Metric Conversion Trick!! Part 1

An easy way to convert in the metric system: King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk. This mnemonic device will help you easily move the decimal place to convert metric measurements. Check out these other conversion videos on my channel. Please share, like and subscribe!

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Jello _Tran
Jello _Tran:
YouTube has better information than my teacher....
Authentically Abigail
Authentically Abigail:
.. and they couldn’t have showed me this in middle school??
Who go this for online school
Sally B
Sally B:
Can I hug you, please? Thank you ever so much for saving my life. I am so bad in conversion but I getting a light out of the dark tunnel in conversion.
brandon warfield
brandon warfield:
My biology teacher spent 30 minutes explaining this. Still didnt get it. you explain in literally 3 mins and i got it
Zamambo Nthabiseng Mkhize
Zamambo Nthabiseng Mkhize:
29 years old and no one has ever simplified unit conversion like this for me. Thank you and God bless you.
when the teacher asks you to show your work and your like "king henry died beca..."
Follow The Hearts
Follow The Hearts:
Good Lord, I am so thankful I came across this video!!! extremely useful!
Tracy Puckett
Tracy Puckett:
Finally! 44 years old and I finally have a simple way to make these conversions. Thank you!!
Stoichoimetry and everything nice
Stoichoimetry and everything nice:
Thanks to the death of King Henry by drinking chocolate milk!
Molly Jamali
Molly Jamali:
Wow THIS MAKES MY LIFE SO MUCH EASIER I GOT IT IN 6 minutes compared to an hour lecture where i was lost what the hell she was saying.
This took my teacher an entire 45 minutes to explain and you got it in like 4, tysm
beginning of the video: i wont get this, the end of the video: IMM GONNA PASS MY TESSTT
Karl Qtt
Karl Qtt:
cecilia monge
cecilia monge:
My teacher says "Kittens Hate Dogs Because Dogs Can't Meow "
Agonydebest 1 Soccer tips
Agonydebest 1 Soccer tips:
Thanks alot😭I got full marks on this section of my test we were taught this but I am learning online due to the virus:/and was lazy to watch the teachers vid😭god bless...
Would this work for Giga, Mega, Micro, Nano, and pico? If not any suggestions on remembering the conversions?
Paris Asrayah
Paris Asrayah:
For me, I personally find it hard to understand mathematics in a classroom however when im learning online I quickly pick things up
Thank you my daughter was so lost and this helped.
Tanishka Nath
Tanishka Nath:
why do I learn more from YouTube than school, someone explain
Alondra Castillo
Alondra Castillo:
This was a WAY better explanation than what my chemistry teacher was giving me💀
Elle V
Elle V:
Thank you, I have my Hesi exam coming up and this help to simplify this concepta lot.
Jessica Hutchison
Jessica Hutchison:
I really enjoyed the video. It was so helpful. I am in nursing school and the teacher I have is not teaching the dosage calculation class. She told us to learn it on our own. I really want to thank you for this video. :)
I literally have a science test in a few hours and this saved my butt, thank you!
Helena McDowell
Helena McDowell:
this is very helpful, studing for a entry level exam and I haven't been in school in a while, thank you so much
shalia day
shalia day:
This really helped me I wasn’t paying attention in science class and I didn’t no how to do the work but this video really helped
Ravi Singanad
Ravi Singanad:
Fact: i learn more through than youtube videos than in school...
makes way more sense, rather than using the power of whatever
Naveen Kumar P
Naveen Kumar P:
I don't think anybody can teach better than this :)
Thank you very much...
It was very useful...
King Henry saved me ;p
Fatima Ghulam
Fatima Ghulam:
God bless your soul.
Dominic Strain
Dominic Strain:
I'm bouta take a chemistry test and you just saved my life
Izzy Piatt
Izzy Piatt:
This video just saved saved my grade!
This just saved me in chemisty THANK YOU !!!
Thanks for all the great comments everyone.  I'm really happy that some of you found this useful!  I know it's not the most exciting topic but I'm glad some of you stuck with it to understand how easy this method is for converting back and forth.  I teach 8th grade science and this method really helps them and makes it more fun.  I also have them create their own saying if they want....they come up with some funny ones!
Angela C
Angela C:
you made this so easy!! thanks God Bless You
King Henry died by drinking chocolate ! Ha ! Gotta love this channel - Sebastian Hyde
Organic BodyBuilding
Organic BodyBuilding:
seriously I LOVE YOOOOUOUUUUUUVUUU i was not trying to make a whole bunch of stupid notecards that i didn't understand. Im taking intro to chem right now and this is so helpful! Thank you
Galaxy_heart_yt _
Galaxy_heart_yt _:
I am having a test tomorrow and this really helped 😁
karen creme
karen creme:
I’m 45 and trying to teach my ten year old. We both have math learning delays, this actually helped. Thanks.
skyyisthelimit_8110 lea
skyyisthelimit_8110 lea:
Lawd my semi old butt needed this ... I would have been a straight A student in high school about 10 years ago if we had youtube then .... damn
thanks the way my teacher was saying it I couldn't comprehend.
Victoria Thomas
Victoria Thomas:
I LOVE YOU I’m no longer confused thank you so much
Jennifer R
Jennifer R:
My teacher just spend 3 days traying to explain this 😭😭
ashley j
ashley j:
Whoa! All throughout high school, I never could grasp this. Now I'm in college and I still don't get it. The professor kept explaining it in a way that I didn't quite get. So I just got out of class and had to figure it out, so I stumbled across your video and got it watching the first time through. Thank you so much! #ISubbed
Soft Cupcake
Soft Cupcake:
Actually... I understand the explanation better in this video than my teacher 👩‍🏫 😏
we all live in a yellow trashcan
we all live in a yellow trashcan:
Thank you, I have a test today, and this helped me learn the complex way of the conversions.

I showed your videos to the rest of my confused Chemistry class, and we all are grateful for this.
Umaiza Khan
Umaiza Khan:
mines like that but its king henry dies unexpectedly drinking chocolate milk. the u is unit
so basically,

king henry sacrificed his life for us 7 billion people learning ;-;
Jennifer Casperson
Jennifer Casperson:
This was extremely helpful in understanding basic conversions, thank you!!
Laura Wojcikova
Laura Wojcikova:
omg literrally i am so happy that you showed me this . i have been struggling with conversions a lot laterly and this video is the biggest help !! thank you so much
Lauren Pascal
Lauren Pascal:
he can have my hand in marriage at this point. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!
Asi1 monster
Asi1 monster:
omg!!! May Allah bless you, sir. You literally made me understand in 1 min.
weaboo 221
weaboo 221:
Thanks soo much I've always had problems in memorizing ,and this made it much easier😌!

(I just might not fail tomorrow's math exam)
Archeline XVI
Archeline XVI:
Honestly this was so helpful, I really wish you were my real teacher
Lebron Satchell
Lebron Satchell:
This helped in homeschooling today!!!! Mom is happy and even my little brother learned conversion
Yikes bruh ._.
Yikes bruh ._.:
My dudes ive a test on this today and its not loading god help
Sandy Ramadan
Sandy Ramadan:
This is just save my day because I have exam in few hours and I was confuse how to convert metric. Thanks so much, you are the best 🥰😍💙💜
Nigel John
Nigel John:
you just saved my life
Alana Epkua
Alana Epkua:
Thank you for putting this video it really helps me learn and suffer from math and school
Vianka's World
Vianka's World:
is so good at explaining this that in one night I understand the how to do this and it was so good I love that we explain 10 out of 10 video! 😅
Daniella R
Daniella R:
Taking the HESI on Wednesday, and THIS has put conversions into simpler terms! Thank you!
LearnWithBerry AFaithfulServant
LearnWithBerry AFaithfulServant:
Oh Em Gee after many yrs. of schooling I finally understood this topic!! Thanks to this direct to the point video clip. U are helping a looooot of students . Thanks for making our school life easier :) ♥ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Scarlett Short
Scarlett Short:
youtube can teach better than my teacher
This is so helpful!! I’ve been struggling with this so long thank you!!!
Maira Amir
Maira Amir:
Thnk u soooo much 😭😭😭😭😭
- Facelessbuster
- Facelessbuster:
Rather than teaching the Metric system, school taught me cursive... Great choice guys.
"You don't need dat" XD
thanks to you i finished my homework after 2 hours of frustration :)
sefo magie
sefo magie:
way! better then that crappy khan academy! thank you! after all these years i actually get this crap!
Sara White
Sara White:
Who else came here for school😂😳
I'm pretty sure you didn't invent this but boy is this genius! I don't know how anyone could dislike this video.
lillie elizabeth
lillie elizabeth:
the first time I've ever heard how they broke down my teacher never taught me this
mary zac
mary zac:
Really thanks for this very easy to understand. I have been struggling with this concept since small. But the way u explained has made it so easy. Thanks a lot
explained perfectly thank you! I'm no longer confused :))
Alle Tarvirdi
Alle Tarvirdi:
thank you so much. i have a test on this tomorrow morning and u saved my life. thank u
Sandy Andrews
Sandy Andrews:
Thank you, best ever!!! And lining it up the way you did REALLY helped with understanding which way to move the decimal point!
Mikka Ella Enriquez
Mikka Ella Enriquez:
It was so easy when you explain it but when my teacher does, its so complicated
King Henry died unexpectedly drinking chocolate milk
Anjali Rattan
Anjali Rattan:
I was so bad at conversions my teacher used to explain it to me so many times but I never got it. But this video was such a help thank you so much!
Leo Trio
Leo Trio:
Thanks !
I needed this
Btw today is my exam so...
Wish me luck!
Mr Seen
Mr Seen:
Okay, awesome, I was looking at the scientific notation exponents, and I noticed that if I subtract both, that's how many decimals I need to move.
Ronisha McCrary
Ronisha McCrary:
This is literally the easier way it’s ever been explained! Thanks a million
Tanner Narvaiz
Tanner Narvaiz:
OMG Thank you! My teacher doesn’t teach at all so I was so confused by this until I watched this video!!
Raza 6
Raza 6:
The best vid that I loved, it really helped ME converting units man!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱
Olanie J.
Olanie J.:
Man! You're the best! The last time I did this was more than 10 years ago. I didn't even learn it this way. This is the easiest, and fastest way, especially when taking a timed exam. Thank you for this video!
Nehal Rohit
Nehal Rohit:
I was tired teaching my daughter....even she was confused when she came from school....Ur trick helped a lot & finally she got it and even I....
goatss on crackk
goatss on crackk:
After months of not understanding, I kind of understand it now, I'm proud of myself 😁
Thanks a lot so much u saved my life u legend
this is simply amazing...... none of my teachers ever did it this way. =( thank you so much , i needed the confidence boost.
Rudi Norm
Rudi Norm:
Well you can't teach an OLD DOG NEW TRICKS. 😆 LOL
denise jimenez
denise jimenez:
Good job! This really helped me! Thank you! I really hated measurements...but since I think its easier thanks to this video... I think i'm gonna like this subject! Great teaching!
Lucas Schneider
Lucas Schneider:
How do you write so good on a computer? Lol
N. I.
N. I.:
Thank school they say "keep it simple, stupid" showing work was invented for people who cheat. I have finally understood conversions thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Lauren Garcia
Lauren Garcia:
I struggled throughout high school and college from something that you just taught me in 6 minutes. Idk if I should be happy or sad lol
Hold up. You're telling me converting these have always been an issue and there was this simple way this whole time?! WHY CANT SCHOOL TEACH US THIS!
Frances Rollins
Frances Rollins:
My teacher spent at least 30 minutes teaching this and I left class that day confused as I don't know what. I watched this video and caught on in less than 5 minutes. You sir, are a godsend!
I have a maths exam 7th period today and king Henry helped me alotttt✅
You're Welcome! Thanks for watching