Mary Ann Shadd Cary

Mary along with Isaac who was her brother, moved to Windsor, Ontario where she begin her activism for free black people coming to Canada and establishing themselves to thrive. In 1849, Mary published a twelve page pamphlet titled Hints to the colored People of the North encouraging black self-sufficiency, she also wrote a letter to Frederick Douglas criticizing black leaders, black churches and endorsed the use of education to help liberate blacks from slavery. During her time in Windsor Mary established an integrated school and published a pamphlet titled Notes on Canada West in 1852. Notes on Canada West was written as a call to black Americans to move to the free lands of Canada.

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Brian McAlpine
Brian McAlpine:
I found this after just learning of Mary Ann Shadd Cary from tonight's Google Doodle. Thanks to Google, and thanks especially to OTSOG for sharing her courageous efforts. Truly, the shoulders of giants.
Marva Mortley
Marva Mortley:
Thank you for sharing that info about Mary Ann Shadd Cary. Great info.
Princess Virtuouslite
Princess Virtuouslite:
Thank you for sharing this story, it shows once again that our men AND women, worked hard and achieved a lot for the sake of our people, THEN as well as NOW. Yet now of days, most of our men choose to only see us in a negative light, they call us such awful names, choosing to show their love and respect to women of the other races, SHAME ON THEM.