Miami Heat vs Toronto Raptors Full Game Highlights | August 3 | NBA Restart


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L Daws -
L Daws -:
I decided to tally up the total 20+ point games each player on the Raptors has recorded in the 19/20 season. Just in case anyone was curious. I also included their highest scoring game:

Siakam: 35 games (44pts vs Pelicans)
Lowry: 28 games (36pts vs Bucks)
VanVleet: 21 games (36pts vs Heat)
Powell: 17 games (37pts vs Warriors)
Ibaka: 16 games (30pts vs Pacers)
Anunoby: 6 games (32pts vs Nuggets)
Davis: 4 games (31pts vs Bulls)
Boucher: 2 games (24pts vs Celtics)
Gasol: 1 game (20pts vs Wizards)
Hollis-Jefferson: 1 game (21pts vs Twolves)
McCaw: 0 games (18pts vs Celtics)
Thomas: 0 games (17pts vs Pacers)
Miller: 0 games (13pts vs Knicks)
Brissett: 0 games (12pts vs Blazers)

From this scoring only analysis it shows that the Raptors have had 10 different players score 20 points in a game and 7 different players score 30 points in a game. And most season highs have come in big games against top 10 teams. No player is afraid to shoot the ball, the ball movement is free because they seem to all trust each other in clutch situations and tend to ride the hot hand. The reason why the Raptors don't usually go cold any stretch of games. For this reason I think it will be tough for any team to take 4 out of 7 from this team.
Bluefin Tips
Bluefin Tips:
Siakam has improved a lot in his shooting it's getting more and more accurate.
Kristian Gibson
Kristian Gibson:
Fred Vanvleet beat his record today with 36 points. Yall underestimate him too much.
define crazy
define crazy:
One Raptors players always go crazy every single game. Some times Lowery,Siakim,Ilbaka,VanVleet... and other players simply don’t care. They are true professionals.
Artisan Windchimes
Artisan Windchimes:
Steady Freddy is deadly
DeMarvelous DeChosen
DeMarvelous DeChosen:
Every once in a while Vanvleet gotta remind the league who is the best player wearing #23 and you love to see it


Just imagine:

LA without Lebron or AD
Milwaukee without Giannis
Houston without Harden
Boston without Tatum
Dallas without Luka
Miami without Butler

None of these teams would be anywhere near 48-18!!!
I hate to hear when someone says Raptors are winning without any Star players. If Lowry, Fred, Siakam are not Star players, who are they then ?
кєνιи _
кєνιи _:
Raptors just got so many great individual defenders to throw at Duncan, he really needs to improve both sides of he floor and add more to his offensive game to make a much more impact in the game
the guru
the guru:
Stay humble and confident Raptor nation. We know who we are and we been here before. we the Champs!!
From LeBronto to back to back Champions? Jurassic Park is scaring me.. Hopefully I can LeDodge them in the finals!
L Daws -
L Daws -:
For anyone arguing Tatum > Siakam I have prepared a little breakdown:
First off, Siakam is just as fast and has more length and height. As for the stats, Siakam has 23.5 pts, 7.6 reb, 3.6 ast with 45.6 fg%, while Tatum has 23.4 pts, 7.0 reb, 3.0 ast with 44.4 fg%. They both have the same amount of blocks, Tatum has .4 more steals and .2 less turnovers and both have the same FT%. The only place I see Tatum having the edge is on 3pt% (39.8% vs 36.1%). They are tied at best. In my opinion I take Siakam in crunch time because he has more length and can get to the basket easier. If you call Tatum a star, then Siakam is no doubt also a star.
Alboshiro's Games
Alboshiro's Games:
Damn bro MLG man the game has just ended. Fast uploads as always. The Ol' Reliable!
Raptors Nation
Raptors Nation:
Fred Vanvleet went off God damn 🔥🔥💪🏾💯🏆 yall gone learn about that man. #LetsGoRaptors
Athletic Grooming
Athletic Grooming:
Jae crowder impressed me this game
Priest Edmond
Priest Edmond:
Maybe its time to consider Lowry to be top 5 pg
The Raptors are taking turns going off on these teams. 😂
First Lowry and OG, now Fred.
Jamal Jackson
Jamal Jackson:
What a game
janessa castillo
janessa castillo:
Miami is the Dark Horse of the East
sherwin poh
sherwin poh:
Raptors defense back at it again
225 NDM
225 NDM:
The Chemistry in this raptor team is very on point, sometime people just talk about superstar, is a good point of view but man this team is very solid... And Siakam, Lowry and Vanvleet are very good
Raptors in this year is strong too💪😏
I luw sandwich
I luw sandwich:
Dragic was a beaaaaaaast!!!!!
Crimson Cloud
Crimson Cloud:
Whoever the commentator is that says "Kaboom" definitely needs a raise.
Kunal Moon
Kunal Moon:
I loved this game
Can we expect eastern conference semi final between these teams???
sherwin poh
sherwin poh:
I guess defending Klay and Steph for a series makes it easy to lock down shooters like Duncan Robinson
Zacharie Puentedura
Zacharie Puentedura:
Looked like a playoffs game there was so much intensity
Alberto Meza Vargas
Alberto Meza Vargas:
4 qtr Raptors vs refs. Dont sleep 9n the champion 🦖🦖
BlackEnded Turf
BlackEnded Turf:
Jimmy Butler reminds me soo much of Guile
You already got the highlights up...damn you fast.
sherwin poh
sherwin poh:
Gotta say, Miami's team has alot of potential. A team mixed with young raw talents and seasoned grizzled veterans along with good coaching. They may not be title contenders this season but they will be soon enough.
Eojin Lim
Eojin Lim:
You love to see it. Van Vleet learning from Lowry.
Weedman of Toronto
Weedman of Toronto:
2:45 thats that R2 analog to the right crossover 😂
Archange buni
Archange buni:
Fred vanvleet 3 pointed are 🔥🔥🔥
Matthew Deveaux
Matthew Deveaux:
Should've shown Dragic missing the free throw to tie the game in crunch time.We Didn't lose because of it but it's a testament to the amount of missed opportunities the Heat had in this game.
I've noticed the raptors fanbase(like many other teams) Cries refs alot. But My God, that was potentially some of the worst officiating i have ever seen for any team, The head ref literally said that grabbing someones ankle and tripping them was not a flagrant foul, because no one was seriously hurt. Is this official officiating protocol? will the NBA address such a ludicrous statement? interesting stuff
Matic Herzog
Matic Herzog:
Toronto plays really good on the road !
Love Heat but the final plays were embarrassing. FVV deserved to Win this one
Eiffel Cordoba
Eiffel Cordoba:
Next time #305 baby stay up
D 416
D 416:
We the North...🍁🤾🏽‍♂️Fred Van-Champ could not be stopped!
Dwight Oliver
Dwight Oliver:
It'll be nice to see them again in the Finals vs Kawhi and the Clippers.
Edward Bliss
Edward Bliss:
You know they're going to repeat, right?
Miss Jovy
Miss Jovy:
They are meeting in the east finals!
YYZ Cruz
YYZ Cruz:
Tough schedule ahead. This was perfect game to remind them they need to close out better. Dragic tripped OG, should have been a flagrant 2 and him out, instead, they went on 14-0 run and caught up. Refs really tried to throw the game for the heat, the old Raptors would’ve crumbled, these Raps have championship dna from Kahwi
Stromile Gerald
Stromile Gerald:
Damm I've afraid Miami needs more experience maybe a season away to be contenders
deiby valenzuela
deiby valenzuela:
What a game wooooooow, my god.
Christ Aeron
Christ Aeron:
Raptors without kawhi is always be an Intro boys HAHAHAHAH
why is the scoreboard the opposite colors of their uniforms,got me confused a couple of times...
Paul Namalomba
Paul Namalomba:
Raptors defense so awesome
NJBeast 3
NJBeast 3:
Bad game by nunn and robinson but they almost came back from 15 happy to see that...regroup and win the next one
I luw sandwich
I luw sandwich:
Man Jimmy gotta play like a true all star if the heat wants to win.
Ben K
Ben K:
Eastern conference finals ?
Pay close attention they're putting everyone on notice.
Dew Man
Dew Man:
Yes Raps! Keep it going! Whooohooooo! The team is on fire!
Noo. Those turnovers at the end. 😱
Sergio Lorenzi
Sergio Lorenzi:
9:30 1,2,3
Such a pretty basketball by this teams, i like both.
david antoine
david antoine:
Go Heat!
That was fun!
The more I watch Heat and Pacers play, the more I want to root for them.
All these other bubble teams look like doodoo. LeBron looking like he want to go back on vacation and Giannis still making dumb game-blowing plays. Ez championship for raptors again
These teams are really good defensively. They will give you effort and energy the whole game that's for sure. Great match up.
Who says the Raptors don't have any superstars? They seem to have a new one every game.!!
Read about It
Read about It:
If TJ Warren played for Heat in this game they could have won,change my mind
Halal Homer
Halal Homer:
undisputed is starting to piss me off.
KlayVon Boumjie Boumjie
KlayVon Boumjie Boumjie:
Bam so underrated
Alain Lamour
Alain Lamour:
Both these teams look terrifying tbh lol. Toronto is a problem. Miami has so many guys they just never go away. The game looks so crispy and disciplined from both teams this looked very much like playoff basketball.
Vicente Rodrigo
Vicente Rodrigo:
The choke is real from Butler.
CW Ye:
Must be a dream to coach the Raptors. Great team work, and all players have no ego problem.
Christian James
Christian James:
Imagine if Kawhi stayed...
GG to the Heat they are a tough team..Glad the Raptors could close out the game.
pull out your craziest weapon
pull out your craziest weapon:
why’s no one talking about the last two possessions by Miami wth was that
Johnny Lawrence
Johnny Lawrence:
back to back champs
The play in the first half was absolutely tragic.
Mario B
Mario B:
Steady Freddy!!!
Neioh Carbonilla
Neioh Carbonilla:
Two costly TO, haayysss
Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez:
As a Clippers fan, I'm more worried about the Raps than the Bucks by a mile
Rirhandzu Mackaukau
Rirhandzu Mackaukau:
I stopped reading the comments after the first five wasn't about Jimmy Butler
Paul Covers
Paul Covers:
marc gasol looking like pau gasol with that long hair
Manewa Kouam
Manewa Kouam:
Nits Santos
Nits Santos:
Edward Bliss
Edward Bliss:
This announcer sounds like Wayne Newton
Planet MarSh
Planet MarSh:
I want Raptors to win the Finals.. Again
tol jw
tol jw:
Why only James Harden get the hate about geting the foul calls? Lowry in every game dive to get the calls, he teached the acting skills to Vanvleet too..the refs reward them in every play
iam esoes
iam esoes:
yeah the game was cool and all, but listen closely... comentator guy sounds like trump...
Sebastian Corporan
Sebastian Corporan:
Toronto reminds me a little bit of the 04 pistons ngl
Butler choked.
*Better Not Sleep On The Champs!!*
pablosa delmundo
pablosa delmundo:
Raptors show they can do it again.
سيد Didi
سيد Didi:
captinCanuck jones
captinCanuck jones:
Raptors had too many turn-overs
As usual.
What is the point of color coding the scoreboard graphic if you're going to have the team with red uniforms as black and black uniforms as red?
Vanvleet is so underrated
Archange buni
Archange buni:
Toronto raptors have a chance of winning the nba title again
Future Global
Future Global:
The Heat employed against Siakam the defense the Raptors employ against Atentokompou. I’m not sure if anyone noticed. They formed a wall above the free throw line & forced Pascal to give up on fast breaks.

Coach Nurse needs to find a way to make them pay. Before I go in, any ideas?
TINKER plays
TINKER plays:
miami should give iggy more minutes he is that good of a playmaker
young Assassin
young Assassin: