Legarda: We needed to overcome poverty in Antique | ANC

Headstart: Congresswoman-elect Loren Legarda defeated former Governor Exequiel Javier, whose family has dominated Antique since 1986. But for her, the "biggest enemy" she needs to overcome is the high poverty incidence in the province.

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17 komento:

Joanne Samsona
Joanne Samsona:
Cong. Loren Legarda for Speaker of the House please 🙏
Rochie De los Santos
Rochie De los Santos:
It's nice to see that during this interview of our dear Congresswoman Loren Legarda, Karen Davila became a good listener. There's no grilling happened.
Mari Sol
Mari Sol:
Loren, go and run with it ! you have our blessing !!!!
Leng Domingo
Leng Domingo:
The leader that we need in Antique!!! Watching from Korea
basya ako
basya ako:
Sana turuan din sana ng moral ang kabataan dun. Dadami na tamad at
lumalaban sa magulang.buntis maaga.at.paalaga sa magulang..
Encourage sana mga kabataan na magsipag di dhil scholar at tatamad
cdr king
cdr king:
Nakakita ng katapat Si Karen.. hahaha
Salamat Cong. Legarda
Dope Dope
Dope Dope:
So, you know exactly the problem, you're a senator for 18years, bakit nong senador kp d mo tinulungan yung mga kababayan mo. what will be the difference now.
Rj Luces
Rj Luces:
What wow..! Congw..Loren..
Gray Anne
Gray Anne:
Karen knows nothing about Antique that is why she is listening intently and can't grill our dear congresswoman...
Renbz LET Review
Renbz LET Review:
Di nakapagsalita si Karen, nakatunganga lang siya.
ombre R
ombre R:
Magagaling at matatalino ang mga lahing karay-a cong. Legarda, mayor isko moreno <3
Arnolfo Pan
Arnolfo Pan:
lester ian
lester ian:
Naplaplastikan ako..🤐
Marie Aspflo
Marie Aspflo:
I hope you will improve the province when Javier did not do nothing. The E Javier did not do anything in Antique since he took office. The province needs change.
Rommel Davo
Rommel Davo:
for 30 decades javier have done much and more projects... pls validate... we've videos of accomplishments to provide..dont blame the javiers.... their soft projects and hard projects are visible and tangible.
Merrilee Leonard
Merrilee Leonard:
tweet: Your Antique District isn't the only town without Flushable Toilet due to massive water problems - there are many more provinces all over the Philippines that are in the same living conditions. Invest in Desalination water system and use durable pipes to connect everybody nationwide to the desalination main water supply and your problem is solved. I would not recommend Desalination water to use for drinking and for cooking not even for preparing a baby formula - your district must be connected to the clean main water system wherever that water system is located. It might be in Manila or Cebu - find out and get them all connected into the main water supply. Is this difficult for you to accomplish, Congresswoman? Well wishes...
khay kikay
khay kikay:
Intelihente talaga si LEGARDA kain na kain si DAVILA