LAKERS vs NUGGETS GAME 4 - Full Highlights | 2020 NBA Playoffs

LAKERS vs NUGGETS GAME 4 - Full Highlights | 2020 NBA Playoffs September 25, 2020

The LA Lakers beat theDenver nuggets to improve their position in the Eastern Conference finals. The Lakers are now 3-1 and one step closer to the NBA Finals.

Los Angeles Lakers 114 - Denver Nuggets 108
A.Davis 34 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assist
J.Murray 32 points, 3 rebounds, 8 assist

The Lakers face the Nuggets in game 5 on Saturday September 26, 2020 at 9:00pm

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Thanks for keeping the full last 2-3 minutes, I love your channel.
No one is gonna talk about how great is Howard in this game?
Refs missed few calls on Murray in 4th
Howard something like 4 offensive rebounds and 4 dunks in the first quarter! Or even in the first 8 minutes!
What was that move from Murray on 5:12, omg 😱😱😱
I'm beginning to feel like the nuggets like being down 3-1.. 😂😂😂
Igor Pereira Leão
Igor Pereira Leão:
PlayoffRondo on fire as always, but great effort by the Lakers, would say they still win, but last time the nuggets surprised everyone hahahahaha so tough to beat
Justice Hall
Justice Hall:

Denver is scrappy as hell. My goodness. I was sweating, from start to finish. I'm glad the Lakers won it, but I will definitely be putting some respeck (Yes, I said "respeck") on Denver's name, from now on.
it was a great game 4 series between this 2 teams..but only 1 team will be win and thats the LA LAKERS💪💪...there is no comback series will be happen for this WCF, that is Lakers team and not the Clippers Chooker.. Maybe Denver was forget whos the Author of 3-1 comeback game seriess.The king👑👑LBJ💪💪💪
These highlights are always great, my go to channel, I love how it features transition offense and most of the final minutes
Why in the world did Vogel not play Howard in the 4th quarter? Lakers had a huge advantage in the rebounding department until Vogel sat Howard. I do credit Vogel for having the insight to start Howard though. Dude was wearing out The Joker Big Time. And Howard was why The Brow went reboundless in the first half again. But choosing Morris over Howard for those final minutes of the game was insane.
NBA Greatest Games Classic Court
NBA Greatest Games Classic Court:
Still voting for the Lakers.
But Murray is getting real good
I'm backing Lakers but damn Murray is amazing to watch.
Da Liiivest
Da Liiivest:
I didn’t hear or see J.R. smith til the end we
When he did a chest bump😂😂😂
Poke Brother
Poke Brother:
Dwight ,C.pope , Rondo ... those dudes all showed up and played really important minutes. The lakers bench is not the meme-team ... they are more like the mean-team .
X Kang
X Kang:
3:03 heavy traveled
LeBron put the clamps on Murray end of 4th Qtr, again defending the best player down the stretch and coming up big yet again. He has not lost a close out playoff game in the last 10 years either, but these Nuggets love being 1-3 down. Something has to give...
Nicole Cola
Nicole Cola:
what the hack is this game? where are the foul calls on murray , and lebron got 14 ft even it is not a foul
Pale Tangitau
Pale Tangitau:
Dwight Howard came up huge with offensive rebounds & a double double.
YA Man
YA Man:
5:10 wtf broo
Jackson Lam
Jackson Lam:
I’m still waiting for DH to do his old thing (full offense mode)
But watching DH in rebound/Defense mode wasn’t that bad either
Samuel Afan
Samuel Afan:
Wow. The last 2 minutes was so intense
Chard Carabeo
Chard Carabeo:
physics hobbist
physics hobbist:
Nuggets: Ah s**t here we go again!
PS oyuncusu
PS oyuncusu:
8:31 LeBron bruh
Lol so many saying no calls were given for Murray. Meanwhile I think the calls he got were soft af he got the call just cause a Laker player is there raising his hands. As for LeBron getting the calls...well....he is LeBron so....
the kind of games i love watching!
Semi Auto
Semi Auto:
Lol wy Jr dapping up bron like he did sumn 😭dawg barely on the team
Justinas Pivoras
Justinas Pivoras:
I love it! 💓
Justinas Pivoras
Justinas Pivoras:
Ur channel is amazing 💯🔥 Thank you 🙏
Drunk R2D2
Drunk R2D2:
3-1 ??? I've seen this before. Jazz and Clippers tasted it.
George McCrary, II
George McCrary, II:
I like how the lakers lead the whole game
Loony Delphin
Loony Delphin:
7:27 lmao who was saying murray is tired
sad for Denver, they did so well
Bobson Jitiam
Bobson Jitiam:
Let’s go LBJ💪💪💪...
Smiling Robot TikTok Compilations
Smiling Robot TikTok Compilations:
Murray showed some good old basketball from 90s. Sweet!
3 -1 ? nuggets win it now
Marc Young
Marc Young:
The ref playing for the lakers too!!!
Good job
De Soekmoenoe
De Soekmoenoe:
This channel is great 👍
connor weston
connor weston:
Im a new fan, what does the second red timer mean and stand for?
Wilhelm Leri
Wilhelm Leri:
Ok it is 3 - 1 now. Here we go again Den..
Pale Tangitau
Pale Tangitau:
Lakers need to wrap it up game 5.
Akbar Dwi Fortuna
Akbar Dwi Fortuna:
Vogel should let Dwight playing Post up game tho
Miguel Ariño
Miguel Ariño:
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri:
Offensive rebound cost to much Denver nuggets tonight...
abderrazak aoui
abderrazak aoui:
Lakers hold a position of Denver
ghaleh pandhita
ghaleh pandhita:
If denver can win after 3-1 again this is thebest miracle of nba history
mer Pineda
mer Pineda:
Hi mba live
Bernard Hopkins
Bernard Hopkins:
Your highlights are gooood
Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart:
This channel is the real deal, MLG *flush*
Nuggets in 4 XD
valerie glasgow
valerie glasgow:
Go Lakers ,but some players just hurt the time ! What is going on with Danny Green , can’t make baskets OMG !!
Arthson Reyes
Arthson Reyes:
Why Jokic forced that shot ?
macmillan juma
macmillan juma:
Murray thought he got the game King James showed him on the 4th quarter who’s the boss
Perry Igwe
Perry Igwe:
Very competitive game.... both teams deserves a 👏 👏
mohamed elrifaii
mohamed elrifaii:
Travelling at 3:04🤣
macmillan juma
macmillan juma:
Lon Young24
Lon Young24:
thariq muchiri
thariq muchiri:
Caldwell Pope always on point.
Uuuh oooh 3-1 lead... Here we go again
Arnold Agravante
Arnold Agravante:
Nuggets cant put out murray in the game 😂
Wayne ExZibiit
Wayne ExZibiit:
Good game by my bigman #39
Fabrisign Fabrisign
Fabrisign Fabrisign:
Kawawa naman si the king.. Wala sa thumbnail haha..
Edi Prodan
Edi Prodan:
Nobody talking about that fake pass from Rondo @ 7:50 ?
this highlighys is clear great job murry eat alot of rice dont messup with king !! boom
Jovel Marquez
Jovel Marquez:
Go. Lakers 💓💓💓
Happy Feet
Happy Feet:
Jos Allapa
Jos Allapa:
Remember Utah and Clippers? From 1-3, Denver prevailed. Watch out for game 5, 6, & 7 that belongs to Denver Nuggets.
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Learn More:
Good video bro. Appreciate it very much🤘🤘
Big Tellz
Big Tellz:
Lebron throwing down the rakes 13:56
Shawn Story
Shawn Story:
Lakers are making Offense hard on themselves by not rewarding D. HOWARD running the floor for easy baskets🤷‍♂️
lorenz gregorio
lorenz gregorio:
lakers is good except lebron fishing foul strategy like james harden ... they destroy the passsion of basketball by using the bluffing thing.... damm NBA ERA today... nothing but a banch of sizzy....
Artjeastic Collections
Artjeastic Collections:
Rondo made them win again!
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman:
refs are so biased in the nba......can we have a fair game at least stop favouring lbj and the lakers lol
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro:
Style stuffs
K D:
Refs destroyed complete series! This isnt funny! Let them win the championship! :/
Okaya Perez
Okaya Perez:
Bro kuz is a shooterrrrr 💫
gil aaron quiriquiol
gil aaron quiriquiol:
Game 7
David _K
David _K:
This series just kick off for Denver
edgardo abiera
edgardo abiera:
Look like Laker will win in 6..

Another close game, but the rebounds beat Nuggets..
lakers in 6
Fern Martin
Fern Martin:
Go lakers please close this out. We love you team Lakers
Trash refs taking care of lil jamie out there whistling everything.. Murray 3 defensive fouls against him no whistle at all
Kaperfield Gaming
Kaperfield Gaming:
I don't think that nuggets will overcome 3-1 deficit again. LA Lakers team is different. Yea they were lucky in their first 2 match up but never rely on luck too much.

Lakers in 5
Major Mincey
Major Mincey:
Murray is a DEMON
juan de sabong
juan de sabong:
Reff helps the lakers
L.M.G. Street Fam
L.M.G. Street Fam:
bs ref wasn't calling anything against L.a.
Solyanik Stariy
Solyanik Stariy:
No, Lakers, what are you doing?? Now Nuggets should do the 3:1 comeback
S lt
S lt:
it's going to be another 1-3 comeback win for the marvellous Denver Nuggets!
Julien Dengreville
Julien Dengreville:
Refs went crasy wtf did the lakers buy them or what ?!?!
Pradana Hafiz
Pradana Hafiz:
a lot of circus shots from Murray stopped by a block
Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart:
So many fouls from the Lakers not count
oscar daniel ayala
oscar daniel ayala:
bruno mars
Kenneth Sy
Kenneth Sy:
Lakers will win this match-up no doubt. but Denver got many surprises. Another proof that Lebron is Never King or GOAT. he great alright but no leader.
Artjeastic Collections
Artjeastic Collections:
Observe Rondo offensively and defensively. All of his time in the court was a pure contribution. Notice how he saw all the plays. He simply knows the game and how the opponent runs it. Genius
lorenz gregorio
lorenz gregorio:
lebron never gonna be the GOAT... period... he needs more franchise players just to get a RING??? OMG . we didnt born yesterday dude....