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Little Women - I Want to Be Loved: Jo (Saoirse Ronan) has a heart to heart with Marmee (Laura Dern).

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In the years after the Civil War, Jo March lives in New York and makes her living as a writer, while her sister Amy studies painting in Paris. Amy has a chance encounter with Theodore, a childhood crush who proposed to Jo but was ultimately rejected. Their oldest sibling, Meg, is married to a schoolteacher, while shy sister Beth develops a devastating illness that brings the family back together.

TM & © Sony Pictures Entertainment (2019)
Cast: Laura Dern, Saoirse Ronan
Director: Greta Gerwig
Screenwriter: Greta Gerwig

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100+ komento:

Her Oscar nomination was so well deserved! She's 25 with 4 nominations under her belt! I'm 24 and I still hand in my assignments late....
I don't get why people insist about the Laurie/Jo couple when in this scene she clearly establishes that she doesn't/can't love him that way. She just feels so lonely in this point.
Leviticus James
Leviticus James:
"I'm so lonely."

Oof. Felt that.
Jo blurting out the “I’m so lonely” at the end of her speech shows just how tight of a grip she’s had on her feelings and hasn’t really had anyone to talk to about how she really feels so it all just comes out in this moment. Just devastating. And Saoirse plays it so beautifully.
This is the first time a film maker has dove deep into the complicated psychological and emotional hamster wheel of Jo March. Jo is a Metathesiophobic - a fear of change. She finds no comfort in the future. She would prefer they all stay together, never get old, and play in the attic for always. But change is forever linked to the wheel of time. You can't stop it. Suddenly, all of this change starts happening rapidly in her life, as it does for all people when their childhood is at an end. Meg gets married. A dear friend proposes they marry (Laurie, what's the matter with you?!?!) Another sister is well on her way to marrying. (Amy) Then a beloved sister succumbs to illness. These are things that can't be undone and it's all happening too fast. This scene is a moment that is more than Jo grieving for Beth. This is Jo March grieving the loss of her innocence and childhood. As everyone else is going along with their individual lives, Jo has either consciously or subconsciously chosen to never grow up. Beth's death is what shook the foundation of her security, which as it turns out, was an insecurity. It's sort of a Jungian thing. We all have 2 stages of life. That first stage is all about accumulation. We are building a container and trying to fill it with stuff. Education, experiences, relationships, career, property, house, cars, children, and etc.. We're on this goal centered path of obtaining all of this and a many of us can lose sight of the really important stuff. At some point we reach the stage where we try to figure out what all that accumulation means/meant. Most have to be initiated over to that second stage by one who has already crossed over, but life can force a premature crossing. Usually a traumatic event can cause it. Perhaps a death of a loved one or a divorce. Trauma has a way of forcing you to refocus on the important things of which you lost sight. A lot of people who don't cross over early will naturally find it at middle-age when panic can set in at the notion there are fewer years ahead than there are behind. This is when some people go in to crisis mode and try to accumulate all they ever wanted because now, life doesn't seem so endless. This is often referred to as a "mid-life crisis". But back on topic: This scene is the painful crossing over of Jo March and she's fortunate to have a mother to guide her. We have to be brave to see life through to the end. Invariably, there will be more setback, loss, and hurt than accomplishment, gain, and joy. To truly live, you have to open yourself up to vulnerability...….and you will love...….and you will be hurt. If one is fortunate to live into old age, a great many you loved will pass before you, but if you did it right - the joy their memories bring will out-weigh all the hurt brought by the loss. Sorry.....i seemed to have rambled.
Beth BR
Beth BR:
"For this Jo, loneliness is not the lack of romantic partner. Loneliness is the cold tones of an empty attic haunted by the memory of one filled with golden light and laughter of best friends and sisters"
Peter Frank
Peter Frank:
Her Irish accent slipped through a bit in this scene but the acting more than compensates it.
As someone who always says that I'm happy to be single at 28, this really hit home.
Paola Bertoldi
Paola Bertoldi:
Women, they have minds and they have souls as well as just hearts. And they've got ambition and they've got talent as well as just beauty, and I'm so sick of people saying that love is just all a woman is fit for. I'm so sick of it! But... I am so lonely.
Graham Kristensen
Graham Kristensen:
I think for Jo, admitting to her own loneliness was the hardest thing she ever did. Harder than turning down Laurie, harder than losing her manuscript, harder than leaving her family to pursue her career, harder than all of it.
Well, when I saw the movie coming out I really felt we didn't need another little women adaptation. As it proves this was the only adaptation we needed. The book done right. Not romanticizing the past but portraying these women as real people with real and deep emotions.
DL 540
DL 540:
So heart wrenching. Ever since “Atonement”, Saoirse Ronan has been nothing short of breathtaking.
Alana Kati
Alana Kati:
I love this scene. Jo is such a complex character in a world where the "end all" for women is "romantic love." But she just wants friends and family, and feels it being taken from her. As a woman who is a lot like Jo - uninterested in romance - it's hard even in our modern day to not feel lonely sometimes. I don't want romance because it goes against what would make me happy, but we live in a world where romance is prized over friendships and sometimes even familial bonds, leaving those who don't want romance feeling isolated. I LOVE that Greta Gerwig ended Jo's story more mysteriously - perhaps hinting that she truly did never marry - reflecting Alcott's own life. It's so refreshing and representation that is much needed.
Tiffany Sanchez
Tiffany Sanchez:
I care more to be loved... I want to be loved...
But I’m so lonely...
I feel this way... I feel so lonely and unloved I can totally relate to Joe here... 😢
Fernando Hernández
Fernando Hernández:
Little Women is the next Pride and Prejudice (2006). In the future, We're gonna see it many times and always enjoy it as if it was the first time!
Melissa Ngai
Melissa Ngai:
Her acting is so impeccable. It's true and heartfelt and you cant help but hold your breath as she struggles to find her words before saying that's she's lonely.
"I'm so lonely" at the end. That really gets me. I feel her pain and I totally relate. Saoirse is incredible.
Bird Sound
Bird Sound:
I can really kinda hear her Irish accent all the way trough the movie
Aaaaand we women still struggle with that dichotomy today. Only, it's in a different form. Today, we women are almost obligated to put career first, independence first, liberation first, and to wait and wait and wait on the RIGHT relationship and even if we get it, to put off the permanent stamp of marriage on it and even if we marry, to not think of it as something spiritual lifelong but rather a special day for you to feel like a princess, a grand statement of your love to the world, but under that, nothing more than something purely symbolic, that lasts as long as it gives us what we feel we deserve, however little long-term work and perseverence we may be prepared to put in to maintaining it and weathering problems, instead of viewing every problem as a red flag and a sign of toxicity and abuse. And those of us who want that - and/or who want to be a housewife and stay at home mum - we're very often lonely too, but also ashamed to admit it, for backwards reasons to why women may have been ashamed to admit their loneliness back when it was shameful to not marry and stay at home with the kids. Female liberation doesn't mean shunning the destiny of housewife and stay-at-home mum; and conversely, embracing the destiny of the housewife and stay-at-home mum doesn't mean wasting the gifts afforded by female liberation. Female liberation gives women the gifts of legal property ownership and pursuing whatever paths they want, without economic or social punishment for doing so, to the same degree that men are allowed to do so. Nothing more, nothing less.
Audrey Cruel
Audrey Cruel:
Greta Gerwig's adaptation is the only interpretation of Little Women I will ever need. I will make sure my future daughters see this film to help them understand the importance of a woman's strength and power, but also the kindness and love that we are capable of wielding. Women are so powerful, we should never be underestimated !!
Si Wan Jeon
Si Wan Jeon:
Saoirse Ronan’s best performance ever!
John Teologia
John Teologia:
That “Im so lonely” part explains thousands of words
That Marshmallow
That Marshmallow:
This scene broke my heart. I love her
august second
august second:
this part of the film hits the hardest.fear of growing up.fear that everything will change and nothing will ever be the same again. you don't know how that life will turn around.on the one hand,you want to open all the horizons of this world, but on the other hand, you want to always remain such a naughty girl of your parents and live this life carefree.and growing up, when all fly away to their "nests", you think that you are not needed by anyone , that you are just an extra burden for your long-grown relatives.and according to social norms, the girl's happiness is only in love.and you unconsciously want to be just loved.because subconsciously you think that you are already deprived of love and that you are very lonely.and it hurts...
Ecem Önel
Ecem Önel:
this scene broke my heart into billion pieces and spat on my face
Book Nerd
Book Nerd:
“I’m so sick of people saying that love is just all a woman is fit for! I’m so sick of it. But I’m s- I’m so lonely.” This has been my mindset for such a long time. I love this movie so much and I haven’t even seen it yet
Sarah Nesheiwat
Sarah Nesheiwat:
Oh I am so Jo it isn’t even funny. Psh she’s me in a nutshell.
Gali Lopez
Gali Lopez:
When Jo said the phase about the woman importance, she makes me cry, because all the words are true
I do feel for Jo, but at the same time Laurie was there for her, her whole teenage life and she wouldn't love him back. This movie is great and Saoirse is a queen.
Heï Heï Reï Dee
Heï Heï Reï Dee:
2:08 I can listen her "womens" everyday until the rest of my life !
Rae Seven
Rae Seven:
I am damn sure LM Alcott would've been so happy & proud with Greta Gerwig's version. It's the most honest and closest version to what she had in mind and would've actually published if the society wasn't all about women finding their happy endings through a romantic relationship/marriage. I absolutely adored and loved watching Gerwig's rendition.
Valeria Tellez
Valeria Tellez:
the feeling of wanting to be loved due to your extreme loneliness is just so well acted and heartbreaking. I can relate ...
zach rizzo
zach rizzo:
This is one of the greatest movies ever made we can confidently say.
karina 711
karina 711:
I was crying while watching this scene
Wow! Fantastic acting from both Laura Dern and Saoirse Ronan. Im so glad I gave this movie a chance last year.
Alle Rhie
Alle Rhie:
i'm not jo march meaning i'm not headstrong, boyish and a writer but damn this part hits very close to home
2:04 to 2:27, Preach to us Jo!
Fetalaiga Passi
Fetalaiga Passi:
"Im so lonely"

Girl- That hit home :(
I say this bc my friends don't even bother to text me back or even call-
Trina Q
Trina Q:
Brilliant acting from both Saoirse and Laura, they look as though they could be mother and daughter in real life as well! 💖
MamaMoo are the best Kpop group of all time bitches
MamaMoo are the best Kpop group of all time bitches:
Her character and how she’s describing how she feels is me. And I don’t know what to do in my life. I don’t have any boy in love with me nor talent
" I'm So Lonely " amazing actress the way she say, so broken.
Adam Hendrickson
Adam Hendrickson:
After watching Lady Bird and then this, Saoirse Ronan has become my all time favourite actress...
Jannah Marie
Jannah Marie:
I relate to Jo in so many levels.
This scene just explains my life now. I'm so lonely as well, Jo. 💔
I love my mom so much, I do. She’s been amazing. But she’s also a single parent so she had to be quite strict. Sometimes I wish I had a soft mom who could be my confident for stuff related to relationships. If I were to have this speech with her I’d die of mortification.
mike sweeney
mike sweeney:
Don't know what you want and want more of it.
Da Crammers
Da Crammers:
Her delivery of her lines hit hard and i love it. This was great
Amy Lafornina
Amy Lafornina:
I cried hard in this part I can really relate to jo march we have the same personality
Her "I'm so lonely" broke me so hard
Gabriela Peloso
Gabriela Peloso:
I feel this scene so deeply because like Jo, I believe in freedom, and in feminism and that women shouldn’t and don’t aim only for love, but God, is that a lonely path to take. And admitting that, putting all of your beliefs aside, you still want your share of what society tells you should want as woman, jeez that is tough. And you can see her struggling to even let the words out. Like she is disappointed at herself that deep down she also wants what everyone else does, to love and specially, be loved.
Clémentine Meyniel-Breguet
Clémentine Meyniel-Breguet:
This is one of my favorite parts because it’s exactly how I feel.
We're all lonely, regardless of who we are...
Ivy Hoss
Ivy Hoss:
And I despise that after a performance/monologue like this, they treated her romance with professor Bhaer like it was an annoying, obligatory end to a story that should have been about feminism. There's nothing de-powering about wanting the love of a man, and they acted like it was an insult to end a story that way so they had to dress it up in silliness and sarcasm. Disrespectful to its source material and to the empowering message Jo has JUST delivered in this scene.
2:03 i cried so much at that moment
Uj L
Uj L:
Me too joe me too and i am still lonely as hell i wish someone would love me
This has become my favorite movie scene EVER!!!
harry styles, cherie
harry styles, cherie:
I really can relate to this ...🥺
Mars Ailee
Mars Ailee:
It's not always Romance that makes Women Happy..

I feel You Jo.. Huugs! 😭
Jo March is my favourite character of all time, and because of this scene, Greta and Saoirse's interpretation is my favourite one.
Fatema Islam
Fatema Islam:
This was beautiful to watch in the theatre and it’s beautiful to watch now
Ayse Rumeysa Senturker
Ayse Rumeysa Senturker:
this scene kills me everytime
Even as a guy this scene hits you. The expectations of society vs what you want. The feeling lonely is heartbreaking. I love this scene. So true. I felt that, I am right there. In loneliness.
One of the best scenes
Hope Holloway
Hope Holloway:
This scene broke my heart. It added a whole new layer to Jo March
"But do you love him?"
Aliyah Higurashi
Aliyah Higurashi:
She's an amazing actress. Every line to the build up of a climax - e.g. when she brings up Laurie, her voice sounds vulnerable and a bit defensive - that maybe she turned him down too quick, and maybe he'll ask her again, etc. It's SO GOOD.
lg I
lg I:
I cried while watching this, I love you Saoirse❤
Maiya K.
Maiya K.:
Wow... her short soliquoy was like listening to myself. I’m so lonely but as a women there’s really not much to do still....
Always love Jo💕❤️
No matter how many times i watch this scene i would still tear up. It really hits close to home. The acting is top notch. I felt every word of it 🥺
She deserved an Oscar for that last sentence alone
Diahari Kurnia
Diahari Kurnia:
Highly recommended! I could see myself on Jo and Amy 👏🏻
2:08 My favorite scene She's such a great actress !
It's strange,at 25 I've been single my whole life,and I like it this way for the most part.I tried exclusive dating once and I felt suffocated,even though the person wasn't suffocating,he was just being normal I suppose but still,I couldn't.But god sometimes I feel so lonely,there are these times I see couples,how the man looks at his woman and I wish I could have someone to look at me like this.It's a brief moment that I want to become a crazy woman in love unable to think of anything else,and I want t love back as well.It's a brief but powerful moment...and then it goes and logic strikes in.We can't everything in this life.
Nicolai Haugsted
Nicolai Haugsted:
Someone go up and give Jo a hug
Eloise Murray
Eloise Murray:
thanks now im crying again
Man. Those lines. So impactful.
Cr Own
Cr Own:
Wedding happened and I felt like Jo.
Felicitas Torres Lembi
Felicitas Torres Lembi:
This scene is everything ✨
katie r
katie r:
This scene gets me every single time
when you realize the media has led you down the wrong path;
'I care more to be loved. I want to be loved.'
Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson:
This scene is one that when I saw it I wanted to send it to my ex. This adaptation made me resonate with both Jo and Amy so much.
Alessandra Iannino
Alessandra Iannino:
Let's have a petition for Disney to redo the live-action Beauty and the Beast with Saoirse Ronan as Belle. I bet she's also a good singer.
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat:
this scene just showed that she only loved Laurie because she was lonely. Amy TRULY loves laurie
THE Nab J:
2:08 why you're here
Melissa Ngai
Melissa Ngai:
Funnily enough I could easily picture Timothee doing this scene and delivering it the same. The same mannerisms and panicky passion.
Nora P.
Nora P.:
she is just so good, it's amazing!
Would even be more powerful if they made the living female characters single
murat karakuş
murat karakuş:
this movie feels soo oscar hungry...and I am sayin this without watchin the goddamn movie...
Malin Hessedahl
Malin Hessedahl:
Love all of them , cast little women from 2019😍😎💕❤🌟🤩🌸❤💗💜💙♥️
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen:
i will truly, completely love you my muse Saoirse Ronan
anne blythe chalamet
anne blythe chalamet:
Jo is literally my spirit animal 😍😍
Maru Misu
Maru Misu:
Agnieszka Leputa
Agnieszka Leputa:
Is this scene in the book originally?
I didn't read it :(
Raven Herd
Raven Herd:
This movie has become my new favourite .It is something which was always there but was never spoken of .Marriage is really an economic proposition .The very simple ideology that why can't single women be merry has hit me really hard .This movie is all about its various characters .And now coming to Jo March .She was right when she questioned the thinking of the masses that a woman is not just capable of loving she has a brain as well but where she was wrong is that she was lonely because she didn't fall in love with anyone .She was scared of falling in love .That's where she was wrong .Love is the most phenomenal feeling in the world .It liberates you and one should embrace it in every form even in romantic form .
1:42 No....because Laurie married Amy behind your back. Lol!! 😆
Lord Marsden
Lord Marsden:
She’s amazing!!
Lawrence Fernandez
Lawrence Fernandez:
this is me everyday
this sence is my favorite!!!!! in the movie!!!!!!! <3 awwwee
Ellie xo
Ellie xo:
I feel like Jo with her family together was able to be ‘lonely’ and not think about marriage but when Beth passes she tried to force herself into liking the idea of loving and being with Laurie in order to make her feel whole again. I really do wish she had ended up on her own at the end of the book/movie because I feel as though she did not need a man to make her happy.