Meet the first model with vitiligo to walk in the Victoria's Secret fashion show

Winnie Harlow is a successful model with vitiligo who is breaking barriers.

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Ann A
Ann A:
Can i be the fist model with stretch marks
yasmin martinez
yasmin martinez:
Can i be the first model with acne? Edit: I totally forgot I even commented this
Mr. October
Mr. October:
she isn't a nice person , trust me I've met her around NYC, she's very full of herself and the success has flown to her head
Lorena Varela
Lorena Varela:
why is tyra banks not getting credit for her discovery
Something ingenuine about her.
is it just me or her words dont match her facial expression on 0:57, condescending?
Always Right
Always Right:
I have heard that she was mean to her fans and on her high horse 🤔
Okay stop forcing this girl on us. I'm sorry she has a skin condition but I don't think she looks like a supermodel with or without the skin tones.
Sara M
Sara M:
Victoria secret is not the same anymore.
When Michael Jackson said he had Vitiligo in the 90‘s he was called a freak and liar.
Without Tyra she would be no one! and she knows that!
i don’t get it michael jackson had vitiligo and y’all said he bleached his skin and made fun of him.
it's all cool until you watch her on america's next top model
she is let's say, not the nicest

the other models from that season were so much more talented than her
Marc Galvan
Marc Galvan:
this trick has an attitude problem. next.
misi Par
misi Par:
Her story is compelling but it’s reeslly like she was chosen because of her vitiligo , but her modeling skills are blah
Gator Woman
Gator Woman:
Fashion show is about the clothes, not the model self problems.
Luxeau Svay
Luxeau Svay:
She’s beautiful, but her attitude isn’t. On ANTM is was mean, almost bullying type attitude. She might be successful now, but I wonder how she is once fam hits. Not everyone who say remember where you came from or where your childhood was brought up is good. Once fam hits then BAM! you act better then everyone and look down on everyone, even the ones that supported you and been there for you.
The Unseen Girl On Fire
The Unseen Girl On Fire:
when she said, “victorias secret is a show for everyone”
wait, do they include plus size models though?
Cherry Peaches
Cherry Peaches:
lol my mom has virtiligo, can she get privileges like this one here lol
Ronald Cordova
Ronald Cordova:
I got here after winnie dissed tyra and antm. she is ungrateful
Aaron Bynum
Aaron Bynum:
Im sorry im just not impressed with Winnie her print work is weak her runway walk is weak her personality is unmemorable she fits the model profile height body size but outside of that its only her condition that makes her standout and thats not enough for me to be impressed
John T
John T:
didn’t she come for Duckie thots natural hair?
She came for Duckie's natural hair and now she is an advocate for bullied kids or some like that? FAKE
She’s a model because of her condition
Moa Mos
Moa Mos:
I don’t like her attitude...
вєllα яσѕє
вєllα яσѕє:
Winnie is so bland. She only is a model because of her condition. I legit see no "WOW" factor about her.. and her attitude doesn't make it any better. Shes got where she's at for sympathy
Sharnae Vermudez
Sharnae Vermudez:
Honestly she is actually very pretty... Well to me anyways! and im not being sympathetic at all!
Can I be the first model with Acne?
M S:
Im not impressed. All I see is symphathy
Ferguson Tilibacbu
Ferguson Tilibacbu:
Let’s be honest Winnie isn’t cute and her incredibly rude attitude doesn’t make it better, I’ll probably get hate on that but it’s true
AAA 305
AAA 305:
She is not beautiful, she is not someone I look at and say, “Wow!” She just has vitiligo... and that’s why I look twice at her.
Errick C
Errick C:
Had she been ten pounds heavier she wouldn’t have been on VS
55555 55555
55555 55555:
I'm disgusted that Winnie Harlow would verbally attack Duckie Thot. Duckie Thot is beautiful!
Tomás León
Tomás León:
2:51 What's so ignorant about that question, Winnie? Do you even know what ignorance means? Girl, I would probably ask the same thing because maybe she wanted to know HOW DO YOU FEEL, where do you get that confident from, etc etc. It's her job as a journalist, she wants to know what's going on in your world because of your condition, that's the whole point, mostly when you're saying it was when you first started doing interviews. Who do you think you are?
Louie Gonzales
Louie Gonzales:
Overrated! I don't see any "wow factor" she's pretty and can walk
Seriously she is insanely gorgeous I love her so much ❤️ she is so inspiring
Greg AP
Greg AP:
I love how everybody ignores that her career officially started with America's Next Top Model.
kori ton
kori ton:
Uhm, I cancelled this girl in my head ever since she came for my sis Duckie. Be gone!
Google fan
Google fan:
She might be a nice girl but doesn't have super model or even fashion model looks.
Im being honest.
Jamari Watson
Jamari Watson:
0:57 when I get called to the principal office
Cassandra Pena
Cassandra Pena:
She looks beautiful and people who think "oh just put makeup on" she is happy with her body and lets say that was you and people would say all these things about you. If I was her right now I would be happy for what I have accomplished in life and be comfortable in my skin. So not one person can judge her because she is so beautiful that she is a Victoria's secret model and your not and all this stuff that you are saying about her is just the insecurities that you have on yourself and not all people think negative thoughts some people are saying kind things about her and if you are good for you.
Loving how a negative attitude has turned the masses against her. Look at all the comments. They all coming for her wig!
SteelMAGnolia11 ___
SteelMAGnolia11 ___:
She's her own work of art. My God, she is so stunning! ❤️
Lillian Naomi
Lillian Naomi:
I do not buy from Victoria secret because all the models are the same tall and skinny and not everyone is tall and skinny. No variety
I wanna be the first model with dry patch skin when I'm older :D
Gursimran Kaur
Gursimran Kaur:
I’m not trying to be “kind” but but she looks beautiful forreal
Jessie Ceja
Jessie Ceja:
She is beautiful 😍😍😍😭
poy elle
poy elle:
tyra the one found her on instagram, and ask her to audition.. without tyra u will never be a model
MJ is superior
MJ is superior:
I really wish MJ had this support wen he had Vitiligo... Bt still I m so happy for Winnie... Acceptance needs to be accepted
Sugar Chiny
Sugar Chiny:
Honestly I am very disappointed about her true personality, she was portrayed like as a really loving person on social media...
Minaim Tiznot
Minaim Tiznot:
I can kinda get where that attitude come from, awhile ago I read how cut-throat that profession/industry can be. Not referencing to all of them (models) of course. Idonno...what do you expect when you put a bunch of beautiful ladies in a room together??'s not going to be all love all the time. And I feel even if she was a sort of token for such persons to identify in that industry, she's still paving a way and it may not seem so hopeless for future girls who may well be in effect with such a goal as we presently text. Please do not crush their dreams before they can get drowsy...maybe THEY won't turn out to be so mean. It is rarely a smooth move for ones whom create that pathway - maybe that isn't exactly who she really is - maybe she giveth as she receiveth. Also it's long over due for VS.
- jusssayin -
I look a little bit like her when she was little,I have parts of my face that are lighter than other parts..I also have white spots in my tummy
Sonnie Trees
Sonnie Trees:
She is so perfect and beautiful!❤💘💘💞💞 I got bullied also even now.You are so happy!And you are a gorgeous woman!I grew my self confidence too!I am amazed by you.people can be mean&jealous of the best prettiest people.
Hello World!
Hello World!:
I think she is beautiful! I never expected to find this so pretty, she looks so exotic, like a painting
Yun Seobin
Yun Seobin:
The women with the red shirt looked like cathy from dance moms😂😂
1:48 the way the host reaction changed lmao
Sew Bee
Sew Bee:
“Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder”... I love women, everybody with self confidence. Self Acceptance and love is always Beautiful. But so is being humble.
Mrs. PugLover
Mrs. PugLover:
0:57 She seems really on it!
She’s a contradiction she said she didn’t wanna be known or a speaker for ppl with her skin problem
Brittney Cook
Brittney Cook:
I just met her in Shanghai and instantly after I told myself if I become famous I pray to be a humble class act and never act! But at least I got my picture though 😂 Winnie is an interesting personality let’s just say that! Celebrities be careful the fall is always greater than the climb!
cristy marvelyn momo
cristy marvelyn momo:
Is she the GF of Kyle kuzma? And America's t next top model winner? Correct me if I'm wrong..🙂✌️
Jayda Jenkins
Jayda Jenkins:
I have Vitiligo to I needed that positive talk I don’t think bad about myself it’s just said I want to meet you one day love you keep on modeling and inspire me to wanna model love you so much
I watch her on Latoya forever’s vlogs since she’s on there occasionally and she seems down to earth on the vlogs, idk?
John Lester Felisilda
John Lester Felisilda:
I remember in an interview, she said that antm had never done anything to her success right now.
Major Sounds
Major Sounds:
Loving that outfit Robin has on. (Comment section pretty much covered my thoughts on the interview portion... lol)
Scott Zaccagnini
Scott Zaccagnini:
I was watching The Victoria's Secret Holiday Fashion Show and wondered what was wrong with her.
Afonso Fonseca
Afonso Fonseca:
It's weird to hear them call her Winnie Harlow while her name on American's Next Top Model 21 was Chantelle Brown, so for me she will always be Chantelle☺️
Ma. Cristina Estandarte
Ma. Cristina Estandarte:
My boyfriend too, and i love him so much😍😍😍
Baby Girl
Baby Girl:
She was very ungrateful to tyra when in fact tyra paved a way for her career to thrive.
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez:
She is so pretty and an amazing model wow
She has a "model" career thanks to Tyra Banks.
body rolls
body rolls:
damn that interviewers reactions at 2:55
It’s been a year when I was initially clinically determined to have vitiligo. I was told no medicine is accessible for vitiligo along with some 5% steroid. My vitiligo is almost entirely healed after I learned and used the vitiligo remedy *4VitiligoCure. Com* two times a day for the first two weeks and decreased the dosage slowly. The end result is remarkable!.
Janet Mack
Janet Mack:
yet I always wanted to model for Victory a secret with my condition but I was never picked so I continue to puchase items because I am myself
Sarah Blundell
Sarah Blundell:
I've never been a fan of the victorias secret show but I've got to admit this is a breakthrough
mohit jain
mohit jain:
she’s beautiful 😍
Miss Amazon
Miss Amazon:
Winnie was the best thing in the Victoria Secrets show!! The others all looked like clones of themselves!! 😀😁😄
Erich Xav
Erich Xav:
I have vitiligo too, knowing that others have this skin condition too, makes me a bit confident to show and wear any type of clothings
Erich Xav
Erich Xav:
I have vitiligo too, knowing that others have this skin condition too, makes me a bit confident to show and wear any type of clothings
Lol y is she pronouncing Milton like “molton” wtf
Yeah, we all heard she has some problems with her attitude, but never the less her look on the mainstream runway like Victoria's Secret will just help to push body issues in the open. In a long run, it's a good thing. All she has to remember is, she started on America's Next Top Model as nobody, be grateful for everything after it. #countyourblessings
Nannu Unga
Nannu Unga:
She is an inspirational, Love her so much Everything is possible believe in yourself and be confident ❤
Jose Angelo Gallegos
Jose Angelo Gallegos:
Amazing story. You have to be tough and confident in order for greatness in life. Forget what others think of her, and pay attention to her purpose and how she is inspiring people.
Nguri 13
Nguri 13:
Can i be the first 5 ft model to walk on victoria's secret's ramp
Jasper Dale Samaniego
Jasper Dale Samaniego:
I remember alek wek... odd beauty
r a i n g u r l
r a i n g u r l:
can i be the first 5'0 model?
Esuhail Avila
Esuhail Avila:
I’m a trailblazer! Omg!! This girl is full of herself!! 😂 Thank you NEXT!! Tyra Tyra Tyra!!!
Lyanna Cong
Lyanna Cong:
She should be so proud of herself to be the first model with vitiligo to walk down the runway she is beautiful this girl really shows you that you should never be ashamed of yourself
Evelyn Pichardo
Evelyn Pichardo:
I’m very sad that Ashley Graham wasn’t part of the show.☹️
Kusuo Saiki
Kusuo Saiki:
Thats my sister walking with what I have too.
Everything About BOATS
Everything About BOATS:
Can I be the first model with a dark underbutt😂
Phillip Barlow
Phillip Barlow:
Ms. Harlow is beautiful, inside as well as out.
My Account
My Account:
Oh so it's pronounced as vitil-eye-go not vit till go btw you're so gorgeous Winnie!
Belinda O
Belinda O:
The same ABC News, particularly Diane Sawyer, damned another person who had Vitiligo name Michael Jackson, by calling it, changing his looks, when in fact he has an auto immune disease like Winnie. Now, people see it was real by this young lady. This is hypocritical in so many ways. This only proves how much the main stream media hates black men. This video is trash like the media.
no nooo
no nooo:
I’m so proud of you Winnie! Just gorgeous! Kudos Victoria Secret for the trail blazeing of fashion.
Mika Mape
Mika Mape:
There's a walking milky turd.
I love how she has changed beauty Standards for the world but- her attutide...
No ma'am
caelan n
caelan n: