Margot Robbie Pushes Her Limits While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Margot Robbie has a pair of Academy Award nominations and a list of film highlights that includes Wolf of Wall Street, Bombshell, Suicide Squad, and many more. Her latest, "Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn," is set to hit theaters February 7th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the multi-talented actor battles the wings of death and discusses everything from Australian slang, to the time she won a spaghetti Bolognese eating competition. Plus, a very special wing-10 surprise!

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First We Feast
First We Feast:
Season 11 is finally here! We are so happy to be back, get ready for a wild ride!
Hans Teeuwen English
Hans Teeuwen English:
Petition to get Keanu Reeves on this show next
Margot: **Takes off jacket**

Scoville Meter: 999,999,999+
Marco Buentello
Marco Buentello:
Even when she’s nearly in tears and burning off her taste buds, she’s still the hottest thing in that room
Jakey Boy Smith
Jakey Boy Smith:
This should be classified as cannibalism a hot one eating hot ones
Kent Matthew
Kent Matthew:
I want Samuel Jackson on this show. Imagine all the swearing in that episode
Qwerty Anton5050
Qwerty Anton5050:
Its the show with hot questions and even hotter guests
zayri bautista
zayri bautista:
I can’t believe this is my life. Binge watching celebrities eat hot wings. I mean I’m not complaining I’m just saying 5 year old me didn’t envision this.
*Margot:* _sighs_ "Can I take off my jacket?"
*Me:* "anytime dear!"
Everyone is talking about Margot. And yes she is such a darling, I just want to hold her and make sure no one hurts her. But this dude is such a good host. Kimmel and Fallon can learn a thing or two. Especially NOT INTERRUPTING the guest
Miro Rizzo
Miro Rizzo:
Lets be honest lads, she is wayyyy hotter than the wings.
Ohsaint p
Ohsaint p:
She’s hotter than any of those sauces.
Theo Poliviou
Theo Poliviou:
Margot: Can I take my jacket off??

Sean Evans: Yes

Me in the corner of the room: Yes please
Benji’s Beanz
Benji’s Beanz:
99% of comments : Damn she’s hot
1% of comments : cool video
Neville Longbottom
Neville Longbottom:
I love how polite she is! She asks if she can drink water, the milk and if she can take off her jacket. It’s like she recognizes this is his field and wants to make sure she doesn’t interfere or mess anything up.
Adallas C
Adallas C:
The causality of asking a question while she’s dying lol
Ask Bruce.
Ask Bruce.:
"Has anyone ever been this pathetic at number three?"

lol lol
lol lol:
She is so humble and has a great personality and is extremely pretty. That makes someone famous look really good.
The fact that Margot was able to complete the entire board and there are people in the hall of shame truly shows how hardcore she is.
Michael Burgess
Michael Burgess:
"This sauce is from Australia."
"How wonderful."
I don't think she really meant that.
Peter D
Peter D:
I’m convinced she’s the finest woman to ever exist
Margot after wing #1: "ooh, this is already spicy.
Me: "oh you sweet summer child.."
Sugar Waves
Sugar Waves:
Imagine at the last wing she eats it like its nothing, then proceeds to tell us she was acting to be spiced up the whole video
Men: "Ye you're cool"
Everyone: "SimP" "sImP" "SiMp"
irma kavena
irma kavena:
The only interviewer that doesn’t ask celebrities about their love life and asks very good questions
Kieran Ng
Kieran Ng:
u shld get Ryan Reynolds on this show lmao I can imagine him dying on like the 4th wing
LaBanane Pourrit
LaBanane Pourrit:
To me she’s the most beautiful woman on this planet.
Gay Bowser
Gay Bowser:
"Has anyone been this pathetic at number 3"

A. Hollins
A. Hollins:
Her accent completely disappears when she says certain words.
"Can I take my jacket off?"

Literally everyone on the planet: "Yes."
Brad Murray
Brad Murray:
Her focus despite the pain is mind-blowing. Seen so many people having trouble with the heat just lose their minds but she is dedicated to doing that interview. So much respect.
Leanna Ostagne
Leanna Ostagne:
I think you guys should have Tom Holland he’d be the funniest 😭
Smol Lesbean
Smol Lesbean:
“Can I take my jacket off?”
Me, a gay disaster: *nervous sweating*
So weird listening to margot when she speaks. She is aussie but sounds so british
Twiztid Loki
Twiztid Loki:
You gotta give her props. She started by saying that she didn't have the pallet for spicy foods and still went the whole way. I've seen others claim they love spicy food on here and give up before the half way mark.
•pROBlemz• CODM
•pROBlemz• CODM:
"Its the whole flock here"
Also them: *eating bird*
For someone who complained at the first wing, she still powered through to the end. Love her!
Yeeting HotSauce
Yeeting HotSauce:
80% of the comments in here are simping
TMB 08
TMB 08:
please try to get Eminem on there it would be extremely funny to watch Em cuss out a chicken wing
Kyle Hart
Kyle Hart:
I love how spaced out he is. He asks the perfect amount of serious promotional questions, funny relevant questions, and funny side topic questions. Keeps it light hearted, yet pointed so they get publicity.
I’m gotten so used to hearing her speak with an American accent that this is. Strange.
Bitch Hunter
Bitch Hunter:
saw the tittle "who the heck is this ?"
friend recommends sucide squad today
ow so thats who
Courtney Bonnick2
Courtney Bonnick2:
Sean: this sauce is from Australia.
Margot Robbie: wonderful.
Owen Avellar
Owen Avellar:
“Can I take my jacket off” Sean starts Sweating uncontrollably
Terry B
Terry B:
Kudos to Margot. When she said the first one was very spicy, I thought they'd be carrying her out on a stretcher at the end. 💥💥
Alex Purdy
Alex Purdy:
Margot: "Is anyone this pathetic at wing three?"
Sean: * avoids answering the question and hypes up Margot*
Jamie Naismith
Jamie Naismith:
Still believe with my whole chest she should’ve been captain marvel
Fortnite kid 11
Fortnite kid 11:
Margot sounds like a whole different person with her normal accent I’m so usual from her Harley Quinn cast
Key Epic Pranks
Key Epic Pranks:
Margot: I think I might die.
Sean: careful around the eyes.
Elon not Musk
Elon not Musk:
Sean: This sauce is from Australia
Margot: Wonderful
Sauce literally named *Widowmaker* : You dont say
Sonny Dortmund
Sonny Dortmund:
I don’t think she realises how good looking she is
"can i take my jacket off?"
*sean:* no thats illegal. jk why are you asking for permission?
Tom-Kristian Berge
Tom-Kristian Berge:
"can i take my jacket off"
everyone watching: YES!
Mohib Elahi
Mohib Elahi:
Margot: "can i take my jacket off?"

Everybody: "Yes."
Is it just me? I really don’t like the small trailer at the beginning, I always skip it.
양단비Mckayla Yang
양단비Mckayla Yang:
this entire interview, margot has the most polite manners!
Margot Robbie: “can I take my jacket off”

Me: Yes please
Sabina Skopje
Sabina Skopje:
19:12 this sauce is from Australia
Her voice while saying wonderfull hilarious
Rich Fishing
Rich Fishing:
Plot twist: the spice levels were nothing to Her, this was all just acting practice
jeff dy
jeff dy:
margot is very different. how can anyone looked so adorable even in pain
Casey Bosum
Casey Bosum:
Margot robbie > Sommer Ray
Lets be honest here
I'll considering to become full time simp for Margot.
Dream Music
Dream Music:
Keanu Reeves would be the dream guest on this.
Evie Ville
Evie Ville:
I wanna see Blake lively, Anna Kendrick, Keira Knightley do this.
Shujaat Haider
Shujaat Haider:
17:26 the way she said Holy Shit! was so adorable.
Noelle Kong
Noelle Kong:
I love how she is so polite through this whole thing like even when she's like dying of spice she still is so polite.
Toxic Nachtsin
Toxic Nachtsin:
"Can I take my jacket off"

Brian Hope
Brian Hope:
Margot Robbie, first wing:

"...I find that very spicy, actually."

Sean "Spicelord" Evans:

ha ha *_you're_* in danger
Tasteless Channel
Tasteless Channel:
Margot Robbie: *mouth is on fire and is in incridible pain* "it's okay ill do the next one"
DJ Khaled: *feels slight tinge in the mouth* "noooO thisS iS dAnGerOuss iMmA sTop"
KC Garcia
KC Garcia:
Brown Beauty
Brown Beauty:
Jurnee after eating the whole of spiciest wing: I'm starting to feel it...

Wait what!!!!
irrelevant ideology
irrelevant ideology:
Sean said, "dear god, yes pls take your jacket off." 😂😂😂
Mason Gamer
Mason Gamer:
If you don’t have a crush on Margot Robbie, Are you okay?
irrelevant ideology
irrelevant ideology:
I just realised, i bet they take breaks in between wings. When they cut away.
Ari Hurwitz
Ari Hurwitz:
99% everyone simping for Margot robbie
1% suggestions and other things
V C:
Sean: After this interview are we going to be friends?

Margot: We're not going to be friends Sean.
Amber Lu
Amber Lu:
When Margot swears we know it’s bad
Margot: "Has anyone been this pathetic at number three?"

*suddenly remembers DJ Khaled episode*
Margot: can I take my jacket off
Everyone: yes yes yes yes yes yes
Sine Porfa
Sine Porfa:
That was such a smooth advertisement of the sauce at the end.
Jaydeep Kumar
Jaydeep Kumar:
"Can I take my jacket off?:
Me: Please do....
Teja Karlapudi
Teja Karlapudi:
When she said it's spicy after eating the first wing

Me, inside my head: Da Bomb is going to kill you.
Who else feels proud of shawn when they say " omg you've really done your research"
Krishna Bhoi
Krishna Bhoi:
First wing "Its really spicy"
Last wing with a dab "smiles"
Max endurance I have seen ever
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight:
Seeing them eating the hot wings, Zoe kravitz catwoman is like, "Hold my Whip"
Props to the interviewer. I just got finished watching the Brie Larson episode and she didn't get pissed off once. Keeping it classy
B G:
Margot: Can I take my jacket off ?
Me: Yes .... along with your shirt and pants 😂
Fraser Wilson
Fraser Wilson:
*Margot Robbie partially dying*
Sean: “what does “cashed up bogans” mean and can you use it in a sentence?”
17:07 even when she swears she sound sexy 😍
Hearing her swear in my native accent was heart warming
Bonnie Kunstfrau
Bonnie Kunstfrau:
when he said THIS IS HOT ONES I thought ¡hell yes she is!
Radu Popa
Radu Popa:
"Can I take my jacket off?" Yes you may.
Welbeck's son
Welbeck's son:
No matter how hot the wings get, they'll never be as hot as Margot Robbie.
Daain Muhammad
Daain Muhammad:
The instructor: you might dye, but you do now know.
The actor: ...... Yeah that sounds great 👌
I love how she asks to do anything that's so adorable lmao
Karo Chowning
Karo Chowning:
"there wasn't ice where I lived growing up. i always wanted to play ice hockey because of the mighty ducks"
She is the cutest and most adorable person I´ve seen
ralph arnobit
ralph arnobit:
When she said "I grew up on mashed potatoes", i knew she was done for.
Jorge Echevarría
Jorge Echevarría:
Oh, darling, I never imagined that you felt so much itching in your mouth, I fully understand that you could not resist said itching, you love too much with your beauty, sweetness, tenderness and delicacy. You are a great actress and a beautiful woman. I adore you. I love you Margot Elisse Robbie.
Björn Lange
Björn Lange:
has red and watering eyes since minutes .... "i start to feel it" ...