Mary Kay Letourneau’s Final Days Were Spent With Vili Fualaau

Mary Kay Letourneau, the teacher who raped and then married her student, Villi Fualaau, died Tuesday. We are learning new details about her final months battling the cancer that ultimately killed her. Her estranged husband, Fualaau, was at her side at the very end, and for the last months, took care of her every day, Mary Kay’s lawyer said. Letourneau was pregnant with Fualaau’s child when she was sentenced to 7 years in prison, and the couple had a second child as well.

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Sober Cake
Sober Cake:
Gotta hate how they're downplaying rape to affair only because she is a woman. She was a child rapist period.
Chanel Powell
Chanel Powell:
You can’t have an “affair” with a 12 year old... she took advantage of, sexually assaulted, and groomed a child.
Ben's Life
Ben's Life:
This is sad but she groomed a CHILD and had not 1 but 2 children 😐😑😐
No Eyes Bunny
No Eyes Bunny:
I feel sorry for her first kids, she was messed up in her head
Stephanie Modkins
Stephanie Modkins:
If she were a male who impregnated the girl child he raped, the story of her life and death would play out drastically different. Stuff like this downplays issues with molestation among boys.
Nana A.
Nana A.:
As a parent of a 13yr old, She disgusts me
Scribbli Chheery
Scribbli Chheery:
I feel bad for his daughters most of all. They have to live their whole lives with their mother's bad legacy.
This woman is a glorified profile PERIOD. He was 12 years old for goodness sakes.
Sunny Smiles
Sunny Smiles:
She stole his childhood. She was a narcissist. She has the mentality of a spoiled selfish little girl, and extremely manipulative.
It seems that everyone is treating her with such sympathy. Remember, she had an affair with an underage child, who wasn’t of age to consent. If the genders were reversed, I’m sure she wouldn’t have been treated with such sympathy.
Grell Sutcliff
Grell Sutcliff:
If this was a guy he wouldn't be on the news...
It feels like they sugar coated the fact thats shes a child rapist and make it sound like romeo julliet story. If the tables were turned the story would of been written alot different.
St u
St u:
As a mother of a son
If this happened
She wouldn’t be able to walk
Alisa Benjamin
Alisa Benjamin:
SHE DIDN'T HAVE " affair with her student"....OH HOW ABUSE IS NORMALIZED....disgusting choice of words to describe child abuse.
The Alchimi
The Alchimi:
Don't make her look like a hero.
jason towns
jason towns:
She abused that little guy ....why is this news she got karma period
hungover puppy
hungover puppy:
I wonder how her first husband must have felt to loose his wife to a 12 year old boy.
Shadow Claw
Shadow Claw:
Stop treating her like she was a popular celebrity!

Mary was not a celebrity and she doesn't deserve reported on like she even after death!
logic rules
logic rules:
Inside edition has become such trash. Its not an affair when it's a 12yr old. It's a rape story.smh. if this were a Male teacher with a 12yr old girl he would still be in prison. She got probation after getting pregnant by a 12 yr old. The judge should've went to prison.
She groomed a 12 year old..... this woman was sick
D C:
If that was a 12 year old girl child and a 34 year old male teacher then this story would have been told differently
Mychee Ving
Mychee Ving:
Bruh he reflected on it. He grew up and felt like she was in the wrong. You felt the tension he was giving in the interview. He finally knew he was way too young to understand.
Winter Sky
Winter Sky:
A child molester died and people care becaaaaaause
Talk to me I’m here
Talk to me I’m here:
I have mixed feeling about this whole case
American in Nigeria
American in Nigeria:
He's probably glad to finally be free from her.
B.I_iKON HyunsukTreasure
B.I_iKON HyunsukTreasure:
I remember when they were both interviewed and she was so defensive and very controlling to him. A perpetrators tactic is always to groom their victims by manipulating them. This woman abused him from childhood to adulthood is just appalling
yarixza mendoza
yarixza mendoza:
im assuming her 4 other children she abandoned werent there.
richard okosun
richard okosun:
See some stupid comments justifying this heinous acts shows how hypocritic society is, if the roles were reversed would y'all still say it was love?
I also feel bad for the kids being brought into this world like that. What would they tell people of how they were born?
"My mother was a pedophile and had an affair with a fourteen-fifteen year old child, then had me and went to prison for an outrageously small time."
If the genders was switch I can only imagine
Dermot O'Sullivan
Dermot O'Sullivan:
If Letourneau had been a man and her victim a girl, she would have died in prison
To say that Vili Fualaau has had an unothodox life is the most mild way to put it. Above all else I truly hope that he and his family (along with her family from her first marriage) can have an identity far beyond how the public came to know them. Hope all the best for them.
Narrator: "They said a marriage born in scandal wouldn't last.. and it didnt"
Timelessmusic Familymusic
Timelessmusic Familymusic:
That young boy never showed that he was traumatize by all this like most young victims who were sexual abuse. Which I thought was very strange. He act like it was no big deal. Go figure!! 🤦‍♂️
Imagine if it was a guy teacher who did this to a 13 year old girl. He would of got murdered immediately.
She’s a horrible manipulative person
en cee
en cee:
I hope she looked him in the eyes and apologised to him for stealing his life from him but i doubt it.
She intentionally gave him children and groomed,abused him for years, just to make it too complicated and entangled for him to leave. I honestly think stress and guilt gave her cancer
sun teaシ
sun teaシ:
I feel bad for the kids
Vani Alston
Vani Alston:
She also taught him in 2 grade by the way
2blessed 2Bstressed
2blessed 2Bstressed:
She must have recently died damn. At least he was ride or die by her side even though they were split up
Rick Russell Jr.
Rick Russell Jr.:
its gotta be nice to have your kids out of the house by the time you're 30
Alex 1218
Alex 1218:
Good riddance. Thats one less predator.
shelly yastagirl
shelly yastagirl:
Made she rest in Peace but damn it There's Millions of man outhere in the World she goes for a minor.......
She's now facing her Etertnal Judge.
Sylvia Lemos
Sylvia Lemos:
I'm so glad he finally gets to live his life without her grasp on him
Chris Holland
Chris Holland:
beek beeker
beek beeker:
I dont call 20 years together too shaby by todays
Akdhdb Hxhjksbsb
Akdhdb Hxhjksbsb:
Fr me sad cause she was living in a fantasy love story it ended sad
Zinnia Jung
Zinnia Jung:
Let’s remember her for the good things she has done. She never abandoned her children. She made sure having someone taking care of them. She is a good mother to all of her children and she does keep in touch with her older children too. We all can be a little understanding for her. Perhaps some childhood trauma affected her way of thinking or perhaps the first marriage was having problem. I feel that she has that childlike quality when she giggles. Something affected her badly during childhood years. She does not commit violence or fraud. She does not slander other women like what most women do.
Microphone Jacket!
Microphone Jacket!:
Why is nobody talking about her 4 kids in her previous marriage?!?
juni q
juni q:
The interview from Barbra showed how manipulative and controlling of him she was
The media only cares about PREDATORS!!!!
lyssa gomez
lyssa gomez:
Shi- that relationship lasted 20+yrs longer than anyone thought it would! 🤣🤣
Kim Lynn
Kim Lynn:
She was seriously mentally ill.
I want to know what kind of Cancer she had.
Keri Monaco
Keri Monaco:
He’s is my age. When I was 12yrs old, no way did I want anything to do with sex, babies or love. Dodge ball, marbles and lunch was elementary life.

She somehow really really messed with his mind.

I’m sad for all her kids even though she did not care about her other kids, she was still their mom.
maras moist
maras moist:
I can't stop thinking of the south park nicee scene.
Teresa Perez
Teresa Perez:
Hope Vili has a good and happy life. 🙏
My heart goes out to her children
If the sexes were reversed this would be a totally different story
She looks like the V2 of Karens
Koon Jay
Koon Jay:
Just imagine switching the gender
glace water
glace water:
The lil guy was really in love of her teacher.
M Mo
M Mo:
Tooth whistler is hurting my ears. And this child grooming Karen is wrong, not love !!
Metra force
Metra force:
*Yeah Im not really sure if I can feel bad for her... nor anyone else because of her disgusting actions*
W J:
She raped him. It wasn’t an affair.
Confused Steak
Confused Steak:
Im sorry that she has passed but if this is covered why aren’t there more videos paying tribute to war veterans, teachers, and public workers?
Jazmine Lashe
Jazmine Lashe:
She died 😭 I didn’t even know
Victor Chico
Victor Chico:
“How did you two meet”

“She was my 7th grade teacher”

“He was my student”
Juicy J
Juicy J:
He’s always been a good guy
Angel In_Heaven
Angel In_Heaven:
Vili is finally free from this sociopath. Prayers going out to her children.
Miss Reen
Miss Reen:
Of course he loved her, he didn't know anyone else
Keith Novinski
Keith Novinski:
"Now the book is closed on the controversial life of Mary Kay Letourneau." I guess you could say she Letourned the page.
Baca World
Baca World:
He didn’t love her in the way most couples love. He loved her out of guilt, he somehow felt responsible for her losses in life. Her loss of time, her loss of the first 4 kids and her freedom. Sadly he wasn’t responsible for any of it. She was a sick woman, raised by sick parents. Hopefully the disfunction ends here. Sending my love to all involved in this very sad case.
Wate Maesua
Wate Maesua:
What about when an old man married a teenager or very younger girl? The society will never take it as a big deal. But when it comes to older women married very young boys, it will take the media by storm.
Owen A
Owen A:
Go read about the case and you will be mad
When she was in the court for for rape charge, she said she knew it is illegal and didn't care, If I knew the future that I would go to prison, this would not stop me to sleep with him. She got 3 years only!!
After that she slept with him again, she got only 7 years 😂 and after she finished her sentence she worked as a teacher with no problem
I was comparing this case with a man who went to prison for 12 years if I'm not mistaken, because he dated and under aged girl that she lied to him about her age
Paula Green
Paula Green:
and the media had their judgemental way just to make money.
Throwaway That’ll Stay
Throwaway That’ll Stay:
She was a predator. Love to villi and her kids.
She made a lot of scummy friends.
Talk to me I’m here
Talk to me I’m here:
This is wrong and sad at the same time
Dallas Bagley
Dallas Bagley:
I feel confident in saying that I knew Mary, personally. A couple years ago, I worked all Summer long on an A&E documentary titled, "I am", about her life, and the love affair with her student. There's no question that what she did was wrong, but she genuinely had a wonderful, and caring side to her. She loved Animals, loved Vili, and had an amazing relationship with their two daughters. We got relatively close during that Summer, and I became sorta the bridge between herself, and production. When they couldn't get what they wanted out of her, they'd send me in to make it happen. Mary and I would go out to 13 Coins in Seatac and drink until the wee hours. We learned the details of each others lives, and by the end, I felt like she was a friend. I somehow knew, when I watched her drive away from the Hotel that night, it'd be the last time I ever saw her. Her phone number was lost with everything else on my old phone, and I had no reasonable way of contacting her. Her passing truly makes me sad, but I also feel fortunate that I got to know her, beyond the tabloids. She never liked being called Mary Kay, only Mary.

RIP, Mary.
Gugulets Live
Gugulets Live:
Redhead 0508
Redhead 0508:
I am so sorry about his loss, it was wrong, however, I get it. Rest in peace Mary
Roselyn Williams
Roselyn Williams:
It not time talk like that about kids mom when there in distress we all know
Tina Tang
Tina Tang:
HAVE MERCY ON HER 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️
Smokey Brown
Smokey Brown:
COVID-19 is too strong it didn’t even use it’s final form yet.
I lost the love of my life to cancer. She was 47. Mary, you were a true romantic. RIP.
Dumbledore Fan
Dumbledore Fan:
0:48 that kid has a big head.
He sounds like Herbert the pervert 😂😂🤣😂😂
Amanda B
Amanda B:
RIP Mary!
Kandance LaRoy
Kandance LaRoy:
Resting in peace. 🙏🏾 Isaiah 26:19 💐
fran mellor
fran mellor:
Adrienne Dochia
Adrienne Dochia:
this is so sad
Edie Koller
Edie Koller:
Sad. She was looking for a different kind of love and she did that in a sick and distorted way. I feel sorry for her kids from her first marriage and then for her two daughters from the 2nd marriage. Its not her children's fault and in time people will eventually forget what happened. All ends in a faded memory.
MellowStars Gacha
MellowStars Gacha:
Imagine your wife choosing a 12 year old over you
Lidia Mary L
Lidia Mary L:
He is finally free! I hope he finds his true self and inner peace. He has been tied to this monster for most of his life and was robbed of many opportunities and experiences.
Sarah L.
Sarah L.:
0:33 and a twelve year old fought tirelessly against your terrible advances
Lovely 94
Lovely 94:
Damn, karma takes her sweet time!
A Vrl
A Vrl:
12 years old and tearing that up ! 😂😂😂
Mary Nelson
Mary Nelson:
🌷My condolences to her family.🌷