Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 update as of October 2020

The Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 is almost ready for a December opening if we are talking about the main line. As for the ramps probably more months to go if you ask my personal opinion. Hand in hand with Government and Private sector, we have an elevated bypass road that will skip the busy narrow thoroughfare along Metro Manila while travelling from south to the north corridor.

As we enter the fourth quarter of the year. The Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 main line is technically connected as girders have been installed and restored on all the gaps between the missing spans along the main line. We have documented some of the installations and I have included those footage on this October 2020 update. As the update coverage we are doing is getting less, it means the project is about to be complete! These past few months has been nostalgic for me as after years of following this project, finally it will be usable to all. Together let us witness the last stages of developments on this project.

Special thanks to:
SMC Infrastructure
Sec Mark Villar - DPWH
Asec Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo

Collaborative works with:
Mr Mike Ajero
Engr Alliswell
Engr Ecijano

Most of the videos went to Section 2A and Section 3 and 4.
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The columns you see after the on and off ramps are provision for future expansion of skyway.
Richard Cesar
Richard Cesar:
Tapos pag natuloy pa yung Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge. Sigurado luluwag na talaga ang Kamaynilaan
reyes robert
reyes robert:
Kahit marami na nag uupdate ng skyway stage 3 dto sa you tube, I still look forward to your monthly update bcoz yours alone has the most complete, comprehensive and best drone shots. Mas kita ko ang development ng project Kya I would like to thank you for all the efforts. Also thanks to the SMC for doing this project together with DPWH and the Duterte administration for pursuing the project to it's eventual completion. Once finish we will not only see an expressway but a cathalyst for further economic growth of the country. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!
Rick C
Rick C:
You have done well....Great Job...I can't wait to see the next two Major Infrastructures that will soon start....The New Manila International Airport and the Mega Manila Subway....Can't wait to see and follow your next adventure in providing us updates every step of the way. Thank you and God Bless...
Meliodas Mangubat
Meliodas Mangubat:
Imagine kids in the future, wondering how skyway constructed.. the Best!
Detective Conan
Detective Conan:
this infrastructure will surely boost commerce and trade if covid pandemic will be solved. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Hands down to you Mr. Valencia for such a great coverage. When time comes that you have a joyride video from Alabang entry in SLEX to Balintawak exit in NLEX, then its my go signal to test what it's like to drive the whole stretch of Skyway.
Lito Luis
Lito Luis:
Yes, πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŠThe FILIPINO Can!!! regained Pride Glory Prosperity & Will stay.... more developments to come, Basta matutong Bomoto ng Tama at hindi patatalo s Smartmatic.

taong i-binoto mo, babalik sayo, either pagnakawan k at ipahamak k at tabunan k ng Basura, or Taos Pusong Paglingkuran Mamahalin at Malasakit ang Ibalik nia sayo....
M A:
A double decker skyway wow! Great and one of kind eng'g design! What a great relief for MM traffic and travelers from North to south and vice versa when this will open very soon. PPP really works with strong political will.
i'm always waiting for mr. dmitrivalencia's vlog every end of the mo nth so that i run abreast the development of the project, nice one sir.
randomness matters
randomness matters:
i'm 71yo, in my entire life i've never seen development such these, i've seen and watched how lagusnilad, lacson underpass, azcaraga quezon blvd. underpass, most buildings and hotels during president Marcos reign to meet the IMF conference held here in Manila, i've watched the reclamation of the sea where MOA, Phil Plaza, cultural center stood that was project then by Stonehill and Marcos, but this generation was so amazing, that most of the project will be listed in my must travel and bucket list. thanks to mr. dmitrivalencia for bringing us this very informative vlog and to our president Rodrigo Duterte.
Darvz Channel
Darvz Channel:
Nice one sir. Congrats! Been watching your infra updates since day 1. Also Congrats to SMC and EEi, great job!. I wonder how the NLEX-SLEX Connector road be connected to Stage 3. And also excited for the extension of Skyway up to NMIA. looking forward for the next update! God Speed! Safe travels! :)
E Rica
E Rica:
The planned opening is by the end of this year. The Pandacan fire and covid delayed it but the end is near, nonetheless. I've been following the updates since Sep 2018, hard to imagine that it's been over two years. This is definitely a monumental accomplishment by the Philippine government is a testimony of Filipino perseverance and drive for development!
I can't believe this project is almost finished! We have been waiting for this for decades. Thank you Dmitri for providing us with video updates through the years.
cabusas jhonpaul
cabusas jhonpaul:
Kudos to the president, sec Villar and to all engineers and construction workers mabuhay❗
Rod Aguilar
Rod Aguilar:
Kingdom Hearts background music i luv it! β™₯️
winston paul
winston paul:
SALUTE to all our Filipino builders!
Zosimo Monsanto
Zosimo Monsanto:
I really appreciate the vallue of this effort and the outstanding documentation of this project , Thank you very much #Dmitrivalencia keepsafe always & Godbless to you & your family πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
Mabuhay Duterte’s Administration πŸ’ͺπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ Mabuhay Pilipinas πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
Jon Lanuzga
Jon Lanuzga:
Wow, galing ng mga shots ni Sir Dimitri (OG tlaga ng youtube Infrastructure vidz). Excited na ako for this project to get completed. Kudos Ramon Ang / SMC!
Beev Joy
Beev Joy:
June 2019 was the start I watched your videos of the Skyway project and the every month progress .....your videos are detailed and very informative I can say ganyan pala siya ginawa superb design and engineering
Agustin Lacson
Agustin Lacson:
Another awesome presentation of work progress Dimitri Valencia my hats off!!!
The toll cost will be far less than the fuel and time cost spent now traveling through the corridor!
Jet Hofer
Jet Hofer:
ang galing! i hope other big businesspeople will participate in the PPP.
Triztan Driz
Triztan Driz:
I'm pretty sure few of the BGM featured is from Final Fantasy 14's The Loch's Theme and and Ghmlyt Dark's Theme lol.
louie joseph clemente
louie joseph clemente:
Sulit sa pag aantay ng update mo boss dmitri
Aerial shot is the best soon magagamit na ung main line mejo matatagalan pa ramps na maopen dami pa di tapos soon asphalt na lalatag sa main line
Felino Merino
Felino Merino:
Wwoooww! This the best shot updates I ever watched thank you!πŸ‘πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
peter rockers
peter rockers:
Best cinematic, Best sound, Best drone shot and also Best voice over. Medyo bitin lang 😁 Thanks for the Update Sir Ingat and God bless po!
dennis valleser
dennis valleser:
You have done magnificent job for our people. This will be highly appreciated for a long, long time. Salamat po! So gratefull to witness this during my lifetime. Mabuhay po kayo at ang sambayanang pilipino!
Roy Martin
Roy Martin:
While it is almost finished and will be a wonderful infrastructure addition what will be sad is to see the end of these videos! They've become an institution, too!.
Roniel Domingo
Roniel Domingo:
Sa umpisa ng video. Tama ba? A background music from Kingdom Hearts?
Albert Teng
Albert Teng:
I always follow this vlog not only for the progress of the different projects but for the music. Its always EPIC! I dont know where you get them but they get me every.... single.... time! Keep it up dude
Nu Webster - #i am Canadian Eh
Nu Webster - #i am Canadian Eh:
you deserved LIKES & SUBSCRIBED, ur footage was so unique & cinematic
Caleb Villar
Caleb Villar:
This is a nice update! πŸ‘
Doinikins V
Doinikins V:
After this, I hope the Bataan - Cavite link would start soon!
Nico Villanueva
Nico Villanueva:
Khen Daryl Cularte
Khen Daryl Cularte:
this is the first time na narinig yung boses mo😯
carlo jordan
carlo jordan:
good job !!! thanks to all who labor hard for this project !
Ram Zeneger
Ram Zeneger:
WoW!!!! I will not watch the last 5 minutes, I will reserve it to those days that Im very tired from tending so much sick patients, with so much overwhelming bad things going on because of our neglect to the environment and abuse of superficial superiority over nature and so much chaos in the world right now, it amazing that my nation is giving me hope and I will do everything in my small ways to invest even its just minute but will have a ripple effect and make my motherland progressive, vibrant and augur well for better future. Thank you @dmitivalencia.
Beautiful rendition of the Pandacan-Yamamura section.
Rom San
Rom San:
Excellent presentation sir.Many thanksπŸ€™
montreal palasoc
montreal palasoc:
I give this man the respect he deserves! Saludo sayo Dim!
Ryan Sy
Ryan Sy:
Hi Sir Dmitrivalencia! I love it, it's almost complete, only a few critical parts left! But I am curious though, I thought the Skyway Stage 3 is only upto NLEX but why is there like an extension coming up at the end of Skyway Stage 3? Is it going to extend up to Bulacan? Or something?
Peter well Miclat
Peter well Miclat:
More infrastructure Skyway per Regions Cities Towns Municipality PROVINCES started Batanes to Luzon to Visayas up to Mindanao connectivity each other
Robert john Gunabe
Robert john Gunabe:
Galing...goodjob dpwh and San Miguel corporation
joy ride vlog
joy ride vlog:
best update ever good job po
more update .d ff mnth.tnx
Cipriano Villamin, Jr.
Cipriano Villamin, Jr.:
continue your awesome coverage of this project. I expect also that you will cover the new manila international airport and the bridge connecting bataan to cavite
Marvin Jr Macaranas
Marvin Jr Macaranas:
asphalt works will start this month hopefully by november update more than half ng skyway may asphalt na hehe
North J. Lopena
North J. Lopena:
Proud to be part of this project from 2015 till 2018 as team leader of the traffic management group of skyway stage3. Na witnessed ko rin dyan ang mga buhay ng mga kasamahan na nawala dahil sa pagtupad sa tungkulin, ang mga galit ng mga driver na di makaunawa kung bakit kailangan ng konting pasensya dahil sa buhol buhol na traffic habang ginagawa ang project na yan, ang pagtaya ng buhay ng mga kasamahan dahil sa mga kaskaserong driver na walang pakialam sa buhay ng iba, ang mga nawalang mga gamit ng kasamahan dahil sa mga nagkalat na magnanakaw sa buong area ng project.... experience na di ko malilimutan.
Carlos N. Ortiz (IRRI)
Carlos N. Ortiz (IRRI):
While watching it... napa-WOW ako when you traversing the southbound ng Araneta... feeeeeellll ko na ang exticitement.... from South to North...
Zildjian Travel Review
Zildjian Travel Review:
Thank You so much sir dmitri for your update 😍
Les Trainer
Les Trainer:
Someday this video will be used for various purposes.
Awesome... can't wait the experience of traversing south (from where I am based) to north or vice versa using this magnificent skyway project.
Toto GOna
Toto GOna:
What a beautiful update... Thank you sir...
Thank you for your detailed and painstaking work!
Manuel Adan
Manuel Adan:
A truly spectacular sight, massive girders being lifted into the air and perfectly fitted into the waiting columns. Sir Dmitry, you are unbeatable when it comes to infra updates. We will be looking forward for your updates on the Subway and Airport projects. Mainstream media does not cover these massive game changer projects the way you do. We are very very grateful for your vlogs because you keep the public very well informed. Thank you so much Sir Dmitry!
Fritz Gerard Tiglao
Fritz Gerard Tiglao:
It gives me chills on the DriveBy-Like View, Nice Shot & videography
Kokoy Fernandez
Kokoy Fernandez:
Thumbs up Dmitri! πŸ‘πŸΌ Thanks for the monthly update, we appreciate it as infra fanatics! Maraming Salamat Mr. Ramon Ang and San Miguel Corp for these legendary projects, these will be very beneficial for us in the long run.
Domingo Roxas
Domingo Roxas:
Your presentation adds more excitement as we wait to see the developments on the Skyway connector! Kudos to Dmitri for such update! Stay healthy and safe!
aron alfaro
aron alfaro:
this is not even featured in the television..wah..thanks for the update
Always a pleasure to watch your updates Dmitri. It's so close to being done!!
Ores Chacon
Ores Chacon:
This is actually my first time to watch your vlogs Dmitri! Thank you! The last time I was driving at A. Bonifacio, hindi pa ganyan kakumpleto. I'm surprised to see that the whole stretch is almost finished. As early as now, I want to thank San Miguel Corporation, my travels from south to north will be faster meaning fuel consumption. Great for the economy! Great for the environment!
Reylan Omalza
Reylan Omalza:
With all the equipments that was already purchased to build this Mega project and the technical know-how of the personnel that's working here there is no doubt that if SMC can get the approval to build another expressway along Pasig River it won't take long to finish.
Krister Alicando
Krister Alicando:
The most comprehensive documentation of the skyway to date πŸ’ͺ thank you!
Pulang Manlalaro
Pulang Manlalaro:
Kapag natuloy, magtuloy-tuloy hanggang sa matapos ang North-South Connector Road, NLEX 8.2, C6 Expressway, C5 South link, SEMME, Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge, at ang Manila Harbor Expressway, mas mabilis pa sa mabilis na ang mga b'yahe sa Metro Manila from North to South na talaga. Skyway ang magsisindi ng mitsa sa pagluwag ng EDSA at C5. Maraming salamat sa SMC, EEI, DPWH, at sa 2016-2022 Government Admin. Maraming salamat po sa detalyadong update Sir Dmitrivalencia. Marami talaga ang looking forward sa project na po na ito.
Joshua B
Joshua B:
I always doubted that the stage 3 could open by December. But after watching this it instantly changed my mind! 😁
Jimwell Calel Lorenzo
Jimwell Calel Lorenzo:
A very nice update! I am a fan of your works sir !

I noticed on 0:28 and 4:55 that the steel slabs of the toll plaza for the off ramp going to plaza dilao was removed . For me it is bizarre
Craig Rodmell
Craig Rodmell:
What a fantastic update! Wow, what a lot of work must have gone into that!

Just one question: At the NLEX end of the project, what are the piers in between the on and off ramps for? Where will they lead? Thanks in advance!
Looking at the progress, this will probably take 3-6 more months. Well I hope they can prove me wrong. Hehe
Anthony watson
Anthony watson:
Nice drone shot ..
αœ‹αœŠαœ“αœ‘αœŒαœ΄ αœ‰αœ’αœŽαœ’αœ‰αœ’αœˆαœαœ΄
Build build build
Rudy Lungay
Rudy Lungay:
Thanks for sharing. Thumbs up and clicked the bell. Stay safe my friend.
International Director
International Director:
Great to hear October update praying with God's grace that it will be operation on or before Christmas Day. Mabuhay ka Dmitri God bless to all law abiding citizens of our country Philippines. God bless us all.
Renato Maniago
Renato Maniago:
I'm amazed with the professional work being done and shown!
jarvs bike
jarvs bike:
du30 - 1
cherrylume - 0
Nathaniel B.
Nathaniel B.:
0:34 ello there :D
Jm Bartolome
Jm Bartolome:
Im an aspiring civil engr. Been following and watching your updates since 2015 i think. Basta bago pa skyway.
Danny Salgado
Danny Salgado:
You Sir Dmitri, are equally deserving of these accolades the Construction Team are receiving. The bridge you created connected us to this great project thru your wonderful updates. I'd like to see you to be one of the first motorists to cross the Skyway 3 when it finally opens to the public in December 2020.
Miriam Parisian
Miriam Parisian:
Well done update. As always, looking forward to the next. Maraming salamat po!
Jhumel Quides
Jhumel Quides:
First time to hear your voice, sir! Thank you so much for the updates <3. Lodi!
What's with the Kingdom Hearts music
Super Baninik
Super Baninik:
i like the elaborate off/on ramp video capture, nice work. thanks
Bobby de Jesus
Bobby de Jesus:
My only reaction is.... WOW!!!
Batang Pinoy
Batang Pinoy:
Salamat Sir Dmitri sa palagiang pag update sa amin! Ang sabihin niyong lahat, Salamat Sir Ramon Ang ng San Miguel Corp! Salamat sa suport sa tunay na pagbabago!
Chody Cayanan
Chody Cayanan:
Thank you so much sir for your time and dedication in giving us updates for this and other government projects! Mabuhay ka!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ira claude ramirez
ira claude ramirez:
Benito Yu
Benito Yu:
Section 2B Spans 2-3 interest me so much, i just realized realized that the short spans are connected by giant metal pins to make 1 long span... so interesting to see
Dora mina
Dora mina:
Wow!!! parang nandiyan ako sa pilipinas, I'm so excited with this project.
haino dee
haino dee:
THANK YOU!! Ung updates nyo po eh very complete and satisfying.
Carlito Rivera
Carlito Rivera:
Salamat Mr Ang .
Helen Bambalan
Helen Bambalan:
AMAZING god bless
pepe malonzo
pepe malonzo:
thank you very much for update sir,, the time and effort of bringing this good news is uncomparable..keep informing us all filipinos of the country,s development and infrastructures that will benifit us and future generation..
carlo joselito Chua
carlo joselito Chua:
Kating kati na talaga akong matapos yan kasi OVERDUE na yan at tsaka marami pang nakapila na mga Infrastructure Projects.
Eunice Racelis
Eunice Racelis:
Huge respect to you man! God bless.
Maranatha Beulah
Maranatha Beulah:
Another breathtaking presentation of your videos on Build, Build, Build projects. Thank you for sharing. God bless.
Marvin Reyes
Marvin Reyes:
Here we come mahdudesss
Miguel Valeroso
Miguel Valeroso:
Thank you and congratulations. Your contribution for keeping us inspired and being a channel to extend our gratitude to those leading this project will not be forgotten.
Nice soundtrack Lods.
michael b.
michael b.:
Thank you for the English, now with this project what is the economic benefit? and can tell me how long it is miles? Is this last part of the project
Allysa Azores
Allysa Azores:
My president since day 1! ❀️ We love you Tatay Digong. I include you in my prayers always.
Leo Katigbak
Leo Katigbak:
Sir Dmitri, parang isang kembot na lang matatapos na rin. Mukhang sa Ymamura section lang ang kulang, pero nakaka habol naman para magka totoo ang end of year soft opening!
Claro Don Lobigas
Claro Don Lobigas:
Thanks for this October 2020 update of Skyway in metro ManilaπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜viewing you from πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Canada...keep up the πŸ‘ job