Mary Kay Letourneau dies at 58

Letourneau died after battling cancer. The former Burien teacher served time in jail for raping a 12-year-old student, and then later married him.

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The amount of people sympathizing with a convicted C.P. is unreal.
Paula Cather
Paula Cather:
She was no better than a priest who would molest a boy the same age that Vili Fulau was when she was messing around with him.
I used to live in the school district where she taught and felt very ashamed of that.
Thomas Fuller
Thomas Fuller:
I remember how the liberal media glorified and glamourized their affair. Not a word about their victims, her children and betrayed husband.
I feel bad for her children......
Felicia Johnson
Felicia Johnson:
I remember in his last interview with her he said he would never advise his daughters to date their teachers 🤷🤔
She groomed her entire family. Her husband, her daughters. I watched an old interview with her. Sick, sick woman!
Cpt Fullsack
Cpt Fullsack:
this is the strangest episode of How I Met Your Mother ever
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon:
Like what the South Park police department would say: "Niiice!"👍
Boba Fettuccine
Boba Fettuccine:
Guess she didn't want to go to prison either.
Dean Ladue
Dean Ladue:
A sad ending to a very tragic story, feel terrible for all involved.
LaTavia Washington
LaTavia Washington:
I just feel bad for her kids. Especially her daughters . Losing a parent young sucks ass . I couldn’t imagine wishing that pain on anyone
Wonder what her student thinks 🤔
Art King Of WholeFoods
Art King Of WholeFoods:
Instant Karma is gonna get you...
Bonnie Blanco
Bonnie Blanco:
I feel so bad for her family but so conflicted because of who she chose to be with
Steve Walters
Steve Walters:
Wow. I never expected that. She lived a couple blocks away. I’m sorry for the family.
Horatio Moonraker
Horatio Moonraker:
"So again, Mary Kay Letourneau dying of Stage 4 Cancer at the age of 58, we'll keep you updated with any new information that we can get this evening."

"This just in. It has been confirmed that Mary Kay Letourneau is still very much deceased."
The Commenter Dragon
The Commenter Dragon:
Now that she's dead, i think it's safe to say that what she did back in the 90's doesn't matter anymore.
Murlynd 73
Murlynd 73:
I really thought that the comments would have been disabled.
If it don’t apply don’t you cry
If it don’t apply don’t you cry:
Prayers for her children and for all involved 🙏
in the words of south park "NICE"
audi 666
audi 666:
Redpill Commando
Redpill Commando:
King5 news should change its name to CCP news.
outdoors life4style
outdoors life4style:
This is breaking news? Yet the warlord " raz" got away scott free handing out ar-15's to idiots who killed a teenager. Where's the accountability? Oh yea its king 5 news....basically local CNN
I feel bad for the man and the children. But feel disgusted with the kind of person she was. A predatory fiend.
Tiny Bubbles
Tiny Bubbles:
Priscilla Jane Fumero
Priscilla Jane Fumero:
I heard the news yesterday
Rhoda G
Rhoda G:
RIP I hope u repent for sins
Susan Murphy
Susan Murphy:
A truly, strange and odd woman.
Nia Blair
Nia Blair:
I feel bad for her family but I feel like she didn't do enough time for the crime. Had this been a man he would still be in jail today.
Michael Law
Michael Law:
What would Mary Kay Letourneau order at a Chinese restaurant?
Cream of Sum Yung Gai
NY Vibe
NY Vibe:
Karma finally caught up with her
Ashton Flowers
Ashton Flowers:
The amount of pain she inflicted on her family, her friends is unimaginable. I hope her husband and her kids find peace.
Mike Haws
Mike Haws:
Omg.... This whole story reads like a greek tragedy... Omg
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson:
Double Standards
Brandon & Terri White
Brandon & Terri White:
she always gave me the creeps, she was not mentally stable...she was only about herself....selfish malignant narcissist.
Ae trole
Ae trole:
She belongs to da streets.
Eduin Munoz
Eduin Munoz:
He divorced her when she was sick?
T W:
La R.
La R.:
Weed Savages
Weed Savages:
A child molester died? If it was a man nobody would care. But it’s a white woman so let’s be sad.
Casper Ghost
Casper Ghost:
She could have taken an older husband, not been a widow!
Dmitriy Steps
Dmitriy Steps:
Well, now she has to answer to the Eternal Judge.
Mrs Wood
Mrs Wood:
wow she had a very sad adult life. she leaves 4 kids? geez
What a crazy story
raping???? who was the victim here??
R.I.P. Mary
Thaddeus Wallenberg
Thaddeus Wallenberg:
American Hero
British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent
British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent:
God Bless them both...
Ms. Johnnie
Ms. Johnnie:
Why is this news-worthy?
Bernedette Kuteyi
Bernedette Kuteyi:
If it was a man, he would still be in prison, she was a disgusting human being. You can tell, he was pressured into staying with her, he just wanted to leave.
Sal Vastola
Sal Vastola:
That old cougar got Her back blown out.
Michael Knapp
Michael Knapp:
Can you imagine if an adult male teacher got his sixth grade love interest pregnant? Oh my god he’d never get out of prison. She was allowed to get out and resume her life with her victim! Unbeatable to me. Just a side note: my sister went to high school with her ex husband Steve ( I think that’s his name). This is a crazy story.
Honest Dave
Honest Dave:
A child molester dies and everyone acts like it's a tragedy.
Dro Torres
Dro Torres:
Great news
Wendy F
Wendy F:
Any death is sad.
Mathew Crawford
Mathew Crawford:
And now she belongs to the ages
Irene Tanya
Irene Tanya:
You're free, Villi
Vee Beth Herrera
Vee Beth Herrera:
Rest In Peace. Ironically Villi is finally free. Consolation her children.
Tom Servo
Tom Servo:
KING 5, what criteria do you use to determine 'breaking news' ? If you never aired this, no one would care --- shouldn't that be at the top of the checklist ? On the flip side, there should be an checklist of 'never air as break news' , on that list, if the subject knows what a pre-teen taste like, don't air
River Banks
River Banks:
Living -living
Living -living:
Rip poor kids lost there momma🥺
steve leonard
steve leonard:
Not news. No one cares.
Corbin Dallas
Corbin Dallas:
I’m thinking god had something to do with the cancer. He was so grossed out he just had to do SOMETHING. 🤣🤣🤣
a chaotic death
a chaotic death:
Good riddance. And her death is called karma baby.
Amy Chavez
Amy Chavez:
May you rest in peace Mary K.L. 😑
unknowntuber unknowntuber
unknowntuber unknowntuber:
wow this is a total shocker
J Stewart
J Stewart:
No loss
Candice Sacks
Candice Sacks:
Hope she didn't suffer! There was something definitely wrong with her! And she had like 5 other kids with her 1st husband who never spoke to her again!Sad!!
Ever since man ate the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he became a judge, because now he knew what good and evil is. But is man a better judge, than God? Why did God say. "The day you do eat from that tree, you shall surely die"? Man has lost his innocence and judges everything...
Tom A
Tom A:
Rest In Peace. If by now you still have to fire off some disparaging comment, life means nothing to YOU.
Brett S.
Brett S.:
That kid was a player. Aparently still is. That's cold, bro.
Mr Davs
Mr Davs:
Cancer got her.
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson:
Cause of death: COVID 19
200 years ago people would be very puzzled by this story. Her only crime is she didn't do it with me.
Onr Onr
Onr Onr:
Cancer was too good for her. She should have suffered longer.
keith sterling
keith sterling:
R I P. so sorry to hear this story. i will admit mary gave a lot of males hope that their dreams about their favorite teacher could come true.every male had that one female teacher that he wanted to have as a lover/relationship with.
and i don't know who's worse her or you guys throwing all them bricks at her remember she's dead and one day we will dye too and y'all act like you perfect
Andrea Foxx
Andrea Foxx:
Rip mary
A good woman..... She was married to a husband and had four children only to run off with a twelve-year-old, went to prison, came out, got married to her young lover, had two more children, got divorced in 2019 and died this year.
Kelly T
Kelly T:
Their marriage lasted longer than anybody nowadays
Ppl have 99 partners & a kid by each one. That what I call immoral & disgusting
They had a real love, like most ppl dont ever have.
You all should envy them. They had something nobody has anymore
Real genuine love !!!!!!
To bad she died so young.
Greg Lange
Greg Lange:
Can’t you people at least let her rest in peace now that she has passed.
No matter what she’s done in life, please remember that she had six children that are now motherless. Try and be respectful. Though most of us know that what she did was immoral and unthinkable, she deserved a peaceful death.
Lonnie 1Love
Lonnie 1Love:
Those two seemed like they really loved each other even the relationship was taboo
Wildstar Productions
Wildstar Productions:
He was Hot For Teacher and she was Hot For Student...
Princess Alyson Sweat
Princess Alyson Sweat:
Rest In Heaven Mary Kay Letourneau
Rated R
Rated R:
This is why humanity is in the state it's in. Lack of forgiveness has spread all over the world. People are dying, rage is flowing, those sworn to protect are killing, our country's leader condones racism. When you refuse to forgive, you open Pandora's box of destruction upon the world. The same harsh judgment you visit upon the condemned, is the same harsh judgment that will wipe humanity off the face of the earth. As long as humanity chooses judgments over forgiveness, humanity will continue to suffer.
Some women like their man to look like ET. Letourneau was one of them. So what if he was only a 12 year old ET when she seduced him. He will eventually grow up to become an adult ET, and become the ET of her dreams. And thats exactly what happened!