Marilyn Monroe - Happy Birthday Mr. President

Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday to the President.

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Alexa F.
Alexa F.:
It's hard to comprehend that this isn't a scene from a movie, but an actual part of history.
morgan b
morgan b:
“hollywood will pay you a million dollars for a kiss, and 50 cents for your soul” - marylin monroe
Marielle Andres
Marielle Andres:
No fancams of JFK's reaction singing to this? I'm dissapointed
Dishonored Hobbit
Dishonored Hobbit:
Kinda crazy that one of them dies of an overdose and the other gets their head blown off in the span of the two years after this moment.
Can you imagine your side chick pulling up to your birthday party with your wife sitting right next to you
they should make a movie for Marilyn Monroe like they did for Bohemian Rhapsody
edit: hi guys, thank you for the movies! ive been watching some and theyre very good! :) thanks again.
Alexa Wolf
Alexa Wolf:
"Ladies and gentlemen, the "late" Marilyn Monroe,"
Man, those chilling words
Fearne Williams
Fearne Williams:
*jackie Kennedy left the group*
You can hear the gasps from the crowd when she takes her coat off.
Odang Gu
Odang Gu:
That dress was auctioned and bought for $4.81M
Jamie, The Hedgehog
Jamie, The Hedgehog:
Everybody blames her for the JFK stuff.. he was the worst he was the one married!! Why blame only takes two to tango.
thor and company
thor and company:
In that period, in a world of bigots, puritans, hypocrites and male chauvinists... she had the courage to be Marilyn Monroe... an explosion of sensuality and femininity. This woman was ahead of her time
Leaf Wing
Leaf Wing:
I wanna be in the room where THAT happened....
I imagine this is how Fergie saw herself singing the national anthem lmao safe to say she misjudged
Now, for a modern conversion:
Imagine if Nicki Minaj sung happy birthday like that to President Obama
Esmeralda Hernandez
Esmeralda Hernandez:
1:58-2:03 The slow
“Happy Birthday ...Mr. Preesssidennt” hits different when you know she was getting her guts rearranged by “ Mr. President” 😂
my name is jeff
my name is jeff:
Kanye West: happy birthday Mr.Trump😚

Melania: 😔
It's hard to believe that this is actually history because of how outrageous it is. Here she is cooing all sultry to the most important man in the world who everyone knew she was having an affair with. And she seemed doped up on alcohol and a couple prescriptions here. Legendary stuff.
Colorless Studios
Colorless Studios:
Imagine if you were there in person, how she would've looked and sounded, all the colors and her skin-colored sparkly dress on stage.

Only if they had the technology back then that we do now, would be awesome to watch.
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell:
"the late Marilyn Monroe" had less than 3 months to live
Queen Michelle
Queen Michelle:
Marilyn just wanted to be accepted for who she really was, she didn’t wanted to be known for her appearance or as a sex toy she knew she had talent she just wished they knew it too!
I feel like this is when the whole country was like “woah, the President is banging Marylin Monroe”
Jasmine Fuemana
Jasmine Fuemana:
Marilyn: *breaths*
Audience: 😮🙌💕😍💯👏👏👏
gabriel montalvo
gabriel montalvo:
Who else is here after watching National Anthem by Lana Del Rey?
Taylor Watson
Taylor Watson:
For context, Marilyn was hammered drunk when she sang this. That’s why she was giggly and weird with the announcer. By this time JFK and Marilyn were having an affair, both at the White House and allegedly at a secluded Arizona Ranch. Marilyn fell in love with JFK and had fantasies of him leaving Jackie and she becoming First Lady. At one point she even called Jackie and told her so, to which an unphased Jackie told her, in effect, to do so if she thought the grass was greener (Jackie was well aware of her husband’s compulsive infidelity ).
"Mr. President, the Late Marilyn Monroe.." oh only if they knew
Joe Solo
Joe Solo:
"B1tch my family's here!" (Dave Chappelle reference) 😂🤣😂🤣
Natahlia Smith
Natahlia Smith:
This clip is so depressing.
It shows how low this beautiful woman sank.
She was no longer a beautiful vivacious woman to me there.
She had become and empty shell trying to fill a void that no man could ever fill.
I want to reach through the screen and make her look in the mirror. I want her to see her true remarkable self. She knew she was beautiful but she also knew it was all superficial. She needed to see that she was so much more than a sex symbol or icon. She needed to see and accept that she was simply a wonderful human being capable of mistakes just like the rest of us.
Self acceptance..... that is what she needed most.
All the love in world makes no difference if you don't feel you are deserving of it.
I can only hope that she found what she so desperately needed now.
RIP Norma ox
They should have Stormy Daniels sing this song to Trump.

Marilyn Monroe: *takes deep breath*

The crowd: *cheers*

Mia Veranika
Mia Veranika:
If this happening in 2020, twitter will explode
Water Niger
Water Niger:
*_”The late Marilyn Monroe” The time when Illuminati had no shame_*
Adalina .B.
Adalina .B.:
My great grandma was their as a guest she was rich a little but oof wow she met her
এক ঝলক
এক ঝলক:
“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”
― Marilyn Monroe
Cashh Washington
Cashh Washington:
She was savage af lmao how u go to your side dude birthday an perform. Lmao
Is there any actual proof they had an afair?

Ps: On a unrelated note- this seems Like a completely different dimension, I cannot imagine a president nowadays having a public birthday party like this without his opponents causing a shit storm. People had manners and class on those times, they knew how to behave.
Ella Bione
Ella Bione:
At 2:40, Marilyn’s hopping was the cutest thing ever 🥰
Hanna Vercelli
Hanna Vercelli:
I remember someone said she had been instructed to hold the microphone in a sexual way, so that she'd be purposely sexualized
blank face
blank face:
Wish we could've captured JFK's reaction to the singing!
Jonathan King
Jonathan King:
Isn't it creepy how he introduced her... "the late Marilyn Monroe" .... very foreboding almost like he knew something
Michelle Licari
Michelle Licari:
The most misunderstood woman in history, go Marilyn ❤️
Juliana Lopes
Juliana Lopes:
Why didn't had a camera in Kennedy's reaction? I would pay for that
JFK was *so* sleazy and somehow got away with it in an era that was far more buttoned-down than today. It's amazing.
A B:
One of the most desirable women in the world was also a side chick.
Taylor Eliza
Taylor Eliza:
Can we talk about how wildin this whole situation is for a sec???
Jay stevenson
Jay stevenson:
Deep inside, I betJackie must've been really pissed...
403 Forbidden
403 Forbidden:
I love how everyone gasps when they see her dress
thor and company
thor and company:
She had the power to bewitch any man... so magnetic
cal_ ypso
cal_ ypso:
Just imagine that that happened in color and real life... omg its so weird
thor and company
thor and company:
Her sex appeal and magnetism remain unsurpassed. Marilyn wath a legend!
I love Marilyn Monroe so much. She’s truly legendary. There will never be another like her.
I bet it was clear to the whole country that she was JFK's side chick after he got on stage and said "wow I could retire from politics after having Marilyn sing happy birthday for me"
Paige Yarran
Paige Yarran:
She is a ICON always will be an ICON
George’s biscuits
George’s biscuits:
Today is her birthday!!happy birthday to the prettiest woman in this world🌹
Marilyn: breathed into microphone
Crowd: 🙌🏽👏🏽👁👄👁
Star Night
Star Night:
It was JFK's birthday, but she was the protagonist! What a woman!!
William Cooper
William Cooper:
Every time I hear The Late Marilyn Monroe l get an eerie chill. It was a portent of tragic things to come. I can’t help but think she was silenced.
Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas:
The most famous "happy birthday" song ever!
Everything about her just seems so sexual, right down to her voice and the way she takes a breath.
Daniel Fullman
Daniel Fullman:
"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring" - Marilyn Monroe
Remember, every time that you wash your hands, sing Happy birthday two times. Stay safe people.
Roman Natale
Roman Natale:
Imagine being in that room. You never would have known you were witnessing such a moment in US history.
That women was murdered, she knew too much. They wanted her gone from the day she slept with Kennedy.
No one:
Marilyn: haapppy biiirrrthday mr. presidenttt ;)))
Christopher Calder
Christopher Calder:
Boy, is that ever embarrassing.
moon rocks
moon rocks:
“Mr. President, the late Marilyn Monroe” “late” aka about to die
Teresa Quinones
Teresa Quinones:
Oh how the audience changed reaction when they saw Marilyn's naked dress 😂
Love how she flicks the mic at 1:18
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega:
Back in 1951, the twenty-five-year-old Marilyn enrolled in the evening department of the University of California at Los Angeles, choosing literature and art history (she was interested in the art of the Renaissance). Fellow students and teachers who knew her claimed that she went to classes in a modest dress and looked like "a girl who had just left the monastery."

At the same time, the sexy blonde, who perfectly played the role of the “nun” in an unfamiliar environment (perhaps even her true role), continued to work hard on her acting skills. Having said nothing to Natasha Lites, Marilyn began to take additional lessons from Mikhail Chekhov, the nephew of the great Russian writer and student of Stanislavsky. Mikhail Chekhov "revealed to his students the secrets of the Moscow Art Theater." It is known that in the last months of her life Marilyn will voice her sincere desire to erect a monument to Mikhail Chekhov. Natasha Laites, who had long been the shadow of Marilyn, learning about "betrayal", became furious:
“What else can you learn, I taught you everything.”

“Art,” answered Marilyn with dignity.
Shortly before her death, in an interview, Monroe called Chekhov her idol, saying that he was “a man who showed me that I really have talent and that I need to develop it”
Carolina Ramirez
Carolina Ramirez:
What if they had dropped the cake lmao
Actually this 'coked up airhead' as someone called her and those others who called her nasty names on here should know that this beautiful woman suffered from Bi-polar, endometriosis, depression and anxiety. She was a lost little girl who only wanted to be loved but was abused all her life even by those she thought she could trust like the Kennedys, Sinatra et al. So don't judge a person until you know what that person is going through or has gone through for them to be behaving in a manner that you don't like or agree with.
Naomi Mimi
Naomi Mimi:
The 2 pastry chef:
Don't drop the cake! Don't drop the cake!
The samson
The samson:
Marilyn that's what got you in big problems with the Kennedy
I know im 5 days late, but happy 94th birthday marilyn. She changed history on how men saw women, more then just housewives. But still I wish she wasn't seen only as a sex symbol, she was an amazing actress, and an awesome singer, and don't even start with her modeling, she was drop dead gorgeous, Rest in peace Norma Jean <3
Luis Fedalizo
Luis Fedalizo:
"I did not have relations with that woman..."
thor and company
thor and company:
Happy birthday sweet Norma Jeane
Greg Sturgess
Greg Sturgess:
Poor Marilyn used and abused
R.l.P Norma Jean
She died 58 years ago today
Tarak Ford
Tarak Ford:
She was high when she did this
thor and company
thor and company:
Legendary Marilyn
Alexa Deleon
Alexa Deleon:
It just me but I can’t even imagine this in colors
Paco's Tacos
Paco's Tacos:
JFK brothers: we're going to get him so good on his birthday!
Maya Alvarez
Maya Alvarez:
cant believe my grandma was 14 at the time. She old old.
Emcy Osias
Emcy Osias:
"The Late Marilyn Monroe" that did not age well
Keep in mind those type of dresses back then we’re very revealing so when the crowd saw it live it’s like dammnnn girl 😍😍😍
J E:
This is where she started looking and acting like a complete BUFFOON
Andrew Ralte
Andrew Ralte:
I think there is a level of physical beauty, paired with the right mix of persona, that is beyond comparable. Jackie was jealous. Sure. But she never had a chance against Marilyn. Almost any man will choose MM.
Royalty TT
Royalty TT:
Her cute little run lol how can you not love her
Gui Fagundes
Gui Fagundes:
Happy Birhday Marilyn ❤
Erin gemini
Erin gemini:
For this era, her dress was considered scandalous, as it was completely see-through...She was a woman far, far ahead of her time!!
This was always talked about as so sexy but when I see it for myself it's really just sad. This poor girl needed help, spiraled out in front of the whole world, and nobody did anything but watch and judge. Honestly, heartbreaking.
rick frenay
rick frenay:
Marilyn remains the most famous woman ever.
Carrie Orser
Carrie Orser:
And wishing my "MR, MR LOVER, LOVER,!" "A WONDERFUL AND EXCITING AND FANTASTIC HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" Enjoy your day sweetheart hope it's a great one wish I could be there! I love you! Thanks for the help Marlyn!💋💋💋💓💞💓💖💞🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
In loving memory of J.F.K. and Marilyn Monroe. 🤍
adeline wurzer
adeline wurzer:
she was honestly such a lost and tortured soul
Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams:
Look at that super massive cake, that’s even bigger than a wedding cake
Jeremiah O
Jeremiah O:
“Such a sweet WHOLESOME way” that was wholesome alright 😂😂
The Elite Manticore
The Elite Manticore:
Her gown was way ahead of her time. YAS QUEEN! 👑🔥
The Greek Pianist
The Greek Pianist:
It’s was hilarious when Blanche did this in The Golden Girls 😂