LeBron James, Lakers Celebrate NBA Finals Win With 106-90 Over Miami Heat

LeBron James, Lakers Celebrate NBA Finals Win With 106-90 Over Miami Heat

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Kostas became champion before giannis lmao
Kobe isn't with us today, but this one's for him.
360 Zking
360 Zking:
Me waiting for LeBorn to say “BRONNY, IM COMING HOME”
최현 정
최현 정:
So no one is going to talk about Jr Smith's easy Championship? 😂🤣
Carlisle Dormido
Carlisle Dormido:
LeBron: "i can't wait to get back home"
Bronny is shaking
Scent Sports
Scent Sports:

-RONDO's first title and last Finals was against the LAKERS
-HOWARD's last Finals was vs. LAKERS
-RONDO eliminates LEBRON in 2008 & 2010 playoffs
-HOWARD defeated RONDO & LEBRON in 2009 playoffs

-LEBRON & DANNY GREEN face each other's team in 2013 & 2014 Finals
-LEBRON last Finals loss was vs. MCGEE & COOK
-Coach VOGEL was elimated by LEBRON in three-consecutive playoffs (2012-2014)
-Coach KIDD won his 1st title as a player against LEBRON

-LAKERS' 17th Title in LEBRON's 17th Season
-LEBRON's 10th Finals while LAKERS back to the Finals after 10years
-KOBE, LEBRON & DAVIS were teammates in Olympics 2012
-JR SMITH last title was with LEBRON as his teammate 😅

And now together in ONE TEAM, your NBA CHAMPION 2020:

Hamza Ayaz
Hamza Ayaz:
Who else is really happy for Dwight
Tyquan Rainey
Tyquan Rainey:
Kobe & GiGi looking down from the heavens above, with a beautiful 😃 on their faces.
Big Poopy
Big Poopy:
JR should’ve won finals mvp because he remembered the score and didn’t choke
nhoJ Paolo
nhoJ Paolo:
I was waiting for LeBron to shout: "KOBE! THIS IS FOR YOU!"
Solomon Brooks
Solomon Brooks:
In other news everybody already knows Flat Earth Kyrie Irving is mad Lebron won smh... Scottie Pippin is concerned about Jordan's legacy... and Paul Pierce is finally coming around to accepting the truth...
jay craft
jay craft:
Shannon sharpe will have a field day tomorrow with skip #ole goat james
James Coffey
James Coffey:
Chinkrit Subunvong
Chinkrit Subunvong:
so lebron james is the only player in nba history to have won finals mvp with 3 different teams
Bible Gate Way
Bible Gate Way:
FATHER GOD, we thank YOU for what YOU have done for us in the past, present, and for what YOU have planned for us to come. We ask that YOU would lead, guide, correct, and bless us, as we acknowledge YOU in every matter and apply YOUR WORD. Give us help in our weaknesses and help us to bless others through our strengths. We all need YOUR help in every area; without it we will fall short. Let YOUR will be accomplished. Do in us what we can not do for ourselves. In the life changing name of JESUS Christ we pray. Amen.



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Dezzy Dezz
Dezzy Dezz:
Bronny heart stopped when he heard this 🤣 9:30
Robert Deed
Robert Deed:
I want my DAMN respect 🙌 🤴🏾
Dyna 23
Dyna 23:
Congratulations Mr.Antetokoumpo!
Can’t believe he got his first ring
Naufal Hafizh Muttaqin
Naufal Hafizh Muttaqin:
Giannis will be jealous to his brother
H.R Enterprise
H.R Enterprise:
LeBron James : Let the kids hold the trophy and enjoy
Paolo Legaspi
Paolo Legaspi:
vogel- 1
george of paul - 0
Rodger Keiseb
Rodger Keiseb:
I belief Mr. James speech on getting his due was the greatest Ive witnessed thus far. Very humble and honest. Congrats Lake Nation 2020 Champs. Im proud to be a Laker!
Jeremy Anderson
Jeremy Anderson:
Shannon Sharpe: (on cellphone)


Skip Bayless: Hello?

Shannon Sharpe: (gags just to remind Skip that Kawhi and Clippers gagged) Excuse me. Skip, guess what? The Lakers w--

Skip Bayless : (hangs up)
Ajr fr
Ajr fr:
Dwight officially a HOF now, ya think?
Big Dee
Big Dee:
a win is a win...doesnt matter if you win by a min or a mile
Terrance Brooks
Terrance Brooks:
Death threat also won his third title with a different team.
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo:
Jordan better release another netflix documentary
yk Bernard
yk Bernard:
LeBron to giannis: who’s the MVP now xd
Dave Steve
Dave Steve:
5:53 that hurts tho😂
Joesph Tackett
Joesph Tackett:
athony davis won the championship at kentucky and now for the lakers
Kobe's last tweet to LeBron - "Continuing to move the game forward @KingJames. Much respect my brother💪🏾 #33644" Crazy how 3+3+6+4+4 = 20. LA 2020 Champs! Good one Kobe💯🙏🏾🙌🏾
gard texas
gard texas:
Breaking news, Skip left his home dazed and confused this morning. Unconfirmed rumours said his gun is also missing. Calls to his phone go straight to his answering machine. Anyone spotting him is requested to report to the police immediately. We advise to not confront him. The police force is in full alert
Brandon Tablatin
Brandon Tablatin:
@5:54 give that man his high five! He played it cool but
Kyle Somerton
Kyle Somerton:
Danny Green has had it pretty good, chips with Spurs, but last year with the Raps and this year with the Lakers.
Bisquit Gaming
Bisquit Gaming:
Who else waiting for Javale Vlog?
At 0:20
LeBron shows 3 fingers on each hand signifying a total of 6 rings when he retires?
Trøy V
Trøy V:
9:30 “i can’t wait to get home to them” he talking abt bronny ik it 🤣
GZ Kyro
GZ Kyro:
Damm Frank left my man hanging 5:54 😂 great win tho this one's for Kobe💛💜
Giant Namekian Dende
Giant Namekian Dende:
Let's take a guess how many people left here wit covid
Maril Sertor
Maril Sertor:
wow..i love watching aD congratulating LBJ..no envy...soon AD, you will have yours
Gaspar Montesa
Gaspar Montesa:
“And I want my damn respect too” GOAT James!!!
James Earl
James Earl:
For those confused about bronny its cause bronny smoked weed 😂
Panzerkampfwagen 1
Panzerkampfwagen 1:
Dwight should make a rap single in the offseason like Ron did
AJ Santiago
AJ Santiago:
I'm so happy for dwight howard.
God rachel nichols. Stop with quoting them and then asking what does it mean to you? Get someone that sounds more professional up there.
Keshxwn Johnson
Keshxwn Johnson:
5:54 watch the guy behind the coach go for a high five
Billy Zhou
Billy Zhou:
@5:55 Rob Pelinka got left hanging LOL... He tried to save himself by fixing his handwatch. Nah brah, everyone saw you on live TV LOL.
I'm proud of Rondo, Howard, Morris,Caruso and the whole Lakers org, Congrats on all of them!
pj Julian
pj Julian:
History in the making kostas is the first greek player to be a champion 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂. Giannis probably crying right now 🤣😂🤣
Dwight deserves that ring!
Stephen Arellano
Stephen Arellano:
5:55 that high five tho😂
bigsistahgorjez 1
bigsistahgorjez 1:
Lionel Manuel
Lionel Manuel:
5:53 just wants a high five
This was for you Kobe and gi gi and everyone who was in the helecopter crash
Steven Coffman
Steven Coffman:
I said month's ago when rondo came back we would be ok this feels fantastic
At OBI's Gym
At OBI's Gym:
" I want My Damn Respect Too"
Shots Fired. MJ and his Worshippers just took that personal😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Arnel Laborte
Arnel Laborte:
Shaq to Dwight be like: you ain't in my level until you won 4 rings 😅🤣
Benjairo Velarde
Benjairo Velarde:
That boi JR had the audacity to get the trophy first lmaooo
Itz_Promisse;Gacha Girls Yt
Itz_Promisse;Gacha Girls Yt:
YEEEEEESSS!!! I am a true Lakers fan (well my whole family is) I just can't believe the won this season!!!!
At OBI's Gym
At OBI's Gym:
Next Year Lebron will Make AD MVP

In the Finals just wait and see
L Benz
L Benz:
Its been 10 long years from being a back to back champ, to going out like a chump after getting swept by Mavs, to false championship hopes from Bynum to the failed superteam, those years missing the playoffs and the young core days, dayum
Father kamp
Father kamp:
Rob was left hanging and adjusted his 30 million dollar watch
Chester Wilson Jr.
Chester Wilson Jr.:
Dwight Howard finally got a championship you deserve this one man!
Big Poopy
Big Poopy:
9:32 Lebrun forgot to say I can’t wait to go back home to them and whoop bronnys ass
Wow Zer
Wow Zer:
Kobe: I’m proud of you.
eric griffiths
eric griffiths:
petitions for lebron to get regular season mvp
Dwight howard finally a champion good for him. He's the best backup center this year
Heartless Dwyane
Heartless Dwyane:
5:56 left hanging
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin:
*At least the heat had honour and fought to the end*
Reniel Lacap
Reniel Lacap:
5:54 coach leave em hanging
What the haters gone say now?! I'm so happy for Lakers dwight rondo ad and bron. Momma there's goes that man! Lebron is better than KD Curry Kawhi all them cats! So happy for him. KING James
The video quality always becomes corrupted when the confetti comes
Jose Luis Maguga
Jose Luis Maguga:
Congratulations LeBron James .¡ un aniñño mas in 2024 pLease broo!
Dexter Jones
Dexter Jones:
KCP Baby he did his thing tonight to help us and I hope he gets signed again and give him more money. LeBron and AD went in tonight and the rest of the Lakers chipped in to oh and playoff Rondo killed em bro. Danny Green made up for being off in game five. Dwight Howard you got a ring to bro. Much love to you all.
Tshepo Motsie
Tshepo Motsie:
Low key S/O to Danny Green, back to back championship rings..
Dwight Howard got his HOF stamp!!
Mee Tocoolio
Mee Tocoolio:
Calling it now. SKIP gonna say lakers should of swept. A.D and rondo saved him
Dayvion Carter
Dayvion Carter:
This is LeBron James's third win of the NBA finals with a different basketball team, Congratulations King James 👑🏀🏆
GBtha G
GBtha G:
MJ still the GOAT -- labronda & his fans know that.
Javier Arocho
Javier Arocho:
Respect for Lebron and Davis for a great season!!! 💪🏾
Krazzy 2k
Krazzy 2k:
Imagine someone stole the nba finals trophy 🏆
2 dos
2 dos:
Bronny better be starting to act like he is sick when lebron gets home🤣
If JR Smith leaves next season, I’m available. I can’t play for the life of me, but will make funny faces and dances to cheer up my Lakers teammates. I’ll give the same contribution as JR and do it at a fraction of the salary.
You're no king, a king never leaves his land
The Poo Poo Gang
The Poo Poo Gang:
Lmao there’s so many salty heat bandwagons
Paula Justice
Paula Justice:
Congratulation to the Los Angeles Lakers and L eBron James...Also want to Thank the Miami Heat for a well play game.
Boy With Luv
Boy With Luv:
Giannis, I'm the older brother now.
kenneth imperial
kenneth imperial:
Adam Silver said afte Bill Russell named this mvp trophy lebron will be nxt! huh? so how about Jordan? win's 6 mvp thropy and lbj only got 4 or 3 tf you are talking about!
Red Dot
Red Dot:
5:54 that's sad 😢
Francine Ballejos
Francine Ballejos:
5:54 shaqtin a fool
Shawn .S. Woodward
Shawn .S. Woodward:
It all great till i realize lebron on that team so it really doesnt matter .
LeBron going to get his belt and put his four rings on it and start wopping bronny JR with it. 🤣
Robbie Doyen
Robbie Doyen:
Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong.
DJ Knockin Beats
DJ Knockin Beats:
Somebody tell rick ross that we popping bottle's and chiefin that Cali power!!! Uh! BOSS! LAKERS CHAMPIONS UH! BOSS!
Jherico Tibos
Jherico Tibos:
Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy:
Just wondering what’s the Clippers doing right now
5:53 lmfaoooooo
That black dude
That black dude:
I hope your ok bro there’s a flash flood warning
ToXic GameR TM
ToXic GameR TM:
Still Gotta trade Danny&kuz.Next year gonna be tougher!
Vincenzo Vieri
Vincenzo Vieri:
We did it Kobe!!!! (tears)