MacBook Pro 16 Unboxing - Time To Switch Back?

The new MacBook Pro 16-inch is here and Apple has addressed many customer concerns. The 2019 Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch features a new keyboard moving away from butterfly switches (MacBook Pro 15, MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Air) back to a traditional scissor switch keyboard. This is my 2019 MacBook Pro 16-inch unboxing.

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy:
The Strongest Folding Smartphone -
Ocean Man
Ocean Man:
I actually live for loud keyboards, it feels like I'm hacking into the mainframe when I'm actually taking notes
Still loving life with my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) SD AND USB BABY!
MMA Keyboard Warrior
MMA Keyboard Warrior:
"Can't afford that"

Lowkey jab at his salary
rï T oM
rï T oM:
The only apple product that I can afford is the Apple Juice!😢
willy du, sitting on a couch with his macbook: "can't afford that"
Hani Okasheh
Hani Okasheh:
1989: in the future, we would be typing on holograms
2019: this is a clack. this is a thud.
Alejandro Duran-Nunez
Alejandro Duran-Nunez:
*$2500 laptop*

Slides it around like it’s a hockey puck
Cambo Fixing
Cambo Fixing:
I personaly likes when the keyboard is a little loud, dont know why
Honey Llamelo
Honey Llamelo:
Will sitting at the couch with his MacBook
“This is a 2000$ sound will!”
“Can’t afford that.”
These people are so iconic I love them
Andrew Giles
Andrew Giles:
Willy du: “yes”
Everyone: *applause*
Lew- *"that's a 2000 dollars sound will"*
Willy- *"can't afford that"*
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez:
“It feels like Apple is listening”
Lenovo: hold my ports.
Jyotiraditya pyne
Jyotiraditya pyne:
Lew: it's veryy..

Me: His eyes though..
"That's a $2000 sound"
Will: I can't afford that

* I felt that *
Dillon Snowder
Dillon Snowder:
“Can’t afford that” also is on a APPLE computer
Vignesh S me17b078
Vignesh S me17b078:
"We are still living in dongle-land."
Lew : Asks an entire question for 2 straight minutes .

Willy-Do : Hmm.
CBC Cube by Cube
CBC Cube by Cube:
Me: Opening an apple product

Apple: You must no the sounds, taste the material, smell the air

Unbox Therapy: yup this was worth the $2000
"Will, do you care about the escape key?"
Will: "I Du"
Shah Azman
Shah Azman:
This guy is rough with his toys tho haha I'm so scared watching him spinning the laptop and hitting the keyboard. lol
Kishaun Hale
Kishaun Hale:
“This is a clack.... this is a thud”...”yes”
Sean V
Sean V:
Throwing the laptops around like they're footballs.
Carlos Paredes Escobar
Carlos Paredes Escobar:
“Dongle land” true, also, LOL
Amir Moeen Rahmani
Amir Moeen Rahmani:
What is the Piano music playing for the sound test? that was amazing
Diego González Muñoz
Diego González Muñoz:
"Can't afford that"
*Holding MacBook*
Daniel Son
Daniel Son:
Half the internet “wait for Face ID !”

Half the internet “cover your cameras!”
Sky-h1 The Internet Guy
Sky-h1 The Internet Guy:
The only time I have ever touched a MacBook was in an Apple store which I end up buying nothing from there. That proves my financial state.
Will: can’t afford that

You literally have one on your lap XD
"This is a thud" I'm like facts! lmao
Cole Knight
Cole Knight:

oMGISh!! lol
Tito Lagarto
Tito Lagarto:
$6,100 fully loaded. 🤣🤣🤣 C’mon man! Apple trippin with these prices. (For the record, I’m an Apple fan and user).
Harry Dambrogio
Harry Dambrogio:
“Can’t afford that”

-Willy du 2019
Henry Boswell
Henry Boswell:
" I Du, I Willy Du like it" - Willy Du
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton:
2 grand and you don't even get a tb harddrive.
Lew: thats a $2000 dollar sound will!!
Will: can't afford that

whats that in lews hand then?
"Dongle Land" lmao!

-Me 2019
Tejas Chanchal
Tejas Chanchal:
Who else laughed out loud when the webcam froze for a second
The whole comment section is the old “I can’t afford that” ands it’s weird
MTI Photography
MTI Photography:
When comparing the 16" to the 2015" MacBook Pro, they are almost identical in's the "retro" 2015 size.
o Forever
o Forever:
In the future the keyboard and the screen will be sold seperately
good times with karen
good times with karen:
Every time I hear Willy do speak, it soothes my soul.
Im debating on the mid macbook pro 13" and the baseline 16" macbook pro. ahhh!!!!!
Mahid 1
Mahid 1:
Lew: " "
Akshay Rajan
Akshay Rajan:
"Can't afford that", Willy Do voicing how I feel watching most of these unboxing videos.
D J:
10:25 get this dude a fan..
"Hey, Willy Du, what do you think of this keyboard?"

Willy Du - "Hm"
I actually love the butterfly keyboard 😂 and I had a HP comptuer before the one I have now (macbook pro 13" 2018)💁🏼‍♀️
Bring back the 5$ gadgets and "does it suck" etc. Thank you.
Tanweer Chiktay
Tanweer Chiktay:
"Can't afford that"
~Willy Du speaking for all of us 😂💻
Peter Balighwa
Peter Balighwa:
The handling of such a new expensive piece scared the hell out of me, thought it was about to be destroyed
1:01 the smell of an over-priced laptop
Alexis montales
Alexis montales:
can i have a old laptop for studying plsss
im having a hard time with my 2gb ram old gen netbook🤧😪
sandra Ambrose
sandra Ambrose:
I appreciate the work ok McKinnon_10 on iG got my MacBook recovered he's the best 💯
Apple must have fired someone coz they've been doin somethngs right lately
Durvesh Chavan
Durvesh Chavan:
*Lew making ASMR at the start
*Le TheRelaxingEnd : should I leave my job
Ryan Lennox-Bradley
Ryan Lennox-Bradley:
I'm probably gonna switch once the new one comes out and the price drops. I want to stay with windows, but final cut pro and motion
Shannon Grimm
Shannon Grimm:
"Every Comment from Lew to Will"

Will: mhhh
Rita Gray
Rita Gray:
I got my MacBook from *appledwag on instagram* he's a pro
Hello Bob
Hello Bob:
Willy Du: Breathes
People: Willy Du, 2019
Sebastian Zamora
Sebastian Zamora:
04:15 "Yes" moment. Simply incredible OuO
2019 iMac review!
Krishnendu Kes
Krishnendu Kes:
And I still have a DVD player writer on my laptop!
Aniket Shaha
Aniket Shaha:
I'm watching this using my brand new MacBook Pro 2019 😂
Every time Will says something, I crack up.
Warzone Gaming
Warzone Gaming:
Wait 7:26 is that jack in the back(😂)holding the camera ?
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith:
*got my problem fixed through 404ghostcode in IG*
Artem Bilas
Artem Bilas:
what was the music there?!
Hodge 808
Hodge 808:
“Can’t afford that”
*i feel personally attacked*
MLG noscope
MLG noscope:
I already have this lol
Chris Welburn
Chris Welburn:
I like that, "The motivation for changing back is durability because there were so many issues with the butterfly switches". That's right, the motivation to move to the new MacBook is how hard the old MacBook sucked. Apple sheep, you have your call to action!
Altrim Mamuti
Altrim Mamuti:
Cmon man! ship me one of those old laptops! - I need it for school zoom lectures! haha good vids man keep up!
I only love how apple make there laptop
Auchitya Verma
Auchitya Verma:
Last time I was this early, Willy Du used to sit downstairs.
Divyaan Dhanak
Divyaan Dhanak:
0:43 asmr
Daniel Hartnett
Daniel Hartnett:
When he said I little bit extra!!

That’s what she said 😹😹😹
mia anderson
mia anderson:
this helped bc i’m going to middle school next year and we need this
Ḱ āṁAr B
Ḱ āṁAr B:
2:39 Escape key with nostril hair on it.
Antoine Henrion
Antoine Henrion:
“Can’t afford that”

Has a 15 inch on his lap
Kay Ari
Kay Ari:
I need to hear the keyboard clacks. I will take my chance with the butterfly keyboard, they are on sale now at various places. lol
William Holm
William Holm:
Oh man I would you be kind and send me it? I live in Sweden, dm im serious! Bless you!
7:33 Did people not notice Jack?
Lg Marquez
Lg Marquez:
I’m good with my 2019 MacBook Air 😂👌🏾
The Moon
The Moon:
“This is a clack... this is a thud”
Willy Du: “Yes.”

I felt that
Shreesh Singh
Shreesh Singh:
can u move out of keyboard please? one reason i dont watch u frequent now
Apple live
Apple live:
*appledwag on instagram* is always the best I bought my from him get yours from him too
Garth Marcaida
Garth Marcaida:
do you mind giving me one of those laptops? i could really use on for work :)
The fat Giraffe
The fat Giraffe:
1:01 *casually sniffs macbook*
Jason Strange
Jason Strange:
"Thickness of the box" , apple doing things right lmao
I feel like you focus too much on the keyboard
Logan Causey
Logan Causey:
I came from your older video "here's why im officially quitting apple laptop" XD
Christopher Polgar
Christopher Polgar:
I had two MacBook 13” now I’m getting into editing photos and creating videos. Now I’m just getting into it. I’m feeling like I am out growing the 13”

What do you recommend for the beginning creator?
Christopher Polgar
Christopher Polgar:
I had two MacBook 13” now I’m getting into editing photos and creating videos. Now I’m just getting into it. I’m feeling like I am out growing the 13”

What do you recommend for the beginning creator?
Matt Kraig
Matt Kraig:
“Yes” Willy Du, 2019
Abbie Hundt
Abbie Hundt:
Thx for the review! I wish that I could afford a laptop that's 2 grand! OMG :-)
1:30 Floss? 🤔
Ashton Woolley
Ashton Woolley:
Hey, what is your verdic have you switched back or are you still loving the X1 Carbon?
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh:
That's a 2000$ sound Will.
Will:Can't afford that.

Says a man who owns every MacBook Pro Model 🤦😂