Lakers vs Clippers | Lakers Highlights | NBA Bubble in Orlando Disney | July 30, 2020

Lakers started off red hot and then cooled off in the second and third quarter. But all that matters is how you close the game and LeBron did that for us in the last 2 minutes. Great win over our rivals Clippers.
Next game Saturday vs Toronto Raptors.

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LakeShow Highlights
LakeShow Highlights:
What an ending hu guys? NBA IS BACK! Lakers showed that resilience and shut the Clippers down. I knew it was going to be a good game but man did we have a good one today! Shot out to Caruso and LeBron for those KEY defensive plays at the end to seal it for the Lakers. Lake Show family stand up!
Prince Kazhila
Prince Kazhila:
Lebron was in wakanda during lockdown to get that vibranium. that defense was just insane
Raffy Alidon
Raffy Alidon:
Great D by Bron, but no one talking bout the late clutch steal by Caruso 😂
Joshua Marlo Cobre
Joshua Marlo Cobre:
Lebron switched to defend both Leonard and George at the clutch 🔥🔥
Jason Patigayon
Jason Patigayon:
This Lebron game shows how monster he is in defense
Ben Dana
Ben Dana:
PG: hey thats a foul!...

Ref: "That Was A Bad Shot"
Da Goat
Da Goat:
man, waiters looked scary tonight! damn imagine him getting more minutes
Dennis Moldovan
Dennis Moldovan:
Kuzma actually played great defense. He's really improved
pg wanted a foul at the end lol what an actor
John Paningbatan
John Paningbatan:
Nobody's talkin bout Dion Waiters what a great addition by lakers...and Kuzma's hand is heating up in that 3 point line🔥🔥
Moses Sulph
Moses Sulph:
Really Mr. Paul George you think that was a foul by lebron, the man shut you and KL down
Federico Parmiggiani
Federico Parmiggiani:
That defence from lebron...
Choosen One
Choosen One:
Solid defense by lebron
AD gave us what we needed to see☺️💜💛💜
Chatter Box
Chatter Box:
Not a Bron fan here, but he came back firing, best he looked in ages, defence and offense at their best.. Year 17 and he plays like he just started:))
jn hagacer
jn hagacer:
Dion is a great addition!
Moises Sobrepena
Moises Sobrepena:
Where are my Lakers fans at?!!!
red Godzilla 95
red Godzilla 95:
That was a beautiful game and a scary game
Broniola, Neil Hendrick
Broniola, Neil Hendrick:
5:42 when Bron starts locked you up hahaha
shan aiman raed
shan aiman raed:
why is no one giving davis credit? he was the best player on the court tonight
king arthur
king arthur:
LeBron defence
Dion give us some show
Caruso with great steal
donutking 4U
donutking 4U:
Lebron haters on suicide watch when he displayed that solid defense
R L:
wow lebron defense
Can’t believe how much CUZ helps Lakers got picked up from shades. He’s a demon 3Point-shooter
Moses Sulph
Moses Sulph:
Lebron shuts down KL and they say KL the best player lol lol
Speed Star
Speed Star:
I wish kuz will stay in lakers just like Kobe did,
x Excite
x Excite:
Who else is hyped the nba is back
terry varta
terry varta:
man waiters was a good pick
Yunior Medina
Yunior Medina:
King James 🤗🤗🔥
T Q:
Kawhi shaking in his boots every time LeKing guarded him
Imess up
Imess up:
It is good to see lebron 16 points tonight and Lakers won the game
other players did a good job
Moses Sulph
Moses Sulph:
Big up Waiters, you made us proud
wow, I never seen LeBron soo Good at Defense, and look how he lock-down Kawai Leanard he CANT DO ANYTHING !
Buru kutu
Buru kutu:
Why Paul George is crying at the end??? Oh common man! It's a clean D
5:27 Kuz left JaVale hanging 😂
Literally shows you... When you determine yourself to be the best all around, dude can be anything he wants. It was all lakers as a team. LeBron closed for what is worth seeing. I reason with the way his all around game gets everybody hyped. Well gets me HYPED, my hermano!!! Dude I love lakers good and bad. But let me tell you, Lakers have a complete roster full of championship experience. I hope I did not just spit high in the sky, but Lakers looking reallll gooooddddd. Shout out from Mexico. #BLACKLIVESMATTER LLLLAAAAKKKKEEERRRSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
NPR Wikeepa
NPR Wikeepa:
8:13 Lebron finally transforming to bald goat mode
lebron back to playing great defense
john _director
john _director:
Lebron king of défence💯
Speaking on behalf of Lakers Nation we love you bro!!! 🙌🏽
Dereen Mec
Dereen Mec:
kuz's defense is impressive
Steven G
Steven G:
Great defense LeBron 👏🏾
Kuz came in and downed his first three
Everyone: letsss goo boyyyy another 25 point game
Kuz misses the next 3
Everyone: come on man get your rythm
Kuz then scores the next 3:
Everyone: letsss goooo streaky boy
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92:
7:06 I swear Caruso and Lebron are perfect together. Even on defense.
Juan Miguel Exaltacion
Juan Miguel Exaltacion:
who watched the highlights but NOT on live action? haha! W H A T A G A M E! nerve wrecking clutch offense and defense by LeBron! Great game AD!
Bigbike lover
Bigbike lover:
Lebron is scary when he play real defense
great win today, but lakers need more efficiency three point, i thing this is more big important to be championship NBA 2020.
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92:
7:24 LeBron really outrebounded 5 Clippers 😂😂
ZedLey Official
ZedLey Official:
Professor krollz
Professor krollz:
2 for 2 now clippers won 2 lakers won 2 we will see who brings home the chip 🔥🔥🤙🤙
Y Kei
Y Kei:
LBJ Cluch Shot&D Great Job!!!!!!!
cai jin_hui
cai jin_hui:
So much powerful from King James, i like this game, a lot of defensive play from Laker.
Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson:
"I was shooting and he did like this"
Paul wanted that foul boy lmao I thought it was going in lol 🔥🔥🔥
Kevin Sanango
Kevin Sanango:
Wish we got this broadcast on tnt instead of Reggie “mmm” every 2 seconds 🤦🏽‍♂️
Same exact thing happened last time we faced these guys. Shut them down in the 4th built a lead and held it in the clutch. Good team win. LBJ wasn't at his offensive best but the defensive assignments he chose to pick up were clutch.
crestubs tv
crestubs tv:
I always watching this highlight even I'm done watching from the tv live..I love lakeshow ..keep safe always..God bless..I already touch the red and the bell.
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor:
Joakhim Noah hard to watch sometimes
3 Lebron stoppers got locked up by Lebron himself in this highlight haha
Whatup Mofo
Whatup Mofo:
5:25 look a hanging five. ✋🙋‍♂️🤣
Aniket Mohan
Aniket Mohan:
Appreciate the highlights!
bob bill
bob bill:
Amazing game from AD! LeBron played great defense and closed it out at the end. This is the championship formula!
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92:
Had to look for this. Couldn’t stand Reggie Millers”Mmmmmmm”
There is a way!
There is a way!:
lebron leads the lakers in one category. the MVP! lmao
Panagiotis Pavlakos
Panagiotis Pavlakos:
1:27 Kawhi laugh
Self- Made-13
Self- Made-13:
They really used the 2k20 audience in real life 😂😂
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92:
Subscribed. Thanks for uploading 👍🏼
Look at PG crying lol. Clips got touch fouls all game. I swear since the bubble started they call shit on Dwight all the time.
@2:23, when Kawhi puts his hands up to catch the ball fallin thru the net, you can really see how big his hands are.

Could you imagine having a thumb war with this man?? o_0
As soon as I saw AC wearing THE headband, I knew we´d win! Good job Lakers!
Yokasta Brito
Yokasta Brito:
James Andrew Corvera
James Andrew Corvera:
When he's PRIME he is beating LEGENDS, and now he's a LEGEND he is beating PRIME. -LBJ 2020
N Key
N Key:
One has to say that Dion Waiters was a good requirement
Jason Vilay
Jason Vilay:
Appreciate the quick upload
Yang Wang
Yang Wang:
BRON & BROW, OHHHHH~~~YEAH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
If the teams stays playing like that. 💍
7:03 Bron stares down Ty Lou
Marko D' Phoenix
Marko D' Phoenix:
The Lebron James i wanted to watched on every high calibre Team...💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💯
cholo rance
cholo rance:
Thank u so much 4 this video,,win or loose,,iam happy to see how to play my idol king LBJ,,Godblessu
Peniamina Tialino
Peniamina Tialino:
Yo look @ 5:32. That team defense right there. LeBron finishing off with that lockdown d on Morris . Let's go Lakeshow!!!
Issa Olajuwon
Issa Olajuwon:
Damn bro I watched it still non of what we talked about
David Mašek
David Mašek:
Damn, Bron is clamping👑
5:27 Mcgee😂
Truman Tang
Truman Tang:
Lakers the best!!!
Omer Memisoglu
Omer Memisoglu:
Lebron is just too clutch man
Arcz Angel
Arcz Angel:
Damn close and congrats the lakeshow!
O. R. Torrens
O. R. Torrens:
P. G. 😧😥😥 he push me
Bron . C'mon bro at this point crying face the reality this is Lake show
Ollie Smith
Ollie Smith:
Lebron making sure paul george remember I OWN you
jerry de
jerry de:
The ebb and flow of NBA B-ball....Oh, how I missed you. Now let's get the CHIP!!!
We have enough pieces. Lake Show all the way!
Show See
Show See:
Thats a BAD shot by Paul George😁
Jonathan Chaves Casals
Jonathan Chaves Casals:
LeLock Down
moco teddi
moco teddi:
Waiters came on with some extra cheese for this one
John Marksman
John Marksman:
GOAT pass at 1:30
That is all i needed to see from AD
Kelvin Soegianto
Kelvin Soegianto:
5:40 goat defense 🐐
Olivier Cant
Olivier Cant:
It was a bad shot " Dame voice "
Akbar Dwi Fortuna
Akbar Dwi Fortuna:
Say cheese to waiters islanddd !!! What a great pickup 😤
jake mitchell
jake mitchell:
Lebron still getting revenge on kawhi for what he did to him during the finals
Dennis Novesteras
Dennis Novesteras:
Ayyub DT
Ayyub DT:
AD 🔥