LAKERS vs CLIPPERS - 1st Qtr Highlights | NBA Restart

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American Nacho
American Nacho:
When you turn the crowd volume off in 2k
Tom Delay Beats
Tom Delay Beats:
Guys sweating, breathing, and spitting all over each other on the court and then sitting 6 feet apart on the sideline...the idiocy and insanity is real..
we love you mlg highlights
man, bron super inefficient rn in the first quarter, but its only the first game. we'll pick up fa sho.
DMK Anthony 07
DMK Anthony 07:
01:15 "bryant sneaks inside a pass"
Polo G
Polo G:
Yay I'm actually first with 0 view 0 comment and 0 likemlol
scarface 04
scarface 04:
R u kidding me? Its like speed of light
Fran Fer
Fran Fer:
Anyone here know where to watch it for free
Eugene Mangune
Eugene Mangune:
FeRas Hussein
FeRas Hussein:
Damn I am surprised but happy to how they are much more consistent now than before the bubble and stuff.
Marlin Fitzwater
Marlin Fitzwater:
Heroes!!! Dancing for us in spite of all the oppression
harey ram pandey
harey ram pandey:
happy birthday
jalen timothy
jalen timothy:
Can the players actually here the announcers commentate the game?
Jonathan Brooks
Jonathan Brooks:
Basketball 🏀 is back
Kalaix Leon
Kalaix Leon:
Game dayyyyy
Reikos Gaming
Reikos Gaming:
Shane Timothy
Shane Timothy:
Clippers would eventually win
El Jefe
El Jefe:
Lakers will never win okayy
Ramicesar175 Ranoo
Ramicesar175 Ranoo:
The refs are carrying the Lakers.
NBA Full Game Highlights
NBA Full Game Highlights:
I demand a trade for Alex Caruso now.. he is an overrated useless player.. and Lebron what the heck is wrong with you?? 4 points? Kawhi and PG making u look bad
Commentator gets paid by saying. Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Hmhmhmhmmmmm. GTFOH
Patty Mahomes #SBChampion
Patty Mahomes #SBChampion:
LeBum went 0-3 and needs the refs and AD to beat a depleted Clippers team LMAOOO
Patty Mahomes #SBChampion
Patty Mahomes #SBChampion:
AD carrying that scrub LeBum.
Good Deeds
Good Deeds:
LeBaby went 0 points in 12 minutes ! He will get AD injured .