13.99
Michaela Denson
Michaela Denson:
They barely have anytime to complete their arguments. At least give them 5 minutes to talk.(thanks for all the likes)
James Ndula
James Ndula:
2 minutes is too short to discuss important issues. Kamala Harris looks too sure of herself. Why do I have a feeling the moderator was keen on the timer every time Pence was speaking
Prashant Sharma
Prashant Sharma:
"In 1864" damn she is living in the wrong time-line.
Heavy Weaponsweapons
Heavy Weaponsweapons:
Kamala's snarky laughter isnt real, it cant interrupt you.
Anyways, as I was saying ... *KAMALA'S LAUGHTER*
Sean Donaldso
Sean Donaldso:
"Thank you but we'd really like to go back" before Trump turned the United States of America in to a failing reality TV show.
Laura Legends
Laura Legends:
I wonder what aliens would think if they peeked in on our 2020? 👽
Kamala lying out her teeth about Bidens honesty, funyn how media cover up corruption related to him and his son...
6'5, Give Me Some Leg Room
6'5, Give Me Some Leg Room:
Bro wtf she didn't even give him 2 minutes 40:00 -41:30
Saurav Dhumal
Saurav Dhumal:
Love the way pence's articulated response to Harris ....The Democrats should first look at their own dismal situation at California
Special K GB
Special K GB:
Pence made Kamala look very uncomfortable. Her nervous laugh was very very telling
Josh Petty
Josh Petty:
"You have 15 seconds to respond". Really 15 seconds? That's ridiculous.
Narcissistic Statistic: Monsters in the Mirror
Narcissistic Statistic: Monsters in the Mirror:
How can Joe Biden be transparent when most can't even keep up with his sentences structures? I'm done
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez:
I’m not a Dem or Rep; however, I genuinely believe Mike Pence would make a great president. Please no hate
Kristijan Ahčin
Kristijan Ahčin:
After the prisdential debate, this intro was a must.
sara f spam
sara f spam:
i definitely agree how the amount of time they have to explain, rebuttle and discuss is way to short. Maybe 3-4 min instead of 2 min.
Will Carr
Will Carr:
I don’t get what else they expect the government to do regarding COVID? I live in the UK and our death toll is at 0.0625% the US is 0.06% your winning 😂
Chris Graham
Chris Graham:
Pence's performance was outstanding!
Dannimal Crossing
Dannimal Crossing:
"Stop playing politics with people's lives".

Jeremy Piper
Jeremy Piper:
they only want 'free college' so they can pay out big to the special interest donors at those colleges and satisfy the agenda to sway the minds of the youth into keeping them in power..
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch:
I appreciate the comments section being left open.
It was a good debate till she lied about what trump said "about Mexicans". I watched that full video so I know he said. It makes me sad cause if she is willing to twist the truth/lie like that I can't trust the rest of what she said.
Mauriice Kiing
Mauriice Kiing:
32:50 Harris is a petulant teenager. Listen to her crackly voice.
Vanessa Eden
Vanessa Eden:
Weird how the fly landed on
Pence's head for exactly 2 minutes, following the rules😂
5 minutes in, I can’t watch this because I can’t stomach Harris.
meow meow meow
meow meow meow:
You psychopaths uploaded 19 minutes of dead air?!
I didnt know that Slim Shady was VP!!!
Anitra Cole
Anitra Cole:
The moderator saying thank you over and over has literally no effect.
The questions she asks Pence compared to Harris is criminal 😂
Black To Grace
Black To Grace:
Pence has got to be one of the most polite politicians in the game
I love how they just ignore the moderator like she doesn't exist.
The best Latino
The best Latino:
Harris: All right, lets talk about packing the court... Lets face it guys, she never answered the question.
Randy Henderson
Randy Henderson:
With choices between Harris, Biden, and Bart Simpson, I would vote for Bart twice
Johnny D.
Johnny D.:
It’s one thing to promise change, but it is another not to say how you’re going to do it.
If Nancy and Mitch would pass the stimulus people would be able to pay rent
Elliot Alderson
Elliot Alderson:
I have been trading for about 6 months now and just about every trade backfires and slaps me in my face. Nearly impossible for me to catch more than a few points . I try to do top down analysis but it doesn't work for me . I say to myself, clearly I'm in the 90% that lose money, so I open a demo account, do my analysis, then take the opposite of what I would normally take and get the same result. I'm starting to feel hopeless, any advice for a struggling trader?
I had no idea that Harris was Willie Brown's mistress.
2 minutes to answer important questions is the dumbest time limit I have seen in any debate, let alone the one which is supposed to be an important one for the whole nation. 🤦🏽‍♂️
bi u
bi u:
Ice Flame
Ice Flame:
Guys I'm just happy this was an actual debate.
This was the most class I’ve seen in politics in years 😂
The economy is a complete wreck because there is a pandemic
Bob Tucker
Bob Tucker:
Pence is 10 times More Dangerous than trump
Kristijan Ahčin
Kristijan Ahčin:
"Biden" administration? You mean, if he were to win, it'd be a Harris administration.
Isaac Walker
Isaac Walker:
Much more professional in this debate. I surprisingly didn’t get a headache!
Abe Lincoln didn’t fill that seat because the Supreme Court was out of session until December. Once it was open again, the seat was filled immediately. To act like Abraham Lincoln is on your side on this Supreme Court issue is idiotic.
By the way, are you going to pack the courts?
A bit of history: the Abe Lincoln story was " interpreted history ".
Facts :
Much like most of the news and narrative we see today, context is ignored, factual accounts and context don't seem to matter anymore ... just make it truthful enough to not get sued and hope no one will be bothered to do even basic research.
Jeremy Piper
Jeremy Piper:
Mike you have not let the American people down. First time I really heard you speak and I wasn’t disappointed. Thank you for actually saying what we’re all thinking. Lol
Joseph Ramos
Joseph Ramos:
Is Kamala staying over at Sleepy Joe's favorite Safe Place Basement? 🤔 Where are they hiding her? 🤭👎🤣
Wayne Jamel
Wayne Jamel:
First debate... The candidates kept interrupting eachother... This debate the cadidates get interrupted by the moderator
courtney young
courtney young:
Kamala didn't directly answer almost any question, all she did was try to pull emotions and attack the other party, she never actually laid out a single plan about what they would do better.
"Mr. Pence I'm speaking" ...yeah but you're not saying a damn thing!
samir idraff
samir idraff:
I was not mike pence's biggest fan before watching this debate. I think he was absolutely stunning! so presidential !
Phil Morton
Phil Morton:
2mins just isn't enough time, maybe 3mins was more realistic, I hate how they are cutoff so often, we want to hear from the candidates not the adjudicator!
Josh D
Josh D:
she just can't keep a straight face without smerking eventually, its an act
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony:
48:06 the hand that shows she lies 😂😂😂
Let’s Talk Sports
Let’s Talk Sports:
Honestly Pence’s facial expression was my expression when I first heard about coronavirus so Harris I was very calm.
“They also said to us that if we did everything right, SUZAN, we...” 11:00

“One life lost is too many, SUZAN.” 11:05
Most real debates have 10+ minutes of arguments and counter arguments. 2 minutes is literally sound bite territrory.
Sebastian Fernando
Sebastian Fernando:
Kamala always says 200k people died but she doesn’t have any idea about how to handle it, how can it help me with? I don’t feel more safe with a person that complains all the time without telling any idea about how protecting me
Maggie Joseph
Maggie Joseph:
COVID 19 is a rising of the beast system, this is one of the biggest deception of the century.
Narcissistic Statistic: Monsters in the Mirror
Narcissistic Statistic: Monsters in the Mirror:
M A N D A T E S! Always begin with PLAYING ON EMOTIONS. NEVER forget that!
Steven Flynn
Steven Flynn:
Well they Won't only hide Joe Biden they will hide Kamala Harris before the election!
Two minutes is waaaay too short, they can't even develop their thoughts, always cut.
The biggest highlight the left media broadcasted was how she told pence not to interupt her... ok.... these liberals are a bloody joke.