McLaren 620R Nürburgring: UNBELIEVABLY Good!!!!

I wanted to do a sit down video in front of the car explaining it for you guys today however the Apex team couldn’t pry me out of the driver seat. This video is of my fifth lap in the car and as you can see I immediately fell in love with it. This car has quickly moved right into first position in my fleet. I can’t stress enough how much fun I had and how this very well could be the best car I’ve ever driven on the Nürburgring. Sure the GT2 may be faster, but this engages the driver in a whole new way!

Many of you have asked what the purpose of this car is and I am seeing it as my private taxi! That means you can book a lap in this car but only with me driving and only on the days that I’m there. In our booking platform you can already see some dates for August :-)

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100+ komento:

Jake Rouse
Jake Rouse:
That motorcycle rider must have had a death wish, no situational awareness at all!
"It's still new so I'll take it kinda easy"

Michael Yarde
Michael Yarde:
Me thinks Mr Motorbike needs to use his mirrors a bit more
Tom Stamp
Tom Stamp:
Don’t mind me, just out here being wild!
All break in miles on the ring... Shmee's blood pressure skyrockets 😂
Phil Trumble
Phil Trumble:
Robert: I'm going to take it easy
Tires at 2:45 : lies
Holy roof scoop
Edit: that bike rider was so annoying
I like The roof scoop, sounds darth vader,
Stijn Volders
Stijn Volders:
Look at him smiling from ear to ear, just living the dream... :-D Cool videos Robert, love the content on your channel. Greetings from Belgium
Dan S
Dan S:
As a McLaren owner, those beeps make me laugh.... What is the problem w/ it?!
You literally have my dream life :'(
Driving around Nürburgring as much as you do with the kind of cars you have.
While being as humble as you are.
I can't do anything but love the content you are providing!
Driver: im gonna take it easy its new
1 sec later: puts gas pedal through the floor
Richard Clock
Richard Clock:
Hows the M3 GTR coming along?
Robert: “I’m going to take it easy as I’m still getting used to it.”

620R: “hold my beer...”
On EMS Nordschliefes vid at 40 secs in the car makes a wonderful crack on downshift into Adenauer Forest. Can't wait to see the suspension setup video and find out the dates when you're doing laps in it. Please don't go on holiday for a month in September 😂
Biker "I have a sports bike, I am fast".
Robert "Hold my beer"

Also looking at other vehicles dissapearing in the rear never gets old
gil ron
gil ron:
I would like to see the time and speed of the car too if possible (maybe the gear too).
Thanks for the great video :)
James East
James East:
The noise of that roof scoop is amazing, you literally hear the car breathing the whole time😎
Charlie Guan
Charlie Guan:
I didn't know this car exist until you said you gonna buy it. What custumers Mclaren target to with this car?
Cheeky Monkey
Cheeky Monkey:
Hey Robert 😜 for €399 could you make it last longer 🤣🐵🤣
What was the car beeping at you for that whole time?
Terrance Grant
Terrance Grant:
We need a camera on the cluster: we needs the data :>)
Stuart M
Stuart M:
Lovelly! stuff!!
That roof scoop makes it sound as if Darth Vader is in the passenger seat :P
Richard Clock
Richard Clock:
You should give it a Lightning McQueen wrap. And give it eyes
M J:
If the camera would just stay straight...
Ma Hu
Ma Hu:
Wow, there were a lot of corners with "oh my god he's gonna crash" reactions in this video
John P
John P:
1:10 please turn off the stabiliser on the top cam .. doing some disconcerting sideways jerks
that roof scoop sound...

the view out the back was more interesting on the 600LT though :D
Darth Vader 💓
mehdi remidi
mehdi remidi:
that bike annoyed me soo much !
David White
David White:
phenomenal, only word needed to describe this car!
Charles Shamseldin
Charles Shamseldin:
Currently my favorite channel on youtube. Great content man!
AN D1:
3:54 that comes as standard on Mclarens...electronic nightmares
P E:
Jajaja whats the difference between your “take it easy” and “after break in” ? 🤷‍♂️
First and One of the First that had a Lap edit: I am glad that i wasn‘t the only reason that it scraped in the carussel😂
Gosh this car looks rapid!
any classic cars you'd love to drive on the ring? (from any motorsport and era)
620R vs GT2RS: which one is faster, more enjoyable, more adjustable, etc..?
Robert Jung
Robert Jung:
Bing bing bing in the background! Voice recognition issue? BTW, such a great ride, thanks!
Thats sick!
Steve Muckley
Steve Muckley:
OMG YES! She sounds beautiful!
Happy to see how all the CAR drivers were attentive and following the rules here...
House Of Lennard
House Of Lennard:
Taking it easy!? 😂😆🙈 I was literally clinging to the sofa the whole way around...😆👍
Aside from your great driving skills and this obviously amazing new track rocket, what amazes me the most are these GoPro cameras, the Hero 8 in this case.
This is TV Quality ! There is literally *ZERO* shaking in this footage ! Especially in the top and the right part of the screen. As if these cameras were mounted
on or inside an expensive professional gimbal setup. Nope, all that amazing image stabilization is built into that tiny little box behind the front mirror.
What they are doing with these little cameras is astonishing to say the least.
Slighty hot at 1:56, but still such great lap Robert, and congrats for the MCL!
Sotiris Papadopoulos
Sotiris Papadopoulos:
5:10 This guy staying at your blindspot made me so anxious... "We're going to take it easy, brand new car" 😂 Classic Robert <3
Car seems incredible!
The way it handles through the corners almost makes it look like a go-cart. A big, mean looking go-cart :)
Harrison Kay
Harrison Kay:
I love your videos ! Soon as COVID is over I’m coming from Australia for some taxi laps ! Hope you’re their for a photo !
Bob Bob
Bob Bob:
hey robert, why did you choose not to let the car run in for its first 1000 miles or so? will this not increase the risk of issues with the car?
L D:
The car is a weapon. Love seeing it used for what it was made for.
Thanks for actually letting us know what the beeping sound is at the end of the video. I was so curious what it was, when watching through the video 😂
Luca Krgr
Luca Krgr:
what is this "bing bing" sound like at 6:33 ?! (:
great lap as always!
Love youre content, cars i always wanted to see on a racetrack, going fast on a racetrack and not just for a nice picture.
Watched enough of these videos to learn the Nordschleife layout by heart. My goodness do I need to book a ride around the ring once I'm in Germany. I'd soil my pants in the 620R though, good lord this thing goes!
Sergei Zadoyan
Sergei Zadoyan:
I though there was a boat coming for an overtake or something
J leachy
J leachy:
I'd love to see how far you could get into a lap blindfolded on a simulator 🤣!
Jheeeze you sure can drive! Great content 👌🏾
FaithlessEmo Racing
FaithlessEmo Racing:
Love the Darth Vader turbo noises off throttle! Also I always love how calm you are with traffic. It's not a race, so no need to get angry with traffic. just wait for a opening and press on!
How does the 620r compare to the GT2 RS MR? Can the 620r keep up with the GT2 RS MR?
T.E.R. Sven 2.0 vs. das kälteste aller Ungeheuer
T.E.R. Sven 2.0 vs. das kälteste aller Ungeheuer:
Am I the only one listening to Darth Vader several times on this ride.
The air-in-take/snorkel seems to breathe like the daunting Dark Lord ... ^_o
How’s the lateral grip?
Canterbury Tales
Canterbury Tales:
Hey Robert, love your videos. Would also like to see the speed dials (in addition to the current views) if possible. Thanks for a great experience.
Paul Dejong
Paul Dejong:
Love your definition of “taking it easy” 😂
Sidhant Megh9
Sidhant Megh9:
Wana see Drag Race Huracan Performante 🆚 McLaren 620 R
You're supposed to break in the motor before hooning it. Love the content btw
Daniel Jamieson
Daniel Jamieson:
How does it compare to the GT2? Faster? Slower? That beeping was annoying......
Mighty Mouse 247
Mighty Mouse 247:
Looks like super fun, I'd love to change the suspension out on my 570s...
Mike MacFadyen
Mike MacFadyen:
"I am still going to take it a bit easy because, it is new, I'm still learning the car... 200 through the corner, not bad." All while listening to ding... ding...ding.
That motorbiker at home telling his kids he raced a mclaren! When in reality he is the shittest most unaware motorbiker ever lol
John Mercer
John Mercer:
Loving the content and watching your grin just getting bigger on this “easy” lap.

The car looks really planted over the curbs from it’s suspension - is it based on the hydraulic system on the 720 or upgraded from the more tradition set up on the 600 and what’s different?

Also what did you adjust at 2:12 ?
Nicholas Lawrence
Nicholas Lawrence:
This is the most fun car I have been out in this year. Thank you so much Robert - this car is insane! Officially better than the Pista;)

We will have to drive a TF lap as well whenever we both have time!
My god this dude is good!! So smooth and relaxed. Really impressive
John Ja
John Ja:
i got a question for the 3 question blitz:
What is your take on the brake in period with new cars?
mussab mahmoud
mussab mahmoud:
Hi, i like your content.
I have a question while driving in the ring, do you use both feet with the two paddles or on with th two paddles?
Thanks in advance
Stewart Mclean
Stewart Mclean:
Il race you in my clio 197 when I come back over Robert :P, amazing driving, what a car! Acceleration looks nuts! :O
Henry Whistler
Henry Whistler:
Amazing content, love seeing these cars being used
great driving my friend. Couple times thought there goes the car into the wall.
Andrew Hake
Andrew Hake:
So good. Really looking forward to the technical details on this thing. Would love to see all the suspension details.
Ross McTaggart
Ross McTaggart:
So smooth! Love watching these videos and appreciate your honest opinion 👍🏼 Looking forward to more great content.
GRT_Racer 294
GRT_Racer 294:
Robert, have you done any laps with the slicks? Or is that not allowed on the Ring?
Amazing how the tyre temps are so stable.
GRT_Racer 294
GRT_Racer 294:
Seemed damn planted! Speed at apex was stellar! Great driving Robert.
RusCar TV
RusCar TV:
Yay! glad to be here early!
Mischa Tromp
Mischa Tromp:
Loving the content
R G:
I'd love to see a lap with one of those 360 cameras and my vr headset. Itll feel a bit more like I'm in the passenger seat.
Nicholas Firan
Nicholas Firan:
The turbos sound like darth vaders breathing! 10/10
juan kelly
juan kelly:
Hello Robert, great stuff as always, loving the new spaceship. I always wondered how come an engine thats is almost the exact same in every mclaren,for example, can have so many different outputs. I hope I made myfelf understandable. Greetings from Argentina! Keep it going
The Hutch
The Hutch:
lol. That damn tire pressure warning! I think it’s just a matter of resetting the sensor after you lower the pressures and then drive it. Great drive!
Yori Langhenkel
Yori Langhenkel:
Amazing car, and it looks really quick even on video! cant wait to be back at the ring.
Soul Drummer
Soul Drummer:
Well that was close at the 2.00 mark, this is the hardest I've seen Robert drive. Good to see your high skill set. Thanks for sharing Robert .
Ralph James
Ralph James:
First of all, wow!! But does this mean the Mercedes cars that you've been falling for will take the back seat?
Jorge Carmona
Jorge Carmona:
Hey Robert you’re extremely knowledgeable. Love the videos. Where are you from? What’s your background?
Carlyle Khan
Carlyle Khan:
Even The Bugs Had Fun Dieing On The Windshield 🤣🤣🤣😊🎉
Spencer Kane
Spencer Kane:
Congratulations Robert, that was exhilarating to watch!
Jason Moore
Jason Moore:
Is that the roof scoop I can hear when you lift off the throttle? Incredible 😮
Well it’s certainly the best sounding Mclaren (from the inside atleast) that I’ve heard👍🏻 sounds very Motorsports
Tristan H
Tristan H:
Thank YOU Robert for sharing this with us.
Really looking forward to the video of it getting fettled at Manthey.
Robert “I’m going to take it easy” 😂 just casually blasting past cars like there parked up 😎 I’m a biker and even I was sat thinking holy shit what was that biker doing and with a passenger 🙈
What a weapon! I want to see you drive the Senna next ;o)
Kevin Pazirandeh
Kevin Pazirandeh:
Car sounds like Darth Vader
wacky rc
wacky rc:
Pure track magic, thank you Robert 😁👍
OMG! you're gonna have a LOT of fun in this amazing track focused beast!
I'm guessing your family is off on holiday? unlucky timing with the car's delivery, I'd be, ''well make your way down & I'll catch up'' lol
Best way to run in a 620R too, take it by the scruff of the neck & show it who's boss, hahaha