Littman Cardiology IV - Stethoscope Review

In this video, we're checking out the Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope. I do a cheeky unboxing, and compare it against the Littmann Classic II. Enjoy xx

Thanks to MediSave for sending this my way. Check out their stethoscope range -
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100+ komento:

Asim Sohail
Asim Sohail:
There is only one person on YouTube that will make a stethoscope review and make it a fun video to watch! Cheers man 😂😂❤️
roses are red
violets are blue
i dunno why i'm watching this
and neither do you
Bhavi Rathore AB1
Bhavi Rathore AB1:
I never realised that there can be a stethoscope rewiew.
why watch pewdiepies meme review when you could watch a stethoscope review
That Medic
That Medic:
They’re a god send with hyper expanded chests / high bmi patients when the sound needs to travel further. Usually have to hunt for a core medical trainees to steal one of those cardiology ones
zarqa ashraf
zarqa ashraf:
I wish someone could send me a free stethoscope 😭😭😭😭😭😭
It's funny how the Littman Cardiology IV is the standard stethoscope, even for med students, here where I live, and yet it's like the Porsche among stethoscopes
Adnan A
Adnan A:
It’s like the Ferrari of stethoscopes 😂
Randy Cain
Randy Cain:
I just bought one of these, and it definitely allows me to hear a bit better than the Littmann Cardiology that I've toted around for 13 years. Nice to be able to listen even better through patient gowns. I can actually auscultate the voices in people's heads by placing it ever so lightly against their temporal bone. 😂
You should compare this to the Welch Allyn that costs as four times as much if you ever manage to come across one.
Ali: Do we need an upgrade? Probably Not.
Medisave: Return my stethoscope ASAP!
My medical school put together a diagnostic kit for us and that was the stethoscope we got.
Samrat Babu Koirala
Samrat Babu Koirala:
I think they are worth the upgrade Ali. Ur residents and senior doctors notice you, you become more confident about the sound and u don't need to wonder of maybe there was, maybe there wasn't. Think that makes it worth it...
No clue why I’m watching this, I’m in my final year at school, but still a great video.
I like how he just dumps things everywhere......maybe tats how he dumps his stress
Vikal Singh
Vikal Singh:
" i mean..this one is a bit fatter" nicely done! I use the classic III and so far so good!
Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain:
something not made by apple!!!???? 😂
Diogo G. Costa
Diogo G. Costa:
When I'm in my study break and I receive an Ali Abdaal video notification I know what I got to do.
I’ve never thought about listening to my own breath sounds before * grabs stethoscope * 😂
Alberto Gudiño
Alberto Gudiño:
I just bought exactly the same, i thought yours was black until i saw close, and then watch the #6169 on the box.
Caribean blue w/mirror best choice in my opinion. salutes
Zulmai Khan
Zulmai Khan:
I had my littmann cardiology stethoscope for 20 years, great stuff, vanished in COVID storm....sad I am
Now you will have to spend a few minutes to pick all those things off the floor. There goes your productivity :D
Niña Bumanglag
Niña Bumanglag:
I'm wondering what you'll review next. How about putting the Johns Hopkins antibiotic Poc-it guide vs Sanford antibiotic apps against each other? 😈
Brian Evans
Brian Evans:
I want to let you know that I have been using your Google Sheets method for my final year 13 exams and it is working really well. I am so grateful Ali!
azialif aziz
azialif aziz:
"i need all the help i can get"
Villaflores Ritch
Villaflores Ritch:
When you already know how to use the stethoscope *throw the manual *
vaibhav Sharma
vaibhav Sharma:
"Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, if you're new here.." No I am not!, I've been here for 8 hours, watching all the videos, and now i think i need an ipad.
Pitambar Hazra
Pitambar Hazra:
Can u give me one stethoscope
Doctor Ali, putting the Lit in Littman since 2019.
Shreyansh Srivastava
Shreyansh Srivastava:
Ali what is the difference b/w cardiology stethoscope and normal one ?
Racheal Thoi
Racheal Thoi:
You have no idea Ali how fast my heart beats when I see you....can you please check with that stethoscope😍
Where on the website do you type in the discount code? I can't find it :(
Grether Vazquez
Grether Vazquez:
Suggestion ... 🤔 work on being a bit more humble.! 💯
As'ad Ansari
As'ad Ansari:
I’m a high school freshman... why am I watching this😂
Anna Park
Anna Park:
That's was amongst the most unhelpful reviews I've ever watched, still enjoyed watching it.
I want it😭😭😭
I’m not even a med student or a doctor yet I just feel I need to get one after watching this video 😅
What you think of digital stethoscopes, especially "thinklab"
inspector Callahan
inspector Callahan:
That's the last time they send you something to review
Hannah Nguyen
Hannah Nguyen:
Omg when I saw the thumbnail, I thought you were Dr. Mike lol whoops 😂
Shahirah Nawawi
Shahirah Nawawi:
my emergency specialist said that he had lost 6 stethoscopes for 15 years of his career life
The Uno Life
The Uno Life:
I got that same stethoscope for my birthday and I LOVE it😭❤️❤️❤️
And now I know that the shorter and fatter ones are much louder
Raisha Islam
Raisha Islam:
Pleasee do a video on how you do essay plans! Love your vids as always!
Ayse Y
Ayse Y:
im a pre-med and i wanna buy a stethescope just right now lol
Hajer Boudriga
Hajer Boudriga:
That literally *sounds* nice and healthy 😂
Seungkyu Park
Seungkyu Park:
Where's the welch allyn squad?
Roberto Costa Jr.
Roberto Costa Jr.:
Where I study, most of us buy the classic 3 for some reason.. 🤔
Firas Sabbagh
Firas Sabbagh:
anyone else think "wtf a torch with a stethoscope" XD
nimal patel
nimal patel:
Just wondering as I’ve seen pics on Instagram. On the bell, does the littman signs attach from each side of the bell? Pics I’ve seen looks like it detaches, I feel I’m not hearing clearly. Not sure if it’s technique or the circle needs to be removed 🤷🏽‍♂️
meraj mohd khan
meraj mohd khan:
I want to give it my gf but have no idea about alaa. 🤣🤣
Parankush Bhardwaj
Parankush Bhardwaj:
what eyeglasses do you wear?
Tranquil TM
Tranquil TM:
I love how show daily doctor utensils on your channel, keep up the work doctor
siddharth singh sandu
siddharth singh sandu:
Secondly , I am trying hard to enhance my writing skills. Do you know any technique , evidence from research paper or anything that can help in this endeavor.
siddharth singh sandu
siddharth singh sandu:
Hey Ali , In one of your video you said that listening music between your study period can interfere in with memory... Can you elaborate on this topic... Plus, what should be the alternative
Anne Gonzalez
Anne Gonzalez:
Awww He's so cute 😍
S B:
Do you recommend using wd 40 on the tubing to prevent the tubing from getting stiff from body oils on the neck?
Rachel Rivero
Rachel Rivero:
My mum has the plum one :33
ahmed faraz
ahmed faraz:
Next video, Draw my life! please
yudong zhu
yudong zhu:
looks likes Harry Potter with that fancy torch pen !
Aspen Grey
Aspen Grey:
I think the standard stethoscope is enough for health care students.
Megha Rana
Megha Rana:
lmao Ali i love your honest review and how you threw the box and the manuel😂 i usually don’t like watching product reviews but yours are the best😂😂
I have had my cardiology IV (green variant) for about 15 years now and it is great and durable. A must for day to day clinical care.
s s
s s:
When you threw the manual😂
Bhatti here
Bhatti here:
Last thing for you to review are the crocs wore in O.T
Sam Gurling
Sam Gurling:
Medical Monday hype (and one day early Tech Tuesday) 🎉
Hassan James Lase
Hassan James Lase:
does anyone else just hear their eardrums when trying to listen :( ????
I also use my stethoscope to see things
mike miles
mike miles:
I hope it was as cold as my Doctors stethoscope is ! That is the coldest thing I have ever encountered. Fun video 🤓🎧
Wid Alhasani
Wid Alhasani:
Honesty goes a long way
Rich SB
Rich SB:
I got the Littmann Classic III and is good enough :D light and trusty. Great videos as always ^^
I am not the only one to be shocked seeing a stethoscope review!XDdddd~looking forward your new Vlog!
Should I buy Classic iii or master cardiology
Zolisa Nkabinde
Zolisa Nkabinde:
I really love this brand!
Damn, I want this, you can see sounds, like if you have von hippel lindau syndrome .. ❤️
It is nice to hear that this will make you see things better! I got one too a more simple one good video btw tho!
Make it easier to see stuff? ;)
Mohammad Fahad Amjad
Mohammad Fahad Amjad:
I want to be a doctor like you, youre my motivation 😍
Valentin Ojeda Villegas
Valentin Ojeda Villegas:
Is this the future? Stethoscope review?
Great vid!
azialif aziz
azialif aziz:
i think what would have been cool for this video would have been to try to use your "should i buy this object" framework applied to this piece of medical equipment, so we can see it being used in this ~other context~
Austin Blanchon
Austin Blanchon:
Eko plus ecg stethoscope seems interesting
Faheem Faisal
Faheem Faisal:
Hey Ali ! Can you make a video on how to use the rocket book for Active recall and all for those who cant afford an iPad for note taking ?
He’s cute
Sumuk Shashidhar
Sumuk Shashidhar:
Hey Ali, what happened to last week’s iPad Pro video. I thought of going over the dot dash video, but it just isn’t there on your channel anymore?
Paula Yee
Paula Yee:
Its kinda funny how you review and try it to yourself hahaha Love you Ali!
Harini Balachandran
Harini Balachandran:
Ooooo! shiny!
Harry A
Harry A:
Don’t like Medisave sp services is much more better

(Edit). Turns out Medisave is still good getting a Littmann classic lll in dark olive and black, getting my name ingraved in it as well
Mariam Ebrahim
Mariam Ebrahim:
Just got one of these as a med school gift, didn't realise it was so fancy
You forgot to mention the price. Nice review though.
Ali, I just saw you last instagram’s posts and i noticed that you went to France. Why didn’t you came to see me in Lyon, I would have loved it. Shame on you 🤣. I’ m joking of course but that would have been cool.
By the way, your videos are absolutely lit and I’ m glad to be a bilingual guy because if I had not been bilingual I would have never discovered you ! So thanks Mum and Dad !!
Doctor Nosa
Doctor Nosa:
I've had the litmann cardiology III stethoscope since medical school and it's definitely worth the purchase, agree that it's not worth upgrading if you already have one though.
Hyder Mohammad Waseem
Hyder Mohammad Waseem:
No thankyou,my 5$ steth is doing just fine.
#ALI the discount #CODE doesn't work!???
Hi, Ali
sercan e
sercan e:
Most people waiting ipad mini 5 video from you with how look with apple pencil and compare. I think its better writing experience what do you think ?
Jess H
Jess H:
I love my Caribbean Blue IV.
renu dabas
renu dabas:
Binaural stethoscope are always better..simple physics
Juan Cardona
Juan Cardona:
Hi, a friend is hearing impaired and is considering buying an electronic stethoscope. Do you think it could be useful to her?
bondita saikia
bondita saikia:
Lucky you 😄
Veena E R
Veena E R:
I am just going to start my MD pulmonology and my senior advised me not to buy cardiology but go with the classic coz there will be an ego problem with the professors.., from India...