Lily James on confidence, criticism and starring in Rebecca | Full Disclosure | Bazaar UK

Lily James has some sage advice for anyone who's struggling to deal with their inner critic. "Talk to yourself like you're talking to your friend," she told us from the set of her Harper's Bazaar cover shoot. "You're your own worst critic, which is so ridiculous. Why can't we be kind to ourselves like we are to our friends?"

James takes on the role of the second Mrs de Winter in a new adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca - alongside Armie Hammer and Kristin Scott Thomas - and it was a role that was perfect for her to play at this particular time in her life, she explains.

"Rebecca's one of my favourite books, so when the opportunity came around to play the second Mrs de Winter I just couldn't resist it," she said. "She's such an extraordinary character. I was so intrigued by the disparity between how she thinks of herself and how she comes across. I think that's something that I've been exploring in myself so it was this golden moment to play her."

Watch the video interview in full here, in which the 31-year-old discusses dealing with criticism, tackling insecurities and the importance of being rebellious.

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Eden Opie
Eden Opie:
Well this is incredibly ironic timing
Maliha Intikhab
Maliha Intikhab:
Umm what? Everything was fine until she called Rebecca brilliant. She was written to be a narcissistic malicious person who was deceitful and unfaithful and hurt her husband for the thrill of it. She wasn't some confident icon who did her own thing.
Lily James: "Rebecca disobeyed her husband, had affairs, and was basically just brilliant [loud laugh]" 😳😳😳
snozzberries 08
snozzberries 08:
Just found out she's having an affair with Dominic West.
This lady is talking about growing as a person when she knowing has been messing around with a married man. The pair of them are disgusting!
Oscar Hayden (Perdition Bound)
Oscar Hayden (Perdition Bound):
I can smell Dominic West’s breath from here
Thisgirl whodis
Thisgirl whodis:
It’s fine to rebel as long as you’re not rebelling into someone’s else’s husbands pants.
Tara Amira
Tara Amira:
This gave me second hand embarrassment
President of The Internet
President of The Internet:
What a culture we have that we now celebrate utter narcissists
Blue Bear
Blue Bear:
Shes gonna need thick skin after the tabloids r talking about her affair with a married man
Mel M
Mel M:
settling for someone's husband is not confident eh.. and this is why people you never judge people based on looks! who knows what type of person she is
Hana Amin
Hana Amin:
Wait. So basically you are willing to wreck a marriage so that you can find yourself and learn from your mistakes??
Calling Rebecca a "free, wild woman who breaks every rule" is really putting it mildly 😬
I've read the book like 10 times... Rebecca is horrible, cruel (against disabled people, animals and generally anyone!)
She shows us the power and privilege physical beauty, a good position in society and wealth can give, allowing her to do harm and still being praised by all who knew her.
Maxim was a traditionalist man and eventual criminal which I do not condone, but he did NOT force either of his wives to submit, so there was no reason to "disobey him" 🙄
The second Mrs.De winter is initially young, extremely insecure and shy, she is tortured in her own mind thanks to her sense of inferiority, but she overcomes all that to become a strong woman, not like Rebecca ever was, still gentle, soft and not all all rebellious, but by no means weak or inferior.
It seems like Lily has a very modern and narrow view about the book and the characters, so I don't know what to expect from the movie...
Sigh, there always will be the iconic Joan Fontaine film (great portrayal of what introverted, shy and insecure people go through)
Anti Imperialism Channel
Anti Imperialism Channel:
All celebs are hypocrites. And they're criticizing politicians. 🤥
Lou Duva
Lou Duva:
Can a company this big really not afford decent audio equipment?
I'm confused she sounds like she's playing Rebecca. Her character is Mrs. de Winter, not Rebecca... And how is a woman who has affairs with married men admirable exactly?
Alexis Co.
Alexis Co.:
This girl needs JESUS and professional help. ASAP!
I wonder how feminists are going to try and defend her and portay her as the victim after she tried to ruin a marriage!
Nicole Wilson
Nicole Wilson:
Gross...Married men are off-limits
Chacha Cha
Chacha Cha:
she seems like a sweet girl even we don't know her in person , yes she cheated on a married man Dominic West , but most of all .... the Rebecca movie was quite bad ..... I watched it on Netflix and was quite disappointing . It was very rushed in the 2/3 of the movie and the characters in the movie were not engaging , quite a hollow experience
Alina Shaukat
Alina Shaukat:
Cinderella was perfect girl
Lily james: i was a rebelliou teenager
Yule Olid
Yule Olid:
I really love this girl but seeing those news about her having an affair with a married man, I don't know anymore 💔 very disappointing. Hope you can come to your senses lily Married guy is off limits, there's a lot of young men that is available. Isn't it obvious that he is NOT A MAN? Cheating with you is no good for both of you. If he can't be a MAN for the women he marry, he can't be a MAN for you. Come to your senses Lily.
xX Egyptian Flower Xx
xX Egyptian Flower Xx:
Well ain't this just perfect timing LOL

But you chose to have an affair with a married man 🙄🤦‍♀️
Just here for the comments 😁😂
Sheela Singh
Sheela Singh:
"Talk yourself like you're talking to a friend"
That's really therapeutic people try it sometime.....I know cause I do it ALL THE TIME!
That is so true.
rob blain
rob blain:
I want to have my sorkel.
Pick Flick
Pick Flick:
Lily James would like you to wreck another woman's marriage with an open heart. Cute.
Matilde Rizzato
Matilde Rizzato:
Lily if you're reading this, I want you to know that you are my favourite actress, I've seen all your films, I heard what you're going through, all of it, and I wanna let you know that I often think of you and hope things will get better 💖💖☺😔
She so refreshing! Cant wait to see Rebecca! 😍💗
Tania Smith
Tania Smith:
I ask all of us to look in the mirror and have an honest talk about who and what we want to be, then ask for forgiveness. Step away from things that will harm others or ourselves. Try and change what we did wrong by going forward and not repeating it. That goes for everybody living on this earth. Above all prayer. Praying can help and sets off miracles everywhere, even if we weren't aware of it to begin with.
Sreeja Gummadi
Sreeja Gummadi:
That is why we should STOP IDOLIZING CELEBRITIES who are just a bunch of rich narcissistic hypocrites who take immense interest in lecturing regular people 🙄 😒 🤔
Clare Vickers
Clare Vickers:
Me me me
Saanjh Sharma
Saanjh Sharma:
You tried to ruin a woman's marriage and you call yourself a feminist...shame on you...
I would rather watch a blank screen inspite of watching another lily James movie.
Léon le Magnifique
Léon le Magnifique:
Ok, trollop.
Emily J C F Diamond
Emily J C F Diamond:
Yes Lily - vulnerability is power 💓 😘 Xx
Hi Bird
Hi Bird:
Despite what’s going on rn with her you have to admit she’s brave for doing these interviews plus guys come on if we were celebrities would we be perfect and not make some bad decisions??
Yol Brennan
Yol Brennan:
she has trunk legs, except that her every demeanor is gorgeous
Azka Hammad
Azka Hammad:
I didn't know your real name because I only remembered you as Cinderella😑😑😐😐
But seeing you like this is more Amazing and Fascinating and Interesting and Beautiful 😃😃😆😆💗💗💖💖💕💕💓💓💞💞💝💝
And lastly BEST OF LUCK TO FACE THIS WORLD😃😃👑👑💎💎💫💫💓💓👀👀
Sophie Addams
Sophie Addams:
she is so gorgeous
Shiva Malla
Shiva Malla:
First comment 🥰🥰🥰
Lily James is a very nice woman.
Malin Hessedahl
Malin Hessedahl:
Love her movies, she is so good amazing actress and rolemodel and singer 😍😎🤩❤🌎💧🍀🎆🎇❤❤❤❤❤ Look for to see Rebecca when is come out on Netflix❤❤ Lily james you are my rolemodel❤❤❤
Lolly Lunaxouk
Lolly Lunaxouk:
We as a society are so quick to attack 'the other woman' but she did not cheat, she did not break her partners trust, we do not know what has been said between them - how do we know he didnt tell her that he and his wife we on the outs. He had the affair, he cheated on his wife. He is the problem but yet again he will waltz scott free and Lily will bare the brunt. People are so quick to trust the media when the media is the problem, they lie and sell us their agenda and we are supposed to just accept it as gospel. Don't judge others until you know all the facts.
Neil Groves
Neil Groves:
Wonder what you were sniffing up your nose in the park during the summer? :/
Shiva Malla
Shiva Malla:
To everyone criticizing Lily James for the recent scandal - Dominic West is 51 and has been married for 10 years. She's only like 30. He willingly consented to having an affair with her - as a married man with children. He has 20 years more time to have matured than her and should be held to a higher standard. He is equally if not more accountable if his marriage ends. She is not entirely to blame.
English beauty💖
Ellen Mc Naught
Ellen Mc Naught:
Dyan Rose
Dyan Rose:
You are mistress misty not good
Amanari Caspia
Amanari Caspia:
Simply Kaoutar بالعربي
Simply Kaoutar بالعربي:
Okay lay off everybody. Cheating is more his responsibility than hers. Maybe he told her all the classic lies that he was separated or is divorcing or god knows. You don’t know and probably will never know so stop judging. Blaming it all on her is incredibly sexist and unfair.