Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers | October 4, 2020

Led by Jimmy Butler’s 40 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists, the Heat defeated the Lakers, 115-104, in Game 3. LeBron James tallied 25 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists for the Lakers in the losing effort. The Lakers lead this best-of-seven series, 2-1. Game 4 will take place on Tuesday, October 6.

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40 pts, 11 Reb, 13 ast
My Respect stays with you Jimmy
Jimmy was a monster in this game. He has to play just like this if the heat have any chance of winning it. If he doesn't Lakers have this locked up.
0:44 hello darkness my friend
G M:
Jimmy Butler making a series out of it.
Benjamin Ricardo
Benjamin Ricardo:
Jimmy's thoughts: "We will NOT be swept!!!"
Lakers win: 100% of highlights is Lakers. Heat win: 80% of highlights is Lakers.
Heat would be a problem if they get Bam and Dragic back.
Tadej Pavković
Tadej Pavković:
Lol and Heat is playing without their top 2 scorers.
Jimmy seems Django
Conrad Pirimona
Conrad Pirimona:
Damn Jimmy Buckets putting up 40 in the finals. Hopefully once Bam and Goran get back from injury they’ll make it a spicy series for LA
Darkpierre 86
Darkpierre 86:
It’s the perfect example of how you can win an NBA title.
Very solid collectively, effective in attack and especially not to let go in defense by being aggressive.
But do the Heat have the mental resources to continue like this ?
Not sure at all.
After that if Jimmy Butler is able to outperform LeBron James like he did, it will be difficult for the Lakers.
We'll see...

Either way, it was a really good game. It's nice to see the big defense.
We can't say that the league delights us a lot defensively.
It’s been a long time since defensive placements in order to properly orient his vis a vis or to provoke strong passages as well as off-road pressing has been almost dead in the NBA for over 10 years unfortunately.
Not to mention the room there is to hit the racket.
Josh Gxoyiya
Josh Gxoyiya:
Jimmy Butlers the only one on this Miami team who actually wants to win the Playoffs and is playing lit
Togetherness, focus and chemistry are what have got these guys here.

Its not just about talent! Huge respect to all 4 conference finalists!
Jimmy was a monster
why doesn't the nba channel post these anymore
Y Z:
3:01 guess there's no barbers in the bubble. My guy was so hot his hair started flying off.
Chad Lion
Chad Lion:
Butler busted a “we are Spartans” moment.
dyep dyep
dyep dyep:
Jimmy "clutch" buckets
Vitor Oliveira
Vitor Oliveira:
3:00 Butler's: "É isso memo, é isso memo".
Even the referee dabbed Butler after the game, the guy played his heart out!
Alex Filipowski
Alex Filipowski:
Wow goat left his team before ending 😂18 turnovers ... record? True goat no questions🤣🤣🤣
Wuyan LI
Wuyan LI:
0:46 Saqtin a FOOL
Caner E
Caner E:
0:25 lmao traveling
Jose Rippley
Jose Rippley:
Bien por Jimmy Butler.
J Dee
J Dee:
I had a dream once that we got highlights with commentary that matches up with the clips.....that was a nice dream.
issam fakhreddine
issam fakhreddine:
I like how ad tried to high 5 and the player just walked right past it
Muhammad Ghazy
Muhammad Ghazy:
Bro you just leave Davis hangin' 🤣 00:43
George Miles
George Miles:
George miles looks like jimmy Burke wth!
Pedro Ivo
Pedro Ivo:
Joga muito o Jimmy Butler
BigKev FSD
BigKev FSD:
Miami Heat won but the Lakers had more highlights wtf really? 🤦‍♂️
Shopairguard Dotcom
Shopairguard Dotcom:
It's Jimmy JORDAN taking over.
Vinayak Pande
Vinayak Pande:
Jimmy got some moves, Jimmy can play, let gooo of Jimmy! Will be shocked if this goes to six games, but thankfully the series won't be a sweep.
Daniel Guniš 75
Daniel Guniš 75:
Masterpiece Butler...💪
Arthur Severgnini
Arthur Severgnini:
2:43 my oh my
Kelly Q
Kelly Q:
2:53 how big is KCP jimmy ?
Αναρχικός Φασίστας
Αναρχικός Φασίστας:
Mvp Jimmy Butler
Points 40
Rebounds 11
NBA probably noticed some complained that this finals are boring. So now they trying to make it interesting for those people.
I think with all the talent LA has and all the injuries suffered by Miami, the league should order the Lakers to spot the Heat one of their top stars to make the series competitive.
Hasan Mehti
Hasan Mehti:
İf Bam and Goran return Heat will win this series
joon kim
joon kim:
jimmy jordon !!!!!
Let’s go Heat 🔥
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov:
Well it was about time Jimmy Buckets showed up!
Classroom My
Classroom My:
Butler was so lit 🔥🔥🔥
at least LeBron didn't make 8 turnovers in this game

ooops, I was wrong..
Bruno Freitas
Bruno Freitas:
0:43 Kuzma😐
Victor Inox
Victor Inox:
i hope miami wins the next game too so we can have a series.
Magdalena Durán
Magdalena Durán:
Hi, very well. Saludos desde R.D
George Miles
George Miles:
BREAKING: George has been dropped from the school basketball team after smoking his inhaler in practice
Yoko Yan
Yoko Yan:
Jimmy is a Legend. Those previous team mates must feel like bums now
cupcup canıtın
cupcup canıtın:
0:43 i am sad for you :(
yasio bolo
yasio bolo:
Miami Heat won but the Lakers had more highlights wtf really? 🤦‍♂️
nikos nikou
nikos nikou:
4th quarter 8:07 Jimmy Butler WHAT A PASS
soiung toiue
soiung toiue:
BREAKING: George has been dropped from the school basketball team after smoking his inhaler in practice
Tank Evans
Tank Evans:
I have a feeling that LeBron and/or AD is gonna turn it up real high in G4!
haruna matsui
haruna matsui:
Jimmy the real GOAT
Claire Daquilos
Claire Daquilos:
I’m seeing the ‘06 Miami Heat team again 👀🤭
Paring Hudas
Paring Hudas:
Jimmy has some lots of stamina to play a 40+ mins..
Yodie Indrawan
Yodie Indrawan:
Drag them Jimmy, drag them 🔥
Amadou Moustapha Dieng
Amadou Moustapha Dieng:
Butler taking over.
Jake Moshe Reiter
Jake Moshe Reiter:
0:40 jajajajajaj sad
Chris Marie Parahinog
Chris Marie Parahinog:
Iba ka talaga Jimmy Alapag💪👏
Basti van RIHJN
Basti van RIHJN:
Jimmy Buckets 🔥
Jimmy Butler Let's Go 🔥
Roy Bayona
Roy Bayona:
Perfect win for the heat
arturo piancaldini
arturo piancaldini:
Great performance by Django
T Rex
T Rex:
They’ve figured them out
George Miles
George Miles:
Hopefully gmiles aka asthmaffgo isn’t so sad now with all the Astro burns!⚱️
maikee flash
maikee flash:
Credit to Butler he did not recruit a lot of stars just to reach finals only young and undrafted players sorround him. Not a hater of LBJ just saying my opinion and truth
Without Adebayo 👍 well done!
keep going miami heat
Marcos Sill
Marcos Sill:
Awesome game Jimmy !!!
David_Basketball Brasil
David_Basketball Brasil:
All Lives Matter!!!
Dr Youtube
Dr Youtube:
Good to see more than a one sided game! Jimmy not giving up!
John Gillis
John Gillis:
Thanks Jimmy
Kelvin Gillett
Kelvin Gillett:
I always say bring hard pressure and they will fold .
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys:
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
Well it was about time Jimmy Buckets showed up!
Kovi Pascual
Kovi Pascual:
thought it was a blowout
Jicky Jones
Jicky Jones:
They're in trouble
Angel Chukwu
Angel Chukwu:
Now Kyle was trippin u just don't leave ad Hanging like dat
Jose Carapeto
Jose Carapeto:
Miami pese a las 2 bajas titulares que tienen van a remontar y se van a llevar el anillo. Heats -4; Lakers -3. Miami Champion Nba 2019 / 2020. Go go Heats
Dave Lim
Dave Lim:
Jimmy butler is a player do not care about his stats. He play to win
Thomas Linton
Thomas Linton:
Still bowing to the left am out
Luis Andrei Carlos
Luis Andrei Carlos:
Rafa King
Rafa King:
Doesn't matter, Lakers in 5 🤣🤣
Neo Friday
Neo Friday:
Jimmy Buckets!
Mohammadyar Barandov
Mohammadyar Barandov:
First quarter:
Lebron 4 turnovers
AD 4 turnovers
That's why Rondo should be here to manage and arrange the team.

Flashback to quarter 1 of the Game 1, when the Lakers couldnt score and stuck on 12 pts then Frank Vogel substituted James and Howard with Rondo and Kuzma, then lakers tie the game at 28 pts, after that Lebron got motivated and came back strong.

That's why Rondo is a floor general.
Have they finally moved the NBA to China?
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar:
Green have enough brick to build a palace. It's like some1 mess up his shot slider in 2k and put all to 25.
Elirah Ramon
Elirah Ramon:
Heat in 7
Marco Delgado
Marco Delgado:
What? Well lakers is really clippers older brother. Heat in 6.
Dr. deng gerous
Dr. deng gerous:
heat needs more ball-hogging for mr. closer buckets!
danger zone
danger zone:
Nice game for Miami without 2 key players .congrats coach
Jake Moshe Reiter
Jake Moshe Reiter:
Beautiful Miami
ad was looking scared to shoot this game
Ayyub DT
Ayyub DT:
vedio movie Gwoz
vedio movie Gwoz:
Yeah gow heat
Juan DelaCruize
Juan DelaCruize:
Jimmy Butler making things happen. But this is the last win they will achieve