LAKERS vs CLIPPERS - 3rd Qtr Highlights | NBA Restart

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Jack Sandlin
Jack Sandlin:
Who else just wanna see the ending
JJ Sapphire
JJ Sapphire:
"all ball" 0:15
Dee Jay
Dee Jay:
Dang they locked up lebron. Davis, kuzma and waiters is playing well.
this just isn't the same without the crowd, ngl.
Travis Stevens
Travis Stevens:
Out of bounds line
This dude quick af
Nexx Level
Nexx Level:
Bandwagon clippers fans going back into hiding 😂
Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker:
Man AD lakers mvp period without him no contenders period
Camilo P.
Camilo P.:
Arnold Bustillo
Arnold Bustillo:
So fast..
tim nic
tim nic:
Clippers leading only by 1 point
still a CLOSE game.
riza florida
riza florida:
Go Clikers!
brandon lee
brandon lee:
Let’s go lakers!
Lebron Funny James
Lebron Funny James:
Everybody sucks compared to me 😂
Rob Cz
Rob Cz:
seriously, the bigs on the clippers team are useless
Liquid Ocelot
Liquid Ocelot:
101 103 lakers
Liha Mantikwa
Liha Mantikwa:
Lakers win
Juan Solorio
Juan Solorio:
Lakers win
Arwin Castro
Arwin Castro:
Lakers won ehe
Patty Mahomes #SBChampion
Patty Mahomes #SBChampion:
LeBum 4/16 LOL
Lebron Funny James
Lebron Funny James:
Me ve Choke artist Kawhi Leonard
Lebron Funny James
Lebron Funny James:
Kawhi is choke today 😂
Lebron Funny James
Lebron Funny James:
Lakers suck without me but I still dominating Clippers 😂