Marsha P. Johnson Sparks the Stonewall Riots (ft. Alexandra Grey & Trace Lysette) - Drunk History

When New York City police raided the Stonewall Inn in 1969, trans activist Marsha P. Johnson stood up for her civil rights.

About Drunk History:
Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.
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Grace Albert
Grace Albert:
I can’t wait for our current situation to become a drunk history episode
Shiloh Lobbezoo
Shiloh Lobbezoo:
I used to be a girl, but now I sell hot dogs from a cart on the sidewalk.
The Awesamazing Eden
The Awesamazing Eden:
"When did morals become part of this city, this city is trash."

Spoken like a true New Yorker.
shady boots
shady boots:
"Every minority group imaginable is tired of the status quo"

Sad that this hasn't changed today nearly 60 years later
Onalenna Nhlumayo
Onalenna Nhlumayo:
I love how when the narrator fumbles, the actors act out the fumble😂
I ... always feel like Derek is ready to risk it all for Crissle.
Maddie Kerr
Maddie Kerr:
And don’t forget about Stormé DeLarverie! She was a butch lesbian whose attempted arrest helped to stir the crowd into action! When the police attacked her, she fought back, bleeding from the head, and yelled to the crowd to do something. She also went on to protect LGBT people in the city and was known as “guardian of the lesbians”. Most people forget about her, but her role at Stonewall was CRUCIAL!
Mouse Hunt 1997 Extended Director's Cut
Mouse Hunt 1997 Extended Director's Cut:
Derek looks like he is falling in love
Tulio Henrique
Tulio Henrique:
Her hair is awesome.
11 52
11 52:
transvendor would be a great name for a transgender shop
Is is just me or is Derek crushing hard?
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez:
I GOT MY CIVIL RIGHTS! (throws shot glass)
Drunk history is the best kind of history.
Arabia Rush
Arabia Rush:
I wish they would investigate her murder...
Jackie Kramer
Jackie Kramer:
This city is trash. I laughed so hard!!!
Sonja Hodgson
Sonja Hodgson:
"There's not just 20 of us on Wednesday night when it's half off..." I died!!
Simeon Busano
Simeon Busano:
OMG YOU HAD A WOMAN PLAY A WOMAN!!! YES !!! It's nice to see after years of watching men play trans women <3
Juan Juri
Juan Juri:
crissle is my favorite drunk historian 😭
Su Aung
Su Aung:
Marsha P. Johnson is such an iconic person in the movement and her role is usually erased from LGBT+ and feminist narratives due to her very open identity at the time. I love that her history is getting told more in the public eye instead of being brushed under the rug again.
Ainslee S
Ainslee S:
Seriously her hair is everything.
Leo Sweetwood
Leo Sweetwood:
A lot of gay people were at the bars that night because they were sad that Judy Garland had just died.
"It's the shot glass heard around the world." Happy PRIDE everyone! 🍸
ArialisAzul Estrella
ArialisAzul Estrella:
The NYPD are garbage for never finding what happened to her
kwanda Ngubane
kwanda Ngubane:
I love black women with all my heart
l r
l r:
Still more accurate than the motion picture!
Austin Smith
Austin Smith:
I came here for gay rights and all I'm seeing is this very straight man CRUSHING HARD
"Bow down." ☺️
Monroe Monroe
Monroe Monroe:
Thank you for not whitewashing it. Love is Love
Wendy Nerd
Wendy Nerd:
And then the Stonewall movie gave her accomplishments to a white cis boy...
Miss Kitty Fantastico
Miss Kitty Fantastico:
Judy just died and the queens were in a mood. It's so sad that the NYPD won't investigate Marsha's murder.
This is wrong according to Marsha's interviews with several historians. She didn't arrive until 2am while the riot was already taken place
Rae K
Rae K:
*wildly cackles and flips amazing hair*
“You have the most amazing laugh i love it” 😂😂😂
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott:
Check out “The Stonewall You know is a Myth. And that’s ok”
I love Drunk history but they didn’t do their homework because this is riddled with inaccuracies... Maybe the alcohol? Lol For instance as lovely as she was, Marsha didn’t even arrive until the fire had started long after the initial raid.. Watch that video if you want to hear eyewitness accounts from men & women who were there, historians as well as taped statements from Marsha & Sylvia. I’ll still keep watching Drunk History though! 😉
Paige Washington
Paige Washington:
Drunk folk speak their mind. Crissle meant that ish I felt it deep down lol
Gina Foster
Gina Foster:
Had to come here to learn this since public school would never teach you this🙄
Quindara King
Quindara King:
And this was recommended today. Riots are the voices of those who aren’t heard
Double Guitars
Double Guitars:
Oh my God that Laugh at 2.40 was just everything 😂
Angel Quiah-Londoño
Angel Quiah-Londoño:
This is great but I think Marsha herself said she wasn’t even at Stonewall until later in the night when the rebellion was already happening
c c
c c:
Marsha actually didn’t get in town until the riots had already started! So she technically didn’t throw the first glass/brick and nobody knows who did. However Marsha was a HUGE figure in the gay liberation movement and a very successful & famous performer. She is an incredible person and did so much for us, worship her!
Homeboy is thirsty.... XD
Literally everything about this story directly denies the stories of people who were there.
Actually, it was Storme DeLarverie who threw the first punch.
Whatsit Tuyah
Whatsit Tuyah:
“Wait, Nobody died at Stonewall?”- historian Derrick Barry
Anthony Hale
Anthony Hale:
Y’all saw them punches Sylvia Rivera was throwing at 4:06? I screamed so loud! 😂😂😂 This was everything!!! Marsha was THE ONE (and still is)!!!
Hannah Bowman
Hannah Bowman:
Her hair is the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen
"this was a point in time where you came out as being trans and nobody gaf about you"

I wish that this was "a point in time", but ppl are still getting kicked out of their homes and killed even if they do disclose their genders. :/
Swami Netero
Swami Netero:
theres a video of marsha saying herself she wasnt even there lmao
Sometimes a riot is a protest and sometimes a protest is a riot. It comes from massive injustice. BLM ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Toa Sua
Toa Sua:
the way derek stares at Crissle.... ahahahahahaha HE SPRUNG!!!!
Connor Henzel
Connor Henzel:
I wish they hadn't started with "New York had a growing LGBTQ population," as though LGBTQ people didn't exist there before and were suddenly appeared out of thin air.
Dee Miller
Dee Miller:
I think he likes like Chrissel 😉
•biscuit_bisquicc •
•biscuit_bisquicc •:
I see the way u looked at her Derek 👀
goth milk
goth milk:
Rest in power, to the woman who started it all for us.
Lover Deadly
Lover Deadly:
Marsha "Pay It No Mind" Johnson is like a saint.
it’s cool they’re talking about stonewall but most of this is inaccurate
paisley is fine
paisley is fine:
“you have the best laugh in the world,

*i love it..* 👁👄👁”
Fairy _Creations
Fairy _Creations:
Drunk history: the blm movement and ending police brutality for minority groups. 🥃🍸🍺🍻🥂🍾 LET’S GGOOOO
Logan Grandstaff
Logan Grandstaff:
Marsha p. Johnson has said before that she didn't start the stone wall riots. And Storme Delarverie has said that she has and hasn't before so nobody knows if she did or not.
Ryan Sandler
Ryan Sandler:
Dead. 2:25
He always be fallin in love with the black girls lol
Yee Haw
Yee Haw:
Can’t wait for the drunk history of the 2020 riots
Kamden Hatten
Kamden Hatten:
YouTube really does think their funny.
Her hair is beautiful af 😝❤️😆
Radical Rainbow
Radical Rainbow:
This isn’t how it happened Marsha arrived at the Stonewall well after the disturbance (it wasn’t a riot) had started,no one really knows who kicked it off! Nor was it the first time American LGBTQI people had fought in the streets with the cops
Sinclair Anderson
Sinclair Anderson:
Crissle is the best
Tosca Groenewold
Tosca Groenewold:
is it weird that i ship them
Stormé started the riot, not Marsha, who literally said she wasn’t there until after the riots started. Stop trying to rewrite history
Stacey Knoell
Stacey Knoell:
Black people and Sacajawea! YES!!
Grace Furtwengler
Grace Furtwengler:
Crissle is a mood
Jason Barajas
Jason Barajas:
Marsha P. Johnson actually didn't get to the bar until after the riot started lol and she didn't throw the first brick. She did throw a brick tho!
lucky zamora
lucky zamora:
“N-nobody was killed?!”
Suspended in Gaffa
Suspended in Gaffa:
Except she didn't. She was uptown at the time, and didn't get to Stonewall until 2a-ish. #lookitup
MatHM 14
MatHM 14:
I think might be my favorite series on Comedy Central
Bronwen Alvah
Bronwen Alvah:
Crissle West is too attractive for YouTube.
We don’t know who threw the shot glass, or if it even was a shot glass. Even Marsha herself said that she didn’t throw anything.

Also, at first it was March, and then it turned into a riot.
Crissle is gorgeous.
Zach Samuels
Zach Samuels:
Marsha didn't throw the first stone lol. she has said this herself in an interview. she says she didn't get there until 2 when the place was already on fire
Andrew Mcguire
Andrew Mcguire:
marsha didn’t actually throw the first brick it was someone called Stormé DeLarverie
this drunk history episode is cute and all but it's wrong cos marsha herself admitted that she showed up to stonewall that night AFTER the riot started. she said she showed up around 1am and the riot was already in full swing by then. so this is literally a false account of what happened.
Angeline Ameloot
Angeline Ameloot:
Marsha didn’t to the riot until 2 but she’s still awesome tho
Tracy Martel
Tracy Martel:
Ladies and gentlemen: the first drunk history based exclusively on Instagram posts as research.
1. Marsha P Johnson only ever identified as a drag queen, gay man, and transvestite (WHICH IS N O T THE SAME AS TRANSGENDER) in their life time. It was only speculations after they died that they were trans, but THEY denied it.
2. Johnson THEMSELF denied EVER starting the riot and EVERYONE who was there said that Storme Delavarie-a black butch lesbian-was the one who threw the first punch. And how dare you talk about Stonewall without even mentioning her.
3. Everyone at stonewall would HATE any person or faction of the LGBT+ getting sole credit for starting or causing Stonewall, because it was about COMMUNITY. But if you’re GOING TO, get your mother fucking facts RIGHT.
4. There👏were👏no👏bricks👏at👏Stonewall👏
Its 1960 but Im seeing 2019 Cadilacs in the background.
Evie Elliot Gerzio
Evie Elliot Gerzio:
4:53 "it gives me chills" me too babe. I got chills for a whole while, my eyes got teary.

I'm so proud of this. I know this by heart. Being a gen z, I learnt all of this through the internet, and I'm so proud of these QUEENS, who made it possible for me to be whatever I am. And so many others get to be who they are, and love who they love. This is the true meaning of PRIDE. Know your history, and OWN it 💙💚💛🧡❤
David Whitt
David Whitt:
According to Marsha herself "The way I winded up being at Stonewall that night, I was having a party uptown. And we were all out there and Miss Sylvia Rivera and them were over in the park having a cocktail.
I was uptown and I didn’t get downtown until about two o’clock, because when I got downtown the place was already on fire. And it was a raid already. The riots had already started." Nice revisionist history though to push a particular narrative.
The Awesamazing Eden
The Awesamazing Eden:
Happy friggin drunk Pride y'all!
This story is incorrect, for the true story, go watch this video about what happened at the beginning of the Stonewall bar resistance at

She didn't throw the first rock/brick or shot glass, because she arrived at 2am and helped with the riots that were already happening, But she did carry on the movement.
Purple Alien
Purple Alien:
If only this were true... stonewall wasn’t the birth of gay rights & MANY riots/protests happened before this but y’all wanna glorify this specific riot because... why?
Nucman 133
Nucman 133:
Crissle is my favorite!! I love her laugh so much!!
First Person Studios
First Person Studios:
I'm absolutely in love with this girl. Her laugh is like music. <3
"Human-ness wins."
wowie 21
wowie 21:
Transvendor, shopkeepers who are trans
A trans-vendor defined:
A trans individual who just so happens to sell items such as hot dogs & chips.....& Pop.
Has all the goodies at your favorite venues.
James Mackes
James Mackes:
5:19 I literally have that exact same blanket. Like down to the color and pattern.
Allie Adkins Liles
Allie Adkins Liles:
Love this—however, an important person was left out: Storme DeLarverie
Marsha P Johnson literally said in an interview that he wasn't transgender and said that he'd only got there, after the building was already on fire, It's great to remember our past but please don't try and change the people when they're on record saying differently
Nikita Watkins
Nikita Watkins:
This episode was trash too cause y yall ain't tell da part where she was found murdered floating in the dirty ass Hudson river at the piers and no one was ever caught or charged and her cause of death was documented as a suicide it's a unsolved case if ya'll wasn't gonna speak out about that then ya'll shouldn't off did a episode about him at all then foh
So riots do work. Hm.
Chrissy R
Chrissy R:
Marsha didn’t start the riots actually from what I know. The shot glass thing wasn’t her. She led the movement and the riots when she got there but historians think she got to the Stonewall Inn right after the riots started
A very smol bean
A very smol bean:
Me watching this happy I’m going to get a lesbian haircut. (The thing where it’s longer in the top and shorter on the bottom-sides.) just look up the lesbian haircut
Terrell Mack
Terrell Mack:
Crissle West! What a queen. Best laugh ever.