LOVE AND MONSTERS Trailer (2020) Dylan O'Brien, Jessica Henwick Movie

LOVE AND MONSTERS Trailer (2020) Dylan O'Brien, Jessica Henwick Movie
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He left the MAZE just to end up fighing monsters. Jeeze this kid has a rough life. 😁😁😁
Videomen karlo002
Videomen karlo002:
Guns, Love, and Tentacles
Cezy PUBG:
ohhhhhhhhhhh nice
Paramount be like: we need someone who runs

Their choices: Tom Hanks or maze runner man
Nabeel Audah
Nabeel Audah:
"this looked like a cliche"

*puts dog in it*

"yes. i love cliche"
J N:
I swear to god that dog better not die.
Girl: Come over.
Guy: I can't, I'm on the other side of the world, separated by flesh eating monsters.
Girl: My parents aren't home.
yash johnas
yash johnas:
This guy basically runs and fights in every move lol
Mika Shigaroshi
Mika Shigaroshi:
I know this movie better not pull a “I am legend” move with the dog
Dwayne peter
Dwayne peter:
this guy would have been a better peter parker
Lady Bird
Lady Bird:
Dylan being chased by monsters and running for his life. Just like old times.
Trumpty Dumpty
Trumpty Dumpty:
"I feel like Tom Cruise."
You'll need years more of running to hit Cruise levels boy.
No one:
Jordaline Reads
Jordaline Reads:
If that dog dies,
I will riot.
Veasna Meng
Veasna Meng:
I hope there will be a SEQUEL for this INCREDIBLE MOVIE!!!
I think Dylan O’Briens signature things is having a character who drives a jeep
"Only small fraction of humanity survived."
But, you're only in America.

"Let's take our world back"
You mean, let's take our country back. XD
Ngl, this seems like a fun to watch.
Prowler Ultra
Prowler Ultra:
No offense... IMHO, Jessica Henwick is just a below average actress.
Her acting in the Iron Fist is so-so and forgettable.
Jáshmin Dominguez Orozco
Jáshmin Dominguez Orozco:
“I feel like Tom Cruise” ICANTTT🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ilove him
Fantom 8
Fantom 8:
second best film in coming :D first is maze runner
Lukas DiSparrow
Lukas DiSparrow:
Jeep from TEEN WHOLF? lol
It seemds like Dylan O'Brien plays the protagonist in everybody's young adult scifi dystopic books. And that's not a bad thing at all.
Imagine going all this way just to get friendzoned
Edit: saw the movie it did happen :(
Valeria Egremy
Valeria Egremy:
Dylan movie=

Result: perfect
Issy Jas
Issy Jas:
Loved it, original and brilliant, hopefully there’s a sequel
Kia Not The Car
Kia Not The Car:
Ah, Dylan back acting his usual role of "guy who runs away from things"
spoiler, but a good one:
the doggy lives. so movie's worth it
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller:
when this comes out i will be googling if the dog dies: if the dog does I will not watch the movie, I can't handle another dog best friend dying in a movie anymore.
anisa m
anisa m:
Y'all should go watch Dylan's new trailer for "The Education of Fredrick Fitzell" as well! Looks really good
Kevin Kaol
Kevin Kaol:
Producer: We need a vuy who can run
Scouting Agent: Tom Cruise is booked for the next decade but I know a guy,,,,, and he does investigations too
caitlin b.
caitlin b.:
Why does this still feel like a Maze Runner trailer LOL
Master of Gwent
Master of Gwent:
Me, a doctor who fan, sees the title: oh god no
Jon P
Jon P:
Movie was actually pretty good. Kind of hope they have a sequel.
Alaa AbuZarifa
Alaa AbuZarifa:
I'ts been years since I watched a great monster apocalyptic movie. please make more.
I love this movie it's so beautiful, i really appreciate Dylan O'Brien he's such an a great actor.
Marcus M
Marcus M:
I don’t care about this movie unless the dog survives.
Marwa Rahman
Marwa Rahman:
This man makes you love him after Teen Wolf. I mean, seriously, the role he plays there!!!!
Diego Esca
Diego Esca:
Los weyes que llevamos 600h jugadas en Dark Souls:
Has anyone picked up on the, The Last of Us references yet? The main character's [Dylan Obrien] name is JOEL and at one point he wears a similar shirt to Ellie's (the round sunset behind a palm-trees silhouette)!
"I feel, like Tom cruise"
If the dog dies then it's a terrible movie
James Huckleby
James Huckleby:
This movie is actually pretty good and I enjoyed it. A sequel would definitely be 🔥
85% dog
14% jeep
1% other
Mr. Jazz Starr
Mr. Jazz Starr:
I really like how anyone whom joel meets, they assume he's a food stealer. Even Mavis. And she's a robot.
Nyemiah Hale is T I R E D
Nyemiah Hale is T I R E D:
Dylan: Travels and Battles horrendous Monsters for her
The girl: Meet my boyfriend Brad..he saved me from the monsters
Me: 😐 as expected
Dragon King Oscurare
Dragon King Oscurare:
If that Dog dies, I'm calling John Wick.
I dont know but when i heard amy's voice i literally got " goosebumps" !!!
Zae Johnson
Zae Johnson:
I laughed so hard when he showed her the picture he drew 😂😂😂🤣😭💕
Amy The 4
Amy The 4:
*car door stuck*

Siblings in the back “Hey I have candy back here”

Me in the shotgun *Crawls over*
Akber Aliyev
Akber Aliyev:
by saying "Coming Soon" I do hope they're talking about the movie..
Anib Bshoto
Anib Bshoto:
“I feel like Tom Cruise “ this was the Stilest thing to say 😂
Just watch the film I really enjoyed it Dylan O’Brien amazing as ever
Babr MaLik
Babr MaLik:
It's truly a great movie worth watching. Dylan O'Brien is an amazing Actor
A Wan
A Wan:
This movie is not just about love. Its an amazing movie. I teared when dylan called back his bunker. 10/10 must watch!!
Jon Torres
Jon Torres:
Does anyone notice that he looks like Paul Walker??
His last name is O`brien
And Paul was Brian O'Connor in Fast and Furious
Tim Vargason
Tim Vargason:
Probably just a monster mimicking her voice.
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger:
2:45 minutes, thanks I've watched the whole movie in this trailer.😅😅😅
Souvik Samanta
Souvik Samanta:
I love his every movies...
His--- THE MAZE RUNNER is my favorite...
Julian Hinojosa
Julian Hinojosa:
This man still running, give him a break lol
תהילה עבאדי
תהילה עבאדי:
I'm a simple person, I see Dylan, I click
Kristal Games Mew
Kristal Games Mew:
Super recommended, I loved it, the dog is cute and the monsters are great.
Aminah Pramitta Dewi
Aminah Pramitta Dewi:
Just watched this movie, and it was good! So entertaining. I’ll give this movie 8/10 🍿
M. Iqbal Swaratama
M. Iqbal Swaratama:
Merle from The Walking Dead
Thomas from The Maze Runner

This is literally the whole plot of Daybreak on Netflix plus the little girl who is crass and sassy, and the monsters literally everything
Daniel Roach
Daniel Roach:
This seems like the kinda movie where his girl ends up rejecting him at the end
Sydnee Williams
Sydnee Williams:
Dylan been fighting since teen wolf. Poor Dylan:(
Han Explore
Han Explore:
when the part2 is come..this great movies 👏
mia_ v
mia_ v:
i love dylan so much omg. the scene with him holding the dogs mouth closed was so cute. does anyone else love watching dylan run ?
geo 3
geo 3:
This is basically the live action version of the netflix show of last kids on earth
dont care how much he love his girlfriend, if that dog die we riot!
Bae Lily
Bae Lily:
I'm done watching it in premiere! It's so worth it 💛 love the plot & the characters :) the effects are so well done it deserves an award & I love the duo hunters. The Feels is Everywhere! So overwhelming Movie I LOVE IT 💛
FTM Papa
FTM Papa:
styles stalinski dissapierd in teen wolf seasson 6, and this is where he been while them found him :)
Kaleb T
Kaleb T:
So can we see the “big ones” I’m curious about some of the giant monster designs
Another "funny" american full of absurds movie... Thank you, i'm out.
Mofe Adeyemi
Mofe Adeyemi:
Cute that Stiles kept his jeep
ThatOneOddLookingDog ThatBarksAtYou
ThatOneOddLookingDog ThatBarksAtYou:
Me: *gets hyped at a good looking monster horror comedy*

Me: *sees pg13 rating* ahhhhhh, f*ck. So close.
Jaden Taylor
Jaden Taylor:
Just glad my boy Dylan is being in more and more movies/series
Samuel Varga
Samuel Varga:
Finally, a decent soundtrack for a movie
Righteous Indignation
Righteous Indignation:
I find it so funny we are in a "pandemic"yet hollywood still filming movies like business as usual HMMMM........
Dambya 1901
Dambya 1901:
This is basically maze runner but if Thomas was stiles
Watched it, it was great! Although some scenes lack logic on some points I think it's not what the movie is about, so overall it's still a good movie I hope there's a part 2
Monika Sienkiewicz
Monika Sienkiewicz:
"I feel like Tom Cruise" 😂
Enzo Kaz
Enzo Kaz:
Movie is pretty damn good watching it right now
this is zombie land with a change in enemy type.
Jóhann Østerø
Jóhann Østerø:
This is basically maze runner, but Thomas thinks he's Tom Cruise
Zarul Aircond
Zarul Aircond:
This is really inspiring, I can't wait to tell you after I finished watching
Just finished watching it.
Awesome af. 10/10!
gunsmoke james
gunsmoke james:
This is like a real life version of
"The last kids on earth"
That robot scene was brutal😭😭😭
Best scene in the entire movie.
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer:
in this he's like a mix of his characters in teen wolf and maze runner
Gianna Olivier
Gianna Olivier:
Okey i see you all compare Dylan to when he was a runner, but can we take a moment to remember stiles? Forever in my heart
That's the young girl from stuck in the middle😂
Kat Swan
Kat Swan:
Great movie. Just watched it. Dylan always brings everything to his roles
"the real friends are the monsters we make along the way" kinda movie
Güz Seçilmiş
Güz Seçilmiş:
This looks like the combinations of The Maze Runner, American Assassin and Stiles Stilinski

Edit: Ok this is my first time getting so much like on one of my comments. Thank you friends.
Paul Bugenhagen
Paul Bugenhagen:
Dylan is soooooo cute and he is my die heart fan in evrey move I have watched all the movies he acted in and Thomas Brodie-Sangster.,.
DarkGhost 01
DarkGhost 01:
Looks dumb, looks silly, looks campy. But I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t look fun.
The movie was funny and uplifting at times I loved it a movie for all ages. Does anyone know the names of all of the songs that were in the film?.
iGee Vibes
iGee Vibes:
i just watched this movie and I can't wait to the part 2 of this, and yeah the dog is awesome, Boy is a legend in this movie, and Aimee she's totaly great warrior :D
Sara's Video Diary
Sara's Video Diary:
omg the Jeep and the haircut and the sarcasm! Feels like a Teen wolf stiles spin off and I’m living for itttt!