Hi friends. This is a video on LIVER CIRRHOSIS. I have explained the pathophysiology, causes, signs & symptoms with the help of visuals and mnemonics. Hope it'll help you. If you like the content and information, do like and share this video and subscribe our channel- INTELLECT MEDICOS!!! Thank you.

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Vedikavya show youtube channel
Vedikavya show youtube channel:
"हे ईश्वर,
सबको सन्मति दे, आरोग्य दे, सबको सुख दे, आनंद और ऐश्वर्य दे, सबका भला कर, कल्याण कर, रक्षण कर, और
तेरा मीठा नाम, मुख में निरंतर रहने दे।
O God!
Bless all with Health and Wealth, Bless all with Money and Harmony, Bless all with Peace and Bliss, Bless all with Wisdom and your Devotion

सद्गुरू- श्री वामनराव पै.
Rashmi Sharma
Rashmi Sharma:
In liver conditions Ayurveda works wonder. And my uncle was suffering from Liver cirrhosis and took treatment from Planet Ayurveda for 2 yrs and he is fine now.
Sherry Z
Sherry Z:
Thank you so much. I really appreciate your videos. They are all very well-made and helpful to noob junior doctors like myself. Thank you again!
Kanoka Ninja
Kanoka Ninja:
Speaking fast with an accent makes this difficult. Short and to the point yes, but I have to spend so much time going back to catch what I missed. Please speak a bit slower, thank you.
Vikul Deshwal
Vikul Deshwal:
Perfect ( short n informative )
Saumya Ranjan
Saumya Ranjan:
Sir can u plz upload highyield contents of aiims and neet pg like these smart flas card plz its very usefull and great to revise
nur rabitha
nur rabitha:
Sir and mam..... Ur classes were reallyyyy awesome....waiting for more uploads...please do as soon as possible for us...
Ali Hasan
Ali Hasan:
sir amazing...u r doing it superly...really very helpful..will wait to see your more videos spcially on more common diseases as well...thanks alot
Ramdas Iyer
Ramdas Iyer:
Please do not be so fast. Speak slowly. I do not understand most words. Else give sub titles.
Amritpal singh
Amritpal singh:
Your video is very informative. My friend is suffering from liver cirrhosis disease from past 5 months her condition gets worse with the time and she is not ableto even walk properly then someone suggested her about Planet Ayurveda and she took their liver care pack and now she is fine.
Dr sharma 89
Dr sharma 89:
Sir pls discuss ....chest X-ray .....tuberculosis
phani meghana
phani meghana:
Sir can u upload a video on hepatitis B-the antigens and antibodies
Thank you so much for the video!
nikhil bante
nikhil bante:
Great content sir
Vedikavya show youtube channel
Vedikavya show youtube channel:
चांगले आरोग्य शिक्षण मिळत आहे
Akshay Jouhary
Akshay Jouhary:
Good sir thanku so much. .please upload more videos. ..Awesome. ..
Amresh Malik
Amresh Malik:
nice and very informative video..
Dr venkatesh Mittapalli
Dr venkatesh Mittapalli:
Sandy Tighe
Sandy Tighe:
Can not understand you are talking too fast!
Kavita Kavii
Kavita Kavii:
Being-a liver patient, I lived my life under stress and depression. No medicineshelped me to get rid of this. But only planet Ayurveda helped me with theirLiver care pack. Yes I am fine now. Thanks to Planet Ayurveda.
AJ Gutierrez
AJ Gutierrez:
why is methyldopa and methotrexate a drug associated with cirrhosis?
Akshay Jouhary
Akshay Jouhary:
Okk Sir
John Levison
John Levison:
On Nov 3, 2016, I was told I will not be getting a kidney transplant because I have blood circulation problems. I live in the US.I had liver disease which I have done everything within medical field with no results. i developed venous statis in which the capillaries pop and my skin darkens on both my legs below my knees and above my ankles.I have a inherited kidney disease as FSGS and minimal change , two kidney disorders. I was diagnosed in 1985. At that time, there was no treatment for me because my blood was normal but I had proteinuria alot of it.My kidney disease didn't really get bad until 2006, then I was referred to a kidney doctor. He prescribed predisone. It didn't work on me. It was supposed to slow down the disease. But my problems befan to appear in 2012, when I started to gain weight, I thought at the time I was eating too much, but I later discovered it was excess water. Because later that year, my legs started to leak water. I actually had to squeeze the water out of my socks and trousers. Then I developed claudication which causes pain on my calf muscles in the back of my legs. I would walk a few steps and they would seize up. I would rest a few moments and the pain would go away. Then walk a few more steps and again experience pain.Then in February 2014, my kidneys finally failed and I was put on haemodialysis. Then I lost circulation in my toes, then gangrene then amputations in May 2014 on my left foot then my left leg below the knee in June 2014Then my big toe on my right leg, on October 2014, and theno the rest of my toes in Nov 2014.By July 2014, I lost 40 liters of of water or 88 pounds of water through haemodialysis.I thought since I had 20 other medical problems besides my 2 kidney disorders that I wouldn't qualify for a kidney transplant. Plus I have 47 chromosomes.But at least, I now know, I won't be getting a kidney.Unless someone invents a cure for poor blood circulation.Not every one who has a chronic kidney disorder will have the kind of problems I have had.recently I was introduced to a herbalist from China by a doctor friend from India, I have to fly from India where I went for the treatment to meet with the herbalist dr sale bashiru in China.just in about 3 months later I was cured of this diseases with herbs and is my email address if you need any further information [email protected]