Los Angeles Lakers vs Miami Heat | October 9, 2020

Led by Jimmy Butler’s 35 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists, the Heat defeated the Lakers, 111-108, in Game 5. Additionally for the Heat, Duncan Robinson recorded 26 points (7-13 3pt FG) and 5 rebounds in the victory, while LeBron James tallied 40 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists for the Lakers in the losing effort. The Lakers lead this best-of-seven series, 3-2. Game 6 will take place on Sunday, October 11 at 7:30 p.m. ET

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Butler.. From homeless to NBA champion, such a good story.
Spanish with Lex
Spanish with Lex:
If Miami win Game 6, Game 7 is gonna be EPIC. I can't believe I'm staying up all these nights (games are around 3am in my country) but this dark circles I got now are totally worth it.
rock merchant
rock merchant:
Why do I feel Michael Jordan's competitive/never-say-die SPIRIT in Jimmy "Bucket" Butler
Dario Baroni
Dario Baroni:
Miami wins, 80% of highlights are lakers points. Awful job
Mshall S
Mshall S:
MORRIS for the L - looking like JR Smiff our there. lmao
I love Butler since Chicago
Lakers should’ve closed this, WTF was that pass at the end. If Miami win Game 6 it’s gonna be a choke for the Lakers...
John Gillis
John Gillis:
"the series goes a little bit longer". why does everyone including commentator are sure Lakers will win the whole thing? Go Heat
What's up Bro
What's up Bro:
No one expecting miami can get to the finals... It's really amazing to see how Miami players play... such a determination, passion, and focus...
Such a close game! Both teams are rightfully in the finals! Amazing performance!
Abiola o
Abiola o:
1:27 what foul lol
Two historic records will be equaled this Sunday; Rafa and the Lakers will match the mark of Federer and the Celtics.

Postscript; I'm a Celtics fan. And I think next year the NBA finals will be played between Boston and LAL.
¡Vamos Rafa y Vamos Lakers!
Alex Mantzanas
Alex Mantzanas:
Come on!!! where was JR Smith? He should have played in the last minutes
Kirk Mitchell
Kirk Mitchell:
When will jimmy butler get his own shoe
I wanna hoop in some jimmy bucket 1s
Emre Bilge
Emre Bilge:
I would just love Dragic also returning for the next 1 and hopefully 2 games and contribute to sealing the fate of this overdog, pompous Lakers.
The heat are the perfect team for a comeback🔥 if we had the dragon fit it would’ve been a W already 🐉
Brad Howe
Brad Howe:
Can they make the logo any bigger in the center of the court? 😂
Whitey O'Banion
Whitey O'Banion:
Lakers in those Mamba uniforms couldn't stand the heat.
Joe Sugden
Joe Sugden:
Well that wasn’t meant to happen....
Joe Ajaj
Joe Ajaj:
Butler is feeling it man
Young Yolii
Young Yolii:
Jimmy Jordan went off
Akeem Allwood
Akeem Allwood:
4:16 Morris should have passed the ball to KCP, he was wide open for the damn 3, i think morris be sipping lil Hennessey wid JR🤦‍♂️
Elite DF
Elite DF:
I always loved Butler and now there’s so many bandwagons in these Finals who always hated him
aly hemida
aly hemida:
The air be like :,, this dude Danny Green don't miss"
Barok Espinoza
Barok Espinoza:
Let's go Heat! For Kobe!
Mahamadou dms
Mahamadou dms:
Here it is on danny green he's a heat undercover agent.
Reed l
Reed l:
Lebron passing again with game on the line, hey 23, you ain't jordan!
G M:
Butler still making it a series.
Me !
Me !:
Jimmy Buckets. [email protected]@[email protected] around & got a triple double.. 305 says it ain’t over yet
Darkpierre 86
Darkpierre 86:
The Lakers are choking.
After a catastrophic game 3 of AD and LeBron, they finally seem to wake up. Except that Butler also responds.
And that AD should have done better on offense and LeBron could have done better on defense if he stopped saving himself on defense to be more efficient on offense.
AD who does not even manage to really gain the upper hand on Adebayo, LeBron who does not even manage to definitively make the difference against Butler who achieves finals much too high level compared to what he is capable of producing at the current time.
In this game, it was the ending streak that really hurt me.
LeBron with his superb vision of the game sees Green on his own but makes a rotten pass, Green who is not even able to see that the time lost by LeBron's failed pass allowed Iguodala to come back on him and miss a shot.
NBA Finals game winner, I won't even talk about the other clown who confuses shots and passes.
But what the hell is this.

The Lakers struggle against a 5th team in the EST conference and in addition to their first offensive option Goran Dragic, Adebayo absent in Game 3 and now not even 100%.
But what does it take for the Lakers to win ?
That all of the Heat's roster get injured ?
Well done to Miami anyway because mentally there is nothing to say.
The real MVP of the Finals is Butler.
Enes Enes
Enes Enes:
Turkler beğensinde görwk sayimizi
Bon Cam
Bon Cam:
i smells a choke
ilse bilse
ilse bilse:
"yeah he's strong" 😂
gustavo fernandez
gustavo fernandez:
What is the name of the musical theme that happens in between times or in each minute of half time requested
The Heat is still on.
Jubilites Consultants
Jubilites Consultants:
If Lakers' keep celebrating the title too early, these guys can just do a 2nd finals comeback from 3-1, & LBJ knows it's doable coz he did it 4 yrs ago.
Let's gooooo🔥🔥🙏🏼
Matevz Socan
Matevz Socan:
Gooooo Jimmy and the Heeeeeeat!
Pertuy Daniel
Pertuy Daniel:
Lakers are so sure to win, so they lose.
patrick fernandes
patrick fernandes:
Uau, its a war, heat is hot (From Brazil)
Jason Swift
Jason Swift:
Lakers will win the title in game 6 Lebron finals MVP
John Roman Panganiban
John Roman Panganiban:
5 Games

Lakers Fan : it's a sweep
Lakers Fan: Lakers in 5
Lakers Fan: Lakers in 6

If they lose its about the rating, if they win lakers have Anthony Davis and self Proclaimed Goat
Lol 🤣🤣
grinDING yardage
grinDING yardage:
Let’s go Heat😍😍😍
Ricardo TheSoloist Boereau
Ricardo TheSoloist Boereau:
If they let us tie this series, Bron in trouble 🔥💯
Just Fair
Just Fair:
Lebron James

- 6TH Different Postseason with

500 PTS
150 REBS
150 ASTS
Manuel F
Manuel F:
Morris had a brain freeze. They drew a play for 3. He should have looked for the 3-shooters when he got the rebound. DG and KCP were open.
Danilo Torres
Danilo Torres:
And They are doing this without Dragic! JB awesometakular Hear in 7👉🏆
Just Fair
Just Fair:
Miami Heat

2 Wins Away

For *4TH*

Holden Igloso
Holden Igloso:
3-2 oh my the curse of playoff 4-1 has been broken..🤔🤔🤔🤔
Brenda Liliana Jerez
Brenda Liliana Jerez:
Pencil Arts Qatar
Pencil Arts Qatar:
now that the heat know they are championship material, cant wait to see how they will reinforce their squad
Junell Jaramillo
Junell Jaramillo:
Blame time 😂
Suhandy Tjahyono
Suhandy Tjahyono:
Watching this NBA final without the fans in the back feels like watching another practice game play, when will this pandemic end? 😭
Top shotta Gaming
Top shotta Gaming:
Let go heat! 🔥🔥
Enes Güntekin
Enes Güntekin:
In game six, the Lakers will beat Miami and become champions, let's go, Lakers champion Lakers💜
woiour loin
woiour loin:
Lebron passing again with game on the line, hey 23, you ain't jordan!
SUV Transport
SUV Transport:
Love It!!!! NBA Basketball is still Fantastic :-)
Allister Dimaculangan
Allister Dimaculangan:
yamid garay
yamid garay:
Go Heat 🔥
Heisenberg Walter
Heisenberg Walter:
Sorry lebron wlang ray allen at kyrie n sasagip sayo, pag crucial ayaw tumira ang pucha laging decoy haisxt...
F C:
Davis really trying hard to give Lebron finals MVP
Rayan foolek
Rayan foolek:
Love you Miami
Carlos Fernández
Carlos Fernández:
1:27 Referees gifting free throws to Lechoke.
Yowan Dias
Yowan Dias:
Raymun Lee
Raymun Lee:
Wade future is jimmy butler add oil for the final ^_^
Jucimar oliveira macedo da silva
Jucimar oliveira macedo da silva:
Jimmy Django Butler!!!
M.Ameer ul Hassan
M.Ameer ul Hassan:
Butler ♥️♥️♥️
Nando 69
Nando 69:
I saw a man carry a game against one of the best duos ever, Butler is my new hero.
Thabiso Motaung
Thabiso Motaung:
No lie, I want the Lakers to win too, but I'm sick of their whining attitude 🤧
omgsh CUT GREEN!!
Josh Gxoyiya
Josh Gxoyiya:
Butler is the main reason Miami Heat has made it this far🔥🔥
Just Fair
Just Fair:
Lebron James


Tying Derek Fisher

Most All Time
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
Goat Lol 🤣🤣
Go Heat! Believe you an do it!! 2 more wins guys
Hirsi Ahmed
Hirsi Ahmed:
Jimmy butler really needs a fresh cut😂😂
Danijel Cvele
Danijel Cvele:
These strange Times man. Look at this video and look at The final 1998...what a difference
Ümit Dayı
Ümit Dayı:
Butler ❤️💛❤️💛from turkey
Dr Youtube
Dr Youtube:
Great heated game! If AD gets fouled out or gets hurt there's a chance that heats take the lead! I like seeing underdogs win!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo:
Jimmy Jordan went off
Long Dong Not Silver
Long Dong Not Silver:
Jimmy Clutch
king N
king N:
Lets go Heat!
Michael Sanares
Michael Sanares:
What happened at 2:55?
Go Miami ❤️
denis sarmieñto
denis sarmieñto:
I believe in miami they bring it in game 7 and 2020 n b a champion go jimmy go miami beat L A
Anderson Batista Dos Santos Dema
Anderson Batista Dos Santos Dema:
Q partida foi show lakes faltou cair cair cesta de tres, marcar mto bem campeao domingo.
Just Fair
Just Fair:
Jimmy Butler

2 Triple Double 30 PT Game In The Finals Series
Very Impressive

LAL Still Lead The Series 3 - 2
Haos Gamer
Haos Gamer:
The heat still ON FIRE
Black mamba jersey what!?
Louie Santos
Louie Santos:
Pangit. hahaha
Dawood Cruz
Dawood Cruz:
22 Jimmy butler
Elirah Ramon
Elirah Ramon:
Go Heat ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Jose Marlino Ponce
Jose Marlino Ponce:
2 wins good as champion against the Lakers super team. Congrats Miami. Hardwork beats talent. ✌😁
Owen Co
Owen Co:
Go butler keep it up...Adrei I. make your warriors proud...
Dashaa Puntsag
Dashaa Puntsag:
Danny Green playing his 3rd NBA finals against Lebron
Sergey Vyaznikov
Sergey Vyaznikov:
Butler 👊
Nuno Cancela
Nuno Cancela:
Lakers you´re done!
David. Flores.
David. Flores.:
Estupendos gran final de la nba. Y grandes partidos magníficos he infalibles determinaciones. Saludos!!!!