Make her feel good. (challenge accepted)

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I made 'i got you (feel good) by James Brown with a cucumber. Gabs Felt good. Mission accomplished.

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Thanks to my wife Gabi for doing this video with me.
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Thank you to my musical collaborator Jason Winde for doing this with me! And for the amazing sound design. Follow him on Instagram:

Thank you to my creative partner Jonah for the work on this.
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Thank you to my assistant Tristan for all his work!
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I used Epidemic Sound here for music. They have great creator music and SFX. :

About Dan Mace:
I make movies about the things that make me happy. I hope they make you happy too.

If you are still reading this description, comment 'I FEEL GOOD' in the comments!! 'i got you (feel good) is by James Brown and i remade it with a cucumber. Gabs Felt good. I felt good. Mission accomplished. Cucumbers are awesome. And so are you

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Dan Mace

if you're still reading this you must really love cucumbers. cucumbers are great though so i don't blame you. Gabs and i love cucumbers. That's why i made a cucumber song.

100+ komento:

Eli K
Eli K:
Can we just appreciate how much time and effort it takes to create and edit all these videos? Dan’s talent is unreal!
Jesus wow this was amazing. Holy banana balls yes I liked that.
I bet you couldn’t make a red hot chilly peppers song with a red hot chilly pepper you dense cabbage
Sebastian Salas
Sebastian Salas:
Make Darude "Sandstorm" with freaking sand, you dust bowl!!
Dan is one of those guys from the math problems buying 100 cucumbers
Ayush Sati
Ayush Sati:
how underrated is he?
HOURS if not days for THE MUSIC and especially for the video CUTS
Amine Boushaq
Amine Boushaq:
Dan is one of the best Youtubers I have seen so far. Smash LIKE if you agree
Saurav Sinha
Saurav Sinha:
I'm 100% sure you're not a human being! Insane talent man 🙌 Hats off 🙏
Man you are a masterpiece.
@Davie504 could get a tune out of that bass
Earth Titan
Earth Titan:
Make something with a SPEEDO and a PINEAPPLE
Tomek Lach
Tomek Lach:
Nailed it bru 🤪🔥🔥🔥
damn Dan !!!
Nicely done!
Josh and Tara
Josh and Tara:
Dan Mace: receives an "insult."
Also Dan Mace: creatively makes a zillion dollars from said insult.
Luke Quanbeck
Luke Quanbeck:
YouTube: Our AI finds videos with covers of copyrighted songs and de-monitizes them.
Dan: Hold my cucumber.
Leon Higley
Leon Higley:
My wife, Phyllis’s, comment was “Just think what he could do with butternut squash”.
Mohammed Agbadi
Mohammed Agbadi:
pfft. Noob...I bet you can't Play the Jojo Theme Song Using Only Bass.
Jeffery R. Thomas
Jeffery R. Thomas:
I knew James. A longtime friend of mine was his lead guitarist for the last 20 years of his tour (which never stopped until he passed). James would have loved this. Good on you bru
Nighty Gaming
Nighty Gaming:
😂u think James Brown thought to himself, "I will make a song that will be remixed through a 🥒 in 2020 by an African white man who lives his life by the word 'Bru'"😭😪💀
UM 003
UM 003:
Literally the MOST underrated Channel..
Dan is literally AMAZING.!!
Samuel Dostál
Samuel Dostál:
Anybody: So, Dan which Instrument do you play?
Dan: Of course!
No cucumbers were hurt in the making of this video
Ian Mouton
Ian Mouton:
Ice cubes.. No No way can you pull it off with Ice Cubes. 🇿🇦🇿🇦
Иван Тимонин
Иван Тимонин:
"i'm feeling tired" - the truth that is not visible behind the editing. As always fantastic!
Aryam Chowdhary
Aryam Chowdhary:

comment section: I BeT YoU CaNt....
Fred R.
Fred R.:
"Because of the idea of the ultimate click bait potential"... LOLLL! See even the trolls can help!
okay i have always been a fan of dan’s contributions with casey, his solo material, but mostly the genuine realness and honesty. for whatever reason, this video hit me. dan, you seem happy brother. 😊
Next Level Warrior
Next Level Warrior:
More Foresty seeing sounds - LEts go MINIMAL :) - like one of the first SEEING SOUNDS you did
with the book and flute on the log
JBP Tech
JBP Tech:
I can't imagine how good it feels to finish editing these and getting to watch it back. I respect the amount of work you put into these!
Nicolas Sorrento
Nicolas Sorrento:
The most creative YouTuber for the last 2 years. Period.
Leila M.G.
Leila M.G.:
I think dan should do a collab with Kurt Hugo Schneider, like, that would be pretty epic
Marco Frank Capra
Marco Frank Capra:
And this is how you reply to an insult. Amazing attitude, incredible talent, unbelievable dedication. This video makes the world better.
Officially dan mace is a geniouse alive 👏👏👏👏 big ups alot of effort to make this one . Should be on trends allready
CB Films
CB Films:
Dan the man!
I bet you can't play Joe a song using his own dog food. You dog.
007-Kishan Utkarsh
007-Kishan Utkarsh:
Hey bro.... Keep creating such creative day definitely you'll be awarded your due regard!!!....lots of love(some to Casey as well😘😘😘)
I think I can get off YouTube at 3am knowing that this was my last video. I am content, _"I feel good"_
Herschel Solomon
Herschel Solomon:
Click bait aside, this is one of the best from Dan. Simpy amazing, now we just need to YouTube algorithm to play ball and get this video to go viral.
Official A4J
Official A4J:
I thought it was gonna be tswift shake it off when I first heard the beat 😂
20/10 Photography
20/10 Photography:
Genius! [literally 😂] One of my favorite songs ever, and this is for sure the best interpretation besides the original. Thanks for bringing fun and ease in our lives!
Talking about - how about an interpretation of “Easy”, maybe on light materials like paper, balsa wood, aluminium, ...?
Joe Pinkston
Joe Pinkston:
"Tickle Gabi's" oh come on just say it *F A N N Y*

Reza Molavi
Reza Molavi:
I’d love to see a video of how in the world you edited this.
Like Bot
Like Bot:
Oh man, I heart this Bru!
I'll never look at a cucumber, or my wife, the same again.
Walden Wong
Walden Wong:
Pure Genius! The making of instruments, filming, and the editing! Oh, the editing... that's a level beyond imagination! I'm gonna watching this again, and all the others Seeing Sounds again.
The Dexter
The Dexter:
What happens when we use 100% of our brain, professor?!
These videos : 👁️👄👁️
❤️ get a 3D printer, print simple musical instruments and make a awesome bru song 🤘😎🤘
Hokage San
Hokage San:
I think this is one of the most creative videos I have seen on YouTube, ever.
Dan O'Malls
Dan O'Malls:
Uh, that was one of the most incredible things I've ever seen! And as someone who makes videos, I can appreciate how much time and effort that must have been!
Lego Snazzy
Lego Snazzy:
The future has a lot in store for you Dan. You've worked so hard and I respect that so much. Keep it up Bru!
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous:
I actually love how your wife is so supportive. It's amazing. Everything you do is amazing 🙌🏽
Asger Jensen
Asger Jensen:
i bet you can't make watermelon sugar on a watermelon, you music making goat
I love this more than the original.
Make "who let the dogs out' with Joe!

PS: You are the best at what you do! cant have a better inspiration. Because of you me and my friend made a song using my burps!
Cheers Bru, KeepCreating!!
Free Music
Free Music:
Dan, This is Just A W E S O M E! You are really creative, keep up this very nice work! :D
Neil S
Neil S:
Had to hold back my eagerness to watch so I could sit through the adverts! Bru deserves the full credit payout from where I'm sitting!
I feel you should start putting these on streaming services, cos my God they are goooooooooood!
Pratham Patel
Pratham Patel:
I m jealous of how good life partner you got
You absolute super star Bru!! I can’t imagine how much time and energy you put into all of these Seeing Sounds uploads, but the results are _always_ on point! Keep up the great work, sir. Sending all the positive type stuff I can muster, and wishing you & Gabs (and Joey of course) all the happiness and safety you can hope for!
Florence Ryan
Florence Ryan:
You sir, are a genius. Cucumbets?? INSANE hahaha
Arthur B
Arthur B:
Quite possibly your finest work, Mr Mace!
Oh Dan how it must be hard to live w/you? ..... lol...... Gabs has such a loving heart. She's a keeper forsure Dan!!
If you mess this MARRIAGE UP....... We will be so mad @ you. There's just something so special about Gabs. She's so wonderful & has a loving spirit. I'm not a lesbian or gay. But if I was. I'd be looking & wanting someone just like Gabs.
Thanks for your hard work you two did on this video. You two work well together. Have a wonderful week, be safe & God bless us all durning this dang COVID-19 virus.
Chris from Missouri
Viktor Tevall
Viktor Tevall:
OMFG I totally get you gettin’ a ”blob” after watching these Seeing Sounds. Awesome work! Absolutly Awesome!
Vu Hoang
Vu Hoang:
Flowers smell good, but can you make a song with flowers and make them sound good too.
Dan: “And I’m about to tackle this head on” slamming a cucumber on the table. Jump Cut to Dramatic monologue Zoom in.
Mathu Campbell
Mathu Campbell:
Seeing sounds 2020 edition using all the various sounds of 2020, so coughs basically 💀
Not Another Film
Not Another Film:
goodness me the way you brandish your cucumber around has me feeling S A T I S F I E D (and good)
Schade Maghan
Schade Maghan:
No one:

Dan: Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!
Giant Ferris Wheel
Giant Ferris Wheel:
Here, have my like and utmost respect. I disabled my ad blocker to watch ads on your video, the least i could do.
valdmer the ii
valdmer the ii:
When you make that irrelevant toss and all you hear is "Swish." Feels Good Bru.
Richard Budd
Richard Budd:
Dan, i am crying with happiness - turning that -ve comment into this wonderful piece of work! How the (D)uck do you even begin to edit that beast! love and respect fella.
I think this video safely confirms that Dan is, at the very least, a mildly relevant toss.
Great video bru
AJ Kessler
AJ Kessler:
Bru these are absolutely incredible! Best one yet
Hannes Engelbrecht
Hannes Engelbrecht:
Well it certainly made me feel good. Could make a bigass salad with all those offcuts. I'm still waiting on a braai tune..
Sam Webb
Sam Webb:
Dan, you're my favourite YouTuber. I love the attention to detail and quit evidently, ish loads of skill that goes into these videos.
Joff Chandler
Joff Chandler:
AWESOME! As usual. Just can’t believe how you can even think of where to start! 🤣
Paul Marrs
Paul Marrs:
This is too dam good each time u watch it u see more and more amazing clever cuts what a Genius you are thanks for making us laugh 😂 again it’s so GOOD
Dean Alexandre
Dean Alexandre:
Dan, you made everyone feel good with that one! You’re a genius mate - keep up the good work china!
Dan, you have given me the motivation to change my life bru, I have lost 20 pounds so far and it’s continuing. I’m getting a camera when I can afford one and I’m going to travel the world.
haha you did a great job to feel you Gebi so good!
Max Elsworth
Max Elsworth:
Seeing sounds with only a car
Manthan Sharma
Manthan Sharma:
Damn!! always comes with killer things*
what about making a song with premiere crash sound*
aadil khalifa
aadil khalifa:
Really appreciate how much effort he puts into these videos
Katie Wilkinson
Katie Wilkinson:
That was brilliant Dan, this reminds me of a guy that played with veg on Americas Got Talent 😂
The ultimate challenge: make a song with the use of only one peanut. Love the content
Vivaan Dhammy
Vivaan Dhammy:
You're just pure talent man! And ofcourse the king of clickbaits🔥😂
Bru, you're the only one I know who could make instruments out of anything 😂
i can't even imagine how many hours this video must have taken you to do!! it's freaking amazing! bravo! :D
Cristo sanchez
Cristo sanchez:
The only toss in here is that Paul Davis... well handle Dan 👍 you rock
Rich Heaney
Rich Heaney:
THE. MOST. TALENTED. GUY. ON. YT! .... so good!
DWS Outdoors
DWS Outdoors:
Dan once again! Thank you for sharing your talents with us all!
kaddy brar
kaddy brar:
That's really creative..... I can't even make this in fl studio 😂
Dan does these amazing and interesting seeing sounds videos and two of the most amazing and interesting fruits are pomegranates and dragon fruit. They also smell really nice, is like to smell/hear them in the air tonight, by Phil Collins
David Banner
David Banner:
Holy shit this is the most creative thing I’ve ever seen. 10/10
Daniel Eubank
Daniel Eubank:
My goodness my friend ❤️ wow... Bru, you are an amazing person and such talent!! Please keep making these videos
Ninise Modestin
Ninise Modestin:
Best video ever!!! I love the creativity of this and all the over ones. Dan you’re the best.
Rapid Science
Rapid Science:
Dan should make a whole series of music on odd objects...
Meg Igarashi
Meg Igarashi:
I feel tired hahaha
You never fail to amaze me Dan!! Keep the creativity coming!! :D
I bet you can't play "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi, only by using a burnt toast, you silly goblin.
Duplicate It
Duplicate It:
I FEEL GOOD (Accepted)