Lyn Alden: will we get inflation or deflation? What happens now to gold and stocks

Monetary stimulus broke records this year as the Federal Reserve launched infinite quantitative easing, but in a low interest rate environment, monetary policy is less important than fiscal policy in determining asset prices, said Lyn Alden, founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy.

The last time the federal deficit as a percentage of gross domestic product was this high was in World War 2 in the 1940s, a rapid increase in inflation followed, albeit not immediately.

Where do you think inflation is headed in the next 12-18 months, and what assets would you invest in now? Comment below.

0:27 – Monetary policy vs fiscal policy on inflation
5:26 – Outlook on inflation
7:20 – Investment assets that will perform well
8:18 – Money velocity and inflation
10:35 – Can fiscal policy pull us out of a recession?
12:18 – Trump vs Biden: infrastructure spending
13:27 – Federal deficit and inflation
16:13 – Liquidity trap?
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Patrick joseph
Patrick joseph:
Lyn is great ! Keep bringing her on the show.
Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips:
So Deflation then Hyperinflation. Got it.
Could listen to Lyn all day. As fluent and insightful as ever👍
When she speaks ,... you listen 👂🏽, period
When Lyn speaks I buy more gold and silver.
John Dourekas
John Dourekas:
Lyn Alden is a great guest. Super smart and I find I always learn something new. A+
The We Rose Network
The We Rose Network:
Lyn is great
Cap'n CeltBlood
Cap'n CeltBlood:
This lady knows her stuff.
Paul Kovac
Paul Kovac:
Lyn knows her stuff. Some difficult questions backed up by intelligent answers.
Wow. An interviewer who asks a question and then shuts the h3ll up. Somebody give this guy a raise.
Hamza Javed
Hamza Javed:
Love the knowledge and insights of Lyn
Anthony Giallourakis
Anthony Giallourakis:
I've been watching this channel for a long time, it's a great resource and format. That is by far and away the most astute guest. Being able to not only explain the dots but then brilliantly connect them places Lyn in a league of her own, period.
dontroll onshabbos
dontroll onshabbos:
Smart woman.
Perfect Stable Sharpie Genius
Perfect Stable Sharpie Genius:
Very knowledgeable guest! Thank you.
K James
K James:
Here’s the reality: we are controlled by a psychotic private banking cartel that utilizes usury to control and tyrannize every aspect of your life. The game is rigged, and designed to fail, further consolidating resources in the hands of fewer and fewer.

Nothing will change until the sheep wake up. I’m not counting on it.
brooke webber
brooke webber:
Lyn Alden, amazing insight, I love this woman!
mike mike
mike mike:
Always explains really well no waffle with direct answers so thank you lynn
Listen get rid of the bureaucrats and 85% of government , remove the shorting and futures markets and let people run their own affairs as this is the only way things will get better , 0.1% control 99.99%!
I have to give a lot of credit too to David Lin, he is a super talented interviewer, especially in understanding the depth of knowledge of each guest. He knows exactly how to ask the right question to each guest. He is blossoming as an economist and interviewer himself and showcasing Macroanalyst Lyn Alden is the perfect guest to demostrate both their talents. Kudos to Lyn and David, I want to see Lyn be interviewed by David on a regular basis.
Silver Banky
Silver Banky:
I honestly could listen to these two for hours. Well done and thank you both.
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer:
Where can I hear Lyn speak all day? Knowledge is the key to me. Strong mind.
Joanna C
Joanna C:
How does someone get that smart? Amazing.
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam:
Trizahn Marais
Trizahn Marais:
Trying to make sense of markets which is controlled by bankers 🤣🤣🤣
Dan Willson
Dan Willson:
things you can't live without inflation, if it's really not needed deflation.
Kenny Andrade
Kenny Andrade:
Great interview, Lyn is very knowledgeable.
tay Ya
tay Ya:
this lyn girl is amazing ,they should have given her a role in the new Matrix movie .
And yes she also very knowlegeable and l am not forgetting that
Dave Sandler
Dave Sandler:
I listened to the whole thing, but I didn't hear about "What would happen to gold"??? Did I miss it? Or was she not asked about it?
Richard D. Mangone
Richard D. Mangone:
Good guest, information was helpful, thank you...
Fear of inflation puts velocity into high gear.
Martin Gebauer
Martin Gebauer:
I´m just waiting for silver to be 25 again and than I´m selling all, too much volatility for me. And I don´t believe 30 silver for the next 2-3 years.
Jason Fonnet
Jason Fonnet:
I think we will hit deflation in a year and then inflation after.
Narwhal Tacos
Narwhal Tacos:
My favorite interviewer interviews my favorite interviewee!
Some John Doe
Some John Doe:
Slow down just a bit when you talk Lyn, it makes it easier to follow your line of reasoning. Other than that you seriously rock lady.
Lyn is an incredible person, very knowledgeable, great delivery and Yes, I joined her web page investment strategies
Rex Posey
Rex Posey:
Nice high level perspective she is clear in here explanation.
My Life Thriving in Canada
My Life Thriving in Canada:
Thank you David and Lyn, great interviewee and interviewer!
Art Rahman
Art Rahman:
"Live long and prosper" ;)
Mike S.
Mike S.:
I had to listen to it twice - had to up my concentration level. Thanks for a challenging (for me) show!
Arthur Badalian
Arthur Badalian:
Ok when Lyn speaks I feel like a total idiot!!! She is just amazing 😉
G Teruya
G Teruya:
David conducts the best interviews. Kitco has found a gem. Lyn answers all the questions in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Just outstanding all around.
Gary E. Worrall
Gary E. Worrall:
Inflation is coming thanks to the Fed. It’s what they’ve wanted all along with other central banks, IMF, BIS, & the evil Klaus & his effing World Economic Forum. I could listen to Lyn all day. I may have passed Economics in university if she was the professor
Ryan Tinney
Ryan Tinney:
I find it hard when you only compare the last 100 years. We are currently in a new technology industrial revolution and to compare these times you really need to go back to the last industrial revolution for comparison.
When a new industrial revolution occurs debt always increases and the cost of capital gets lower.
Also it is nice to have someone else on besides the usual people blindly pumping gold and silver. These crooks you bring on who only talk up their book really does Kitco a disservice.
John Bauer
John Bauer:
She's comparing and making conclusions on two different systems?
1:10 large deficits, fiscal & monetary policies in sync tends to be inflationary
2:40 QE of 2008 crisis recapitalized banks, buying their bad loans & treasuries, leaving cash for credit expansion what didn't become inflative
8:20 Velocity of money
Its not that middle class would get more spending power its that most of their income is consumption, because their basic expenses eats up most of their income and getting extra lets them to finally cover other basic needs they cdnt cover while nothing changes for the rich class in crisis whose basic needs are so small portion og their income that their spending basicly doesnt change at all they will buy one jacht less but thats all and with tax cuts they will even save more... Of course they needs o spend more not for insurances against mob rule democracy so for lobbying, bribing, pretending to be socialists too, giving money to communists so they could buy the rope to hang the competing capitalists releasing their anger... Thats why Gates diversified so much in everything and pretends to be a humanitarian... do you think windows monopoly is good for humanity? If google wouldnt choose free android to support you would overpay for smartphone to get commercial software from Microsoft or Apple and if you have it you would pay even more. What innovative Microsoft or Apple does nowadays? They only buy other companies with ideas because they don't have any own... The guy who invented original DOS before idea was reengineneered and stolen by Gates was also working on first smartphones prototype - if he wouldnt die from sadness of the loss he would come up with many more inventions. World is moved by great inventors and great sellers. Sadly usually great inventors arent great sellers and sometimes they end up as biggest loosers. Woz had a lot of luck to meet Jobs more than in opposite.
Also billionaires are dangerous not because having so much money but because they want to leave a legacy - establish their fortune for next generations and the basic means for that they see tax avasion because it is impossible to sell even half of stocks of company with so high valuation not crashing price and destroying company plus the grand tax % to give to governement. So they are using schemes as nontaxed charity, humanitarian funds to invest it pretanding that they give their money away to society - in reality they know they doesnt own it all since its unsellable so they try to maximise the influence using it for lobbing, getting control of other sectors of economy to create leverage on lawmaking, influence people or create a crisis where they suddenly profit after positioning to get there for years. New best business are vaccines, chiping ppl, electronic IDs, medical sensors & medical data harvesting. Gates instead of desktop software will be selling medical software in cloud & you will be giving him your precious health data for free... If you don't believe in chipping people look at new articles in Israel... prime minister is promoting chipping children LOL Not like you arent chipped already with your smartphone & all apps analysing you all the time...
Also compaing modern economy with wartime and postwar economy is a complete nonsens. At war time ppl needed to save because everything was rationalised as if in a communism while industry was growing hugely for war purposes and payed by foreign countries which bought all the stuff for credit. After war Americans had no debts, no market competition, they could run deficits while industry was transforming from war time into peace time, they had all tech stolen from Nazi Germany and postwar europe was buying american stuff to replace everything what was destroyed. But everything got broken in 1971 with massive printing. Nothing was invented in USA since that time. All of new stuff was recycling old ideas and commercialisng postwar military inventions... in that time all other countries struggled and with hard work rebuilt their own innovativeness. Country running on deficits all the time isnt productive... not even if you force women to work destroying natural mechanics of replacing generations and educating them for high quality citizens.
Thomas Arbec
Thomas Arbec:
Where's my bail out? I need it more than the banks and airlines.
The Finance Guy
The Finance Guy:
Come December 2020 House prices are likely to drop significantly and unemployment will be quite high too 🤔
Kyle Wheeler
Kyle Wheeler:
I love listening to this lady discuss inflation. I trust what she’s saying.
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones:
I love you Lyn I really do. I hope you have a blessed rest of the year. Good luck and good health ;)
Lyn Alden, the best person on Kitco imo.
eddie ruiz
eddie ruiz:
Thank you Lyn for such a great insight on the US economy! I'm also learning a lot from your free newsletter - Lyn Alden Investment Strategy
Shawn McDonald
Shawn McDonald:
Lyn’s bio about her rise from poverty to where she is now, is most amazing. I don’t know the details of what educational systems led her to success, but perhaps that’s a clue that education is the most powerful tool to reduce wealth inequality, not blind handouts from the government.
Brenton Wolf
Brenton Wolf:
Quantitative easing is a nice way to say counterfeit money
Professor Terguson
Professor Terguson:
Lyn is my favorite guest. Great information.
Luis Raya
Luis Raya:
Lyn what a bomb of knowledge..
Dave Forgot
Dave Forgot:
Dave I love your questions thank you
Chris S
Chris S:
Lyn's great!! Awesome interview!!
mike robinson
mike robinson:
Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd. (OR) is a Great company to have shares in approaching
this new inflationary era , the price of Gold will increase to new all time highs .
Curtis Lambert Jr
Curtis Lambert Jr:
Pure Genius, I digress ! Sometimes in life, you have to play the hand we're dealt,,, please accept my apologies Lyn and KITCO.
David and Lyn: great discussion, interesting charts.Thumbs up.
rachmaninoffxx Tuna
rachmaninoffxx Tuna:
She has a great Bariton Voice Range.
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson:
When the peons break into the secret money printing room that's when there will be inflation...LOL...until then the Elite Aristocrats keep getting richer and richer.
Jay Kraft
Jay Kraft:
Close your eyes and it's a guy. Open your eyes and it's a pretty girl. Kind of weirds me out.
Sundancer Angkor
Sundancer Angkor:
Lyn Knows Her Stuff. I just need more capital to act on the good advice, commodities and emerging markets is the way to go long term.
Ken Brome
Ken Brome:
Lyn spits out technicals like Eminem spits out a rap,.. flawlessly and easily ! Thanks Lyn and David !
Batman Ghilich
Batman Ghilich:
What a brainy warp speed smarty
Laura Delizia
Laura Delizia:
Gold and Silver rule they always have for thousands of years
Excellent interview
James Bond
James Bond:
DEJA VU? They will crash it when their ready and clean up.If you spot the signs its probably already happened.Beware the trap door.Same old same old.
The T in TARP stood for 'Troubled' not Toxic - they would never use the word toxic even though 'Toxic' was actually the best way to describe those assets.
Big Maky
Big Maky:
Unless that fiscal stimulus exceeds $5.8 trillion, it's a zero sum game. $5.8 trillion in GDP was lost, so far, due to lock downs.
David Curtis
David Curtis:
David Linn and Lyn Alden . That is double lin your money . Great interviews David . David how did you get that scar over your right eye ? If your sister clocked you just say Hockey .
How do you overcome the deflationary impact of technology which will cut jobs and spending inspite of monetary and fiscal policy? The big tech companies drive the NASDAQ and S&P while shrinking the real economy with efficiency.
Ja ManCity
Ja ManCity:
Lyn's voice is like chocolate mixed with coffee and honey, the words that come through are great as well !😉
you like a kid in investment school hung up your gold buying splurge
Clayton Hufford
Clayton Hufford:
Thanks David and Lyn!
David, you are awesome ....very confident ....great questions as always . your fan from Iran
Dokken Erik
Dokken Erik:
I wish I was as smart as Lyn
Agggghhh! We HAVE inflation for everything we buy to live!! Why do we still get this simplistic narrative based on fake Fed calculations and 'bogus baskets' of Goods?
Lumber product costs have almost doubled too.
Is it time to sell all stocks (including miners)? And wait out the coming crash.
Ruth Cartwright
Ruth Cartwright:
Oh good I love when they interview this woman.
So well explained. BUT IS inflation true value since Fed tends to avoid education and medical expenses in that. Medical expenses this year are probably off the roof and hence we should be seeing a much higher TRUE INFLATION???
A Person
A Person:
Can you please remove the chart highlight feature and instead brighten the chart more?
Burkhard Dahms
Burkhard Dahms:
In Germany 🇩🇪 prices are rising 🚀 🚀 🚀
David Ryan
David Ryan:
Best in the business and there's a lot of smart people in macroeconomics.
Leon O'Neile
Leon O'Neile:
Great information thanks lyn
Alex Barajas
Alex Barajas:
Wow, im a new fan of Lyn!
Paul Welborn
Paul Welborn:
Is Lyn a dude?
The Wandering Investor
The Wandering Investor:
She’s good
Thanks David and Lyn.
Le Chiffré Habsburg-Lorraine
Le Chiffré Habsburg-Lorraine:
My first time to listen/view Lyn....You have a deepest respect Lyn...⚜
Klaus Karpfen
Klaus Karpfen:
11:20 - Lyn talks about "productive fiscal spending" - is she joining the socialists' camp?
Rishabh Kapoor
Rishabh Kapoor:
229th Viewer :D
last_of_the_ middle_class
last_of_the_ middle_class:
Lyn is awesome!!
Del Pillar
Del Pillar:
Lyn rocks
The Unschooled
The Unschooled:
Arwen of Gold and Silver!🙀
Oscar Mike
Oscar Mike:
As usual—Dave kills it again..
Lyn and the dude that wears Hawian shirts are your best ones
I appreciate you having both on regularly