LeBron James Responds To Controversial Kyrie Irving Comments

LeBron James Responds To Controversial Kyrie Irving Comments

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Stream⚡︎ http://twitch.tv/getlikecoop
Madden Channel ⚡︎ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp2YCUTjHG4DRSiormj02zw
NFL Channel ⚡︎ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH_rIwb01dGsWlMnpOMTOyg
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Hugo The point god
Hugo The point god:
He’s right about the media things but he still taking shots at his former teammates
legendary hoe
legendary hoe:
Kyrie must’ve forgotten that his brick shot he put up in game 7 gave Andre Iguodala the rebound that Lebron had to chase him down half court for. Lebrons block came in the clutch.
Kyrie milking that game 7 shot....literally hasn't done shit since
christian sandoval
christian sandoval:
The man has gone to 10 championships in 17 years. Some players never even make it once so if that isn't clutch I don't know what is
Kyrie is a buster & his Diva partner, KD is worse. Oh well, no love lost. Lakers in 5.
Mark Warner
Mark Warner:
It's not a coincidence he's saying this when bron's about to win another chip, without him.
Boku No Sage
Boku No Sage:
People misconstrued the term clutch, and literally associate it with just making a contested shot at the end of the game. But in my opinion, being clutch means making plays down the STRETCH of a close game. Then finally sealing the deal in the end. Whether your on offense or defense.
Armando Guevara
Armando Guevara:
LeBron is really clutch and Jayson Tatum was clutch without Kyrie when he was out his rookie year
Kyle Lowry
Kyle Lowry:
This is the same guy that said the earth was flat.
Chief Uchiha
Chief Uchiha:
Dude a great player but he weird af. Dude made 1 huge shot what has he done since he s been with Lebron before and after?
Scooter Thornton
Scooter Thornton:
Kyrie talk about one shot in a series that Bron lead the series in every statistical category. GTFOH
Sana Ali
Sana Ali:
Lebron put Kyrie in map, he was not even making it to playoffs.
John Paul Sanchez
John Paul Sanchez:
8 straight finals! missed the playoffs in 2019 and we all know why, then back to finals! people say a lot of things about him, like he's not clutch, but they cant even make playoffs and finals.
Kyle Lowry
Kyle Lowry:
Kyrie had what bronny was having.
bobong peenoise
bobong peenoise:
lol before the kyrie shot in game 7 bron scored 8 straight points. BroN's NoT ClUtcH tho
Kylie Irving is such a egomaniac, Kevin Durant good luck 🍀😐.
Yea I’m not buying this bs. He said what he said. Doesn’t matter who’s name he said or didn’t.
“I felt like I was the best option I’ve played for down the stretch” literally includes Lebron and them. Who else is he talking about?
Lebron is way more clutch then Uncle Drew. I will easily put Lebron as the top 3 player of all time (in my opinion), all this coming from a big time Warriors fan.
Lakers in 5
Mr Blue
Mr Blue:
Kyrie don't want the smoke with LeBron he'll get traded even though they're on different teams
Berserk Val
Berserk Val:
Dame Lillard is probably the most clutch player in the league right now
HighLife Rinaldi
HighLife Rinaldi:
You can see the huge difference in kyrie & lebrons intelligent levels
Corona Cat
Corona Cat:
Kyrie can’t shine in a team because he is to selfish he only cares about himself
Danny Animations
Danny Animations:
Bro coop carying me through this online school stuff keep putting up the good content bro.
Here we go again with Kyrie letting his head space over lap with reality. He's not taken it off context, the guy just legit speaks without ever considering that other people see things differently. It's a running theme with this guy and how do you say that the head coaching is by committee....🤦🏾‍♂️ This is what we call foreshadowing when it comes to this season.
Mr Rhombus
Mr Rhombus:
Kyrie making a fool of himself on social media only helps to strengthen Lebron's legacy. It makes Lebron look like the god who had to take a group of moronic bums to Finals/Championships every year.
gabe ortiz
gabe ortiz:
There’s should be a high end clothing item called “ Block “ and Lebron should design it so we can say block by James more often
khan 2tehn
khan 2tehn:
i feel sorry 4d nets nxt season. when the going gets tough, xpect kyrie to act immature (like he always does). as much as i love his game, i hate most of the words coming out of his mouth. there's always a shade to someone when he speaks. jealousy & ego will just supercede his 'legacy'
Manuel Vazquez
Manuel Vazquez:
Bro, y’all sleeping on the most clutch player, Paul George😏🤯
The Bronx Boglehead
The Bronx Boglehead:
“It’s about the love” is such a cop out. Like he still didn’t say anything positive about lebron. And I wasn’t waiting for that, I don’t care what he has to say. But this “all about the love.” As a way to avoid criticism. “It’s just a game.” No man you get to say your comments but we get to have an opinion. No one hates you man, no one is losing sleep over you. But YOU are the one on a podcast expecting others to listen. And you can’t take someone disagreeing with you? Nah man. Lame.
L3_ D4zT
L3_ D4zT:
I feel like Kyrie meant that he was always one of the most reliable people on the teams he played on, so his coach and teammates would trust him to make a clutch shot. Him teaming with LeBron he acknowledged that someone else on the team could make those shots as well.
Zero Reverse
Zero Reverse:
Also kyrie: the earth is flat
Henry David Shepherdson
Henry David Shepherdson:
Kyrie is the most talented Jack ass in the nba ✌🏻
1buck 4K
1buck 4K:
Kyrie can’t play more than 30 games a season. He needs to stop 🤦🏿‍♂️
Jan Med
Jan Med:
There no "the shot" without "the block "
Brendan Luongo
Brendan Luongo:
I can't hear Kyrie's voice without thinking "Man I'm Dead"
I dont know why. But somehow I see it back in Boston when Gordon Hayward against Orlando, Hayward shot it and Kyrie was angry after the game.
Everardo Olide
Everardo Olide:
Clutch means taking every moment serious enough that you don’t even need to worry about the last 5 seconds of a game
Everybody takin this outta context, he just wanted to praise kd
Stephen Moore
Stephen Moore:
Carried LeBron??? Bro you sound COVID
Ace Han
Ace Han:
This is my first time watching your content this is the type of content I like I subbed
Yes I agree ,
Yes I agree ,:
I think Irving was right when he said the media blows things out of proportion. It does and I feel that he wasn’t being direct towards Lebron or anyone in particular he played with he’s just saying he has mad confidence in himself which is what a lot of players did and still do people automatically drawing up conclusions that he was talking about Lebron like kyrie didn’t play with numerous other great players is just annoying bullshit that media likes to write up to cause drama same way people use to blow Larry birds trash talking out of proportion and Jordan’s trash talking out of proportion they always constantly said they were the BEST (most clutch) player on they’re respective teams at all times do you think they were were throwing direct shots at specific teammates. No they were just showing they’re confidence in they’re abilities
Kyrie said it” out of context”
Lebron said it “ taking a shot”
Justin Myers
Justin Myers:
Lebron James is in the finals and yet he have time to react to a comment. This is why I love LBJ😂😁
Lux Wild
Lux Wild:
The goat getlikecoop
I really don’t think he was throwing shots he just really beleives that any team he was on he was the most clutch and he sure as hell made a case for it🤷🏽‍♂️
2:47 thank me later
The Rockout Lab
The Rockout Lab:
Damn ... the way kyrie son’ed Steve Nash 😂😂
No Caparoni
No Caparoni:
Kyrie is toxic asf
To make a shot I’m giving it to kd but Lebron would make a right play and get a easy shot so in general I would let lebron take the last shot probably
Maybe Kyrie tryna give Bron motivation in the Finals lol.
Looks like it's working 💪👑
Joseph Bean
Joseph Bean:
Lebron came out of high school he's a basketball phenom
Mr Blue
Mr Blue:
Didn't Kyrie get eliminated in the second round in 2019 because of poor shooting? (Obviously defense too but the main thing is shooting)
games played in his stream:

1. nba2k21
2. a mungus
i hope the lakers run into this clown in the finals next year.
Teresa dominguez
Teresa dominguez:
A lot of people hate on kyrie but I still fw him I think he’s starting to get slept on
manuel José pr
manuel José pr:
Kobe and Dame are the best clutch in the league history
Blue Chip
Blue Chip:
Lebron is clutch. I think hes like the 3rd clutches person of all time
Prodriguez .954
Prodriguez .954:
Yee kyrie as spiritual as they come I respect kyrie heavy for speaking on this because it's dangerous
brandonx real life situation
brandonx real life situation:
LBJ is the best and the clutch always going to make the right place 💯
Marco Antonio Adona
Marco Antonio Adona:
Best option? Did he drag his good Boston team in Finals? He's referencing a guy who drag a lottery team in the finals in 2007 same age. Don't know if I missed something...
Daniel Tatum
Daniel Tatum:
😂😂😂😂 he’s deffo sending shots, gotta love kyrie
Man I love your channel dawg
Damn Kyrie getting emotional again. Good luck to you KD handling his emotion.
harry potter
harry potter:
0:26 I stopped my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Poop Sam
Poop Sam:
Laker vs nets finals 2021 that was be a nice series 👍🏾
Aslam Tayel
Aslam Tayel:
dame is the most clutch player in the league. love ur videos. keep going. one of the most under rated youtubers in the world.
christian sandoval
christian sandoval:
What up fam... I jus knew you were gonna do one on this topic
Aric Floyd
Aric Floyd:
"Don't wanna miss another GETLIKEC-"
Zevi Lippel
Zevi Lippel:
Love your vids coop
Julian Orellana
Julian Orellana:
This Hd look this vid love this content keep up the grind
Another Banger Yessir!!!
Lebron makes the right play in the clutch almost every time, even in JR's blunder you could see him telling him to pass, shoot, and when he realized JR totally fucked up he called a timeout but the ref didn't see it.
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall:
This is Kyrie. This is why he's annoying and self important to me. He makes these issues for himself then plays the innocent victim.
Prince Charles
Prince Charles:
The spoiled brat talking again. 😂 Keep chasing lbj legacy. Keep destroying teams chemistry.
John Randal Rebaldo
John Randal Rebaldo:
Dude! I was waiting for lebron's response! You just roll the story back to kyrie the entire time!
Kyrie is the best example of someone thinking "ohh yess...this statement is at least 300 IQ ...." but in reality it comes out as being either rude , disrespectfull towards everybody else , or just plainly ignorant. We cannot really know his intentions but even if we assume that he doesnt really want to "call out" anyone ....he does a really bad job at expressing himself. And if after all of this he is still suprised why "the media" is always jumping on him ?? Well Kyrie ...its either the "world is against me" or your just naive to the extremes.....
Random Guy
Random Guy:
LeBron is an all-time great , but he isn't the best to perform under clutch
When I first heard this from kyrie I thought he said any of his teammates could hit the shot which would include dinwidie Durant and levert
No Caparoni
No Caparoni:
Who was in a more toxic relationship
LBJ w kyrie
Kd w Russ
art work
art work:
hahaha common boy u cant even carry the celtics to the finals .. u cn be a gud a player but not that explosive like kobe, Michael , Lbj or KD... be humble man ... dont forget that.
Nathan Reese
Nathan Reese:
He said he’s taking lebron over KD in the clutch ain’t no way I heard that right smh
What’s the beat in the background?? It’s sick dogg 🔥🔥
Patrick San Juan
Patrick San Juan:
He is really the 2nd coming of dwight 😂
Dominador Larosa
Dominador Larosa:
One big sure thing! ENVY!
hahaha! prove your worth! be in the finals and win it! like kobe did after shatters with shaq
New Boy99
New Boy99:
I love Kyrie Irving love his game I respect Kyrie
Mark Green
Mark Green:
Clutch..... aaaah...Jordan anyday and everyday...Thank you sir! Discuss Lebron and Kobe...do not bring the goat...Jordan in this conversation...thank ya
Niño Besin
Niño Besin:
You drag it out so much I had to keep pressing forward so I know what youre talking about
Jonathon Deng
Jonathon Deng:
lmaoo he had a good boston celtics how is he the best option when he couldn’t get out of the 2nd round
Daniella daniella
Daniella daniella:
I like kyrie but without bron he wouldn't have a ring
Clocky 12
Clocky 12:
To me being clutch is being able to make the right decision when it counts or under pressure, a pass could be clutch, a block/steal could be clutch heck even a rebound could be clutch.
Relm Fakie
Relm Fakie:
I honestly feel like lebron in the 2018 playoffs was more clutch than Kyrie’s entire career so far
Rik mcDik
Rik mcDik:
I’ve been saying Kyrie needs to get the hell out of the media
I don’t remember seeing the cavs in the Conference semifinals or finals without LeBron
No userame
No userame:
6:28 I know that no one talks about this but great screen and switch by JR. If Klay was on Kyrie it would’ve been a lot harder to make
Jay 14
Jay 14:
Don't matter nets going to the nba finals next season
Yo, been watching your vids the last few weeks and just subbed, keep up the great content!
Andrue Williams
Andrue Williams:
Kyrie is the most clutch LeBron second and Damian Lillard up there too
This seems overblown. I assume he just means in terms of jump shot making? Like if joined the warriors instead of the nets hed probably say the same thing lol
James Ibon
James Ibon:
There's no out of context, that's just sad