Meet Tiffany Grace Uy, UP Diliman's 'record breaking' valedictorian

UP Diliman's 2015 class valedictorian reacts to criticisms that intelligence is not just about having high grades.

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Ang daming negative comments. Why drag someone down just because she's better than you? Crab mentality at its finest.
Better Leper
Better Leper:
She's done great! Stop spreading your jealousy all over her. It's not her obligation to please you, nor is it her fault that you didn't manage to study in such a high-class university let alone be a valedictorian in your school whatever it may be. Stop criticizing her because she managed to stand out in a university full of intelligent people. Be glad for her, she accomplished something that only a few people can.
Martina Picci De Ocampo
Martina Picci De Ocampo:
so impressive! now that i'm in college, it's no joke to get even just a grade in the line of 1, let alone a flat 1! 😣 SALUDO!
Danalee B
Danalee B:
He dragged her down, she climbed up more powerful!!
Congrats ate! <3
May mga na take na po ba ng entrance exam sa UP? Gaano po kahirap?
francis ganapin
francis ganapin:
Crush kita :)
santiago h
santiago h:
Congrats again!
Ralph Pernites
Ralph Pernites:
Uhmm uhmmm... uhmmm
stop dont touch me there this is my nono square
stop dont touch me there this is my nono square:
Matalino ako pero attitude kulang sakin

Anyone else
audrey Mondids
audrey Mondids:
All of which she said makes sense.
Grades does'nt mean anything if you can't apply it in the real world.
Zion Seth
Zion Seth:
I get irritated when she "uhmm's"
angelo picardal
angelo picardal:
she seems pretentious