Miami Heat Trophy Presentation Ceremony - 2020 NBA Eastern Conference Champions

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat - Full ECF Game 6 Highlights | September 27, 2020 NBA Playoffs

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100+ komento:

Rachael Nichols: Lets take a moment to recognize the Boston Celtics lets give them a round of applause

Everyone: .....
Health Inspector
Health Inspector:
Jimmy really deserves it. A man who went homeless, who wasnt loved by his family to potentially winning a chip. Huge respect to Jimmy Butler, y'all just misunderstood him but he's an og.
Jan Benedict Trinidad
Jan Benedict Trinidad:
Erik Spoelstra just straight up rejected that possible "story line" lebron james question
Nee Africa
Nee Africa:
Iggy goes to the finals for 6 consecutive years. wow
Lynette Lockhart
Lynette Lockhart:
It's honestly annoying & disrespectful af that the media acts as if CB was some throwaway player. Shoutout to Spo for acknowledging him.
jaxwalkk ➊
jaxwalkk ➊:
Tyler Herro is everyone's 2k player goin to the finals 1st season
Sole Magus
Sole Magus:
" Bronsexual Question by Rachel..."
2:47 Spo’s a G for checking Rachel 💪🏽. Let these dudes enjoy their moment smh
yves rabe
yves rabe:
Gotta give Dragic the respect he deserves. Dude's been playing great throughout his time in Miami and to be able to reach the finals is such a accomplishment for him.
JOSH 121
JOSH 121:
2 things:
1. Wade finding ways to come out of retirement.
2. Hassan whiteside punching the air right now.
Jck Dnls
Jck Dnls:
Rachel I'm glad Eric spolstra put u in ur place.. stop asking about lebron, this isn't the time for that.. this is Miami heat time.
Patrick Mallari
Patrick Mallari:
Rachel shouldve interviewed UD and Goran. Goran been one of the core leaders of this team since arriving. He is so underrated and needed to be recognized.
*Jimmy butler is the heart of this team and everyone follows his lead and that makes them a formidable team! Let's go HEAT!!!*
Renz Grospe
Renz Grospe:
I've been a fan of Jimmy since his early years in the Bulls. The man never gave up and worked his ass off. Jimmy deserves a ring.
Aiden Wood
Aiden Wood:
Myers Leonard mvp: 500 let’s goooos , 200 claps, 350 high-fives
Everyones Tanjiro
Everyones Tanjiro:
Lebron vs his old team this gonna be nice
Rajkishore Nayak
Rajkishore Nayak:
Tyler Hero is a walking bucke,he has unlimited way to score
Spoelstra a real one for acknowledging Wade and Bosh
Florida Mercenary
Florida Mercenary:
They need to have Dragon for an interview. He’s been the best player whole playoffs for Heat
Ahmad Shauky
Ahmad Shauky:
Actually dragic is the only one that played consistant man, goran dragic is so underrated😢
Kevin M
Kevin M:
Udonis Haslem has made the Finals w 3 different versions of the Heat 😱
It's so weird seeing this without the fans. It goes to show what a crazy year 2020 is.
Honestly, Rachel felt really patronizing and disrespectful during the interview.
Jc Umali
Jc Umali:
Man, Iggy never left the finals 🔥
James Jordan
James Jordan:
as a bulls fan I'm so happy to Jimmy Butler...
T Rex
T Rex:
Stop bringing up Lebron Rachel, this is Miami's time!
"I'm not going to get into what happened in Minnesota Jimmy" is like saying "I'm not going to get into what happened with your ex.." Maybe they should tell Lebron, "I'm not going to get into what happened with Dallas"
Sumit Chawla
Sumit Chawla:
I would love to see HEAT win. Like last years Raptors . They are such a Hard Working Team .Disciplined . Jimmy Butler u r a Great Leader .
Fritz Bautista
Fritz Bautista:
Note: Rachael slapped yourself for asking something that’s disrespectful.
Let’s just take a moment and realize how Eric Spoelstra has done a phenomenal job coaching this team. He deserves coach of the year award.
Chubbz Reyes
Chubbz Reyes:
I smell upset kinda reminds me of the old lakers when they got beaten in the finals by Detroit,I'm rooting for Miami in the finals
Fred The Boy
Fred The Boy:
Bro,I used to Hate the Heat as a Bulls fan. I never would have thought I would like em now all these years later...😂😂
-MB232 -
-MB232 -:
That moment you realize Jimmy butler has more finals appearances than CP3 and Carmelo
“NBA is rigged, they want Zion vs LeBron in the 1st round for the ratings”
“NBA is rigged, they want LA vs LA in the WCF for the ratings”
“NBA is rigged, they want Lakers vs Celtics in the finals for the ratings”

How did all of those conspiracy theories turn out? Just shut up 😂😂
Imagine wade just waited 1 more year and even if he got little minutes the Lebron wade last dance
Yo where Tf was our confetti at though!?!? I know damn well T̶h̶e̶ ̶L̶a̶k̶e̶r̶s̶ Lebron James had some confetti on their conference finals win😑😑
Raging Pickles
Raging Pickles:
Who ever thought Miami would make the NBA Finals?
So many story lines you can choose from this could you not want to see them win the chip, and once again have "experts" back on our level
dcoog anml
dcoog anml:
Jimmy butler is the heart of this team and everyone follows his lead and that makes them a formidable team! Let's go HEAT!!!
Coach Spolestra VERY UNDERRATED coach in this league
Wassup yall hope y’all having a great night man we blessed to be watching the best sport in the world y’all stay safe!
I’m a small YouTuber looking for some support appreciate y’all boys 🙏🏾
Goku Flash
Goku Flash:
I love how she make sure to push Lebron into every question or comment, typical of ESPN 😂
King Nate Sr.
King Nate Sr.:
Shouts to Miami and Heat nation, you guy's are deserving of this moment.
I'm not a fan, but I admired the way they approached each series with a chip on there shoulder.
I don't think this will be there year, but making it this far as a 5 seed, and having everybody against you is a W!
In the off-season when there's free agency, hopefully they don't go after big named guys with ego problems.
That'll fuck up the team chemistry, there's plenty Jimmy's, Bam's, Dre, Tyler, etc etc out there, they just gotta find them.
These guys did it without a roster full of names everybody know, big 4's, 3's, and 2's, which makes it even better.
I think the heat are in need of one last piece as a starter, to compliment Bam in order to beat the Lakers tho.
Rachel in love with Lebron. Nice job spo. That's what the media do put fear in players for their king. The media will be pissed if the Lakers lose.
Ariel Star
Ariel Star:
This Miami Heat Team is so likeable. What an enjoyable series it was. Herro is so, so nice. I can see a future MVP in him. Bam is nice, Robinson, great leaders like Jimmy B, Dragic, etc. Many congratulations to Miami Heat and the fans! From a Raps fan
Rolan Salazar
Rolan Salazar:
salute to Miami Heat!!!! most especially to “Igudala” he brings the luck to his Team...🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Pricso Jr. Avelino
Pricso Jr. Avelino:
Unpredictable team
When they finally realised LeBron is their next opponent
Leon Phelps
Leon Phelps:
Jimmy “Buckets” and Bam are my new “Herro(s)”....😎
Heat went from a bottom seed in the east worse than teams like the nets, magic, hornets, pistons... To booking their tickets to the nba finals. If thats not inspirational and motivating, Then idk what is.
Nolimit Zee
Nolimit Zee:
My mans Jimmy said “4 more to go” 😭 he tryna get dem boys up outta there
100 subs no videos challenge
100 subs no videos challenge:
Bro we got no confetti the Lakers on confetti what is this
Remy •
Remy •:
To even think Tyler hero got drafted in 2019 !!! He plays likes he’s been here for years. To see a rookie just make it this far and perform like he’s doing is wild.
Austin Boone
Austin Boone:
“This dessert before the meal stay hungry” -in the buddle
Guess Jimmy wasn’t the problem...
Ted Ian Jungay
Ted Ian Jungay:
Congrats coach Erik, Filipinos are so proud of you!
Bakary Dembélé
Bakary Dembélé:
I'm new to NBa this season and I decided to support the Heat and I've never made a better choice
Should’ve had Ernie Johnson or someone one else instead of Rachels she’s the worst. Literally can’t keep LBJ for one ceremony... smh
Connor Dankan
Connor Dankan:
Imagine if D wade stayed another year
Alan Samineedi
Alan Samineedi:
If the heat win, Tyler Herro has to sit on the court drinking some Capri-Sun, he's too young to drink and spray champagne with the team lol
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
2:47 Spo’s a G for checking Rachel 💪🏽. Let these dudes enjoy their moment smh
Bill Papadopoulos
Bill Papadopoulos:
rhianjoy Caranto
rhianjoy Caranto:
A David and the final 2020 go HEAT 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Zachary Abel
Zachary Abel:
So happy for Meyers - blazers lost a decent center.

Congratulations Haslem
Bob Caridad
Bob Caridad:
Iggy lowkey heading to his 6th straight finals
2:40 i like how almost all of their smiles turned flat when rachel mentions lebron lol
Romaine Montrelle
Romaine Montrelle:
Jimmy made the best move of his career going to Miami
opzz xsin
opzz xsin:
Honestly, Rachel felt really patronizing and disrespectful during the interview.
Juan Luna
Juan Luna:
Pacers in 4
Bucks in 5
Celtics in 6


LetsGooo 🔥🔥🔥
The heat were the most underrated team this season. They just worked and they deserved it
Diego Membreno
Diego Membreno:
Imagine being 20 and going to the finals in your first year 🤯🤯🤯
Lets go heat its us against the world lets bring it to the 305 baby 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cesar Espinal
Cesar Espinal:
Main i would of told Rachel ✔ it out LeBron James and the teams he has been on have lost in the championship 🤔 😳
Klavdija Bauer
Klavdija Bauer:
Jimmy screaming AJMO is a MOOD, the Balkans will understand 😂😂❤️❤️❤️ Ajmooooooo!!! 🔥🤫
Gooo Jimmy, much respected when you wore your real name on the JERSEY 🙏🙏🙏
Danny Y
Danny Y:
Props to Spolstra for putting Rachel and her media hungry narrative down
john higgins
john higgins:
Am I the only one who’s holding back tears
The question is: Where is wade gonna cheer for? For Heat or for Lebron?😂
this girl sound so unnatural when she asks a question lol
Raider Warrior
Raider Warrior:
I like this team.A lot of heart,very good chemistry,no ego,excellent coaching.
And I love Butler man. He’s old school.
Kevin Kerr
Kevin Kerr:
Tf was that? No one gives a damn about Boston in this moment 😂
Bea's Channel
Bea's Channel:
A lot of Rookie Superstars this season. Congrats miami 🔥🔥 lets go beat the superteam lakers. 💪💪☝☝
Eric Gilmintinov
Eric Gilmintinov:
I'm the Laker fan but I'm glad Heat could reach the Finals. They really deserved it. A true badass players who worked harder than anybody else in the East. May the best team win! #letsgolakers #letsgoheat
Just waiting for jimmy to lose the mustache 😌
J W:
Damn when he said “dwyane and CB heat nation” I almost teared up cause damn time flies :/
Lucky Valera
Lucky Valera:
Enter The Vortex
Enter The Vortex:
3:13 Jimmy hollering " Im up !! I'm up!! " lol
Green Gamer31
Green Gamer31:
Its Lebron vs His Former Team @ Finals 🔥🔥
Will Belokur
Will Belokur:
I really hope Jimmy wins the championship I have been a big fan of him for years
Juan Jaimes
Juan Jaimes:
She was disrespectful with all the questions like they strive for drama
GIR 93
GIR 93:
Miami plays a team! They have that street 👍😎🔥
TC_Thunder iOS
TC_Thunder iOS:
Let’s go Heat❤️🖤🔥💯
As a Lakers fan, I'm happy for these young bulls. Much deserved. Now Let's eat!!
Gerald Leeroy
Gerald Leeroy:
Is it me or does Bam Adebayo look like Dwight Howard🤔😂
Richjohn Way
Richjohn Way:
Before: Lebron & Coach Spoelstra vs Coach Vogel
Now: Lebron & Coach Vogel vs Coach Spoelstra
Di mo ko makikita
Di mo ko makikita:
No confetti cause the Celtics was supposed to win this game
Lucky Yu
Lucky Yu:
Hope heat wins the finals. But i don’t see any reason how...☹️
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez:
To keep a 2-3 zone college paste defense the entire game in the nba is crazy 🤦🏽‍♂️
eric landry
eric landry:
Where's the Confetti on the floor? Was they supposed to lose this game?
loc power
loc power:
Everyone in L.A was waiting for Boston but they chocked again. Bring it on SouthBeach. This finals is going to be a good one.
Adnan Sherifedin
Adnan Sherifedin:
They play so well together, you can feel the bond they have through the screen. Lakers in 5