Mga hakbang ng Cebu kontra COVID-19

Pag-uusapan natin ang mga hakbang ng Cebu provincial government kontra COVID-19. Makakausap natin si Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia.

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Isang Nodabar
Isang Nodabar:
When do doctors in the philippines realize that covid 19 is just ordinary seasonal flu??? Corona virus is just a hoax.
A lot of doctors fronliner in other countriies already tell the truth about the virus...People are so blind whats happening in this world... I really hope THE GREAT AWAKENING will come soon.
How Weak
How Weak:
Cebu city has β€œSecret Lang” bar . πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
Florame Migallen
Florame Migallen:
Can you ask her if yong taga minglanilla maka punta ba sa asturias and come back thx.
Sidney Ivan Martel
Sidney Ivan Martel:
Thank you Governor Gwen for the immediate action done.

More power and God bless always.

Andrew Fulache
Andrew Fulache:
Kapoy na kaau nang mga tawhana pangwarta ug Gahum ray naas hunahuna permi anang mga TRADITIONAL POLITICIANS.
karen rojo
karen rojo:
You did a great job in protecting and serving our Province, Gov. Mabuhay ka and God Bless