Lanzarote Holiday 2020

Lanzarote Holiday 2020

hey everyone and welcome back to my channel todays video is my Lanzarote Holiday 2020 !


? What camera do you use ?
Canon powershot SX730 HS
? What do you use to edit ?
? How old are you ?
? When did you start YouTube ?
15th September 2018


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Thanks for watching xxx ?

11 komento:

Sofía Calero
Sofía Calero:
Beautiful, we both experienced the horrible sandstorm 😂😂
Bianca Kelina
Bianca Kelina:
I love this’
beyondsunrises Alice
beyondsunrises Alice:
Love this!
Sofía Calero
Sofía Calero:
I love Lanzarote
Michaela Online
Michaela Online:
Loved this!!! Edited so well xx
Itz Mais
Itz Mais:
Ur editing 😍🤤
The Peachie Spoonie
The Peachie Spoonie:
I can’t even 😍😍😍
Caitlin Vera
Caitlin Vera:
super cute vlog girlie !!!
Ali Lamb
Ali Lamb:
Sofía Calero
Sofía Calero:
I hope to see you soon
Skye Brockbank
Skye Brockbank:
This is such a fun video ❤❤