Meredith Confronts the Doctor Who Killed Derek - Grey's Anatomy

Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) is asked by a doctor about the adoption of Meredith Grey's (Ellen Pompeo) daughter. Meredith stops the questioning to tell the doctor who she is and confront him about killing her husband, Derek. Watch 'Grey's Anatomy' THURSDAY 8|7c on ABC.


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Meredith: He didn't even do burr holes!

Me, having absolutely no knowledge of any medical procedures, eating doritos while watching: Yeah lmfao what an idiot.
Noel Henri
Noel Henri:
I'm not saying he deserved, but God's timing is always right.
Alaina B
Alaina B:
“You have absolutely no right to mention my daughter’s name because YOU are the one who killed her father”

Sent chills down my spine
get that Deluca
He killed her husband, yet when he starts seizing she is the first doctor to move towards him.
Judy Pollidore
Judy Pollidore:
She protecc
She attacc
But most importantly
She still got Derek's bacc
Owen Henson
Owen Henson:
Such focused anger, felt like she was conjuring Derek's spirit to give the guy a stroke.
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“Meredith kills man who killed her husband”
Remember when she did bur holes in a plane with a needle and straws
Meredith is a Queen
"If you wanna take my license, then you do that...but you have absolutely no right to mention my daughter’s name, cause you killed her father! You don’t remember me, but I remember you. As the coward, who stood over my dying husband, the love of my life! That one night should have costed your inteire career. But instead, you are there judging me?! You don’t deserve to judge anyone." - Meredith Grey. *the love of my life* that part literally killed me here! ❤️
Kylie Cardenas
Kylie Cardenas:
This scene pissed me off lol. Like he had the AUDACITY to seize when he’s called out??!!!? Rude. What a cop out 😤
Sophia h
Sophia h:
Betharram Galeano S.
Betharram Galeano S.:
I just wanted to see DeLucca’s reaction when he hears Mer says “the love of my life “ about Derek
ilana garza
ilana garza:
Wong Jimena
Wong Jimena:

Alan Brown

Farrah Alazhari

Deborah green

And Sam carter .

Those are the names of the spouses of every patient I’ve ever lost I remember every single one of them.

You don’t get to sit up there and ask questions about my daughter, If you wanna take my license and make sure I never see another patient again then you do that but you have absolutely no right to ever mention my daughter’s name because you’re the one who killed her father.

You don’t remember me ... but I remember you... as the coward who stood over my dying husband...the love of my life and you don’t even attempt to do burr holes after he failed to get him a head CT ...BURR HOLES!, I was doing burr holes as an intern, that one night should have cost you your entire career but instead you’re sitting up here judging me?...You don’t deserve to judge anyone.


My medical license should not be in this man hands, he is dangerous.
drey michaud
drey michaud:
sometimes i forget that she's not a doctor, her acting is so good
She roasted him so hard she killed him. Damm, I didn't even know that was possible.
Kayden Lovin
Kayden Lovin:
Derek would be so proud of her in this moment

Charlotte D
Charlotte D:
ellen pompeo is phenomenal, 16 seasons and meredith's still more bad ass than ever, she keeps this whole show afloat, what a chilling moment
"The love of my life" i wanted to see Delucas face after that 😂
I wish we could've seen the other doctor's reactions when Meredith confronted him. They must of been very pissed and confused, especialy Bailey, Amelia and Webber. They were one of the closest with Derrick
Nathaniel Falcon
Nathaniel Falcon:
When she slapped the table 🙌🏽🙌🏽
upasna karmakar
upasna karmakar:
When she slapped on the desk and screamed, " MY CONFLICT OF INTEREST?!".. chills. Literal chills. Every single time. She deserves an Emmy just for this scene.
Kat Joy
Kat Joy:
Never Use A Mother's Child As a Example especially after U Killed Her Father I Speak as A Mother I truly Was Appreciated how gut wrenching her reaction is
Her: Points out incompetence
Him: seizes tf up. 😂😭
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy:
0:45 —Alan Brown, Farrah Alazari, Deborah Greene and Sam Carter --
--Dr. Grey, we have your list of patient testimony, so you don't have to repeat them. --Those are the names of the spouses of every patient I've ever lost. I remember every single one of them.
--Ok. Thank you for that!
--You don't get to sit up there and ask questions about my daughter. If you want to take my license and make sure I never see another patient again, then you do that. But you have absolutely no right to ever mention my daughter's name because you are the one who killed her father! You don't remember me. But I remember you as the coward who stood over my dying husband — the love of my life — and you didn't even attempt to do burr holes after he failed to get him a Head CT. BURR HOLES! I was doing Burr holes as an intern. That one night should have cost you your entire career! But instead, you're sitting up here in judging me? You don't deserve to judge anyone!
--You honor, if we could just take a short recess to evaluate the situation... see if Dr. Grey's conflict of interest is...
--MY CONFLICT OF INTEREST? My medical license should not be in this man's hands! He is dangerous!
Eboni D
Eboni D:
Hasn’t she lost more than 4 patients or am I just really dumb...
Jada Crowley
Jada Crowley:
I just love the look on everyone's face when she said "because you are the one you killed her father." Nobody but Meredith ever knew the doctors name that killed Derek they just knew the hospital name.
Jon Zapata
Jon Zapata:
Somewhere in the world Voldemort is going "damn!" Meredith Avada Kedavra-ed his ass lmaooo
Joshua Blair
Joshua Blair:
This scene is a prime example of why my daughter is named after her
Itai Serra
Itai Serra:
when meredith still considers derek as her husband and the love of her life... MY MERDER FEELS🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️
"That one night should have cost your entire career"
so cause it didn't she gonna cost you your lifeeeeeeee
Luis Serrano
Luis Serrano:
She literally roasted him to death! Very satisfying moment.
Karter Hooimeyer
Karter Hooimeyer:
And Ellen Pompeo doesn't have an Emmy why?
Autumn J
Autumn J:
I literally watched this scene a million times. I love it, great acting.
Dereck your girl still got your back
So wherever you are go back to her now
Until its not to late and somebody come along

Be her “knight and shining whatever”
Adriana Avila
Adriana Avila:
Alex’s last episode. This felt like it could’ve been the series finale. Bye bye Alex. We loved you and will miss you. Thank you 🙏🏼 for everything!
Andres F
Andres F:
Stopped watching after Derek’s death but watching this clip makes me feel good to know that Meredith Grey has still got it and still kicking ass in and out of the OR
Karina Viera
Karina Viera:
This has to be the BEST scene, I was frozen when Meredith lost it !!
Daury Davis
Daury Davis:
First he kills Derek than he goes after Meredith's children, wow
Meredith: freakin’ burholes

Me: has no medical knowledge “huh!!!”
"You have absolutely no right to ever mention my daughter's name because you are the one who killed her father."

*read him to filth.*
Hearth Dance
Hearth Dance:
Omg I Can't stop watching this. She roasted him so hard!! 😂
Sahrish Majeed
Sahrish Majeed:
Meredith and derek were couple goals like how they always got each others back but why do they kill everyone..
Phara Grace
Phara Grace:
I’m sorry but if they don’t give this woman in award this year and the system is rigged because you can feel goosebumps and the pain in her voice she’s an amazing actress no wonder why she gets paid so much
Ashby Taylor
Ashby Taylor:
But did anybody notice how she runs back up to him when he seizes?!
AddisonLynn Maurice
AddisonLynn Maurice:
“You don’t get to talk about my daughter, because you are the one that killed her father” I swear that’s gonna give me goosebumps every time I hear it
Maddie Roper
Maddie Roper:
This scene just HITS DIFFERENT! It gives me chills every time. Ellen Pompeo did a fantastic job with this episode and she definitely deserves the amount she is being paid! The part where she says "the love of my life" and "you don't remember me, but I remember you" just shows so much emotion and it seems like genuine greif and pain and this is my favorite scene out of the entire show (besides the post it)
Brian Phan
Brian Phan:
Meredith stood up to that man for what he failed to do for Derek and I’m really proud of her, and proud of Ellen’s acting here ~
Aylin Torres
Aylin Torres:
How do you think he felt when he realized that the wife of the president's go-to neuro surgeon won a Harper Avery? Oh wait, he doesn't remember Meredith. 😒😂
Yaquisieras FaKe
Yaquisieras FaKe:
The last episodie with Karev is this?!?!?!?!? o.O
V Hartle
V Hartle:
WHY IS THIS SHOWING UP ON MY FEED I'M NOT EVEN NEAR CLOSE TO THIS EPISODE!!!!!! (I don't have cable so I wait for Netflix series 😭😭)
hailey peters
hailey peters:
she literally yelled at him into a seizure. her power is unmatched
Chaerin Wu
Chaerin Wu:
when she slammed her palm on that desk, that really got my heart going
Purple Dandelion
Purple Dandelion:
She should have gotten an Emmy for this scene. Best episode so far. No cap.
Eva Brownell
Eva Brownell:
“That one night should have cost you your entire career” that line hit deep it’s so true he has no right to judge her 🤬

Wow thanks for so many likes
nnenna o
nnenna o:
i finished greys months ago but ELLEN POPPED OFF IN THIS SCENE u can’t change my mind
Damm Meredith was so right about what she said the man decided to die 😂😂😂
yessica abdala
yessica abdala:
I would have loved to see Amelia's reaction when Meredith said "because you are the one who killed her father". That would have been amazing.
Scenes like this is why I always believe she’s a doctor. Her acting is amazing!!
It still amazes me that she hasn't won an Emmy for her role on Grey's Anatomy. Ellen Pompeo deserves an Emmy for this scene alone.
Goats Goats
Goats Goats:
The hole entire time of the hearing I was praying that Christina walked in I was like:
Christina, Christina, Christina🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
Sanaa O.M
Sanaa O.M:
this. this is why i have a whole pintrest board named “POMPEOOOOO !”
edgar perez
edgar perez:
Jake Peralta Voice

*Chills, Literal Chills* 😂

One of the bests scenes in all of Grey’s Anatomy!!!
Hailey Grimmius
Hailey Grimmius:
“And for gods sake get this man a head CT!”
It is this point that everyone should FEAR Meredith Grey she ripped that man so good he died.
J T:
I actually wish he didnt die so they can question his license instead and i wanna see how the rest confronted him and then he can die later on when he lost his license hehe
L I O R .H.
L I O R .H.:
When she banged on the table i was like YAS QUEENNNNN YOU GO GIRL
Musfirah Raees
Musfirah Raees:
everything station 19
everything station 19:
i swear this scene will always give me chills.. i forgot everyone else wasn’t there and wouldn’t know the doctor and they were all surprised
That bitch Becky
That bitch Becky:
“Meredith kills the man who killed Derek” *
Josefa Salazar
Josefa Salazar:
those are the names of the sprouses of every patien ive ever lost i remember every single one of them

you dont get to sit up there and ask question about my daughter, if you wanna take my license and make sure i never see another patien again then you do that but you have absolutely no right to ever mention my daughters name because you are the one who killed her father

you don’t remember me but i remember you

as the coward who stood over my duing husband
the love of my life and you didnt ever attempt yto do boor holes, after he failed to get him a head ct

i was doing boor holes as an intern, that one night should of cost you your entire carrer, but instead your sitting up here judging me, you don’t deserve to judge anyone

my conflict of interest? my medical license should not be in these mans hands, he in dangerous
Rhema Ime - Albert
Rhema Ime - Albert:
I got chills when she called Derek the love of her life. I almost cried!
Teniola Akeredolu-Ale
Teniola Akeredolu-Ale:
Meredith used WORDS to shoot down the Dr Paul Castello for killing her husband while
Mr Clark used A GUN to shoot down Derek for killing his wife. GEEZ! What a reflection..
Patrick C
Patrick C:
Damn. She short circuited him with that speech. Good for her.
Anna Gwyn
Anna Gwyn:
Omg I’m crying she still protects Derek!!!
She did this so well, this scene gives ME power & confidence! YOU GO GIRL!!!
Annie McDermott
Annie McDermott:
Arizona said it best when she said that Merediths' heart beat for Derek Sheperd. that they were they great love story and made you believe that love exists
And Derek will ALWAYS be the love of her life...
Dyl bricker
Dyl bricker:
this scene hit different
Shelley Dallmann
Shelley Dallmann:
Seeing those Derek flashbacks really hurt and Ellen nailed it that doctor had no right to judge her after refusing to get the CT scan that would have saved Derek's life and karma eventually bit him on the ass.
jadzia saidi
jadzia saidi:
This scene gave me goosebumps; she's such an amazing actress!
2:05 BRUH why they gotta put in the Super Smahs Bro’s gasp noise. Just have the background actors gasp instead of that dumb gasp track
Marc Angelo Pepito
Marc Angelo Pepito:
This breaks my heart after knowing that Justin Chambers aka Alex Karev is Leaving Grey's Anatomy. This is he's last episode So SAD.
Mijo Arana
Mijo Arana:
I love the fact she shook off her lawyer’s hand..
Kevin Ray Johnson - Actor/Playwright
Kevin Ray Johnson - Actor/Playwright:
And that ladies and gentlemen is why Ellen Pompeo is getting paid what she is getting paid for this show... Just give her the Emmy right now!
snapple apple
snapple apple:
*sees man start seizing and then dies*
me: lol he’s dead dead bye bye i never liked you anyways
Sally Latchman
Sally Latchman:
i can't be the only one who died laughing when the guy began to seize
Maya Nicole
Maya Nicole:
Derek is a legend no further explanation
I meant he hit on a different level😫💔
Deranged Boy
Deranged Boy:
damnnn i took a break from greys cause i almost finished it and i jsut saw this, time to rewatch ((:
mcmuffin shane
mcmuffin shane:
I kinda think they could’ve added “my colleague even did burr holes in a shipwreck” *referring to Izzie Stevens but maybe SHONDA DIDNT WANT TO
Lili Lilil
Lili Lilil:
my God, Meredith / Ellen does not look like herself at all at then end poster/photo
Emmanuel Miranda Suárez
Emmanuel Miranda Suárez:
Ellen Pompeo is stunning as an Actress, but I did not feel this passion in Meredith since she was asked to sign the donation papers on Derek’s death.
La'Trinda H
La'Trinda H:
This moment from her gave me goosebumps...the same ones I get when watch Annalise in the courtroom... so POWERFUL!!!
wack marisa
wack marisa:
Grace L
Grace L:
Did anyone else laugh maniacally when he started seizing?

Just me? Ok
The love of my life.. Enough to break the hearts
I KNEW she was gonna go off and him and it was SO satisfactory how WELL SPOKEN she did it!
Kallista Ramos
Kallista Ramos:
*He seizes*

Me: Let him die 😂
"My conflict of interest? My medical license should not be in this man hands. He is dangerous." The way she delivered that first line was so powerful. She's a fantastic actress!