Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist kill COVID-19, EPA says | ABC7

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved two Lysol products as effective against the novel coronavirus when used on hard, non-porous surfaces.

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Tomorrow Lysol is $100 a piece 🤪
Aaannnnnnd they’re sold out everywhere
Pamela Mays
Pamela Mays:
I still can't find it on the shelves of my local stores!
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis:
Its always killed the virus so who cares the great slow big Pharma FDA approve it. Plus, tell Lysol to move 100% to China and stay there. Their products haven't been on the shelf since early March. They lie constantly saying how hard they are working but nothing shows up. That's because everything comes from China and they hord what they need. The main ingredient isn't available because they depend on China. Western companies are pathetic in many ways, but they are awarded because people buy their products no matter what they do.
(Product placement here) ..and someone has a government contract.
Tony Murillo
Tony Murillo:
Oh my gosh why did you have to say that. Now we are never going to have Lysol 🙄🙄🙄
Schools and hospitals should be the first two places to be able to get this first 🤦🏻‍♀️
Manuel Escojido
Manuel Escojido:
Alright let's drink some and inject it!
Sherrie Myles
Sherrie Myles:
I havent saw one since March 12.
Boosted Daily
Boosted Daily:
Good bye Lysol. We will see you in 3 months or so.
Adrian Thomas
Adrian Thomas:
I've been collecting gallons of Lysol, shipping them this week to AZ
K Lee N
K Lee N:
Glad I read this month's ago
Mamma Roma
Mamma Roma:
Good Luck finding some.
Marilyn Schofield
Marilyn Schofield:
Are there any other places, that I can buy lysol spray.
They will be gone like toilet paper tomorrow! lol
Helmit Wolfberg
Helmit Wolfberg:
Won't be able to buy that now.
GJ Lysol! Getting the EPA and news outlets to back your product before anyone elses! More companies need to learn from this example. :) Where can I sign up for GovWords?
Leslley Scotte
Leslley Scotte:
I found some at a grocery they had a bunch. I bought three. Also, a light bleach solution still is a great disinfectant. That’s readily available at most places. Take things seriously but don’t panic and please wear a mask.
Crypto Cliff notes
Crypto Cliff notes:
Watch everyone going end up ditch their existing supply
Angelo Forester
Angelo Forester:
I live in Florida I've been trying 😩 for months to find any lysol spray disinfectants it appears the long time lysol spray disinfectants are not available in Florida. Please bring 🙏 😭 back lysol spray disinfectants to Florida to help prevent the spread of air born and surfaces Corana Virus.
Jon Y
Jon Y:
Does anyone know what flavors are available?
Neal WIlliam
Neal WIlliam:
Best lysol spray 👍
Aaron Celathian
Aaron Celathian:
___Fear is the path to the dark___
___side…fear leads to anger…____ ___anger leads to hate… hate____
____leads to suffering___________
it’s Ashley Nicole
it’s Ashley Nicole:
M L:
Epa ads for big corp free?
Lysol time
Okay so consume it ? Got it .
Aaaal !
Aaaal !:
What the heck does the EPA have to do virology/immunology? The CDC & NIH cannot get anything correct and now these clowns are getting in on the act.
lysol has killed the covid virus since the 60's. it has been on the label the whole time as a listed virus that it kills.., this is nothing new kids, .
Lysol has always killed coronavirus’s. It’s been on their labels for years. So now it’s epa approved? What does the epa have to do with covid. Shouldn’t it be the nih or cdc?
Robin Sattahip
Robin Sattahip:
What about something much cheaper like 1 part chlorine bleach to 4 or 5 parts water in a stray bottle?
Erik Wade
Erik Wade:
Trump gonna start drinking Lysol now.
Ohsaint p
Ohsaint p:
Damn!!!!!!’ How much was this deal worth? Lysol paid the most and won the EPA support. Good job 🖕
So Trump bought shares into Lysol ??? LMAO Well it does say on it that it kills 99.9% of germs etc, but with trillions of germs and new strains of them each hour of every day you are 99.9% safe !!! LMAO And the EPA have such a great track record on everything they do or say, you can trust them as much has Trump or any politician out there, good luck HAHAHAHAHA
Nesy Mesy
Nesy Mesy:
Time to invest!
Yet again!!
Sheryl Chapman
Sheryl Chapman:
Doesn’t make sense why the EPA tests Lysol. Testing products is not their thing.
JC Anonymous
JC Anonymous:
Viruses are not alive so cannot be killed. They can however be destroyed.
Oh, so now we're supposed to take medical advice from the inept worthless EPA?!
Mark Schaffer
Mark Schaffer:
The same EPA that is allowing companies to pollute more and kill people as a result.
Lt Dan 1969
Lt Dan 1969:
Translation for Democrats do not spray in your mouth.