Lily Collins and Ashley Park Sing Taylor Swift, Cher, & More in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

It's double the fun on #SongAssociation today as #EmilyinParis co-stars #LilyCollins and #AshleyPark try their hand at the internet's favorite game. Tune in as they sing Taylor Swift & more in a race against the clock! More ELLE:

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100+ komento:

Alternative Title: Lily Collins and Ashley Park being friendship goals for nearly 17 minutes
Amy Argentar
Amy Argentar:
not ashley pretending like she hasnt been killing it on broadway for at least a decade
Fiorella Guerrero Acevedo
Fiorella Guerrero Acevedo:
A movie like Mamma Mia but instead of Abba songs, Taylor Swift songs
Andye Oop
Andye Oop:
Ok but they were STRESSING ME OUT when they would preface their song choice before singing while the clock was ticking.
Alondra Mora
Alondra Mora:
Just finished watching “Emily in paris” and now I’m watching all of Lily’s interviews 😂
bianca baiocchi
bianca baiocchi:
Scott Summers
Scott Summers:
Lily could totally play Audrey Hepburn in a biopic. Gorgeous!
Orla MacGrath
Orla MacGrath:
How did I never cop that Lilly Collins was Phill Collins' daughter?
Omora Sieber
Omora Sieber:
It took me 5 years and an ELLE video to figure out Lilly is Phil Collins freaking daughter.
L I Y:
Ashley singing the iconic song You’ll be in my heart Phil wrote to lily as a lullaby
Alexander Toaphio
Alexander Toaphio:
I’m French and I can confirm our mean behaviour was not exaggerated in the Netflix series 😬
Elizabeth Wozniak
Elizabeth Wozniak:
word: baby
"There's really only one"
Me: "Baby" by Justin Bieber
Them: Britney Spears
M Dokey
M Dokey:
Trivia: Phil Collins actually wrote “You’ll Be In My Heart” with Lily in mind. Funny that she’s singing it now.
Karolina Wilk
Karolina Wilk:
I love how Lily Collins isn't trying at all, she's just sitting there in that pink jacket and being cute
Isabella Perez
Isabella Perez:
I was Born today when I found out Lily Collins's dad wrote and singed the Tarzan song.👶You'll be in my heart!!!💖
Lily Collins should have been Belle in the live action Beauty and the Beast
Teresa Cueto
Teresa Cueto:
Love Ashley Park! More Broadway actors/actresses please!
Ellie C
Ellie C:
Fricking love Emily in Paris! Finished it in 1 day! Who else loves it??
I really like how Elle is bringing actors and actresses to song association
knowing that Phil wrote You'll be in my heart to Lily as a lullaby is just... too much
The fact that Lily is 2,5 years older than Ashley blows my mind! Not that Ashley looks old, but she gives off a much more mature look
Will Vandom
Will Vandom:
Lily Collins is literally the definition of “adorable “
Ok but that Miss Congeniality musical using Taylor Swift songs idea though 👀
yep Phil wrote You'll be in my heart as a lullaby for Lily.
Javier Quintero
Javier Quintero:
I loved Emily in Paris!! I need a second season!!
Does anyone else remember the random musical number “I believe” at the end of Mirror Mirror?!?! 😂😂
Genna Imogen
Genna Imogen:
Ashley Park is sunshine and joy personified
Bonnie N Clyde
Bonnie N Clyde:
I just clicked and liked it immediately after seeing Taylor Swift on the title hhhmmk
Alec Macartney
Alec Macartney:
When Ashley should have been the entire star she is! "Mindy in Paris" for season two.
Ximena Vera
Ximena Vera:
i didn’t know Lily Collins could sing omg
Karen Galvin
Karen Galvin:
I feel like Mandy and Emily’s friendship was so underrated compared to Emily and cami
Miranda Onega
Miranda Onega:
I REALLY need that musical with Taylor Swift
Alphabet Girl
Alphabet Girl:
I already automatically click on every video with the words “Lily Collins” or “Taylor Swift”, so I obviously clicked 2 times faster in this one hahahahah

I’m such a huge Taylor Swift fan that I could find a song for almost if not every word hahah
Karla Cunha
Karla Cunha:
They're so cute and seems to be such close friends. I absolutely loved this. Please invite more actress and actors 💜
Oh they are the cutest friends!
Draco C
Draco C:
The fact that this is a 17 minutes vid and the others are 7 to 10 minutes I GET IT🤣🤣
Beyza Koç
Beyza Koç:
Who else was expecting "I believe in love" (Mirror Mirror) from Lily?
They’re like the loveliest best of friends ever on screen, and maybe off screen? Love them! 💖

Edit: also I binged the whole season 1 in one night -squeal-
Fatima Zadran
Fatima Zadran:
I wasn’t expecting to be smiling throughout the whole video but they’re just so sweet 🥺 Lily Collins is literal perfection
Kristie Kissoon 15
Kristie Kissoon 15:
Bruuh, they gave me anxiety when they were discussing during the 10 seconds instead of singing!
Maria Gabriella
Maria Gabriella:
comecei a assistir hoje emilyinparis e ja terminei, esta muito bom
Lincy Legada
Lincy Legada:
Just hearing Ashley Park singing What's Wrong with Me again is giving me life <3
Michellle Florensia
Michellle Florensia:
Phil collins actually wrote You'll be in My Heart for Lily Collins 💕
The way they talk first before singing is making me anxious because of the timer. Hahaha
Nicole Penny
Nicole Penny:
they literally have the same minds! they finished each others sentences, they're adorable!
Camila Farach
Camila Farach:
I know you know this but *LILY IS SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL* like I mean every time she show her face side I was like I can’t relate-
Die Hexe
Die Hexe:
I really dont know them but i saw Taylor Swift and i clicked. Life is so simple to me these days.
Yaaas Ashley park! We stan broadway representation!
DYA at the moment
DYA at the moment:
Is it just me or they really sound great together?
heyyoo heyyooo
heyyoo heyyooo:
I enjoyed the series hoping for a S2. Ashley Park is so funny!
typhaine lencou-crosnier
typhaine lencou-crosnier:
omg YES Miss Congeniality as a musical!!! I'm sure Sandra Bullock would love to see this too!!! Love you girls!
More Broadway actors, please! And no! Don’t filter out show tunes! Lean into them 💛
Ashley Park is sooo funny and beautiful
LA Lang
LA Lang:
I shouldn't be surprised that Lily can sing cause I've known for a long time she's the daughter of Phil Collins..
Well haven't heard her sing.. Only known her as an actress.. But still, how can she be that perfect?? 🥺🥺🥺😍🥰🥰🥰🌹Like I want her to cover those songs😍💕
Kayleen Araullo
Kayleen Araullo:
...was I the only one who didn't know that Lily Collins and Phil Collins were related?
Rebecca Rich
Rebecca Rich:
I genuinely did not register that Lily Collins is Phil Collins' daughter until Ashley went "isn't that your dad's song" and then I went "wait..."
Carynton H
Carynton H:
Such a fan of them individually and have followed their careers for years. I just will never get over them being friends and having a show together
F G:
Dayra Haros
Dayra Haros:
I did not expect this but I love it
Jam Escorial
Jam Escorial:
This is the most fun out of all the song association I've watched
Kaoru Mitsui
Kaoru Mitsui:
somehow, when Lily faces sideways, she looks like Kendall Jenner.
she totoally look like jane from tarzan
since when did lilly collins have an american accent outside of her movies wth xD
Forgot shes Phil collins hearing lily collins and love both of them
Phil Collins received an Oscar from Cher, i mean, Cher gave him the statue.
C S:
lily collins looks a litle bit like elena from the vampire diaris
leanne ashley
leanne ashley:
i was today years old when i found out that lily’s dad sings “you’ll be in my heart” 😭
Daniel Elizondo
Daniel Elizondo:
Ashley: can you feel-
Lily: no

Love them
Chermeng Thang
Chermeng Thang:
“Tarzan was the first man with long hair that I had a crush on”
Jesus: *wait what?*
Darla Duarte
Darla Duarte:
I thought that with the word "Believe" Lilly was going to sing the ending song of Mirror Mirror:
"I believe, i believe, i believe in love, love, love, love"
Ashleigh Sanders
Ashleigh Sanders:
Legitimately forgot that Lily's Dad is Phil Collins. Emily in Paris is a really cute show and they are adorable on it. Everyone go watch it.
Lily and Ashley seems just like the two best singers of the school choir, who always wanna go and perform solo on the stage!😂😂
Yuri Lima
Yuri Lima:
Ashley singing "What's Wrong with Me" gave me life, forever the best Gretchen!
Rogelio Castellanos
Rogelio Castellanos:
I thought Lily was gonna sing the song she performed for "Mirror, Mirror" when they needed a song with "Believe"...

BEST Song Association EVEEER!
Kumi B
Kumi B:
I love Lily, she is my favourite actress. She seems very nice, humble and smart😍
zuhur farah
zuhur farah:
These two are such a great a combo. I’m laughing haha
Rocio Mtz Agustince
Rocio Mtz Agustince:
I was like yaaaaas agree when Ashley said something about a musical with taylor swift songs♥
When Ashley started beatboxing - she already passes the beatboxing pre-req for Eliza Hamilton
Anne ToWhateverEnd
Anne ToWhateverEnd:
Wow, Clary, Rosie, Emily and Snow white still looks really young
hk vlh
hk vlh:
This is the most fun song association ever, through out the video I was smiling
50shades of- Sakshi
50shades of- Sakshi:
After this video I get why Mindy and emily had a great chemistry in series🤣😍
It's JMikel08
It's JMikel08:
How can they just stare at each other and know what song they're gonna sing next? 🤔💕
LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP, this is so fun to watch! And they are beautiful too 😍✨
Ynah Carrielle Umayam
Ynah Carrielle Umayam:
When you finally met your soul sister. Totally love this friendship
Jessica - Magnus and Luka's furmom
Jessica - Magnus and Luka's furmom:
Ashley's voice gives me the chills..😍
Their chemistry is 💯
Hope the release Emily in Paris season2 soon!
Ashley is awesome. Talented, smart, beautiful, sweet, cool, multilingual.
jennifer tan
jennifer tan:
omg when ashley started singing lily's dad's song my heart but also anxiety ?? i wonder if that's ever awkward lol
canyonmoon line
canyonmoon line:
Netflix we need season 2 pls
MrMrs Welch
MrMrs Welch:
I wish her show wasn't on Netflix. Also Lilly can actually sing really well, so not sure why she isn't showcasing that.
Aishwarya Singh
Aishwarya Singh:
Emily in Paris is perfect in every way imaginable😍😍😍
V.s z23
V.s z23:
3:45 I thought you would sing I believe in love from the movie Mirror 🌚😂
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms:
My friends and I aren't like really great singers, but we LOVE singing and music of all sorts of genres and watching them sing just makes me reminisce of the times we used to sing during breaks at school or just randomly start singing in the middle of the day.
Chamkim Hangshing
Chamkim Hangshing:
ashley is so asian that she literally pulled up her leg and rested it on her chair hahahahaa
love ittttt
Lia Travolta
Lia Travolta:
I love Emily in Paris! I watched it all in one sitting.
Can’t wait for season 2 🥰
QUEENS!! can’t wait to watch Emily in Paris~
Wise Weirdo
Wise Weirdo:
Woah she trimmed down her eyebrows??, ehh they still look perfect to me
Vence Barnes
Vence Barnes:
I love how Lily's picks are like songs from Taylor and Katy and stuff... hahaha
Alondra Rivas-Aguilar
Alondra Rivas-Aguilar:
Ooo iconic. I need to see there new shows!
Marisol Rivera
Marisol Rivera:
Ashely: "There are many"
Lily: ....
hahah <3