Liver Cirrhosis (SandS, Pathophysiology, Investigations, Management)

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Bits and Pieces
Bits and Pieces:
anyone else is binging watching armando with me?
Manali Mundada
Manali Mundada:
wow. how do you come up with such neat and condensed flow charts!
Thank you!!! For the first time in my life I'm hable to understand the pathophysiology of liver cirrhosis! \o/
15 Taj Bandaru
15 Taj Bandaru:
Everything is good except the handwriting. Pls write it clearly πŸ™‚
Fantastically explained
Bilgehan Onogul
Bilgehan Onogul:
I think more of pt ptt for liver function test instead of ast alt.
syauqin syazwani
syauqin syazwani:
its good video but i cannot understand the font / writing :(
niiice.keep doing videos like that armando. it helps a lot (y)
Sherry Iyer
Sherry Iyer:
Thank you a million times for putting the effort to make this video. Gave me all pertinent information I needed.
David Daniel
David Daniel:
Jass Singh
Jass Singh:
ThNku you for making this vdo πŸ’šπŸ’œ
Eduardo Moya
Eduardo Moya:
Excelente!! But what about HCC as a complication?
Shania fikra
Shania fikra:
actually that 'armando hasudungan, biology and medicine video, please join the forum and group......' really makes my study mood increase
Elessar Rider
Elessar Rider:
Nice one
Dr Akende Sitwala
Dr Akende Sitwala:
Great illustration. Simplified and very good.
Ayse Tuna
Ayse Tuna:
guys what's d-sma?
suma sana
suma sana:
liver cirrhosis is sad. :(
Sarah Salman
Sarah Salman:
I luv all the videos thnx πŸ€—
NALD = Nonalcoholic {fatty} liver disease? This is becoming more and more common. People who get fat after 25 tend to get this more than those who were fat since childhood.
Amritpal singh
Amritpal singh:
Your video is very helpful for the people having Liver cirrhosis problem. My friend from very long time has suffered from this problem and he used every kind of medicines but nothing works then someone suggests him to visit Planet Ayurveda. After taking their Liver care pack his condition started improving. Now he is fine,thanks to Planet Ayurveda.
John DiCola
John DiCola:
excellent article and yes cirrhosis is sad
Armando! Youre3good at what you do! Keep up
Mariam Ibrahimi
Mariam Ibrahimi:
Great sir, your videos are very useful and in high level thanks for your help and to serve.
Sir I am a medical student I have a question that the cardiac or heart cells and neurons can regenerate their selfe after damaged or necrosis. if you have time plz answer me,thanks alot.
Kavita Kavii
Kavita Kavii:
Your video is very helpful for the people having Liver cirrhosis problem. My friend fromvery long time has suffered from this problem and he used every kind of medicinesbut nothing works then someone suggests him to visit Planet Ayurveda. Aftertaking their Liver care pack his condition started improving. Now he is fine,thanks to Planet Ayurveda.
Sheetal Kataria
Sheetal Kataria:
Very nice video full of information about liver problem!!! But it can be managed naturally by Ayurvedic treatment which will reduce symptoms that too without side effects. You can consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan (CEO) planet ayurveda for better results. Thank you... Hope it helps ...
Monica Mekhail
Monica Mekhail:
thank you very much but can you add the references ?!
P K:
ur videos r vry helpful keep it upπŸ‘....ty
Tyrone Flaucher
Tyrone Flaucher:
Tyrone William Flaucher, liver cirrhosis, chemical/frequency, 2320466.
rohit bajaj
rohit bajaj:
I live in #Dubai for many years and used to Drink & eat lots of junk food.I have pain in my liver for few days and i was so stressed and went to doctor for medical checkup and have few blood tests. Then i found out i have symptoms of liver Cirrhosis. So Doctor Suggest me to take Allopathic medicines but have no relief in my symptoms. I was looking for some alternative treatment My family live in #india and they call at @planetayurveda Center and they suggested them to give patient the #liver Care Pack with Diet. Am using there herbal remedies along with diet for last few months & i fell almost 50% of relief in my symptoms.
Keith KbBlah
Keith KbBlah:
I love your work. It's really helpful.
Sarah Marvel
Sarah Marvel:
Hello I really liked your video but I wanted to ask a question : in the investigations is there any recommendations to use the fibroscan ?
Fudd Saethfed
Fudd Saethfed:
Yes wish I knew this 10 years ago. We are told drinking too much damages your liver, but never what that means exactly-ireversable pain which makes day to day life very difficult.
Diogo Caparelli
Diogo Caparelli:
I was born with this desease
Rami Mohamed Ibrahem Faraj
Rami Mohamed Ibrahem Faraj:
Renaud Richet
Renaud Richet:
Great explanation thanks
karan singh
karan singh:
Eddy H
Eddy H:
What about Edema?
Thank you for the nice video.........letters and words are not very clear and legible....if that can be improved it will be very helpful...
Odeangelo Manloco
Odeangelo Manloco:
Please may we have a video about skin diseases and more disease videos
Determined Di
Determined Di:
Better than my hepatologist. I have no clue how I got this. I don't drink.
Ψ§Ω‡Ω„Ψ§ΩˆΩŠ Hh:
thank you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ‹βœ‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Amritpal singh
Amritpal singh:
I too had this problem and I started my treatment with Planet Ayurveda. Now I am fine. So, if anyone is facing such kind of problem or any other health-related problem. You should go to Planet Ayurveda.
vivek yadav
vivek yadav:
I didn't understand pathogenesis very well?
Arjun Athwik
Arjun Athwik:
Sir I have a doubt is it the uric acid or the bilirubin under the skin causes itching
Danny Mccary
Danny Mccary:
Any cure Ford that
Rosie Lowe
Rosie Lowe:
amazing video very informative!
Mushtaq Mohammad
Mushtaq Mohammad:
Vatsal Srivastava
Vatsal Srivastava:
Pruritis (itchy skin also) and hepatic encephalopathy and worst coma
Learn with fun - Biology
Learn with fun - Biology:
C S:
I love your videos!!!!
you are great
Manish Arora
Manish Arora:
My sister was suffering from Ascites. She used various medicines got no relief from Ascites. Then she heard about Planet Ayurveda. She started to use Liver Care Pack of Planet Ayurveda and she got relief from Ascites.
utubed u
utubed u:
great video man...loved it😍
Tyrone Flaucher
Tyrone Flaucher:
Tyrone William Flaucher, autoimmune hepatitis, biological, 2320466.
Jan Strecker
Jan Strecker:
Great video
Genda Minoru
Genda Minoru:
SERIOUS WAKE UP CALL -- MANAGEMENT IS LIMITED But now I understand many things that I wish I knew 5-6 years ago. Much of the damage happens BEFORE the outward symptoms like spider veins and that other horrible shit. A bit lost on the chemical physiological part leading to fibrosis, but it is intuitive enough. Just don't give me a quiz right away. I'm also glad he ran down the list of symptoms that we may not outwardly see. Probably half of us should get metabolic tests, LFT and enzymes drawn frequently, and if any symptoms show up get some of the later tests mentioned here like pressure grad and elastography.
Sahil Kumar
Sahil Kumar:
information gained by this video !!! As per my knowledge Ayurveda is providing
best treatment for cirrhosis. Anyone who is going through this problem can refer
the "liver care pack" from Planet Ayurveda. This will surely give
help you.
Manish Arora
Manish Arora:
I want to share my experience with liver cirrhosis and its treatment. I used a lot of medicines but do not get relief from it and even doctor told me that I have to live with this life long. But I want to get rid of this viral infection , so I change the mode of the treatment and went for Ayurveda. After so many searches I found Planet Ayurveda and use their Liver Care pack now I am completely fine. I also recommend this to everyone.’
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh:
everything is good ,but you should use normal fonts.